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  1. The Whittakers have a pretty big garden, and I've got a few catnip plants (you can't plant catnip in previous iterations of The Sims, only catnip toys). Here's Julia feeding Olly some homegrown catnip. I decided it was time to get the cats spayed/neutered. Lily was first up! She went into a special machine to have it done. She came out with a cone of shame. Poor kitty. Thankfully the cone didn't last long! Little James decided he wanted to pet the cute kitty. (You can see the rocket that Julia is building in the garden). One thing I don't like about Sims 4 is how a female Sim doesn't age whilst pregnant. I have no idea why this is. Julia and Mark were originally the same age, but now Julia's three days younger. I wanted James to have a sibling, so I adopted a baby girl, Maddie. It was also 'Spooky Day' (a festival I created to be an equivalent to Halloween), hence Mark's costume. Luckily Maddie didn't seem to be too upset by it! James wore his own little costume too! I wanted to get the other cats neutered the day Lily got done, but the vets was running a bit slow and it got late. So, I took the others back a few days later. I noticed this bizarre-looking blue dog with what looks like smoke or steam above it... it later looked normal, so I can only assume that this is some weird Sims illness. In fact, here's the dog looking normal! Plus Olly with his cone of shame. Here's Maddie as a toddler. She looks so pretty! Mm, late night chicken nuggets! The kids are sharing a room for now. I might expand the house a bit when they're older to give them their own spaces. One HarvestFest tradition is the appearance of gnomes in the house. Mark tried to appease this one with pie... no dice. You have to give them the right gift or they're not happy. It ended up that *all* the gnomes were displeased so I just sold them haha. Olly ran away again. I don't know why he's run away twice, I make sure I look after them both properly! Maybe it just happens sometimes for no real reason. Mmm, Grand Meal time! You get a choice of Grand Meals to make. I chose a turkey one. This also happened to be the first time that Julia and Mark sat down for a meal together! I love that toddlers can grab their own portion of a group meal in Sims 4. It's so convenient! Playtime with Daddy!
  2. So my laptop went stupid, again. I think the battery needs replacing. My mum kindly lent me her laptop (which she doesn't really use) and I downloaded Origin/Sims 4. My first port of call was to create the Whittakers! The little family consists of Mark and Julia and their kitten, Lily, who's a calico. Julia is a Nerd Brain, which involves becoming very good at Logic and Handiness. She also enjoys video games! But where's Lily....? She's so teeny! Unlike in Sims 2 and Sims 3 Pets, you can create a kitten in CAS. You could adopt a kitten in 2 and 3, but not create one yourself. Just like with Vincent Powell, Mark is a wannabe chef. They bought Lily a comfy bed... but she's a cat, so she's sleeping outdoors. At least it's on grass rather than hard concrete... Off to work as an astronaut! Finally, Lily's sleeping in her cat bed... Ta da! She's a big girl now! Uh oh, Lily started eating the vegetable dumplings... The Whittakers live in Willow Creek. Their home's Lot Traits are Chef's Kitchen, Great Soil (helps with Gardening) and Science Lair (Logic and Rocket Science). This bizarre-looking contraption is a cupcake machine, although it can also produce various other baked goods with the Baking skill (Cooking skill is for the cupcakes, and the Baking skill produces stuff like doughnuts, muffins and tarts). Mmm, lemon gelato... Cats and their choice of sleeping spots... Lily started randomly meowing, with hearts round her. After a quick google, it turned out she was in heat. This is also new to Sims 4. You also have the option of getting your cats spayed/neutered... I haven't got round to that yet. So, they adopted Olly! And it seems like the two cats got on well! No kittens appeared; I have no idea if this screenshot captured mating or not. Aside from the usual festivals (Love Day, Harvest Fest, Winter Fest, New Years) you also get random holidays pop up. The first random holiday was Season Premiere Day, which I've not had before. The show was called Game of Llamas (a lot of the books Sims can read have got titles that reference pop culture, eg Lord of the Swings, Darley Porter and the Basement of Shadows by U.K. Englishlady and The Bladder Games, among others). Both Mark and Julia were working on Love Day, so they had to wait until late to get their traditions in (each holiday has various traditions, and you can get various moodlets depending on how many you complete).
  3. mango_fandango

    Sims 4: Factory Reset

    So I got Cats and Dogs, plus My First Pet Stuff. Which screwed up my game big time, it just wouldn’t load. Ugh. So I made a backup, and did the factory reset. Game is now fine. I decided that I wanted to start over completely, like I’d just bought the game and expansions etc, without any of the previous saves. So, my previous games don’t exist in this version, and I’ll be starting afresh with a new family.
  4. So I've been absent for a while!! Life got in the way, really, and I didn't play The Sims for ages. I'll be posting on this blog more often, but there'll be some changes. Namely, I think I'll be abandoning the Taylor family. It was a mistake making them Fairies - Joey and Melissa were becoming grandparents whilst still Young Adults (due to YA and A lifespans being 105 days instead of 21) and it just wasn't particularly realistic. So I think I'll start another 'fundie' family, but as normal Sims. Plus, they'd often achieve their Lifetime Wishes at a young age, and you can't choose another one like you can in Sims 4. I am also (finally) planning to install some mods in the future, mainly household extension ones, and perhaps a couple of bits of custom content eg modest skirts. I don't know yet if I'll keep up with the Sims 4 Smith family. Anyway, I've started a new, non-fundie family in Sims 4, and I'll post about them. Emily and Vincent Powell live in San Myshuno. Because I didn't play for about six months, I had a load of updates to install (OK, Origin did them automatically). One new feature is that you can take a personality quiz in CAS when you're creating a new Sim, where you get asked questions and your Sim's traits and Lifetime Aspiration get automatically chosen depending on your answers. For Emily, this worked out well. She started off at Level 3 in the Entertainer Career, and started off with points in the Logic, Parenting, Violin and Guitar skills. I didn't get such great results with Vincent, so I decided to manually choose his traits and aspiration. He wants to be a top chef (which is probably my most frequently chosen aspiration, as the bonus trait you get upon completion means that food never spoils, which is useful). Here's Emily! I use this dress quite a lot. I've since changed it. Moving into their apartment. Each apartment gets assigned various lot traits, which can encompass a wide range of effects (eg there are many skill-boosting ones, one that prompts ghosts to appear at a certain time every night, one that results in a higher incidence of twins amongst other examples). This apartment's traits are Gnomes (which results in broken appliances getting fixed), and Penny Pixies, where your Sim can get random small amounts of money occasionally. I SO wish this happened IRL! It was raining, and Vincent decided to go and mop up a puddle outside. Yeah, I wouldn't bother... Although Vincent is the main chef, Emily reckoned it'd be useful to develop the Cooking skill too. Emily reading, with a glass of water. Emily frequently goes to get herself a glass of water autonomously. I've never had that happen so often with my Sims, I swear. Emily decided to get herself some samosas at the neighbourhood market. Sadly, she can't really handle the heat yet. She literally breathed fire. Vincent decided to cook some fish tacos. Apparently it smelt so good that neighbour Salim Benali wanted some. They bought a bee box. One option is to "bond with bees". Yeah, think I'll pass on that one... Festivals occur every so often in San Myshuno. Emily decided to go to Geek Con and dress up as Princess Leia. There are three different types of cooking skill in Sims 4: Cooking, Gourmet Cooking and Baking. Here, Vincent's made some Vegetable Dumplings and some Breadsticks. Emily wants to become a great parent, so it was time for some good old WooHoo. It ended well! (They also get a good WooHoo moodlet, which is awesome). Vincent got some curry one evening. Whenever you eat a recipe from a market stall, you can then recreate it at home, which is useful when you're a wannabe chef. Emily peed herself whilst pregnant, and decided to hide from everyone in her bed. Poor Emily. Their first child was a boy, little Casper, who's recently become a toddler. He's such a cute little dude!!
  5. Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! SO much happened in Year 16/2025, that this year was naturally a bit slower - at least for the Edens. Adam and Eva have now turned 35, which means their Try For A Baby % success rate has gone down to 50% per day (4 months Sim Time) vs the former 70%. However, Adam and Eva can't keep their hands off each other so naturally Blessing #15 (!!!!!!!1!!!1!!) was on its way soon enough (and how)! Which was really a shame, as things at the Edens were falling apart. Sure, Genesis was still diligent about her musical studies and toddler care, and the eldest two boys were learning home repair and now mowing lawns for extra cash, but the younger kids were out of control. Staying up all hours, making messes all over the place, and even just wandering off. Below, see Ruth just by herself, sad, in the middle of a forlorn park. And Ruth wasn't the only one who wasn't Safe At Home. Oh Adam what have we here? He decided he would also take himself to a park, and enjoy a hot dog with a short-skirt and makeup-wearing hussy. Usually that much eyeliner is associated with Plexus shills and an RV enshrouded in a cloud of hairspray, but this time Adam found himself in a flirty conversation with a married woman. Too bad his daughter Ruth had to show up and ruin it all. Adam went home, embarrassed, to enjoy his perfect, pure, Christ-like marriage. Let's see if he can stay on the straight and narrow from now on. Other notable events include Chronicles, the fiesty 11th kid born on Halloween, aging into an outgoing and fiesty child. You go girl! At the end of the year, the TWINS Esther and Nehemiah aged up as well. And just like that, the house is full of toddlers again. Also, there is now officially no more room in either the boys or girls rooms for more beds, and the nursery is full up too. Ezra ages up in two months and there's another baby on the way, so who knows what the Edens will do! Across the neighborhood, the Johnsons are having a much more sedate time. Romano turned 5 and started Kindergarten at a private Christian school. He's so cute in his uniform! On the weekends and before school, Romano does his homework while Elsie practices her cooking and reads about mixology. She still feels uncomfortable with the idea of alcohol, but she has to be able to describe drink options for her catering clients, and so she studies diligently. They have a very picturesque life now, but it's been quiet. A little too quiet. Elsie is home alone in the mornings after Romano has left for school and before her shift starts, so she and Romano got a kitty! Romano thought it was going to be hard to pick out just one cat. But then he met Nacho. Nacho, with a cheese name just like him! It was love at first whisker touch. Elsie has started to consider putting herself out into the dating world again, but for now, she has a happy family and her big empty house is starting to be filled. Yay Elsie! We are all so happy for you! Until next time, Edens out! (and Nacho, get off those counters!)
  6. So, we start off with not long left until Emily gives birth. You need the toilet a lot when pregnant! It's go time! Daniel freaks out. It's... ... a BOY! Welcome to the world, Martin Westbury-Smith! Over to the Pearsons. Eliza works on writing a new violin tune. Here's Adam as a Child. His hairdo is very similar to Mark's. Uh oh, Adam thinks it's a good idea to play with ketchup and flour... Eliza reads to her son. Hmm... Mark's gone stripy. He got a "Giggly" moodlet, so I guess the diagnosis is Gas and Giggles. No, me neither. Sim illnesses are weird. Adam sure is a helpful kid! And now it's go time for Eliza! TWINS! Eliza has the Fertile trait (from the Rewards store), so it's not entirely unexpected. And they're her first daughters, Chloe and Delilah. It's also Harvestfest! Harvestfest is a bit like Thanksgiving, in that one of the traditions is being thankful. Another tradition is "holiday gnomes"... yeah, Sims being Sims again. Gnomes appear in your house and you have to appease them. This one didn't appreciate pie. WHAT KIND OF GNOME DOESN'T LIKE PIE??? Adam going to meet his sisters. Chloe is in the pink crib and Delilah in the green one. Eliza threw a Harvestfest house party. And I was reminded that pretty much all the males in the family have the same dang shirt! L-R for the guys: Elijah, Eddie, Mark, Elliot. Eliza eating some turkey dinner. One tradition is to cook a "grand meal", with a choice of turkey, ham, fish or tofurkey. (I much prefer the Sims 3 name for veggie turkey, Tursoykey). Once you've had a plateful, you get a "dazed" moodlet called "food coma" #soaccurate Emily decided to use the bath. Ah well, Eliza had puked in Emily's toilet a couple of days earlier... Adam decided to eat some spoiled food. Bad idea. Yup, bad. Now he feels nauseous. THERE WAS A PLATE OF TURKEY THERE WHY DID YOU GO FOR SPOILED OMELETTE
  7. Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! This one's a doozy. So much happened! Let's start off slow. In March, Romano Tobias Johnson turned 4 years old! Elsie threw a birthday party over at her house with some of her favorite Edens. She made tator tot casserole, naturally, and made sure not to defraud her cousins by offering any alcoholic drinks or f*n of any kind. Still, there was birthday cake, and after blowing out the candles... Romano aged into a handsome little school-aged boy! Speaking of, Elsie decided to enroll Romano into a private Christian school! She's doing alright financially now, and thinks maybe socialization with other kids (Christian of course) may not be a bad thing for little Romano. Plus, she can always withdraw him if Satan begins to build a fortress in his heart. Look at his enriched life! You go Elsie and Romano! Back with the Edens, Leviticus (now age 12) decides to host another youth group meeting. But Maya (left, age 15) and Billie (right, age 14) are growing up too! (And still wearing those damn pants! Haven't they listened to a word he said?) Levi is so nervous around the pretty girls that he ignores them entirely. Exodus (age 13) wipes his sweaty hands on his jeans. Then Maya up and grills burgers, which completely emasculates him. "So, er, do you like...Jesus?" BECOOLBECOOLBECOOL Billie, by the way, isn't having any of it and keeps shooting Maya looks saying she can't believe they're still entertaining these fools. They leave, unsaved. Another year, another birthday cake for Genesis to make. This time it's for Kings (#10). He transitions from a clingy toddler into a rather gloomy (though also rather well-dressed) kid. And of course, the young Edens make so many sweet and precious memories doing jinder-approved activities in the backyard. #family And against all odds, Maya found Exodus' awkwardness endearing and they become friends cellular prayer partners. But wait, there's more! Heavily pregnant Eva feels the Lord laid it on her heart to write her latest tear-jerking memoir, "In the Valley - My Journey with Infertility." She hopes her struggle and testimony to conceive #13 can be a real blessing to those couples praying to be parents. What a heart for the barren Eva has! (Also notice #12, Ezra, no longer a baby but a toddler. No one knows a thing about him.) The 4 hampers and 2 washing machines are completely overrun at this point and laundry piles up around the house. Even the boys are conscripted into laundry duty. It's a bleak day for the Edens. Also, in a truly harrowing moment of kids homeschooling themselves, the science table burst into flames! This makes fire #4 for the Edens, but the first in a very long time. Everyone runs around like mad, and it is 14-year-old Genesis who saves the day! Adam, the patriarch, was stunningly useless. This girl is truly amazing. During all the chaos, Leviticus turns 13! Genesis was upgraded to sister-mom at 11, Exodus had to start repairing things and minding littles at 12, but #3 Leviticus got to wait until actual age 13 to be "upgraded". He was still pretty bummed though. Cheer up, Levi! Think about all the souls you will pester/deeply vex/enrage win! And finally, in December of 2025, Eva went into labor with long-awaited #13... AND 14?!?!?!?! Surprise TWINS!!! Welcome to world, Nehemiah and Esther! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! Clearly Eva is blessed beyond measure with her double-womb opening! After all, God wouldn't give her more than she could handle. Right??? Until next time, Edens out!
  8. So the Smith family officially has more posts than the Bancrofts. As explained in a previous post, I will no longer be updating on the Bancrofts. As often happens with my posts, the title explains all. When a young Sim couple love each other very, very much... It's their FIRST Woo-Hoo! Emily may have rejected her upbringing in many ways but she still waited until marriage for sex. Going to do the pregnancy test... Yippee! She's going to be a mom! Telling the dad-to-be. He may look a little unsure, but one of Daniel's traits is Family-Oriented, so he is happy really. Hopping over to the Pearsons. Eliza decides to get cracking with #3. Benjamin, her second, is now a toddler, but I haven't got a photo. Success!! Emily plays chess, her daily task for work. Emily actually has a couple of days off work. She's feeling a bit lonely one day, so she invites Eliza over. She then went to prep some grilled cheese sandwiches. I heard the knock at the door, scrolled the camera to check Eliza was there... she'd already let herself in and was puking in the toilet. Oh dear. Aww, these two! "You're gonna be an auntie!" "Yeah, I can tell, your belly is already big!" With seasons, you can occasionally get days of "mysterious weather", where the weather can change to literally anything. Oasis Springs is a desert-type environment, so they don't get snow in winter. Well, unless it's a day of mysterious weather! In addition, this is Autumn, so doubly unusual! Side note: I'd been having a couple of graphics issues with my game. Nothing major, but enough to be slightly annoying. So I messed around with the graphics settings a bit. The trees aren't actually pink, that's just a side effect of the change in graphics. I also had edge smoothing on and now don't, but that's not as noticeable. Also, Edward is now an Elder! In Sims 4, female Sims don't age whilst pregnant, which is a bit odd. As a result of this, Emily has 8/9 days left of Young Adulthood, whilst Eliza has about 17 days left. And they were twins. Strange. Evelyn's cold weather gear is quite funky. Emily dancing. Nicole came over, so naturally Emily had to share the good news. And by that I mean baby news, not Jesus. Nicole knows about Jesus. Emily off to work. You get the option of family leave in Sims 4, but you don't have to take it. Daniel came home feeling a bit sad because he was missing family. Aww. Don't worry, you're going to be a daddy soon! Emily came home feeling a bit ill, so she took some medicine. This family believe in proper medicine and not just quackery and essential oils. Emily is in her final trimester now. I kinda hope she has a girl, who I can put in pants, and who Emily can teach that she can be anything she wants to be. I never did a proper It's Been A Year post for the Smiths, so I decided to go down memory lane and get some photos of Emily during her life so far! Nicole during her first pregnancy. I forget she used to wear that yellow outfit... Just given birth! Emily of course in the blue crib. D'awwww.... She always loved Eliza She played the part of dutiful daughter well. The love of science and knowledge began early. She worked hard at school. Her own place! And PANTS!! Pre-marital kissing!! The wedding And now impending motherhood!
  9. The Bachmanns have their own save game (i.e. not the same one as the Smiths). I also put them on Long lifespan, for the lolz. They live in Newcrest, which ships as a blank hood. I created a restaurant, library and gym. Currently, they're the only household, aside from neighbours the Hensleys. The parents are Sarah and Matthias and the kids are Emma and Daniel. There's nothing really in-game to suggest this, but I wanted them to have a German-sounding name, so I've chosen names that work in both English and German (many names currently popular in Germany are names like Mia, Sophia, Emma, Ben, Finn, Noah rather than what one might think of as sooper-German like Friedrich or (idk) Annaliese or something). Sarah is in the Astronaut career; as of my last save, she is level 6. Here she is playing with the microscope. Sadly, due to financial reasons, I had to sell it (bills are super high in Sims 4, way more than previous versions, think at least 2000 Simoleons as opposed to around 200-400+ for previous games). Matthias is a Chef, and was practising his Mixology skill when Sarah told him she was pregnant with Emma. He went "WHAA?" and laughed rather nervously. (Funnily enough, when she was pregnant with Daniel he was less surprised and more happy). Matthias visited San Myshuno. Yes, this is him talking to a toilet. A speaking toilet. Sims, eh? Casually chilling with some drinks. A serving plate of kebabs on the edge of the bath. Because why not? Talk Like A Pirate Day! So they dressed up appropriately. Emma also makes her first appearance! Sadly, she appears to be using her diaper. Matthias juggles bottles, whilst Sarah uses flash cards with Emma. Dance party! I also created a little kids' playground. Matthias and Emma visited when it was cold. I love Emma's little hat! Emma pretended she was on some sort of pirate ship with the toddler playground. Matthias got involved! I loved the little animations that popped up when I was playing as Emma. Matthias and Emma visit the Hensleys. Mom is Ellen, dad is Jacob, and the kids are Hugo and Lara. Whee! Matthias plays with Emma. Toddler Playdate time! Harvestfest, which is a festival that comes with the game. I added the tradition of wearing costumes. Darth Vader cooked the Grand Meal. Sarah dressed as a French maid and Emma wore a little "monster" costume; toddlers don't have many options. Neighbourhood Brawl Day randomly popped up. Matthias went out, and randomly picked a fight with someone. They then hugged to make up. Sims is weird. The whole family visited the Romance Festival. Sarah's a wannabe astronaut, so it's only natural she wants to build a freaking ROCKET SHIP in her garden. Yet another Matthias and Emma photo. I swear Sarah does play with her kid!! I don't take as many photos with my non-fundie families; this is just how things ended up. Hmm, I wonder where Emma could be... Winterfest present opening time! Ping! Another baby! Daniel is in the yellow outfit. Playing together at the dolls' house. Smoochin' time!!
  10. Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! It's been another long time away, as the Sims 4 Seasons update messed with my game (and also I got married!). But we're back! And it's starting to get crazy. First, let's have an update on Elsie! She actually had a great year and was promoted to caterer! Yay! Now she works 3pm-11pm which works SO much better than overnights for her single-mom life. Elsie continues to live a less-fundie lifestyle, and during one of Romano's naps, even googled herself and found her way to internet forums!!!!! See you on FJ, Elsie! For the Edens proper, the first thing you should know is that due to the Sims 4 update messing with my mods Edens' pastor proclaiming bunk beds are of Say-un (no one can see what's going on in that top bunk!), the bedrooms were re-configured, with Elsie's old room becoming a toddler nursery. The second thing you should (already) know is that the Edens can't keep their legs closed. #12 is on its way! The Edens were very busy in year 14/2023. Eva's efforts were focused not on her children, but on writing "Queen of her Castle: How to train up daughters with servant hearts so that Mama can rest." Notice Genesis potty-training a little, Numbers doing laundry, and Deuteronomy practicing the violin as Eva ignores them all to write. (Also Ruth is dancing half-naked. You go Ruth!) Well, sadly Ruth (#8) turned 4 years old and had to put on clothes and start the SOTDRT. This inquisitive little cherub is now a budding art-lover growing her hair out for her daddy Nathan Bates Jesus. The Edens had another big birthday later in the year. Goofy Exodus (#2) turned 12 which is the start of teenage years for our Edens! He has matured into a good and good-looking, if rather-boring, adolescent who loves children, and will surely take heart pieces in the future. Lastly on the birthday train, baby Chronicles (#11), born on Halloween of the previous year, grew into a charming toddler full of absolute spirit. I cannot WAIT for this one to grow up, y'all! Like seriously. What are the other kids up to? Leviticus (#3) holds unsuccessful youth groups in his continued attempts to be a little preacher, Deuteronomy (#5) likes it when her daddy reads to her, and boy does he have a soft-spot for his cheerful and sweet fundie princess, and all the kids love when Elsie comes to visit. (Notice bookworm Judges (#7) still reading). Especially Genesis. As you may have guessed from the blog title, she's having a rough year. Being 13 is usually the pits, and Genesis is a 13 year-old sister-mom who cooks, cleans, and child trains, all while focusing on her violin training (actual passion) and (not really) keeping up with home-schooling. PLUS she's expected to keep sweet for all of this AND all of her "best friends" are her siblings. YIKES! The countenance is beginning to break. Actually the countenance exploded, and Genesis had a legit meltdown. "I HATE THIS FAMILY! I just want to watch Harry Potter and go to the mall like a NORMAL PERSON!!" "Now Genesis honey, what would Jesus say about your disposition right now? Are you J-O-Y-ing?" While Genesis was out of commission reflecting on her life, Exodus stepped up, deigning to cook mac and cheese and reading to the littles. This weird thing also happened when both Exodus and Elsie tried to teach Samuel how to stack blocks. Deuteronomy had no comment. After giggling with Exodus watching something on a NOT flip phone of shame *gasp* And remembering that people who watched Harry Potter were going to Hell, Genesis was back to her old self. But...the tiniest cracks remain. Will they be enough to get Genesis out of fundie-land? We will all find out in several Sims years. Until next time, Edens out!
  11. mango_fandango

    Non-Fundie Family: The Taylors

    Meet the Taylors. Yes, I know I use this surname a lot, but it is very common!! Here's Isabella. She's a Comedian. Here's her husband Mark. He's an Artist. This is eldest daughter Brooke. She wants to be a Chef. This is adopted daughter Brianna. She's a Nerd Brain. Isabella then had triplets: Brynlee, Brittany and Bradley. Brynlee is pink, Brittany is yellow, and Bradley is green. Isabella was up late one evening. She decided to have some strawberry ice cream. Because reasons. Each kid gets their own bedroom (except for the eldest two, who share). Bradley is a Genius and has a cool science kit in his room. And yes, I do the colour thing for every family, not just my fundies. Mark woke up sad and lonely one morning. Luckily for him, it's Love Day! (I recently downloaded Seasons). These two are adorable! Mark is an artist, and has a mini studio. Brynlee gives big sis Brooke a tulip. Here's a photo from back when the triplets were babies. Dang that was a LOT of screaming.
  12. Wow! Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue after a long time away! Grad school was pretty crazy for me this spring but it's so good to be back! A LOT has happened in year 13 for the Edens. It started with Judges's birthday. Genesis, now a fully-fledged sister mom, made his cake (of course). Judges was an inquisitive toddler and now he is a little bookworm! Let's see if he keeps to the approved texts! (P.S. The first time I wrote this section I called Judges (#7) Samuel (#9). The kids are starting to become interchangeable. Thank Rufus I have a key for which kid is wearing which color!) Though the Edens are getting to be a PITA for ME, they are still functioning remarkably well. The kids keep up with their homeschooling and their chores (even unasked), and the family still manages to eat dinner together sometimes. The siblings get along well, especially the eldest boys, and after work Adam enjoys playing on his new woodworking bench. As I said months ago, the Edens are doing a really bad job revealing the dangers of fundamentalism from the outside. Most of the time. Life was not so idyllic for the Tobiaseses. Romano aged up into an adorable angelic munchkin, but his parents were not. happy. Elsie couldn't believe that she had followed all those stupid patriarchal rules and gave up her adolescence to serve her sister's family, all to experience infertility (based on the number of tries it took to conceive to Romano that's totally what was happening - though that may of actually been a blessing in disguise in terms of her union with Cale) AND be married to a guy who is lazy, literally insane and supposed to have authority her. Fornicate that noise. Cale decided that if he couldn't do whatever he wanted as whoever this "headship" thing was without a wife yelling at him, then he really didn't want to do it anymore. And they divorced. Cale kept the house, as he did buy it. Elsie Johnson got most of the money, sole custody of Romano, and her name back. She used the money from the divorce to buy herself a beautiful 3 bed 2 bath home in the Edens' neighborhood. They didn't have a ton of money for furnishings, so the house felt a little empty, but they did have each other. (And potty training.) Still, it was hard. Elsie was sad about the divorce and her questions about IFB teachings. Really sad. After when Romano (who is now going by Romeo because the cheese reference is just too painful) was sleeping she would call the sadness hotline. And as if that weren't enough, the married Edens showed up on her doorstep. Like the horny judgy couple they were. "Go back to Dad's Elsie, or come home with us. You shouldn't be living by yourself, with a kid and unmarried." "No, I'm working at the restaurant now. I'm a strong independent woman and I don't need no man." (Okay, mayyybe I added that last part in) "How independent are you if Romano sleeps at our house when you work nights?" (And I said...bitch??????) "Well I really appreciate you guys taking him overnight but I guess I'll put him in daycare then, with the smelly and unlovely heathens." "Fine, he can keep coming over. Take care of yourself." "Fine. Thank you. How do you keep your arms so slender after so many babies?" Eva did not answer that and Elsie went to her gorgeous new bedroom after this exchange to weep. (She actually did, even though this picture shows her sleeping) And yes, Elsie works nights still. She's working as hard as she can for a promotion which will change her work schedule. And tries to stay as close as possible to Romano even when she needs to nap. But I think they're going to be ok. Meanwhile, back at the Edens, Joshua attempted unsuccessfully to "save" a girl with NO PANTS AT ALL, which is way worse than wearing regular sluttish pants. Nike for real. And Kings (baby #10, remember him?) grew into a clingy toddler, Just before Eva and Adam welcomed blessing #11 into the world, little Chronicles, on Halloween on the Eve of All Saint's Day at the end of October. Everyone was SO EXCITED to meet her! ("Deuteronomy! Countenance now!") And we just can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for her! Thanks for being patient and for reading all of this if you got this far. Until next time, Edens out!
  13. Screw You Patriarchy Moment #1: Emily wears pants now. Screw You Patriarchy Moment #2: Emily gets a JOB. As an ASTRONAUT. She also moved in with a guy pre-marriage. But then, I always do this, because waiting around for them to find a partner autonomously would take too long. Plus my Sims don't leave the house much except to go to school/work. She goes on a date with Daniel Westbury to the Romance Festival. They get sakura tea together. Look who turns up!! That's either Eddie or Elijah getting sakura tea; I can't tell because he's not in green or blue. Which is why I always assign my Sims a colour. Daniel's eating fruit salad for breakfast, which is normal. Emily is eating franks and beans, which is not. Maybe she's a Bro Gary follower? *gag* Screw You Patriarchy Moment #3: PRE-MARITAL KISSING Y'ALL Daniel got so excited he decided to start fishing. It does actually make sense, as being an Angling Ace is his lifetime aspiration/wish/want (I forget which one it is with Sims 4). Nicole invites Emily over to the Granite Falls National Park. They don't stay long, for some reason, by which I mean they chat for a bit and then Nicole just walks off.... RUDE. Edward invites himself over, and meets Daniel. Neither Edward nor Nicole have commented on Emily wearing jeans; perhaps they're like the Bateses in that kids stick with the style rules whilst living at home, but they can decide their own rules once they've left. After all, Emily's still fairly covered, it's not like she's wearing a crop top and hot pants. Eliza comes over. Eliza plays the violin. Edward sits alone in the background. (Loser). They go on a date to a bar. Smooching occurs. "Daniel! What are you doing??" "YIBS!" (Simlish for YES!) Quick household swap to the Pearsons. Here's little Adam as a toddler. (Eliza's first kid) Nicole and Emily go to Chez Llama. The food takes way too long to arrive so Emily leaves. I'd got a notification saying that Daniel had come home from work, and I wanted to get them married. Dun dun da dun.... dun dun da dun... hurry up guys, get to your seats! (Slight Screw The Patriarchy moment in that Emily wears quite a form-fitting dress). Not sure how well Nicole, Eliza and Mark can see from the kitchen... Eliza and Emily eat their cake on the bed. Even long after everyone's left, Eliza's still playing the violin. Female Sims don't automatically take their husband's name after marriage; I went into full edit mode (cheat) to change Eliza's name. I'm gonna have Emily keep her Smith maiden name, and give any kids the double-barrelled name of Westbury-Smith (it flows better that way round IMO). I suppose a real "fuck the patriarchy" moment would've been for Emily and Daniel not to get married, or to marry after kids, but I feel she's broken quite a few of the family rules already. After all, plenty of feminists get married.
  14. Another one where the title says everything... Eliza brings Mark over to her parents' house. Things go well. Eliza shows off her violin skill. Mark is impressed. Mark and Eliza go on a date to the Humor and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno. Luckily they had chaperones! With the Humor and Hijinks Festival, there is a competition between "Jokesters" and "Pranksters". Mark and Eliza joined the Jokesters. (Incidentally, both Nicole and Edward became Pranksters). It's separate beds... for now. (The jug thing in the background is the reward for a Gold level date). Still in the "getting to know you" phase. It's official! They're in a courtship! Well, THAT escalated quickly...! OHMYGODYES! Mark and Eliza didn't want to waste any time! This is at Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno. (I did set Eliza's dress to be white, but I guess the game generated a random outfit when they travelled to the venue). THE FIRST KISS! I even got a notification saying that they were sharing their very first kiss Eliza entertains the guests. You'll notice that even though Emily wears pants now, she still wears a modest formal dress. Ahem... Congrats, Eliza! "We're going to have a baby!" "Hey Grandma!" "Huh? OH!" Lunch date at new restaurant in town, Chez Llama. It serves "experimental" food dishes, such as Volcano Pasta and Free Range Sixam Pit Beast (me neither). Never forget your Bible journal. Eliza elects to have a hospital birth. For some reason, you have your baby in this weird contraption. It's a BOY! Welcome to the world, Adam Pearson!
  15. Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! This one is a doozy. First of all, managing a home of 11-12 Edens has gotten a little crazy for Eva (and me!!!!). And as the Edens are so blessed by the Lord, the baby-making train shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. To help Eva keep sweet, the Edens grifted $7000 for a home expansion. Priorities- a third bathroom/second laundry room with second tub for the little ones, and a school room. As a result of the expansion, the boys and girls dormitories were slightly expanded as well. (Elsie's room remains intact though it is currently un-used) Additional items for family enrichment were also added to the backyard. Lastly, the Edens redecorated their living room with the MOST IMPORTANT verse of the Bible (KING JAMES of course), Genesis 1:28 "be fruitful and multiply." And boy have the Edens listened! A HUGE milestone for the Edens occured in June 2021, as the 10th little Eden, baby boy Kings, arrived. Welcome to the world Kings! We can't wait to see what the Lord --- yeah ok. Check out the swarming main floor! (2 Edens not shown) In the above picture you can also see Eva writing her latest manifesto, "Homebirthin' - the natural, easy, God-given way to bear quivers for Christ." Genesis had to clear her mind after witnessing the latest God-given no-drugs home delivery at age 12. Look how non-sluttish Genesis is, even while she works out. What a great example she is for her new children younger siblings. Speaking of new children...there is drama in the extended family. As you may recall, Elsie and Cale FINALLY received an incoming blessing from the Lord in their third year of marriage. Here, Elsie experiences the easy, blessed, Christ-honoring HomeBirth for the first time. And it's a boy!! What a blessing a first-born son is. Welcome to world little Romano! We can't wait to see- wait - Romano??? Isn't that the name of a cheese? Well. Though mama and baby are healthy, I still have some sad news for everyone. The courtship model did NOT serve Elsie and Cale well. Never able to speak in private before the wedding, Elsie did not learn that Cale was INSANE until after she was transferred to his authority. What's possibly even worse is that his life aspiration is...GRILLED CHEESE. I am not making this up. NO THANK YOU MAXIS for making that a life aspiration and for giving it to an already questionable townie. So, Cale is insane, all he cares about in life is grilled cheese, and he's been given authority over Elsie via a fundie marriage ceremony. So he named the baby Romano. He's hoping for a Brie next. Elsie was hoping that a baby would bring Cale down to reality, but this naming business was the last straw. All Elsie could do after labor was aggressively chop tomatoes and call Genesis over to break the tension. FREE ELSIE. Take Romano with you and RUN. Now before you get too sad, Elsie and Romano have been spending more time with the Edens lately. It may not be entirely fundie-realistic, but I need more for Elsie than a loveless marriage with an unpleasant man and I know you do too (seriously, Cale sucks and I didn't realize it). Keep your hopes up for 2022. But let's return to the Edens proper so we don't get too sad before we go. Samuel, #9, aged into a fussy toddler (YAY) with a surfer's hairdo before #10 made his arrival. And after #10 arrived, Adam and Eva were somehow able to enjoy a newly-wed moment in the kitchen. While their 9 other children slept upstairs! I really don't know how they do it! Oh yeah, and Eva's pregnant again. Because of course she is. Well friends, I apologize that this wasn't the funniest of blog posts, but it IS realistic. Looking forward to further expansions and the rescuing of a beloved sister next year, Edens out! Stay tuned!!
  16. We'll start where we left off. Where's the best place to have mommy-daughter time? The bathroom, of course. "I know, Becky, our dishwasher is, like, totally broken, and Daddy should, like, totally fix it, but he's just sooooo busy being an amazing Godly husband and father." "Why am I eating standing up when there are eight free seats behind me? I am so sick of this househo- oops, gotta keep sweet. Gotta keep sweet." "Yeah yeah your music is neat, Mrs Smith, but I'm just *that* much more interested in molding this clay." "So the square root of 169 is.... wait... why is there a plate in the way?" "Don't ask me. I'm a Bear." "I mean, I just LOVE having six children, but I sometimes feel like something is missing now my blessings are all growing so fast... Lord, help me to deal with this new season of life..." "Lemme just crank this up a notch, even though such a steep gradient makes me fall down... just a reminder that God has everything under control, and if I try to change things too fast, I slip up and need to slow things down to where God would have me." "Wait... wait... what's happening? Am I older? Oh no! Will I still be able to have children? I feel like life has gone so fast..." "Oh, help... now I'm older I'm feeling much less secure. My Bible journal has always helped. Lord, I pray that you will continue to support my family and I in the coming years, I'm feeling somewhat lost right now..." "I'm so thankful that the Lord blessed me with such skill in the violin so that I am able to glorify Him in so many diverse ways." "So what if video games are a distraction and not a direct way of glorifying God? I can earn money through doing this. Blicblock is hardly going to corrupt my mind." "I bet Mommy is so proud of me, I do my Bible journal without prompting!" "So what if talking to yourself is the first sign of madness? I'm just interacting with God's creation." "I can't believe Mom let me get my own place already! I am so excited to be in this new season of life and I am so ready to have as many blessings as God will give me... but I've got to find a husband first..." "FREEDOM AT LAST! I was never much of a girly girl. God, it feels so LIBERATING to wear PANTS. I hope Mom can see that wearing pants doesn't make me any less Godly."
  17. This is a non fundie family, the Farnleys. Consists of Anna and Matt, their adopted daughter Cassia, and their bio twin daughters Alicia and Maddie. Anna owns a restaurant, which is moderately successful. She's there at the moment. An elderly couple arrived, she greeted them. Suddenly, the male Sim got up... and DIED. Right there, in a corner of the restaurant. DUN DUN DUN Grim Reaper appears. I gave the post this title because the restaurant has always had a good ambiance rating (you don't get an ambiance rating per se, but it's one thing that can influence a customer's enjoyment). Witnessing a death is rather a dampener.
  18. Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! We've been away for a while, but now we're back with an eventful year 11 in the Eden saga. Leviticus began 2020 in a "bear phase" which is SEVERELY testing his fundie parents. (Though at least it's not a "unicorn phase" or something) Here, Eva experiences the trials of a large family as she tries to feed and dress her brood in time for church. It takes a good 2 hours plus one bear-less Leviticus in tears. Ah what a beautiful Sunday at True Believer's Baptist Church. We are surely in store for an uplifting message of loving thy neighbors whom are destined for Hell The wholesome gang's all here (baby Ruth not pictured)...including Elsie and Cale! And Elsie has a SHOCKING UPDATE for the Edens... She's expecting!!!!! Eva is of course, WAY more pregnant with her 9TH BLESSING, and Elsie is only in her first trimester with her first *cough Jill* but what a SWEET SISTER BUMP PIC they took together! God is so good!!! Eva and Adam also celebrated their 10th anniversary! "I just want to thank the Lord for his greatest blessing to me- my wonderful husband Adam. He works so hard for our family and leads us all closer to Lord. He's a great daddy and also not bad to look at! I thank the Lord for you honey and hope for many wonderful years together! -Eva" "Happy anniversary Eva! How many kids do we have now? -Adam" 8 Adam. You have 8 children now. Just kidding Adam! You now have 9 children! Welcome to the world baby Samuel! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! Precious baby Ruth aged up to an inquisitive toddler just in the nick of time. She and the next youngest, Judges, will probably be very good friends (both curious) until she has to be trained up as a lady. Enjoy childhood while it lasts Ruth! Come on, give us a smile! She's so precious. Ohh! That looks like the face of a fundie who just found out she's been blessed by the Lord again! Get prepared for child 10 Adam! That should be an easy number to remember. A pregnant Elsie visited the Edens to celebrate Joshua's birthday! This angelic, forgotten toddler is now a good, forgotten 4 year-old. Happy birthday Joshua! Mommy and daddy love you so much, even if they don't know who you are! As a minor detail, some of the children went to the park and curious little Judges got to be king of his own world for a moment. Free Judges! But back to the main story, it was getting rough y'all. 9 kids and another on the way. Messes, fights, diapers, the inexorable piles of laundry...something had to be done. Congratulations Genesis! For your 11th birthday we got you...a toddler! That's right! Precious first-born Genesis is being promoted to sister-mom and given a buddy of her very own- little 1yr-old Ruth. This was earlier than intended of course, but Genesis is just so mature for her age. And she loves it too! Plus Mama Eva is just far too busy with unsafe diaper changes to have time for her second-youngest. (Or third. Or fourth. Or...) What a servant's heart you have Genesis! Lastly, Leviticus' budding preacher's heart has been somewhat hampered by his latest fashion choices, but he's not letting that discourage him. "Hey Billie- for no reason at all, what's your favorite kind of cake? Also if you don't come back to youth group we're going to have to pray for your soul" - Leviticus, probably And that's a wrap on 2020/year 11. Everyone still gets to sleep at the same time, and there's only 4 children in each room, even if newly-minted sister-mom Genesis (age 11) is sharing with 1-yr old Ruth. They just insisted on sharing. How precious. Coming up in year 12- which Johnson sister will have their baby first and will Billie ever block Leviticus' number?! For now, Eden's out!
  19. Eliza and Emily will soon become Young Adults. So, courtship is nearly on the horizon. I decided to create a guy for one of them to court (I think I'll have him go with Eliza). So, say hi to Mark Pearson! Not the greatest picture, you can't see his face very well, but I think Eliza will find him a real cutie
  20. I haven't played them for a while. Still nothing much has happened. Eddie and Elijah having a conversation. I thought I had captured the speech bubbles but apparently not. I think they were discussing grilled cheese here. More talking. Emily doing the dishes in the back, just like a good, Godly young girl should. Elijah wants to be, erm, athletic/a bodybuilder. He's rather skinny, so he needs a bit of exercise to build some muscles. (You can't wear caps backwards a la old-style Ben Seewald, sadly). Eliza entered a mean phase, so she decided to yell at her mom for no reason. Of course, Nicole tells her off. (That orange book is what kids' homework looks like. It's not any of the Smith kids' work, it's actually from when one of the neighbour kids paid a visit, started doing homework, and then left it there. I can't move it). The family's sleeping patterns are somewhat skewed. Edward wants to have a great garden. This was in the early hours of the morning, because why not? Cleaning the shower seemed to mostly consist of spraying the dirt with cleaning fluid, no actual sponging involved. And yet the whole shower was miraculously clean!! Nicole mastered her cooking skill a while ago. This results in fancy moves. Most of which aren't exactly practical. If you're making fruit salad, surely the last thing you want to do is toss the bowl in the air...??? It can be dull stuck at home all alone. Sims love to mold clay. The eldest twins going for a jog. Emily (blue) was hacked off because she'd tried to help a classmate, but he wasn't very grateful. Eliza was jogging because it's good for her, and for her emotional control. Yet another Smith kid succumbs to the Bear phase. This time it's Elliot. Emily decides to Troll Teh Forums. "HAHAHAHA I AM MORE GODLY THAN YOUUUUU LOSERRRRRRRSSSSS!!" Nicole got wind of this and admonished her. "Look, you can't reveal our family life to others, we must maintain normality". "Elijah, honey, there is a time and a place for you to take a selfie, and now is not it." Objects tend to break fairly easily in Sims 4, and luckily Edward is a real Manly Man (TM) and gets to work repairing the toilet. "GOD'S CREE---AY---SHUNNNN IS SOOOOOO BEEE----YOOO---TI----FULLLLLLL!" Grilling shish kebabs to stick in the fridge for the family to have later. SOTDRT doesn't exactly apply in Sims 4, but the dining room still tends to be the centre of family life. Emily and Elijah doing homework. Evelyn eating a shish kebab. Elliot looking incongruous in his Purple Grape Bear outfit. And... SHOCK... Nicole doing some work. This fundie mom isn't as lazy as some others... *cough cough*
  21. Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! I'll be honest...it was a rough year. Fortunately this means there were no dentist visits involved, but yeah the Eden facade is beginning to crack. Since it's year 10 though, let's first have a little recap of where the Edens have been. To start, Eva Johnson married Adam Eden in January of 2010 when they were both 20 years old. Adam works for the blessed company Hobby Lobby, and has been regional manager for the last 5ish years. Eva is manager of her home, except when Adam says otherwise of course! (Though he's a pretty hands-off headship.) Eva also runs a successful blog that serves as encouragement to other like-minded godly women, and brings in modest supplemental income. Finally, Adam and Eva grow their own fruits and vegetables, which has been such a blessing during those time the Edens are too poor or too lazy to feed their children. Ahem. Adam and Eva were so excited and blessed by a honeymoon baby, Genesis, in Oct 2010. She was a fussy toddler, but has since been training to be a godly future wife and mother who loves to glorify the Lord through instrumental praise. Eva was so blessed to have Irish twins when first-born son Exodus arrived Sept 2011. He was a silly little kid, who wishes he could still be a goofball, but since he's 8 its now time for him to put away childish things and take up the mantle of fundie princedom. Second son Leviticus was born Nov 2012. He craves attention, and went from a clingy toddler to an outgoing young man (age 7) whose heart burns to turn others towards Christ. His parents are praying that Leviticus will become a preacher, and if he does we may have a brotherly fight for dominant Eden offspring. After Leviticus, second daughter Numbers was born Feb 2014. She was an independent toddler and now an introverted child. While this is very helpful to the Edens right now, she will never find a man that way, so we will see how long she's allowed to do her own thing. While Eva was pregnant with Numbers, her teen sister Elsie moved in to the Eden household to help Eva manage the growing quiver. She was valued above rubies, and has a particularly close relationship with Leviticus, whom she basically raised into school-age. Elsie met Cale in the summer of 2014 and began getting-to-know him, entered into a courtship Dec 2016, was engaged Nov 2017, and fulfilled her godly destiny by becoming his helpmeet in March 2018 at age 20 (Cale 21). The Lord and food brought this couple together, so it is no surprise that Cale is a food critic. However, it is surprising that Elsie is cooking in a restaurant, and they have no children yet!!! Pray for them. The younger set of G-B-B-G Edens (fundies love patterns!) began with Deuteronomy in May 2015. What a precious girl she is. A charming toddler, and as you will learn in 2019, now a cheerful lass with a servant's heart. She makes her parents so proud with her mild demeanor and feminine appearance. Third son Joshua arrived June 2016. He is an angelic toddler who rarely cries, and turns to his siblings for everything since his parents barely know who he is. Then came the largest gap between children (16 whole months!!!) before fourth son Judges was born Oct 2017. He is inquisitive and, like Joshua, mostly left to his own devices, which is honestly the best scenario for a curious fundie child. Finally, precious baby Ruth was born Jan 2019 and is apple of her mother's eye. With that, let's report on the happenings of 2019! None of the younger Edens were happy about little Ruth, and the bad behavior followed quickly and furiously. The courting bench quickly became the timeout bench, and was put to good use. Beyond assigning punishment, Adam and Eva didn't really care and got right back to enjoying that sweet, sweet, unprotected fellowship. Leviticus is being a PItA tempted by Satan, and it seems Ruth is about to be replaced by a New Blessing due early in the new year!!! Praise Jesus!!! (sorry Ruth) Over at the Tobiaseseses, Cale and Elsie were also working on their sweet fellowship. They tried for a baby, but were unsuccessful. Still no word on whether Cale and Elsie had trouble getting going in the intimacy department, are experiencing fertility problems or are preventing, but people are definitely talking about the state of her womb now. (And even I don't know the truth!) While there have been too many tantrums to count, and possible infertility or rebellion for a beloved sister, the Edens also had two great triumphs in 2019 in addition to a new fetus. The first is that charming Deuteronomy grew into a cheerful 4-year-old who loves to look feminine and do dishes. Adam and Eva are so proud of her meek and mild servant's heart, and honestly she may be the best suited to fundie life of all the kids so far! The second triumph is even more cause for rejoicing- the little Edens convinced Billie to join them for Saturday afternoon youth group at True Believer's Baptist Church! Ok, ok so they bribed her with cake, but she still came! Responsibility fell to eldest girl Genesis to testify to Billie about sin, death, and Satan's hold on both their hearts. Speaking of Satan's hold... Jesus Christ Leviticus! On church property even?!?! No more cake for you. And that's the end of 2019! Eva is about ready to pop with Precious Blessing #9, the Blessings she already has are running amok, the wee Edens are proselytizing to unlucky neighborhood kids who just wanted cake, and Eva cannot wait until Genesis can become a sister-mom. It's gotta be soon right? Enjoying a rare moment when everyone's actually asleep, Edens out!
  22. Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! I had a lovely weekend with future MIL, even though I did rather miss the Edens! But honestly...there wasn't that much to miss. Following the wedding, the Edens saw Elsie a. lot. And most of the time it was because Elsie invited them! Perhaps doing life with her #bestfriend was not as perfect as Elsie had predicted. She still has her job though, and no little Tobiaseseses on the way 6 months into marriage, so both mainstream and fundie families are watching her verrry closely. Do Elsie and Cale follow a patriarchal fundie lifestyle? Is God in control of Elsie's womb? It's still anyone's guess, and Elsie and Cale aren't talking! Leviticus remains Elsie's devoted son strongest encourager, and went with the other kids to visit Elsie in her new home. He is even taking special care to bond with Elsie's new overlord headship, who was making mac&cheese when they dropped by! (Though only for himself. He may be gainfully employed but he's clearly not Derick Dillard #besthubbyever) Genesis actually had feelings for a hot sec and splattered paint in protest after they left an outing with Elsie, but those feelings were quickly squashed out of her with public punishment and manual labor. Much better! The Edens sure are training up their children in the way they should go. What an example to us all! (Though thank Rufus, no literal rod of discipline). Actually, the entire family has been really well-behaved. Granted their countenances were helped along by a sims event decreasing motive decay by 66%, but even with free will turned on the children did a lot of chores and had a lot of hugging. It was super weird. The Edens are definitely in that dangerous "look at that wholesome happy family maybe we should do what they're doing" phase. Adam and Eva have fortunately not realized their marketability, but the kids are starting to testify to other children on the playground. "Did you know Jesus hates you for wearing shorts? Come to our True Believers youth group to find out more!" Yikes. Stay far, far away girls! As far as birthdays go, Numbers (#4), the easy independent toddler, has become a "loner"/introverted preschooler. Peace be with you in that house, Numbers! And baby Judges (#7) grew into an inquisitive toddler. Eek. Good luck to you too Judges, and stay far away from blankets! The children were growing so fast, and now there were quadruple bunkbeds! And it was hilarious when Adam and Eva were actually parenting for the first time in a while and forgot whose beds were whose!! This lapse in jinder segregation was QUICKLY RECTIFIED don't you worry! And finally, at the turn of year 9 (actually the beginning of Jan year 10), Elsie came over to 66 Goodbook Avenue to help Eva deliver her 8th baby, with Genesis (age 8) assisting. It's never too early to witness life's greatest miracle! (Though Genesis did turn her head at the critical moment) Welcome to the world baby girl Ruth! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! All in all, year 9 was way too peaceful for the Edens. Either there's going to need to be a shakeup, or they'll have to start going to the dentist or something (I would never!!). Questions for year 10: will the Lord open Eva's womb again? Will the little Edens convert any heathens make any friends? Will the family ever stop being so damn pious? And where are Elsie and Cale on the fundie continuum? Hope to report on these and more next time, Edens out! (and if you made it all the way through this episode, you deserve a drink. Preferably of the KJV-banned variety)
  23. As I mentioned previously, I've been mainly playing the Bancrofts, as I wanted to get Michael and Mary married. In a comment on the Married! post, I mentioned that Madison is also married! She is now a Walker. You'll get to meet husband Paul in the next post. So, the Smiths. Since you can't move teens out early like in Sims 2, life has been pretty mundane. Eliza and Emily have a week left in-game before they age up. I'll probably kick them out, so that Nicole can have a final pregnancy... since aging freezes whilst you're pregnant (which I find a pain in the ass), Edward is a fair bit older than her, when they started off the same age. I may have mentioned this already, but Eliza wants to be an awesome musician. Her main instrument is the violin. Eddie and Elijah aged up! Eddie making a slight DERP face. Eddie's a painter. He can't wait to capture God's wonderful creation! Sometimes Eliza just feels so *inspired* she starts playing in the kitchen. Carrot cake for breakfast? Whenever Nicole makes a group meal, I put any leftovers in the fridge. The family often help themselves. Although Emily's normally a conscientious student, sometimes things can be a bit last-minute. No-one's perfect, after all; we live in a fallen world. Nicole gets bored alone at home, so she goes to visit the Markhams. Becky and Callum appear to not be in school. Becky seems rather warmly dressed; they live in Oasis Springs which is a desert-y neighbourhood (the Smiths live in a more verdant area). Here's Roseanne (I realise I missed a trick by not calling her husband Dan or her other kids Darlene and DJ*. She has two sons and one daughter. The other son is Alistair). In another post I mentioned how Energised Sims tend to work out wherever they are... the kitchen isn't exactly the best environment for push ups. Nicole goes out fishing; there are some Baking recipes she cannot cook because she doesn't have any fish. She soon gets bored however and starts singing God's praises. When you all arrive home at once... you get a big blob of Sims. No wonder Eliza's looking uncomfortable here!! Emily also decides to do some woodworking. (Maybe I'll have her be a bit rebellious when she leaves home? As in... possibly (shh)... PANTS?) So, 5 pm. Edward arrives home from work... ... Eliza has just taken a shower and is taking a selfie... ... Eddie's putting a book away in the study... ... Elijah is in the bath (I forgot what Emily was doing) ... ... Evelyn is playing the piano... ... and Elliot is napping on his bed. Yo, Eliza, you have a table behind you. Why are you standing up to eat your baked potato? How can you eat it standing up? Sorry this was rather dull. Hopefully things should improve once the oldest two move out. * I haven't actually watched very much of Roseanne. My mother introduced it to me a long, long time ago and we only had Season 2 on DVD. I need to watch it more!!
  24. Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! It was the start of 2018 and year 8 had ended with some truly shocking events. Baby Judges (#7) was born in October, and in December dear Elsie got engaged! Which of course means a wedding in March 2018! But first.. Wow they really waste no time, do they? Ok so baby #8 is on its way, and Genesis, all of 7 years old, is the one comforting her siblings in the middle of the night because her parents are more worried about Counting On. What a great wife and mother she'll make one day. Clearly Cale thought that about Elsie, because they're getting married!! Welcome to True Believer's Baptist Church. Their slogan is "Others will burn in Hell, but we won't!" and the Johnsons and Edens have been attending for decades. (Notice the church coffee shop that both Eva and Elsie have worked at! ) Cale may have been a little nervous but the wedding went perfectly and was such a God-honoring event! Here, Elsie and Cale share their very first kiss, one at the altar of Christ. Kissing for Jesus sure is neat! Close-up of the new Mrs. Cale Tobias in her bridal gown (shirt/skirt combo). Sadly, their town is full of sluttish women, and there is no Miss Renee, so Elsie's dress has a few more eye-traps than the Lord may have liked, but Cale sure wasn't complaining. And yes, that is a new home they're standing in! Cale and Elsie ran out of the church immediately following the ceremony, as you do, and went to the home Cale had purchased Debt Free on his part-time landscaping income. Since Cale and Elsie are both huge foodies, and have celebrated many precious moments at Chez Llama, the house is right next door in the restaurant district! In fact, they are even both starting jobs in the restaurant industry! Elsie would like to take her skills into a professional kitchen, and Cale likes complaining about food other people made so he will start as a food critic. What a match made in Heaven y'all! Their place is a cozy 2Bed/1Bath home with space to expand if the Lord should bless them and open Elsie's womb! But...I have a feeling the Lord may not have unlimited access to Elsie's womb. I don't intend to play Cale and Elsie very much, so we will have to see what their family is up to together, and how fundie they stay! Tobiaseses out! But let's check back in with the Edens for one moment. Reality comes crashing down after the wedding as Eva sits at home, pregnant, with 3 children, 3 toddlers, and 1 baby, all under the age of 8. And I just turned free will back on. Please send Eva your thoughts and prayers - she's gonna need 'em! P.S. My future MIL is visiting this weekend so while I will be discussing another wedding (that is hopefully much much different than above), the next blog post may be delayed. The Edens and I will return soon though. Thanks for tuning in! Free Elsie! -Neurogirl
  25. Jatalie1996

    Episode One: Meet the O'Hurleys!

    Welcome! I was inspired by @neurogirl (among others) to join in the fundie sims blog bandwagon. Hopefully blogging the experience will give me the motivation to stick with the family for at least one full generation. So without further ado, let's get started! This is the O'Hurley family. As their friends say, they're such a sweet couple, they make you want to hurl! You'll find that they seem fundie-lite in some respects, but, rest assured, they are still God-fearing Christians who know exactly where they're going when they die. Meet Mark O'Hurley, our headship. He is family-oriented and enjoys many outdoor activities. He also likes working with technology and has a job as a computer programmer. And this is his new helpmeet, Mary-Anne. Mary-Anne is such a sweet young lady! She could hardly wait to turn 18 so she could marry her best friend! In addition to loving her family and the outdoors, she also has a creative side that she hopes will make her an excellent homemaker! After their God-honoring wedding ceremony where they shared their very first kiss in front of all of their family and friends, Mark and Mary-Anne went off to Granite Falls for their honeymoon. It was so special to finally be alone together without any chaperones! They certainly spent a good portion of their honeymoon making up for lost time. They also enjoyed bonding over their mutual love for nature-related activities. Mark loved teaching his new bride how to fish! Even though they were on their honeymoon, they still purposed to put God first. Here they are "praying" together. (Really, just warming their hands by the fire, but it definitely looks like they're praying!) Mark discovered that he actually quite enjoys cooking. Perhaps the Lord will lay it on his heart to fulfill that role for his family from now on. A selfie also happened. Did I mention they enjoyed making up for lost time? They have now arrived home and are excited to begin their new lives together! They don't have any special announcements to make just yet, (because for some reason they would only woohoo in the tent and not try for a baby) but you never know what the future has in store! Until next time!
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