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Found 19 results

  1. The first human to walk in space has died. Rest in peace
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, the newest member of the Fuck Face administration
  3. Science! Insert, so to speak, all yer frozen pop jokes right here...
  4. 47of74


    And today is dedicated to Uranus! Yeah Georgium Sidus wouldn't have led to as much immature jokes about the 7th planet. (Jokes that I am proudly and completely guilty of making too).
  5. Science! Insert jokes about storms around Uranus here.
  6. Science! Cue the Beavis / Butthead laughter.
  7. mango_fandango

    Stephen Hawking is dead.

    News is only just coming in. The world has lost a truly brilliant mind. Unbelievable that he survived this long with such a devastating disease. Inevitable, really, yet sad.
  8. What about an adult sized one? kron4.com/2017/04/08/ford-made-a-crib-that-mimics-car-rides-to-put-babies-to-sleep/
  9. Then this happened in Russia.... express.co.uk/news/science/784831/Kambalny-volcano-violent-eruption-active Hmmmm.....maybe God's trying to tell you something, Vlad.
  10. 47of74

    RIP Gene Cernan

    RIP sir. abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/gene-cernan-astronaut-moon-dies-82-44814436
  11. This is so amazing! Not snark worthy, I just couldn't figure out where else to put it where most FJers could see it http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/12/feathered-dinosaur-tail-amber-theropod-myanmar-burma-cretaceous/
  12. Science! mentalfloss.com/article/82743/robotic-rectum-can-train-doctors-better-probe-butts
  13. It's not quite the twice in a lifetime transits of Venus, but we get Mercury crossing the face of the Sun tomorrow. 7:16 AM EDT start (for me at least), lasting until 2:38 PM. If there's an observatory nearby they will probably have a telescope set up properly, otherwise you have to hope there's some sort of weird geek like me in the neighborhood. (Don't even think about looking at the Sun with binoculars or a telescope unless you know how to filter it.) I'll have my stuff out tomorrow- the school bus stop is right in front of my house so I can get the kids to take a peek.
  14. A little over a billion years ago, two black holes that were orbiting each other coalesced into one. One was 36 times the mass of the Sun, the other 29. Towards the end they were orbiting each other 250 times a second, moving well over half the speed of light. When they merged, they converted 3 solar masses of black hole into energy in the form of gravitational waves in less than a second. (E=mc^2, Einstein's famous equation) Hiroshima was destroyed when a paper-clip's worth of mass was converted. While they were merging, they were putting out more power than every star in the entire universe combined. A billion+ years later, those gravitational waves passed through Earth, distorting space around us. The total change rhythmically moved a set of mirrors in the LIGO detectors roughly 4/1000's the diameter of a proton, or roughly 0.000000000000000004 meters. (I think I counted the zeros right). That was more than enough for both detectors to sense the change. And if you're curious, merging black holes ring roughly at middle C. This was the final proof of a theory thought up by a couple of pounds of grey jello on top of an unassuming middle-aged German Jew named Albert Einstein. I find it important to realize the scale of things around me at times and be astonished we can understand any of it. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/12/science/ligo-gravitational-waves-black-holes-einstein.html And for the hardcore, here's the actual paper. It's actually somewhat readable https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-P150914/public
  15. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with religion. I have devoured books and documentaries. I have been in the front row of lectures. I have asked questions, read blogs, articles, magazines, etc. I have learned about major religions, fundamentalist groups, atheism, spiritual traditions, wicca, paganism, the druids, and the list goes on. I have visited churches listening to sermons from multiple branches of christianity. In searching through scientific papers, I hoped I would find the loopholes that would allow me to "just have faith". I have searched high and low. I wanted answers. I still do, but these days, in my later years, I realize that answers may not come and that is okay. I now know that I don't have to have all the answers to live a happy, productive and peaceful life. I recognize that placing the burden of my life onto someone else's understanding of a supreme being isn't necessary. I have survived (and sometimes thrived) through much turmoil and joy and I did it without giving the credit for either extreme to an unseen entity. Those bad decisions were mine - not satans. The good things I've done and experienced - they were from me too. My consequences were my own. My pain was my own and the love that I have for myself and those around me are all parts of me and me alone. That isn't to say that I didn't recognize that something was missing. I would look around at other people and see a deeper joy, a collective happiness of sorts and I would wonder - what does THAT feel like? They would meet in groups and talk about their faith. They had small meetings, studied books, held social events and played in bands. There were entire festivals build around a belief in someone outside of themselves that had to power to either bless them with great gifts, give them diseases, take away their loved ones, start wars and impoverish whole nations...they gave all of their power to this outside force and relieved themselves of the responsibility of their decisions and found a way to blame consequences and bad decisions on another 'evil' being. I recognize that I sound very pessimistic about the whole deal and in no way do I mean to thrash those who find there peace this way. I simply don't understand it. I am truly fascinated with the phonomena of faithfulness and those who are able to live their lives this way. I am really enthralled with the scientific community that has found there way to jesus or allah or buddha or yahweh. I want to know how they reconciled science and religion. I want to find the line between faith and reason. Has anyone ever felt this way? Do you know where that line is for you? If so, what made you take the leap - on to either side? My mind is open and I am always learning.
  16. http://news.yahoo.com/mythbusters-accid ... 59380.html I think they need to crap can the series already. Jamie and Adam feel like whatever chemistry they had is totally gone now and the show feels really boring. I wonder if a lawsuit will be the end of it?
  17. I've been on the waiting list at the library for over a month for The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. I got it today. This is the true story of cancer cells taken from her body without her knowledge or consent, and they continue to grow today. They led to the development of the polio vaccine, uncovered secrets about cancer, viruses, and the A-Bomb's effects. They led to the advances in IVF, cloning, and gene mapping. It's a story about her and what was done with her cells. The cell lines have brought in billions of dollars to the medical industry, and her family, poor blacks, never received a cent. They didn't even know about it. It's a story with all kinds of ethical questions to be asked. Nell
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