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Found 23 results

  1. Blahblah

    Neil Gaiman anyone?

    Pick a favourite: The Graveyard Book always. But then again, Neverwhere. And also The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I know I'm not the only one here who adores Mr Gaiman.
  2. If I had a lightsaber this is what it would look like...
  3. 47of74

    Oh God no.

    No. God no, in fact.
  4. ofDany

    Robert Jordan

    I've seen a lot of other sci-fi/fantasy authors discussed, but not Robert Jordan. Anyone else ready his books? Robert Jordan is one of my favorite authors of all time. He is the master of foreshadowing, and everytime I've introduced someone to his books they have gotten just as addicted as me. I got into them when there were only 4 and waited impatiently throughout the years, rereading them all every time a new one came out. After Brian Sanderson took over to finish the series I read his first two books, but I haven't been able to bring myself to read the final one. I'm not sure if it's because that means the series is over, or if it's because I'm afraid of what happens to wrap everything up! Has anyone else ever felt this way about a book or an author or am I just really weird?
  5. The husband took me to see Star Wars last night. Now, let me tell you, I am not a huge Star Wars devotee (honestly, I don't know that I've seen every minute of all 6 other movies). But the story was enjoyable and the movie had a fabulous feminist bent that elevated it even more, in my opinion. So, wanna talk Star Wars? Who else saw it? Who's going to see it today or sometime this weekend?
  6. 47of74

    Star Wars or Florida

    Rotten Tomatoes recently asked some of the cast & crew of Episode VII to play a little game. That game being Star Wars or Florida? Participants had to identify if something happened in a Star Wars film or Florida.
  7. Anyone seen it yet. Thoughts? Personally I thought it was better than the first JJA one. Tighter storyline, more honed characters. Benedict Cumberbatch was amazaballs. Very very minor spoiler:
  8. In the "10 things" thread in QFC, wtyclf asked for recommendations of YA fantasy and science fiction because she and I both like this genre. We think it's fun to escape from all the academic literature and professional documents we are required to read and devour some fun stuff. My oldest niece and I are currently reading the "Mortal Instruments" series by Cassandra Clare. Are any of you reading books in this genre? Do you have any recommendations for us? Embarrassing admission: I started to read "50 Shades of Grey." Hubby brought it home to me because someone had left it in a shopping cart in the Costco parking lot and after reading a few chapters I realized why it had been abandoned. The book sits unfinished in my bookcase. I will take it to the reading exchange at work for some other sucker ... er ... reader.
  9. Soldier of the One

    Cloud Atlas book/movie

    Did a search and it rendered nothing, so here goes... Who's read and/or seen "Cloud Atlas"? Liked the movie, preferred the book. Loved the story of Somni 451 best. Thoughts?
  10. I read a couple of books recently that made me think of FreeJinger. The first is Sister Wife by Shelley Hrdlitschka. I downloaded it because of FJ and wouldn't be surprised if it was discussed on here when it first came out (2008) because it's about the kind of fundies we talk about. I'd love to hear from anyone else on here who's read it about what they thought of it. The second was Beta by Rachel Cohn. Never has a book gone from a four or five to a big fat zero so fast for me. I was devouring this book right up to a chapter or two from the end when the author decided to throw a Renesmee into the mix and decided to do this via anti-choice-for-rape-victims propaganda. It's hypocritical too, as the whole point of the series is that the entire race of clones the protagonist belongs to is built to be owned by humans and to serve them and now they're fighting for their rights. And then the very same person who's helping the protagonist to fight for her freedom and rights is taking a huge freedom and right away from her, and we're supposed to agree with that. If I hadn't been reading this book on my ereader I would have thrown it out the train window.
  11. Claddagh

    Titanic books and zombies

    I checked out two books from the library after hearing a long rant from a fundie about Titanic with zombies on board. Titanic is a big passion for me and I've enjoyed some monster mash ups. My favorite rant was about how a man of that era would even dare allow a woman to be bitten or scratched by a zombie! Captain Smith wasn't nearly as tough as he's portrayed in the books! The fundie knew this how...? The zombie curse was brought on because someone, somewhere, did something bad! I did want to ask if it was a woman who did something bad as these groups seem to think anyone with a vagina is evil. The poor librarian was already getting an earfull and I didn't want to add to her misery so I didn't comment. By now I've had a series of mental images including "Hey, steerage passenger! We know what you did! You didn't wash your hands when coming out of the bathroom! You've doomed us all you ungodly heathen!" Another image I had was of all these male zombies polietely waiting for all the women and children to get into lifeboats before going to town on the male passengers and crew. This is somehow begging to be written or illustrated. The two books I checked out were Titanic of the Dead by Stephen Dymarcik and Deck Z by Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon. I'm hiding my reviews of the books behind spoilers as they may contain key points to the books and I don't want to ruin it for anyone. Titanic of the Dead Deck Z I'm glad I got the chance to read the books. Maybe I should go do those illustrations about the zombies...
  12. I have been in the mood to read them lately.
  13. terranova

    Star Wars goes Disney :(

    Is anyone else weeping quietly in a corner? I feel like a part of my childhood has been kidnapped by evil super villans and made to hang out with Winnie The Pooh and fucking Bambi. A little part of me died today.
  14. I am halfway through the trilogy and loving it. Because I'm, like, twelve.
  15. Swamptribe


    Just saw a screening of this in Miami. Won tickets. Karl Urban was there. Have been up for like 24 hours now so hope this is coherent. Anyone who loved Judge Dredd (not the Stallone movie), go see this film. It's nasty, gritty, dystopian and very violent (people had little kids at the screening, I was shocked). Note VErY VIOLENT, and it's all in 3D. But even me, who can't stand the sight of blood made it through it because the way it was done was just so cool. Ok, I promised the people who put on the screening I'd spread the word.
  16. Glass Cowcatcher

    Goind to see MIB 3 tonight...

    And I'm really pumped. I enjoyed the first two, and I'm excited to see Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin in another movie together. I hope it does something really unique with the time-travel plot. (and totally hoping for an Aliens Invented the Flux Capacitor! shoutout :lol:) Anybody else seen it or going to see it?
  17. Soldier of the One

    Philip Pullman / His Dark Materials

    If there's already such a thread, my apologies. But a discussion of these books HAS to happen. I am counting on all you heathen atheists! Loved the books, simply did. Wanted to make 'The Republic of Heaven' my battle-cry. Liked the movie a fair bit too - but am really disappointed that there will be no sequels. Philip, write some more. We need them!
  18. Anyone else on Team Katniss planning on seeing the new movie on Thursday night???
  19. the author is L.A. Weatherly and there are two so far book in the series. I thought it was very good and enjoyed it as much as the hunger games. I am on the second book now. but it was written this year so I don't know if the series will go on yet or not.
  20. Soldier of the One

    American Gods / Neverwhere

    Read 'Neverwhere' by Neil Gaiman a few weeks ago and am now reading 'American Gods' and loving it. Has anyone else read it? Thoughts? (Am still not done yet, so please put spoilers behind a cut! Thanks!)
  21. I just finished both books (at the end of the semester I usually read books in my down times, takes my mind away from the constant stress) I loved the series. I had watched the movies some months ago, but I guess I did not get quite as much as I thought I did. Any other fans?
  22. Did anyone see this yet? I thought it was very good. My favorite movie of the summer so far. And it didn't hurt that James Franco was in it.
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