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Found 16 results

  1. Continues from Part 3: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24836-erika-shupe-grim-rictus-large-families-on-purpose-part-3/
  2. Erika *shudder* has not posted much new content lately. She's been mostly reposting old entries. *smug grin* The Shupes have 9 homeschooled kids. All of the children, from the teens down to the toddlers, go to bed at the same time. But the teens are allowed to get up as early as they want! *middle finger* Their days are blocked out in 15 minute increments, and everything is superduper organized. Most of the time the kids aren't allowed to play in the yard because it's too muddy, so Erika makes them run laps on the deck for a few minutes for exercise. Mealtime at the Shupe residence is very regimented. Every day they have green smoothies for breakfast, and every day they have salads for lunch. There are no snacks. Sometimes Erika makes the kids have popcorn and energy bars for dinner while she and Bob chow down on take out from Olive Garden. *grrr* All of the girls are crammed into one tiny bedroom, and the boys are crammed into another. *cry* Thanks to the interference of CPS, they recently installed triple bunks so that the windows are actually usable as a means of escape in case of a fire. Erika has this incredibly annoying way of writing out emoticons. *smile* <-- like this. And she overuses the everlovin' fuck out of them. *scream* Enjoy with us, won't you, the hyper-controlling Erika Shupe and her poor family. Previously: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24406-erika-shupe-fake-smile-large-families-on-purpose-part-2/ Erika archive: viewforum.php?f=207 Blog: largefamiliesonpurpose.com
  3. Previous thread here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=25981 Erika archive: viewforum.php?f=207 How to summarize Erika? *wince* Erika has 9 homeschooled kids and recently suffered a miscarriage. She does not believe that women in their 40s are more likely to suffer miscarriages, instead claiming that that's just something doctors made up out of fear of overpopulation. *incredulous look* All of her children, from the 16-year-old down to the toddlers, go to bed at the same time. But the teens are allowed to get up as early as they want! *raspberry* Their days are blocked out in 15 minute increments, and everything is superduper organized. Objects are only allowed to be used for their intended purpose, except for beach towels. Her kids are allowed to get as creative as they want with their beach towels. *yawn* She utilizes a point system with her kids, that allows them to earn exciting rewards such as a single jelly bean! And they don't get to choose the flavor! Her teens enjoyed fiction reading too much, so now they're only allowed to do it for a few hours on the weekends. *sob* All of the girls are crammed into one tiny bedroom, and the boys are crammed into another. *cry* And she has this incredibly annoying way of writing out emoticons. *smile* Enjoy with us, won't you, the hyper-controlling Erika Shupe and her poor family.
  4. Announcement video on her YouTube. I really thought (and hoped) the twins would be her last, especially as she's admitted to using some form of contraception - she schedules her poor babies from day 1 so doesn't even get the limited and uncertain break that nursing on demand can provide.
  5. On the Large Families on Purpose Facebook page (100% not private), Erika Shupe posted a picture of something her 8-year-old wrote in church. Now I don't want to be that person, but I was writing in cursive at 8-years-old, not spelling basic letters backwards. I went to ebil heathen public school. facebook.com/LargeFamiliesOnPurpose
  6. Well, it's been rehomed too. From her comments section on her facebook page, when asked how the puppy situation was going: When a reader suggests that she try other breeds of dogs, she's just not getting it:
  7. largefamiliesonpurpose.com/2013/05/losing-baby-weight-part-1-diet-plan.html (I searched for this topic but apologize if it's been posted before. This is my first time starting a thread, but I was so upset that I just had to do it.) I'm not a dietician by any means, and more power to Erika if this is what she wants for herself, but when I read that she was imposing this plan on the oldest girl (fifteen), I was really concerned. It seems A.) really limiting nutritionally, and B.) not enough calories for an active fifteen-year-old. I'm even more disturbed that she's referring to her teenage daughter as "on a diet," especially when she looks to be perfectly healthy in all of her pictures. Fundies always talk about sheltering their children from the evils of the world, but it looks to me like this is a recipe for body issues from Mommy Dearest herself. Combined with the fact that some of her kids have always looked itty bitty to me in pictures, especially compared to their siblings, I really worry for these kids and their relationships with food/eating. The oldest boy in particular looks so much smaller than his three-years-younger sister and about the same size as his four-years-younger brother; it's hard to believe he's ten! Obviously this could be a perfectly normal part of growing, but since Erika has always posted adamantly about serving all her kids the same food and no exceptions, I doubt any of them would be getting any extra nutrition if they needed it. Only one other person so far has commented on Erika's post expressing any kind of concern for her daughter, so I just had to make this thread in hopes that FJ-ites would edumacate her. Or at least make me feel less alone in thinking she is some certified fresh grade-A crazy this week.
  8. Yeah, well, she rehomed it. It wasn't trainable enough for her, so she ditched it and got a puppy (another Shih Tzu) instead. I really wish I was kidding. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 597&type=1
  9. Perhaps Hell has indeed frozen over. I just read this on Facebook: First she got birds. Even more shocking, she kept them for more than a week (birds are extremely messy, something Erika doesn't tolerate... remember, she is the one who claims dust mites have a bad odor). Then she was talking about getting a cat, but I have no clue if they actually followed through with this or not. Cats can not be controlled and we all know Erika loves control, so I am hoping she moved on from this idea. Now she wants a dog? Even more shocking, she wants a PUPPY? She will have a nervous breakdown the first time it pees on the carpeting! It makes me wonder if maybe Erika has gone on some kind of medication to make her more relaxed.
  10. Today's post was a link to Stevie's Seriously (I thought it was just for the menfolk!) and a discussion about Poor Sarah resulted. Poor Sarah. Poor Erika's oldest girls (too lazy to look up their names).
  11. Serving Erika that is. In her most recent post she gives her readers a peek into their summer schedule, and while Erika is very generous (giving her oldest daughters a WHOLE 30 minutes of free time per day), one can't help but notice that they spend a large majority of their day caring for Erika's children and cleaning Erika's house. largefamiliesonpurpose.com/2014/06/summer-schedule-2014-for-nine-children.html#more From the comments: Reader: Erika:
  12. From her FB page: HELP WITH PRODUCTIVITY & LEARNING - I was told something at the recent Christian Heritage Homeschool and Family Discipleship Conference that really struck a chord with me, and which I thought you all might benefit from as well. That it's not only good to strive to be more productive and learning with our time, but to *actually have less entertainment available*. I often think we should be listening more to hymns during our days than Broadway musical music or movie sound tracks; that we should listen to messages in the car instead of audio books all the time; that we should have more non-fiction reading in our home than fictional. But so often in my weakness I desire the "dessert" type of time-users rather than the "meaty" ones. And it has so helped me to do what my spirit was leading me to - by not having the entertainment even available! How simple! We don't keep audio books in the car, but albums of messages. We don't check out from the library all the fictional reading (chapter books for older kids - we still get all the little kid's books), but rather non-fiction, educational books. Years ago we removed our TV from our home so it's not even a temptation to vegging out and watching it. There's nothing inherently wrong with Broadway musicals, audio books, or TV - but when used in excess it's a waste of valuable time. So we simply have less "dessert" available and more "meat" and we're all growing again spiritually and in character, catching vision for our future goals, remembering why we're here on this earth, and having rich conversations! Praise the Lord. *smile* This woman is seriously insane.
  13. Because clearly her 47 previous posts on the topic are not enough
  14. largefamiliesonpurpose.com/2011/04/large-families-on-purpose-our-home.html I don't get tired of Erika's particular brand of crazy. There is so much to comment on. The way she stacks up her children like rabbits in a coop... When she had a baby it would sleep in her closet. Those bunk beds in front of windows have got to be a hazard in case of a fire. It's kind of impressive really how they fit 11 people in an pretty small house. I think the lack of space and privacy would drive me crazy though. You can't be claustrophobic to be a Shupe kid. Interesting how Erika herself has a comfortable bedroom and closet, God forbid she give the master bedroom to the 5 girls.
  15. largefamiliesonpurpose.com/2013/11/developing-character-of-faithfulness.html#more *smile* *chuckle* *punishmentexercise* Apparently her 7yr old daughter moans about sweeping the kitchen floor every day. With statements like this... Poor child. That little bit of rebellion is going to be squashed out of her soon. Erica *smile* *chuckle* totally freaks me out, she is a total control freak wrapped up in religion. I click on her periodically for the horror. One thing I've noticed and would be interested to hear some thoughts on is her 10 yr old son. His 7yr old sister is taller than him and in recent photos it looks like his 6yr old brother is now the same height if not a bit taller. He looks really tiny and very skinny. I know it could just be his make-up but he always looks kind of sickly to me. Has she ever mentioned this? He may now be 11. Maybe his siblings are just bigger made? Her FB is public both the one linked to her page and others, with recent photos. *smile*
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