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Found 59 results

  1. anjulibai

    Inspiration Posts by Sarah

    So, Sarah has another odd blog post up, this one about failing. I feel like Sarah has been doing a lot of these sorts of blogs lately. Like, they are supposed be inspirational, but I just find them odd. It seems like she's been doing a lot more of these lately, and I always get the sense they are meant to make her feel better.
  2. skrmom

    Has Sarah ever been alone?

    Sarah is 33 or 34. Has she ever been alone (aside from using the restroom of course)? Has she ever gone to the store alone or been alone at home?
  3. Justme

    Sarah Maxwell

    Sarah is unmarried at 33. Her Father has convinced her that it is God's will. If he wanted her married, she would be. (She has said so a few times in blogs.) As her now adult sisters age and remain unmarried, do you think her "shell" will start to crack? Anna is 22 (or 23) and Mary 18.5. In the "real world", they'd be in collage and/or starting careers. In "their world", Anna is in the prime of being married. As the years go by and they don't marry, is she still going to buy Steve's bullcrap???? Will she start to think it is strange God doesn't want any of them married while providing wives and children for her reversal brothers????
  4. New post up. Sarah talks about how she has read through the bible three times since 2011. Not surprising considering that is the only book she is allowed to read.
  5. Justme

    Get your FFRREEEEE Moody book......

    For the next few days, Sarah is giving away a Moody book kindle edition for FREEEEEEE!!!!
  6. Dark Matters

    Sarah gives Joe and Elissa a wedding gift.

    A photo album of Joseph from birth to marriage. Seriously? Just pictures of him? Nothing for Elissa? I'm thinking this would have been more suitable as a birthday gift for Joseph. blog.titus2.com/2015/05/04/my-wedding-gift-to-joseph-and-elissa/
  7. This was a response from a blog reader. Sarah posted a letter from a reader praising the Moody Books. I highlighted the parts that seem awfully Johnna says: January 29, 2015 at 10:09 pm Moody books are without a doubt the best children’s books available. Never ever anywhere will one find not one single questionable word, sentence or subject matter. Sarah, you are definitely gifted. Johnna and Stormie Seems like someone reads FJ and is trying very hard to make a point!!
  8. New post up. Sarah honey, if you don't like abortions, don't have one then! Oh wait you will never have one because you will never get laid because your daddy insists on keeping you childlike.
  9. LadyPriss

    Happy Birthday Sarah Maxwell!

    Anyone else find it kinda sad that she posted her own Happy Birthday message? I'm sure it has most likely happened before, or with other kids posting their own birthday wishes. You would figure 'Post Sarah's birthday message on blog' would be on the schedule for someone other than her.
  10. All the Maxwells voted today. Sarah reminds us that people died for our freedom and that we should vote. She also tells us to vote for pro-life candidates. Kiss my ass Sarah. Oh and there are going to be two new books coming out for Christmas. Sarah you should thank the people who died for your parents freedom to give you and your brothers and sisters a shitty education.
  11. Marian the Librarian

    Saw this, thought of Sarah Maxwell

    Courtesy of Carolyn Hax's syndicated advice column: I am thinking about emailing it to Stevehovah. Not that it would make one particle of difference...
  12. Justme

    Happy 32nd Birthday, Sarah Maxwell!

    May you receive a nice birthday dessert instead of 2 animal crackers!
  13. SPHASH

    Maxwell's lastest post

    Sarah Maxwell have a new post up. They wore the almost the exact same outfits as they did last year at the Walk through Bethlehem event.
  14. Something to do with the 10th anniversary of "The Moody's" and the title "Christmas comes to Sunflower"... Oh my, I just can't wait!! I'm guessing she's writing another book!
  15. SPHASH

    Sarah Maxwell gets fan mail!

    blog.titus2.com/2013/10/16/notes-of-love/ I wonder if Stevie reads her mail before she does.
  16. 0 kids n not countin

    Poor Sarah Maxwell lacks gratefulness -MERGED

    Stevo (oops, I mean Jesus) told her she's not being greatful, this is just so sad, wtf Stevo:
  17. According to several news sources, Viola Davis, actress known for her role in The Help, was lonely and prayed for a husband. She included some specifics: she wanted a "big black man from the South who looked like a football player, who already had children, who maybe had been married before." She met such a person less than a month later and they have now been married over a decade. Furthermore, they met on an eeeevvvvvil movie set. http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/answere ... 9onZhG4iHO http://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingne ... 84784.html
  18. Sola

    Sarah Maxwell is 31 today.

    New post on the Maxwell blog, a happy birthday Sarah from Anna. She's 31 now isn't she? Still waiting for a husband to fall from the sky for her. Steve-O obviously isn't praying hard enough.
  19. library_youth

    Maxwells Return to Drive-Thru Safari

    New Maxwell blog post. They went back to a drive-thru wildlife safari that they once visited on Steve-O's 60th birthday. The post is fairly boring, some cute pictures of animals, then this at the very end from Sarah: Shut up, Sarah. Just when I start to feel sorry for you... titus2.com/blog/index.php/2013/01/21/another-safari-visit/
  20. desertvixen

    Autumn With The Moodys

    Actually, it isn't that bad. Everyone is very stilted and too formal, but look at what she has to work with in her own family. It's entertaining to see Mr Moody as a Mary Sue for Steve Maxwell (the banker who wants to be a homeschooling Dad). I love the oh-so-subtle plug for Maxwell products in the body of the story (not to mention the 18 pages of "buy our stuff" at the back). I find the conversion of Mr. Moody's dad to just be... sad. Unrealistic and sad, and disrespectful from a son to a father. All the "God will provide" annoyed me, especially since there was no issue with God using an unsaved person as the delivery vector. WTF is up with the littlest girl's accent/dialect? It was massively annoying and cutesy. I was surprised that the little girl was allowed to get away with being a little girl, except for the one time when she gets sent back to her room. And the turkey would NOT be defrosted if they just took it out of the freezer that morning - unless they have a pretty small bird. It's something like 30 mins/pound in the cold-water-in-the-sink method... unless the Moodys work on Maxwell time, in which case I guess it would work. Also, why are there no snacks for before Thanksgiving dinner? Pretty much all we do on Thanksgiving is eat and watch football - must be why no one gets saved at our house on Thanksgiving. It wasn't the most horrible thing I've ever read, but Sarah would definitely benefit from being able to READ more.
  21. Sarah and sisters took some lovely pictures on their "Colorful, Crisp and Cheerful" walk. I was reading the post and thought "Gosh, that Sarah is such a lovely girl" and lamenting her un-partnered state. And it seems she is lamenting, too, given that her post-script bible verse was Ecc. 3:1. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.†Ecclesiastes 3:1 Poor Sarah.
  22. Trynn

    Sarah Maxwell's Books

    So, I'm procrastinating on a German essay, and, ever since I found out Sarah wrote children's books, I waned to see them. Partly for snark purposes, but it's actually my dream to be a writer, so naturally I like to analyze books. I've seen Sarah's blog writing, and I wasn't sure what to think. I don't know whether to be encouraged or not. On the one hand, if she can get something published, so could I. On the other hand... I could potentially get something published, and still not be a good writer. Anyway, I found some samples online that I can link to if anyone's really interested. I'll just quote some gems... From A Summer With The Moody's Aside from the really stilted and unrealistic dialogue... They say they got wet, at the house of a person who lives just up the street, yet when they come home they are soaked, not with water, but with sweat? I've been known to dry off quickly in hot whether, but not that quickly. Maybe it just gets hotter where she's from, but it seems like a continuity error to me. Maybe the mom is mistaking the water for sweat? In which case, why don't the oh so honest and upright role model children correct her? the Bell's what called? Doesn't Sarah have an editor? I'm not even sure Sarah Maxwell knows what this means... (yes yes I know, context, but still, that's not what I first thought of when I read it. Seriously, who talks like that? Usually I hear "you look warm" or "you look overheated." Max the Model Child then asks his mother if she wants help. If she does not, he will go work on his "scripture memory." Most children my age called this a "memory verse," but I digress. His mother cheerfully replies that she doesn't need help, because Maddie is going to set the table. Division of gender roles. Sigh. Huh? This confuses me... Jim is a very very common name... with a last name like "Bell" I don't think they're supposed to be from a country where the name Jim is an uncommon one, so.... I know I'm repeating myself here, but this part confuses me. I mean, I could see someone saying that if the person had an uncommon name, but I've never been greeted with, "Jenny! What a great name!" by...anyone. Ever. From any country. Moving on. 1. Way to patronize your wife, dodo brain 2. Of course the Moodys wear shoes, just not in their house. Am I being too picky? Because him saying "they don't wear shoes" like that implies that the family doesn't wear shoes. Ever. In real life wouldn't one say something like, "they're not wearing shoes" which implies that they are not wearing them at that moment. If someone said that around me, I would immediately make a joke out of it and everyone would laugh. 3. The last sentence confuses me... Because the other guests have worn shoes, the Bells don't have to wear them? It took me a full 5 minutes to figure out what the author was trying to say, and then I facepalmed. Because it really does sound like other guests wore them, and because of this, the Bells don't have to. Those lucky lucky Bells. And then the sample skips directly from chapter 12 to a random page in chapter 17. I had to backtrack a little: I was wondering where the cow had come from, I thought they were supposed to be meeting a guinea pig. For some context, the children plus mom are visiting a dairy farm. At least, I think it's a dairy farm. The only reason I'm guessing that these are not beef cattle is because the "it" in the following paragraphs runs in tubes. (no, there is no above paragraph or sentence to tell us exactly what "it" this Susan is referring to. At first, I thought she was talking about a cow. I forget exactly what Kind of error this is called in writing, but don't you need something before the sentence to establish what "it" is? [quoteWhen the first set of cows was out, the next batch came in. Maddie tugged on Mom’s skirt. “Mommy, I have to go potty.†Mollie giggled. “What has Maddie been drinking today?†“I don’t know,†Mom agreed.[/qote] No, mom did not agree. That was a question, not a statement. There is nothing there to agree with. Instead it should read, "I don't know," Mom answered/said/groaned/sighed/insert other appropriate tag here." A couple observations 1. All the children's names start with M: Max, Mitch, Mollie and Maddie. I have no idea, from the sample, how old these children are. I only know that Max is the oldest, and we can keep this straight because "his name has an A in it, and that's the first letter in the alphabet." Also, Maddie is young enough that she replaces her "r" with w, ie "pwetty" instead of "pretty." And based on the dialogue, I think she is young enough to need mommy's help in the restroom... 2. The dialogue is just... very formal. Not at all how real people talk. Even in the 1800s ish when authors didn't write how people normally talked, the dialogue still doesn't manage to sound so...stilted. 3. Do you think that if I called up Sarah Maxwell and volunteered (not even for payment) to edit her book, she would let me? 4. These siblings never have any sort of rivalry... 5. Of course the oldest is a boy. A lot of conservative/fundy authors do this to get around the problem of a younger male sibling having more privilege than an older female one. It drives me nuts.
  23. deborahlynn1979

    Maxwell Bedroom

    There is a picture of Mary in the latest blog, standing in what I assume to be the girls' room. It looks like two of them (I'm figuring it's Anna and Mary) sleep on bunk beds. Can you imagine? At least poor Sarah gets her own bed. What must it be like to be a 30 year old woman sharing a room with your sisters? Ack! Edit to add: Is this the first time we've seen a bedroom on the blog? The boys have hideous quilts on at least one bed.