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Found 15 results

  1. I just found this blog looking for something else and I was sure that FJ must have talked about them, but I searched and couldn't find anything. The blog is radicalfemininity.com and it's run by five sisters ages 12-25 and their mother. They homeschool, cover their hair, celebrate Jewish holidays. I only just found the blog and there's so much that could be discussed that I'm a little overwhelmed, so I thought I'd go ahead and post this so you all could take a look at it too. A few examples... Here's the post about headcoverings: http://radicalfemininity.com/2015/10/26/why-do-you-wear-a-headcovering/ She describes how her mom started wearing head coverings. This was written by the 25-year-old. A post about modesty: http://radicalfemininity.com/2016/05/18/modesty-not-about-your-heart/ Apparently Deborah was not a feminist: http://radicalfemininity.com/2016/07/18/deborah-feminist-warrior-mother/ Disney is evil and should be called "The Devil's Kingdom": http://radicalfemininity.com/2016/05/30/bible-believers-avoid-disney-magic-kingdom/ Edit: Holy shit, they think you should avoid medical care. This is one of the worst things I've read. http://radicalfemininity.com/2014/02/24/can-the-heavenly-father-heal-today-without-the-medical-system/ Oh, and most posts have a nice graphic made from a quote from the post. Stuff like this:
  2. GenerationCedarchip

    Tales From the Fainting Couch

    I don't know if it's just me, but lately it seems like my church circles and my social media have been flooded with young (mostly) women who all have serious but vaguely described ailments. "Lyme syndrome" seems to be a popular one as well as various gastro complaints that are mostly self-diagnosed. Has anyone else noticed this? It's almost like the invalids of the Victorian age. This time around no one is falling into a swoon, but everyone is in need of oils or a special diet, and normal levels of activity are just out of the question. It just makes me sad. I can't help wondering if some of it is psychosomatic, or if there is something (poor diet maybe?) causing so many people to have these problems.
  3. From what I've read so far, Adrienne likes to talk about the similarities between herself and movie characters (so far, I've read the posts on Sense and Sensibility, Old Fashioned, The Holiday with Kate Winslet and another one). But her blog archives go back to 2006, so maybe there's some more interesting stuff there https://adrienneand.blogspot.de/
  4. I sometimes check in on Samantha, the blogger who writes Virtuous Daughters. A quick summary: She is older than 30, no marriage and no children. She is probably like this because her parents have a 170-point questionnaire to give to all potential suitors. She is a Fake Jew. She celebrates Jewish holidays using the Gregorian calendar (Passover in January, Sukkot in July, etc.) http://www.virtuousdaughters.com/ She is now in Israel, volunteering at an assisted living facility run by Messianics. http://onegirlsjourney.virtuousdaughters.com/ On the one hand, I had been feeling very sorry for her. She was assisting a midwife in the US, and had written some very emotional posts that revealed how depressed she is at not being married or having children at this point in her life. This trip has given her something to be excited about and given her goals to work towards. On the other hand, the thought of her and other Fake Jews preying on elderly Holocaust survivors makes me stabby. She thinks that them finding "Yeshua" makes their suffering all better. I think that it is finishing up Hitler's work and trivializing everything they suffered for. On the other other hand, I am tickled by the idea of her being totally confused over holidays being celebrated all over the country, you know, on the days they are supposed to be celebrated.
  5. This is just a post from a magazine for stay at home daughters. http://shiningstarsmagazine.com/to-think-or-not-to-think-handling-romantic-attraction/#more-10506 Basically, you should think about boys as little as possible. I think she's even saying that if you have a crush you should tell your father and get his permission. Don't talk to your friends about your crush. Be careful about prayer If your crush is someone that you have to see Oh, fundies. With rules like these it's no wonder so many fundie families are having a hard time getting their kids married.
  6. Marian the Librarian

    Kelly Reins, SAHD *and* TV critic!

    And we thought those aging SAHDs just sat around the house all day, sipping tea and knitting. Not so! From Kelly's public FB page (SOTDRT spelling errors left intact): Comment from Lori Alexander: Response from Kelly: And, finally: Mercy, mercy, mercy! Self-righteous complaining! Indiscreet conversation! Unnecessary crassness! Underwear shorts!!! What, I ask you, is this world coming to? I'm shocked - SHOCKED - that a 39 year-old stay-at-home-daughter would be allowed to watch such filth.
  7. GenerationCedarchip

    I Thought the SAHD Movement was Faltering but Maybe Not

    I've personally noticed fewer and fewer women taking the traditional SAHD path and I'd wondered if the movement was fading. I guess there's still an audience for it, though. I noticed this conference posted on one of my cousin's FB pages: kbrconference.com/overview/ It looks like a SAHD encouragement event similar to those VF used to host. Of the speakers, I only recognize Wissman and a few others.
  8. daisyjane1234

    Maxwell Corner: Stay at home adult daughters

    Steve and Terri have posted their Jan '14 Mom's/Dad's Corner on the topic of stay at home adult daughters. No surprises in this post where they respond, or should I say Steve responds, to a question on the subject posed by a reader. Steve (and Terri's?) responses state the following: 1) Their adult daughters stay at home and refrain from working outside the home by choice. They do not address the issue of how they might respond should one of their daughters wish to pursue employment or education outside the home. Their daughters desire the protection and safety of home and will remain there until marriage. This means that they will likely remain at home until they die since Steve and Terri have apparently made provisions that the house remains for their use upon their death. 2) Should they pass away their daughters have sufficient marketable skills to support themselves. (Ummm. Sure). 3) When Steve and Terri became parents they chose to have Terri remain at home. They then decided they "desired" this for their grandchildren as well. 4) Their daughters are not isolated, but rather have ample opportunity to engage in relationships and activities outside the home. I think #3 is the one that most bothers me. The idea that they made choices for their own family is fine. Dysfunctional. Borderline abusive. Controlling as hell. But fine. The idea that they made choices on behalf of their future daughters-in-law annoys the crap out of me. I know. I know. Steve would only have allowed his sons to meet and marry women who would totally agree to such a proposal. But I always thought their sons had some degree of autonomy once they left they left the home. Perhaps not as much as we think? The other part that annoys me is the fact that despite Steve asserting that his daughters are not-isolated/sheltered/controlled their voice is never allowed to weigh in on the topic of their own life. These daughters are adult in age only.
  9. The Maxwell parents addressed a question in their latest Corners that we've often asked here. Namely, what will happen to the female siblings if they never marry. According to Steve and Teri, they have given their daughters skills that they can use if they ever need to support themselves. If they never marry, the house will one day be theirs when Steve and Teri pass on. Meanwhile, they have, ahem, chosen, to have shelter, protection, and, of course, accountability, and so they live at home. I don't buy any of it. The unmarried siblings have "chosen" to live at home because Steve and Teri have made it clear that is what they wanted. They say so in the article itself, and also say they've envisioned the same for their grandchildren. The skills they mention each sister has might get them low level, entry level jobs, but it would be awfully tough to make a decent living at jobs like those. And finally, even if the sisters really were allowed to live in the Maxwell house alone, after Steve and Teri pass on, would they honestly be able to get over the idea that grown women still need sheltering and protection? Oh, and accountability, let's not forget that. I think Steve and Teri have written what they think people want to hear, but I don't buy any of it. ETA: the link titus2.com/corners/moms-corner/older-daughters-living-at-home.html
  10. Just saw this article on Raising Homemakers. Looks like at least some folks finally made the connection that keeping SAHDs totally isolated leads to unmarried daughters. Apparently folks need to be more social(granted they're talking church socials and christian conferences, but that's still more than some of these families do)! Wonder if families like the Maxwells or the Duggars will ever let the daughters meet guys. raisinghomemakers.com/2013/re-thinking-waiting-on-the-lord-for-husbands-for-our-daughters/
  11. I get that lazy parents want their older daughters to take care of their younger children. But if you believe that you should have a quiver full of arrows to engage in culture war with the rest of the population, wouldn't you want not only as many children as possible, but as many grandchildren as possible too? Seems that you wouldn't want your daughters spending their most fertile years unmarried.
  12. becomingworldly.wordpress.com flyingfreeatlast.blogspot.com freiheit86.blogspot.com
  13. fundiefan

    Q & A with the Maxwells

    Well, not really, but it seems just a bit ironic that Sarah described exactly what they talked about as a family just days after it was wondered about. Also, this line explained everything about life in Maxwell land. It was also a joy for us Maxwell children to be able to speak to the young people. Children? There is one offspring under the age of 18, yet Sarah refers to herself and her siblings as the 'children'. Sarah, honey. Here's a tip. You are thirty years old. You are not among the 'children'. Your older brothers have four children you may easily refer to as the 'Maxwell children', but as you are old enough to be the mother of all all four of them, you do not belong in that category.
  14. Pinterest is a SAHDs dream!!! And our favorite fundie girls are going nuts on there. It's actually pretty eye-opening as to what's going on in the mind of a fundie girl. Jasmine Baucham's page makes me sad. She has a whole huge life in her glorious mind and she's wasting it away in her parents house. The girl has over 3200 pins!!!!! And the board of pins w/ the type of clothes she likes for a guy (although it basically morphs into the type of guy she likes whether she realizes it or not) is REALLY interesting. I so wish I could scoop her up and drop her in the middle of NYC. Something tells me she'd never go back to TX. Anyway, if you haven't checked out some of our favorite fundies' Pinterest pages... it's worth a look-see. **edited because I can't spell!
  15. Justme

    Do the Maxwell girls drive?

    I've seen the boys drive, but never the girls. Does Steve think their husbands will haul them around? I have seen Teri drive, too. When they are married, they will have to shop for groceries, take kids to the dr, etc.