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Found 13 results

  1. My gateway fundie family were the Duggars, which led me into learning about Gothardism and the IFB. That was a deep and twisted rabbit hole! I have taken sideways glances at a few other families of a different ilk. One of which is the Arndts'. I've attempted to search the world wide web for some type of clue as to what their distorted worldview is and how that would make it feel natural to (a) continue living at home into your 30's; (b) have what appears to be an unnatural lack of sexual desire or curiosity; and © shout to the world all of this strangeness in the name of the lord. I don't find much else besides their own published videos and information about the businesses they have. I have read many of the threads we have here about them, but am really curious as to what happened to these men and why they don't feel a need or have a desire to seperate from mom and dad. Can anyone point me to that information or thread where this is covered? Or, does anyone know the why, what, how? Thanks. p.s. I know. My grammar stinks. Apologies.
  2. 0 kids n not countin

    God CONSPIRED to keep the Arndts together

    From Dad's Diary (this is just so WTF, I think Rick & Cathy have brainwashed their offspring)??
  3. miffy

    Arndts on Fox 2

    http://fox2now.com/2014/01/03/meet-the- ... -daughter/
  4. Those poor souls in Uganda...
  5. truthteller

    Happy Valentines Day Arndt Manboys

    Other men their age are dating, building a life, being independent and free. Our favorite manboys are cloistered together in a cabin in Maine, filming the epic Vine Valley. I'm sure it'll be well worth it. I wonder what swell stuff Rick and Cathy might want to do on this special occasion... "How about let's visit another lighthouse???!!!!!!!!" I wonder, as they sit stuck inside a cabin in Maine, if it might occur to any of them....WHY THE HELL AM IN THIS DAMN CABIN IN MAINE?????!!!! I doubt it though, too much brainwashing. Here is a video from 2008. THis woman named Jaqueline Shire interviews Rick and it's interesting... we get to hear Rick ramble and stutter on when asked why he has so many adult virgin sons living at home.... CHECK IT OUT http://bloggingheads.tv/videos/1424?in=07:51&out=14:06
  6. BigSandy

    The Arndt Cycle Continues

    I hadn't checked in on Arndt-world for a while, so I went to their website today, and sure enough, pretty much everything was the same. I did see, though, that the boys have started eating the eggs of their ducks. It seemed strangely symbolic of what their mom does to them...
  7. 0 kids n not countin

    Daddy Arndt let mommy & Philip go to Florida

    Guess two of the older Arndt boys are in Florida to photograph a wedding, and mommy and Philip were allowed to tag along. WTF??? Philip: Seth: John: Seth:
  8. 0 kids n not countin

    Daddy (Arndt) said I can go!!!

    Sorry just had to post this, it bugs me to no end that the Arndt "men" still need the permission of mommy & daddy before they do anything. Some of the older brothers are going to Florida to photograph a wedding and Jacob (who is almost 19 I believe) is so excited because daddy said he can go too. Are these "men" not allowed to make any decisions themselves? WTF??
  9. 0 kids n not countin

    Thank You Mommy.

    Almost 32 years old and mommy is still trimming his beard? WTF?
  10. 0 kids n not countin

    Luke (Arndt) at 23

    So these Arndt "men" actually are interested in women.... Three years later, his "program" doesn't seem to be working for him.
  11. 0 kids n not countin

    Oh those Arndt "Men"

    (One of the Arndt "Mens'" response to a batch of cookies they baked that didn't turn out quite right). "Future wife", and when is that likely to happen??? The guy is almost 30 years old with no (it would seem) "courting prospects"!!! I suppose he's still for God to drop someone on his doorstep!!
  12. Have moved out or gotten married or even courted. Some of them are in their late 20s and early 30s. It's just really, weird. Will they still be at home at 40? Sure they're Safe At Home, but wouldn't men well into their 20s and 30s be safe on their own as well?
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