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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, fellow FJites, get a look at THIS story--coming out of Travis County, Texas. Yes, Travis, where the state capital, Austin (rather liberal), is located. (Unofficial city slogan: "Keep Austin Weird"---and I think they're succeeding.) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/03/02/local-texas-gop-chairman-goes-on-vulgar-homophobic-twitter-rant-about-hillary-clinton-and-fellow-republicans/ Maybe Trump has found a perfect Southern US pick for VP to complement his ticket.
  2. ShepherdontheRock

    Rant about Misogynists/Misogyny

    Why is it, that if you call out men for being misogynistic, racist, ableist, or any other kind of problematic, violent, sexually predatory behavior, or even just generally being an asshole, why is it suddenly about the guy being called out? Like, I could politely ask someone to exhibit common decency, but suddenly, I'm being just, so fucking mean. And I'm like, I'm sorry, I wasn't raising my voice, cussing, or anything, and you're acting like I'm suddenly doing SO MUCH for telling you that taking advantage of girls (often to the point of assault/rape), telling racist jokes, disrespecting women in ways you don't men, being ableist about women who claim you're problematic because they have a mental illness/are on the autism spectrum/whatever, being fatphobic/body shaming, etc etc etc is a shit thing to do and maybe you shouldn't. If you are being called out, and you think it's TOO MUCH and it's coming from a woman, especially a woman at one or more other intersections of oppression (ie a queer, black, disabled, poor,whatever woman) and or who doesn't otherwise conform to societal expectations of femininity (keeping sweet, wearing makeup, pretending to be stupid, looking "pretty") then maybe you should question whether you are really so egalitarian as you think you are. I have seen this way too much, men who will be like "I'm a feminist/ally" or some other kind of thing, and then engage in misogynistic, (in the case of a few of my peers, rapey/assaulty behavior) or racist, or some other kind of fucked up behavior then get super butthurt about being called out for it... I'm not even super radical feminist- I don't engage in political lesbianism, and I still have a lot of male friends that I adore, etc, and I'm not about the "the government is inherently patriarchal" shit...I just voted for Hillary Clinton for christ's sake. But I don't think it's my job to coddle men through being fucked up, especially if they show no real desire to change, or want to blame it on women, and quite frankly, I don't have the time or mental health to do that. I know there's a lot of people that are okay with doing that, great. But it's not up to me, and I'm done arguing with misogynists. First of all, I feel like I'm well within my rights to cuss someone out if they're being rapey and assaulty, full stop. But even with lesser behavior, which I politely(most of the time) call out why am I being rude? No, you're being RUDE for being problematic! Don't try to deflect the blame! And this is not to say, that ShepherdontheRock is never wrong, or ShepherdontheRock doesn't have priveleges she needs to check...shit, I could write an entire 10-page or longer essay on priveleges I have that I need to be checking, and even post it up on here, if you care to read it. I mean, I definitely don't have a problem talking about that. But I'm not going to be, when calling someone out, "well I'm sometimes wrong" because that's besides the point. The point is YOUR fucked up behavior. I'm not having something be derailed by deflecting blame. And, I am always open to having conversations with men about how to be a better ally/less fucked up, and we can even have a conversation about all our priveleges...but they don't want to talk. So what's the point about being nice to some of these men when they're just misogynistic af? I'm not going to do the whole respectable, ladylike bullshit when they can't even be decent human beings. So, no not being nice to misogynists ANY more.
  3. HermioneSparrow

    I like people in small doses

    The concept of having to talk to someone and having to socialize bores me, don't get me wrong i'm not an introvert, even though that's the impression most people have of me, i'm very outgoing when i feel like it but it has to be on my terms. It's funny because everybody says that either i'm shy or i'm a stuck up, which is far from the truth. Another big issue is that I get tired of people very easily. When someone dissapoints me or do something that I don't like, I give up on them, plain and simple. Right now I'm trying not to give up on one of my best friends who is going back to her old ways, she was a pain to deal with, every single person needed to make an effort to stay in her life because she's always busy and pulling lame excuses, I was one of them. She almost lost me and her fianceé broke up with her at the same time last year because of her BS. After a few great months, she's behaving that way again. I'm pissed right now but really trying to let it go. So, I guess therapy is working, I'm battling really hard against my worst judgement and when depression tries to hit me, I hit it back. I'm currently feeling strong and powerful unlike my old weak me.
  4. ShepherdontheRock

    Bernie supporters irritating me

    Lately, all I'm seeing from my liberal friends is people jumping on the Bernie bandwagon. And apparently he is oh-so-much-better than Hillary because: -Apparently getting corporate funding means you aren't genuine? -Also, people who are planning on voting for Hillary(like me) are just voting for her because she's a woman (can't possibly be her effective policy history) -Apparently Hillary is the exact same as a Republican for policies she used to support but now doesn't (people claiming she's a racist because of this stupid meme about her working for Barry Goldwater in high school) TBH I don't even mind Bernie, I'm just so irritated at people who look at unrealistic policies (many of which are little more than slogans about how bad Wall Street is) and throw bitch fits about the one candidate that has a legitimate shot at a. keeping Republicans out of the White House and b. actually being able to work with a likely Republican-controlled congress. I'm not even that enthusiastic about Hillary, but DAMN. I'm just really irritated that people believe bullshit (a lot of times sexist bullshit) and are so fanatic that they can't possibly see any reason why someone wouldn't think exactly like them.
  5. To the guy that I backed into in the school parking lot this morning: Yes. Mea culpa. I backed into you at a whopping 5 mph and it looks like a 2" portion of your plastic bumper will need to be suctioned out. (Although, after the fog of the incident, I'm suspicious that I even caused that damage, since you have an almost identical ding on the *other side of your bumper* where it would have been physically impossible for my vehicle to have caused the damage). Your overall condescending attitude and general dickishness was, however, uncalled for. I explained to you 4 times why I did not have my drivers license with me. My schedule this morning was an extreme departure from the norm, and in the shuffle I did not transfer my wallet (or sunglasses) from my Teaching Bag into my Other Job Handbag. Still don't understand? OK. I'll explain it again. Oh, you still don't get it? So, let me explain it again. And now you're rolling up on me and not letting me *park my vehicle so it's not blocking the road* just so you can take a cheap dig at me and talk to me like I'm a teenager who needs to be schooled by you. Are you *seriously* actually saying: "What kind of a person doesn't have their drivers license with them?" Screw you, dude. I'll tell you what kind of person I am, Good Sir. I'm the kind of person who works two freaking different jobs to be able to make a living, and so goes between two different sets of bags/handbags on a daily basis. The kind who busts her ass volunteering for her kid's extracurricular activities. The kind of person who gets up two hours early to volunteer her time at a school event. Which made her extra tired and extra prone to mixing things up and forgetting things. Because, you know: *extreme departure from her usual though typically hectic schedule*. Because: I'm a human being and human beings are inherently prone to error. Your suspicion and borderline accusations about the possibility of me lying about who I am and that I may attempt to screw you over were really over the top. Yes: A suburban choir-and-theatre Mom dressed in a fleece (a *fleece* FFS!) and driving a minivan with a bike rack on the back is really among the Top 10 List of Shady Ass People who might try to screw you over. Get over yourself. No--really. Just piss screw fuck off.
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