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  1. Happy holidays everyone and welcome to the annual prediction thread! I decided to do it a bit early this year to give everyone more time to guess before the new year. @justmy2cents sugested in the last thread that it would be fun for someone to tally everyone’s correct guesses at the end of the year and have a ‘winner’, so i will try that. But first lets take a look at all the correct guesses for 2021: Duggars: Pest/Anna: Pregnancy (@EmiSue @petrushka @Bluebirdbluebell @Italiangirl @SorenaJ @Nashville92 @llucie @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @Caskett4ever @haroldtheyrefundies @frugalitymom @Smee @medimus @dairyfreelife @lunaselene503 @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @FaithAndReason @snickerz @JordynDarby5 @Audrey2 @albireo @indianabones @lexiloumarie @Topaz @SunnySideUp @HideousGreenShirt) Pregnancy announcement on the first half of the year (@harkasquirrel) Pregnancy and has the baby in 2021 (@Glasgowghirl @MaryOrMartha @VBOY9977 @Jatalie1996 @Stop_Counting) Pregnancy by spring and baby in the fall (@Peaches-n-Beans @artdecades) John/Abbie: Abbie will never return to work (@VBOY9977) Still living in the trailer (@JMO) No pregnancy (@snickerz) Jabbie remain quiet (@HideousGreenShirt) Jana: No courtship (@petrushka @MaryOrMartha @Nashville92 @llucie @frugalitymom @Smee @Peaches-n-Beans @dairyfreelife @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @FaithAndReason @snickerz @Audrey2 @albireo @indianabones @harkasquirrel @Topaz) People will speculate about courtship based on her being seen in a picture with a mystery man (@SorenaJ) Jill/Derrick: Pregnancy announcement *she miscarried (@EmiSue @Italiangirl @MaryOrMartha @Caskett4ever @medimus @JMO @Jatalie1996 @harkasquirrel) Will start trying for a new baby after Derick graduates from Law School (@VBOY9977 @llucie @becky_m2001) Derrick graduates(@EmiSue @petrushka @SorenaJ @Glasgowghirl @MaryOrMartha @Nashville92 @JermajestyDuggar @frugalitymom @medimus @lunaselene503 @JMO @snickerz @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996 @Audrey2 @albireo @artdecades @indianabones @Topaz) Derick finishes law school but we don’t hear/see evidence of a job afterwards (@Smee @Snarkasarus Rex @HideousGreenShirt) He doesn't pass the bar on the first try (@Audrey2) Continue to progress in some ways while remaining hopeless fundie in others (@artdecades) Israel stays in school (@EmiSue @dairyfreelife @Babysitter @JMO @snickerz @indianabones @Topaz) They continue to distance themselves from the family/still excluded from family (@Glasgowghirl @JermajestyDuggar @indianabones @SunnySideUp) Derick shows up as a supportive husband and father (@MaryOrMartha) Derick/Jill continues to talk about Jim Bob/tell more (@Nashville92 @quiversR4hunting @HideousGreenShirt ) No baby #3 (@Peaches-n-Beans @Topaz) Jill becomes even more active on Youtube (@Jatalie1996 @indianabones) Jessa/Ben: Pregnancy (@EmiSue @Bluebirdbluebell @Italiangirl @SorenaJ @Nashville92 @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @haroldtheyrefundies @frugalitymom @Smee @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @snickerz @JordynDarby5 @Audrey2 @artdecades @indianabones @lexiloumarie @SunnySideUp @HideousGreenShirt) Pregnancy announcement on the first half of the year (@harkasquirrel) Pregnancy announcement in february (@Peaches-n-Beans) Has a miscarriage (@indianabones) Has a baby in 2021 (@Glasgowghirl @MaryOrMartha @VBOY9977 @Caskett4ever @medimus @Jatalie1996 @albireo @Topaz) Has a baby and it is a girl (@llucie @lunaselene503 @JMO @FaithAndReason) She continues to act as the face of the Duggars (@Audrey2) Ben becomes more active on social media (@MaryOrMartha) Still live in the tiny house (@Nashville92 @JMO) Jinger/Jeremy: No pregnancy (@Italiangirl @Caskett4ever @frugalitymom @Peaches-n-Beans @dairyfreelife @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @snickerz @albireo @artdecades @indianabones @Topaz @SunnySideUp @FaithAndReason) Add more stuff to their store (@[email protected] @SorenaJ @Babysitter ) Distance themselves from the Duggars (@MaryOrMartha) Continue to live in the house owned by the church (@Nashville92) Jinger will go back to brunette (@indianabones) Stay in LA (@dairyfreelife @Babysitter @JMO @artdecades @HideousGreenShirt) Continue to attempt to be influencers (@JMO) Jeremy and Jinger start tiktok-ing for Jesus (@Silas) Joy/Austin: No pregnancy announcement (@Nashville92 @VBOY9977 @JermajestyDuggar @frugalitymom @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @artdecades) Won’t move houses this year (@VBOY9977 ) Joe/Kendra: Will name the baby girl Brooklyn (@MaryOrMartha) #3 will be named Brooke *almost! (@artdecades) Gives birth in february (@Nashville92 @Babysitter @FaithAndReason) No new pregnancy announcement (@Nashville92 @Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @snickerz @albireo) Josiah/Lauren: They will continue to keep a low profile on social media (@VBOY9977 @HideousGreenShirt @indianabones) Jedidiah/Katey: Coutship (@SunnySideUp @Topaz @lexiloumarie @Kelsey @lunaselene503) Engagement (@EmiSue @SorenaJ @MaryOrMartha @Nashville92 @JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever @JordynDarby5 @harkasquirrel @Topaz) Marriage (@Italiangirl @Caskett4ever @haroldtheyrefundies @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996) Jeremiah: Courtship (@MaryOrMartha @llucie @haroldtheyrefundies @frugalitymom @Kelsey @Topaz @SunnySideUp @lexiloumarie @indianabones) Justin/Claire: Get married (@FaithAndReason @JordynDarby5 @Audrey2 @Kelsey @lexiloumarie @Topaz @SunnySideUp @HideousGreenShirt ) Married in february (@SorenaJ @Glasgowghirl @WiseGirl @MaryOrMartha @frugalitymom @Smee @medimus @Peaches-n-Beans @JMO @snickerz @albireo ) Married not after February 27 *he married on the 26! (@Italiangirl) They will have the first Duggar outdoor wedding in Texas (@indianabones) Will live in Texas (@Nashville92 @VBOY9977 @snickerz @artdecades @indianabones ) No honeymoon baby (@GoddessOfVictory) Other: One twin gets married (@WiseGirl @snickerz) One twin courts (@Bluebirdbluebell @petrushka @VBOY9977 @anjulibai @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @snickerz @lexiloumarie ) One of the twins will marry before the year is out (@MaryOrMartha) 10 married Duggars by Christmas (@Bluebirdbluebell) A courtship announcement (@Italiangirl @Nashville92 @dairyfreelife @Jatalie1996 @Audrey2 @artdecades) Someone is courting a Wissmann sibling (@Stop_Counting) No news from Jason and James (@SorenaJ @Caskett4ever @frugalitymom @lunaselene503) Nothing from Jackson and Tyler (@lunaselene503) Nobody guessed the show getting canceled or Josh going to prison, but 3 people guessed some kind of scandal involving the Duggars: There will be more rumors of legal shenanigans related to the raid (@Snarkasarus Rex) Legal scandal somewhere along the line to do with businesses and taxes (@MaryOrMartha) There will be the hints of a scandal, probably involving one of the car lots, but no major details will materialize (@anjulibai) Bates: Zach/Whitney: Baby is a boy (@petrushka @SorenaJ @VBOY9977 @llucie @Caskett4ever @lunaselene503 @Babysitter @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996 @indianabones @Topaz) Baby is a boy named Jayden (@MaryOrMartha) Boy born in june (@Nashville92 @Babysitter) No new pregnancy (@JMO @snickerz @sleepygirl1) Michaela/Brandon: Opt for fertility treatment (@Glasgowghirl) Will keep up with their online store (@Nashville92 @sleepygirl1) No baby in 2021 (@llucie @JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @FaithAndReason @albireo @Kelsey @artdecades @Topaz) Graduates nursing school (@JMO) Erin/Chad: Pregnancy (@EmiSue @petrushka @Bluebirdbluebell @Italiangirl @SorenaJ @Glasgowghirl @Nashville92 @VBOY9977 @llucie @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @Caskett4ever @haroldtheyrefundies @lunaselene503 @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @FaithAndReason @snickerz @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996 @Audrey2 @albireo @artdecades @indianabones @lexiloumarie @Topaz @SunnySideUp @sleepygirl1 @HideousGreenShirt ) New baby and it is a girl (@MaryOrMartha) They stay in the tiny cottage (@GoddessOfVictory @albireo @indianabones) Erin reveals that she had serious long term issues from COVID (@JMO) Alyssa/John: Move to a new house (@MaryOrMartha) No new pregnancy (@Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @lunaselene503 @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @snickerz @albireo @Topaz) Shows off even more detached homeschooling methods while Allie is being parentified (@JMO @indianabones @artdecades) Lawson/Tiffany: Courtship/relationship (@Nashville92 @llucie @Caskett4ever @lunaselene503 @GoddessOfVictory @Kelsey @indianabones) Engagement (@Glasgowghirl @EmiSue @MaryOrMartha @lunaselene503 ) Engagement late in the year (@Kelsey) Wedding next year (@EmiSue) Nathan/Esther: Engagement (@EmiSue @Italiangirl @Glasgowghirl @Nashville92 @llucie @JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @JMO @JordynDarby5 @Audrey2 @indianabones @lexiloumarie @Topaz @sleepygirl1) Engaged in sping (@GoddessOfVictory @albireo) Wedding (@Bluebirdbluebell @Italiangirl @SorenaJ @Glasgowghirl @MaryOrMartha @Nashville92 @VBOY9977 @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @Caskett4ever @haroldtheyrefundies @lunaselene503 @Babysitter @JMO @snickerz @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996 @Audrey2 @albireo @Kelsey @artdecades @indianabones @Topaz @SunnySideUp @sleepygirl1 @HideousGreenShirt ) Autumn wedding (@EmiSue @petrushka) No pregnancy announcement in 2021 (@GoddessOfVictory @albireo) Tori/Bobby: Pregnancy (@EmiSue @Bluebirdbluebell @Italiangirl @SorenaJ @Glasgowghirl @Nashville92 @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @haroldtheyrefundies @Babysitter @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @FaithAndReason @JordynDarby5 @Audrey2 @artdecades @indianabones @lexiloumarie @Topaz @SunnySideUp @sleepygirl1 @HideousGreenShirt) Baby born this year (@Italiangirl @Jatalie1996 @albireo) New baby and it is a girl (@MaryOrMartha @VBOY9977 @llucie @Caskett4ever @lunaselene503 @snickerz) Baby name doesn’t start with a K (@Topaz) We will hear very little about their family all year (@indianabones) Carlin/Evan: Pregnancy (@EmiSue @Italiangirl @SorenaJ @Glasgowghirl @Nashville92 @VBOY9977 @llucie @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @Bluebirdbluebel @Caskett4ever @haroldtheyrefundies @dairyfreelife @lunaselene503 @JMO @FaithAndReason @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996 @Audrey2 @albireo @indianabones @lexiloumarie @SunnySideUp @sleepygirl1 @HideousGreenShirt) Pregnant and baby is a boy (@MaryOrMartha @VBOY9977 @lunaselene503 @JMO @snickerz) Pregnant but baby due in 2022 (@Topaz) Blessing #2 announced mid-year/in the summer (@GoddessOfVictory @artdecades) They will document everything on YouTube (@indianabones) They get a puppy/pet (@MaryOrMartha @Babysitter) Trace: New courtship/relationship (@petrushka @Italiangirl @Glasgowghirl @MaryOrMartha @Nashville92 @llucie @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @haroldtheyrefundies @dairyfreelife @JMO @FaithAndReason @JordynDarby5 @lexiloumarie @Topaz @SunnySideUp @sleepygirl1) Josie/Kelton: Pregnancy (@EmiSue @petrushka @Italiangirl @SorenaJ @Glasgowghirl @Nashville92 @llucie @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @Bluebirdbluebel @Caskett4ever @haroldtheyrefundies @dairyfreelife @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @FaithAndReason @Audrey2 @albireo @lexiloumarie @SunnySideUp @HideousGreenShirt) Pregnancy announcement in january/early in the year (@VBOY9977 @artdecades @indianabones) Baby born this year (@Italiangirl @lunaselene503 @JMO @Jatalie1996 @Topaz @sleepygirl1) New baby an it is a girl (@MaryOrMartha @Babysitter @snickerz @JordynDarby5 @artdecades) Another nature themed name for the baby (@indianabones) Josie will continue her business/still does hair tutorials @VBOY9977 @JMO Katie/Travis: Engagement (@SorenaJ @MaryOrMartha @Nashville92,@VBOY9977 @Caskett4ever @haroldtheyrefundies @dairyfreelife @lunaselene503 @Babysitter @JMO @snickerz @Jatalie1996 @Kelsey @artdecades @Topaz @sleepygirl1 @HideousGreenShirt) Wedding (@Glasgowghirl @MaryOrMartha @anjulibai @Caskett4ever @lunaselene503 @FaithAndReason @artdecades @lexiloumarie @SunnySideUp @sleepygirl1) Other: Kelly Jo gets the trifecta of her dreams Lawson, Nathan, Katie all engaged. Nathan is first to the alter (@WiseGirl) Nothing for Jackson (@Caskett4ever) One other boy confirmed to be in a relationship (@Jatalie1996) Rodrigueses: Jill/David: No pregnancy (@petrushka @llucie @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @dairyfreelife @GoddessOfVictory @JordynDarby5 @artdecades @Topaz @SunnySideUp @HideousGreenShirt @NoKidsAndCounting) Nurie/Nathan: Pregnancy (@WiseGirl @petrushka @Bluebirdbluebell @Italiangirl @SorenaJ @Glasgowghirl @Nashville92 @llucie @Peaches-n-Beans @dairyfreelife @lunaselene503 @GoddessOfVictory @JMO @Jatalie1996 @Audrey2 @artdecades @Topaz @SunnySideUp @HideousGreenShirt @Katzchen24) Baby born in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @quiversR4hunting @Caskett4ever @Babysitter @JordynDarby5 @harkasquirrel @NoKidsAndCounting) Baby has an N name (@artdecades) No public social media (@artdecades) They will stay in florida (@dairyfreelife) Timothy: Will struggle with his business (@Glasgowghirl) Flowers for precious mama (@Peaches-n-Beans) Timothy seems settled into his new life (@lunaselene503) New job (@NoKidsAndCounting) No coutship (@NoKidsAndCounting) Others: Kaylee is courting (@Glasgowghirl @Caskett4ever @quiversR4hunting @Babysitter @SunnySideUp @HideousGreenShirt @NoKidsAndCounting) Little girls continue to appear disheveled and malnourished (@HideousGreenShirt) Jill will continue to be an asshole to her sisters,mentioning Amy being paralysed every time she posts a picture of her (@Glasgowghirl) Sam, Tim, and Philip all are seen preaching at least one sermon (@Audrey2) No courtship for Phillip and he stays at home (@NoKidsAndCounting) The Jillification of poor Tessie continues (@harkasquirrel) Visits with Plaths, girls jewelry business grows (@NoKidsAndCounting) Maxwells: Nathan/Melanie: No new baby (@JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @Jatalie1996 @Topaz) Christopher/Anna-Marie: Anna Marie goes into remision (@Italiangirl @Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @lunaselene503 @JordynDarby5 @harkasquirrel) No new baby (@JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @Caskett4ever @snickerz @Jatalie1996) Sarah: *Nobody guessed Sarah moving on her own and getting a full time job, but one person guessed her getting some kind of job: Sarah will be allowed to get a part-time job with a nursing home or religious organization (@NachosFlanders) She will remain single (@dairyfreelife) John/Chelsy: Pregnancy (@petrushka @Bluebirdbluebell @JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @lunaselene503 @Babysitter @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996 @albireo @lexiloumarie @harkasquirrel @Topaz) Others: No marriages (@albireo) Anna and Mary will stay single (@dairyfreelife) No daughters courting (@artdecades @sleepygirl1) Bontragers: Mitchell/Bryn: no new baby in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever) Alison/Jeremiah: Pregnancy (@petrushka @Bluebirdbluebell @anjulibai @albireo ) Baby born in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar) Baby born and is a boy (@Caskett4ever @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996 @Topaz) Carson/ Carolina: no baby in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever) Joshua/Cassidy: no baby in 2021 (@Caskett4ever) Denver/Praise: Get married (@JordynDarby5 @albireo @Caskett4ever ) They marry in march (@JermajestyDuggar) They marry in the spring (@anjulibai) Taylor: nothing (@Caskett4ever) Wissmanns: Rachel/Alan: Pregnancy *miscarriage (@JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever) Ruth/Ryan: New baby in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever) Josiah/Abi: No new baby in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever) Bethany/Daniel: New baby in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar) New baby and it is a girl (@Caskett4ever) Drew/Kori: No new baby in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @Caskett4ever) Mathias/Michelle: New baby in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @albireo) New baby and it is a boy (@Caskett4ever) Others: Hannah: In a relationship in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar) Someone is in a relationship (@albireo) Morton: Katie: Nothing (@Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @albireo) Cleve/Lisa: Nothing (@Caskett4ever @albireo) Dorothy/Noah: Nothing (@Caskett4ever @albireo @Topaz) Adeline/Michael: Pregnancy (@anjulibai @JMO @lexiloumarie) Baby born this year (@Caskett4ever @albireo @Topaz) Martha/Tayte: Nothing (@Caskett4ever @dairyfreelife @albireo @Topaz) Andrew/Kennedy: Pregnancy (@anjulibai @albireo @Topaz) Baby born and it is a boy (@Caskett4ever @JMO @lexiloumarie) Samuel/Alyssa: Pregnancy (@anjulibai @dairyfreelife @JMO @Topaz) Baby born this year (@albireo @lexiloumarie) John/Campbell: Baby born (@Caskett4ever) Baby is a boy (@JMO @Topaz) No new pregnancy (@JMO @Topaz) Edwin: Courtship (@Topaz) Engaged (@Caskett4ever @JMO @lexiloumarie) Other families: Anderson: Zsu will announce pregnancy in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @anjulibai @Smee @dairyfreelife @lunaselene503) Zsu pregnant but due 2022 (@Topaz) Nothing new from the kids (@dairyfreelife) Rogers: Courtney announces pregnancy (@Glasgowghirl @anjulibai @dairyfreelife @Jatalie1996) Pregnant with baby #12 but not delivery until 2022 (@llucie @Caskett4ever @JMO @albireo @Topaz) Won’t have baby #12 in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar) Caris makes good progress (@Topaz) Nollkamper: pregnancy (@llucie @anjulibai @Smee @dairyfreelife @albireo @Topaz) Waller: Adam and Valerie pregnant (@petrushka) David and Priscilla pregnant (@Italiangirl @anjulibai @dairyfreelife @JMO @Audrey2 @albireo @artdecades) David and Priscilla pregnant but baby #6 not born until 2022 (@Caskett4ever @JordynDarby5 @Jatalie1996 @JMO @Topaz) David and Priscilla next baby will be a girl (@artdecades) Caldwells: Christina will have a girl (@VBOY9977 @indianabones) No new pregnancy (@artdecades) Lauren Caldwell won’t marry Titus. No mention of him ever from the Caldwells. She also won’t court a Duggar at least this year (@artdecades) Shrader: No pregnancy (@anjulibai @snickerz) Frazer: Esther and Jonathan Frazer will marry in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar) Staddon: Esther will marry after midyear (@petrushka) One Staddon grandchild born to Daniel and Kathryn (@petrushka @JermajestyDuggar) No new baby for Kendalyn in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar) None of the brothers will be courting (@petrushka) Neely: At least one Neely daughter who married last winter will announce a pregnancy (@dairyfreelife) Arndt: We see and hear nothing more of the mysterious girlfriend /courtship falls apart (@Smee @Audrey2) No one else will court/date (@dairyfreelife) No marriages (@snickerz) Plath: Olivia and Ethan distance themselves more from his family (@Nashville92) Ethan and Olivia Plath have more marital issues (@lunaselene503) Collins: Another child breaks a bone (@Babysitter) M is for Mama: no new pregnancy announcement in 2021 (@JermajestyDuggar @Topaz) Girl Defined: Bethany won’t have a baby in 2021. (@JermajestyDuggar @dairyfreelife) Marriage and pregnancy for Ellissa and Andrii Petrenko (@lunaselene503) Seven Sisters: Another sister starts to court/date (@dairyfreelife) Another sisters gets engaged (@dairyfreelife) Salyer: Ashley Hoover is pregnant (@lunaselene503 @artdecades @HideousGreenShirt) Mills: Tom Mills has a new girlfriend (@lunaselene503) No marriage (@snickerz) Keller: David gets engaged to a non Rod (@Kelsey) Other: We will lose Prince Philip, Ed Asner and Beverly Cleary this year (@Audrey2) I'm predicting (hoping) that there is some comeuppance for fundies this year. I have no idea what form it will be, but I am predicting accountability in 2021 (@Bluebirdbluebell) The top 10 better guessers are: @Caskett4ever-49 @Topaz -42 @JMO -39 @JermajestyDuggar -37 @dairyfreelife -35 @albireo -33 @artdecades -30 @indianabones- 28 @lunaselene503 -27 @anjulibai -26 @MaryOrMartha -26 @Nashville92-26 But not all guesses are created ecually, after all fundies are super predictable, so i think this incredible acurate guesses deserve a special mention: @MaryOrMartha guessed Kendra and Joe would have a girl and name her Brooklyn. @artdecades was very close too guessing Brooke. @MaryOrMartha could be working as a fortune teller because she also guessed that Whitney and Zach new baby would be a boy named Jayden (that was the name they originally choose for him, before changing it for Jadon after the birth). @Nashville92 and @Babysitter guessed both the gender(boy) and month of birth (june) of Jadon. @Italiangirl guessed Justin and Claire would married no later than February 27, she almost got the day since they married on the 26.
  2. ShepherdontheRock

    New Year

    So...this time last year I was REALLY sick ringing into the new year. Not a great start, but I guess the year didn't turn out half bad, for me. And, 2015 didn't necessarily turn out how I expected it to, in so many ways. For my personal life, or in the world. So...here's a few predictions I have for 2016, keeping in mind that I'm likely to be completely and utterly wrong: Election-wise: 1)Trump will go down in flames during the primaries, if by him finally managing to alienate his base, or by his supporters not actually showing up to the polls. 2)Ted Cruz will get the Republican nomination 3)Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic nomination (Sorry Bernie) 4)Barring any scandals, Hillary will win the general election. But maybe not by a particularly large margin 5)Republicans will not lose control of congress. Duggars: I correctly predicted last year that something would happen with the Duggars, didn't think it would be the molestation thing, which really upset me. Joshley Madison was less surprising, and actually quite funny. 1) If When Josh goes back to Anna, he will probably continue to (attempt to) cheat. Or at least look at porn. 2) Another secret will be exposed, this time centered on JB or JChelle (although I think Joshgate 1 did not paint them in a flattering light) 3)Someone else will end up in a conveniently timed courtship 4)Someone (Jessa most likely) will conveniently do something that indicates they are inching toward fundie lite. 5)Jessa will be no better at mothering than Jill Other: 1)Bill Cosby will be acquitted of the sexual assault charge, but it will be a pyrrhic victory 2)One of the Kardashians/Jenners (other than caitlyn) will get into trouble with the law 3)Meghan Trainor will continue to put out stupid faux-feminist bullshit music. Or will hopefully fade into obscurity 4)I refuse to believe that flares are going to replace skinny jeans. No. skinny jeans 4ever. 5)Wearing all black will still be cute. 6)LUSH will release those new flavors of lip balm in the US. Happy New Year, everyone!
  3. Does anyone remember this thread from last year? Basically it was the most entertaining thing ever, so I thought I would start it again, this time from the new perspectives we've been given in the latest season. How do y'all think Jillard is going to turn out? What lies ahead for post-menopausal Mullet? Which of the Lost Girls is going to be the first to rebel?
  4. singsingsing

    Duggar/Bates Predictions

    Anyone want to start a betting pool? Winner gets... nothing. But we all love making predictions, right? So tell us your predictions for the following: Who will have the first Bates grandchild: Erin and Chad OR Zach and Whitney? Erin and Chad Will announce pregnancy (month/year): Will have baby: Boy or girl: Zach and Whitney Will announce pregnancy: Will have baby: Boy or girl: Alyssa and John Will get engaged: Will get married: First baby: Michael and Brandon Will get engaged: Will get married: First baby: Who will be the next Bates to court: Lawson, Nathan, or Tori? (Bonus points: who will they be courting?) Will Kelly ever have #20? DUGGARS Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Will get engaged: Will get married: First baby: Josh & Anna: when will M4 be born? Boy or girl? (Bonus points: what will they name him/her?) Who will be the next Duggar to court: John-David, Jana, Jill, Jinger, or Joseph? (Bonus points: who will they be courting?) Will Michelle ever have #20? DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Will there ever be a Bates/Duggar courtship? If so, which Bates and which Duggar? If you can think of any other questions or predictions, go for it.
  5. Duggars? Maxwells? Bates? Muncks? Phillips? Paines? Even Miss Raquel? Who's going to take a step towards escaping the clutches of their parents in 2014? I think Stevehovah is really working to try and find someone for Anna Maxwell to prove the doubters (read: FJ) who say that his daughters are going to be spinsters forever... and considering how many Bates are shacking up, I really think another Duggar girl might get pushed into something. There are no more babies and only a few preschoolers... I think they will try and sell Jinger off to the highest bidder, as Jill's training, Jana's shy and they need someone who will make good TV. It's rather sad that I can't see any particular well-suited pairings, but I'm sure other Jingerites will be able to.
  6. So, anyone have any predictions for courtships in 2013? My prediction #1: JT Phillips and Jana Duggar. I am sure their respective headships are literally drooling about the financial gain by merging their two families. The Duggars have sure been spending a lot more time at the VF functions these days. My prediction #2: Still no Prince Charming for Poor Sarah.
  7. missbrooklyn

    Where is wacky cousin Amy?

    People seem to be disappearing left and right! It seems cousin Amy has set her instagram to private and taken down her facebook page! How am i going to get my Amy fix now?
  8. Okay so I love the history of the Titanic. I was just thinking what would the Duggars do if they were on the Titanic? I can bet the Boob would try to use his charm to get on a lifeboat
  9. http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/beauty/f ... toViewer=1 No, not me, this lady. Obviously her dad wasn't a fundie, although he did have some weird ideas about what looked good on people (that was one fugly purple cocktail dress). But it got me wondering- if some of our fundies got their dads to dress them for a week, would it be pretty much the same as they dress now? More fundie-ish? Or more normal? I'm leaning towards the more extreme fundie side for the Botkin girls, and less fundie-ish for Zsuzsu, since she didn't grow up fundie.
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