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  1. Andrea Mills, fundie YouTuber and homeschooler, died of cancer, leaving behind an ill-prepared husband and children stacked like cordwood. Husband Tom continues her YouTube channel, collecting gift cards from super fans, and continues to try to cope with the endless grief of his children as best he can: \
  2. So i decided to open a new thread for this family i have been following for a while on youtube, definitely fundies, but the nicer kind i guess (if such thing exists). So the Mills family are christians that own a youtube channel with 44k subscribers where they talk about life as a big family (they have 9 kids) living in a very small house. They describe themselves as a (and i quote): "homey family- homeschool, home business, home birth, herbal home healthcare and home church". They have a computer store where the husband works with the help of the older/teenage sons. The parents are Tom and Andrea, and the kids living at home are oldest to youngest: Thomas Andrew, Asher Lee, Judah Layne, Justus Benjamin, Eden Sophire, Solomon Andros, Sophia Faith, Claudia Lynn and Hannah Ophelia. The oldest is 16 and the last baby was born just 2 weeks ago, and they are all 2 years apart from each other. They are not quiverfull, the father has a video talking about why they have so many children: There he says they are not against birth control and in fact do use it, but they do seem to want a big family for biblical reasons and he even mentions the famous "sons are arrows in a quiver" quote. He says every kid was a counscious decision and they choose to space all of them 2 years apart. There is also an older daughter of the father with another woman, but she doesnt live with them. I would say they seem better parents than most of the fundies we follow, they seem to love the kids and are very involved with them, and in the homeschooling department they have videos about the curriculum and the kids seem to be getting a decent education. She is also very good at budgeting, so they get enought to eat (she does videos focused on the food shopping, and how she does it). Now the weird part, since the house is so small and they dont have space to store clothes for everybody if they wore normal clothes, they instead invented a colour sistem that consists that basically everyone has a t-shirt in a rainbow colour and everyone wears theirs the same day, so it goes like monday everyone in red, tuesday blue, wednesday brown, and so on and so on. They do have normal jeans, even the girls, but only one pair, they only get a new one when the olders one are broken or small. Take into acount that some of the older boys are already teenagers, so this seems extremely weird, doesnt allow any individuality and i doubt it helps them in their social life. In this videos they explain why they always wear matching clothes and the colour system: The house is super-tiny, so they only have 2 bedrooms for all the kids, that are divided in boys and girls of course, the 5 boys are in bunk beds in the biggest room. Here is the video about it (its the most popular in the channel, and they received a lot of hate for it, because of how cramped it looks) she even mentions that they have space there for a 6 boy if the lord ever blesses them with one! I have to admit that they showed a lot of creativity making the most of the space, but it still makes me claustrophobic to look at, it reminds me of those japanese capsule hotels. Here you can have a look at the bedroom: She is into natural medicine, but she started having her kids at the hospital, and since then seems to have gotten more radical with the years. The first 4 were hospital births, then for the 5 and 6 they decided to homebirth but at least had a midwife present. Then for the last ones they went for birthing them at home unassisted(against the recomendations of the midwife), baby 7 and 9 were born this way whithout problem, but with 8 she was having high blood pressure and it ended in a hospital birth. But the way she talks about it, she makes it seem like a lot of doctors and a midwife in diferent clinics just conspired against her so she could not have her desired home birth, and the fact that maybe they saved her life never crosses her mind. Here she has a video talking about it, and how the fear-mongering doctors convinced her husband that an unassisted birth was a bad idea, and how terrible having an hospital birth is: They homechurch, they grew up southern baptist, but they started to have disagreements with the doctrine. She talks about it here: Now i will let you discover the rest in their videos, there is a lot of material to snark about. For example they have an audio system in all the house so they can listen to a bible audiobook at all times! Yes, even at night! To be honest i am impressed that they havent become crazy yet having to endure that.
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