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Found 25 results

  1. Melanie is over 37 weeks pregnant with her seventh child. She’s due on May 18th, which happens to be Abby’s 11th birthday. Melanie tends to be early, although Christina was actually born on her due date. I figured I’d start a baby watch thread since we did one for Benji.
  2. Thought I'd start a new thread. http://web.archive.org/web/200206031508 ... index.html Thank you waybackmachine.org! They were married Jan 2002.
  3. Melanie and Nathan are celebrating their 14th anniversary. Nathan looks as crazy-eyed as ever in the pic, but Melanie continues to look radiant. Whatever is or isn't happening over there seems to agree with her.
  4. Justme

    Mel Maxwell is NOT pregnant!

    Sarah posted a pic of Abby wearing her "I'm going to be a big sister again" shirt. Guess they didn't want to be bothered with questions!
  5. New post up. I really hope the baby and Mel are ok.
  6. rural juror

    Nathan and Melanie Maxwell expecting?

    Just saw the latest Maxwell's latest post. Bethany is wearing a shirt that says "I'm going to be a big sister again", and Christina's shirt also says something about being a big sister. The Maxwells are known for dropping weird hints about pregnancies before officially announcing them. Could it be??
  7. skankbiscuit

    Melanie Maxwell gave birth

    Melanie Maxwell gives birth - it's a girl!
  8. Creaky Mom

    Christina Mercy Maxwell Models Headband

    Just sayin'. (Hate those things on babies.) titus2.com/blog/index.php/2012/06/16/sweet-baby/
  9. alysee

    Melanie's in labour

    Post is up! Could be a baby on her due date.I hope she has a safe delivery.
  10. Justme

    Today is Mel's due date (6/15).

    This is her first pregnancy she's carried to term. Maybe she's be lucky and baby will come when the "family" is in PA.
  11. and has only girls, no boys. Do you think Nathan's "viewpoint" might change over the next 20-25 years..... If Sarah, Anna, and/or Mary don't marry, one of the brothers can be their "headship". If one of Nathan's daughters doesn't marry, there is no brother to care for them. Maybe Joshua would be expected to care for them. (Poor kid, only 24 hours old and already a "headship" of his older female cousins. ) Steve will most likely be gone or very "elderly". Maybe Nathan will allow for his daughters to have enough education to be able to earn a living. Either way, I can see a lot of "conflict" in Nathan's future.
  12. She seems to be having a uncomplicated pregnancy. Since Anna had a homebirth, with what looks like no complications, do you think Mel will try? It would sure save the Scamaraton insurance some money.....
  13. Both Mommies look very happy. I guess Anna could go another week. Don't they generally induce around 42 weeks if labor hasn't started? I wonder if Stevie would allow one or both to be born on a Sunday?
  14. and are they trying to make her look like she's 12??? For the love of god. http://www.titus2.com/blog/index.php/2012/05/28/four-generations/
  15. http://www.titus2.com/blog/index.php/20 ... nies-baby/ She is 36 weeks along and not on bedrest. She looks really strong and healthy. Melanie looks so happy and full of life that I have a hard time imagining her buying into the Maxwell bullshit. Sarah's writing strikes again:
  16. library_youth

    New Maxwell post - more cleaning house!

    It's a lengthy post with photo after photo of Sarah, Anna and Mary cleaning Nathan and Melanie's house. Zzzzzzz. There's also a quick update that Melanie is hanging in there with 8 weeks to go. Mary is becoming quite pretty! I've noticed that especially in the last few posts. titus2.com/blog
  17. Sola

    Melanie Maxwell

    I've been looking back through the archives over at the Maxwell blog and one thing that struck me was that in all the pictures of Melanie Maxwell, she always looks miserable. Now I understand that losing her first daughter would have had a devastating effect on her. I have lost a child shortly after birth too and that is something you never get over. But even now, even after having 2 healthy daughters and another child on the way, she still looks miserable. Even when she is smiling she looks miserable because the smile never reaches her eyes. I've looked at the few images pre-Susannah and even then she didn't look particularly happy, certainly not the bursting with happiness that you expect a newly wed to show. Even Anna Duggar had that 'I'm so happy I'm about to burst' look at first, but apart from the picture of her wedding, Melanie never had that look. Whenever I see a picture of her I get the feeling that inside she is screaming, 'get me out of this hellhole' but is putting on the keep sweet façade for appearances. It's almost as though being part of the Maxwell clan is sucking all the joy of life out of her. She never seems to be part of the family either. I know that right now she is pregnant so is taking it really, really easy with her previous pregnancy history, but even when she isn't pregnant, she is hardly ever pictured with the family. You see Christopher and the girls with his family, but very rarely Melanie. Thoughts?
  18. If I remember correctly, Anna is due in April. I don't know when. They've only posted her pregnancy was going well a couple of times. Then, I believe Mel is due next month. I hope they post when Anna delivers. Though, it would be just like Steve to not allow a post since he knows it's the one thing his "followers" would like to know.
  19. New blog. No snarking here, I can't snark over the death of a child. It seems they had no clue there was anything wrong with her before she was born. I wonder what was wrong with her. A genetic disorder perhaps? I remember they were married 4-5 years before getting pregnant with her.
  20. Sydney Fox

    Maxwell Baby Update

    Okay, Christopher and NR Anna have been married a year now and we haven't heard anything about a pregnancy. Do you think Christopher is able and willing? They always look so grabby and huggy in the photos - do you think it's their way of making up for a lack of action between the sheets? You'd think they'd be working hard to fill their quiver and make Daddy Steve happy. Also, Bethanny is over a year old now. Do you think Melanie and Nathan will have more kids? They seemed to have figured out the problems with their infertility since Abby and Bethanny are pretty close in age. Could we see both ladies pregnant this fall?
  21. Sydney Fox

    Maxwell Babies

    Okay, it's official, there's no hope for me now, I'm clearly obsessed with the Maxwells. I went to bed last night thinking about Nathan's girls' names and it occurred to me that the girls' names start with the letters A and B. Is this a pattern, or just a coincidence? Will the next baby be a C? If so, I'm voting for Caleb for a boy and Caitlin for a girl. Alright, carry on. I'm heading back to semi-lurk mode.
  22. justakitten

    Maxwell anniversary

    New post on the Maxwell blog congratulating Nathan and Melanie on their 10th anniversary. The author (Steve?) makes mention of their joys and sorrows, including the loss of their first born girl. No mention of the two granddaughters, although there's a picture of the four of them. I don't know if it's just me, but after reading the post it felt very melancholy.
  23. gardenvarietycitizen

    Nathan and Melanie interviewed about Samaritan Health

    Reading the post about Nathan and Melanie's wedding (thanks for posting that!) led me to google a bit about Nathan and Melanie, and I happened to find an article from May 2011 where Nathan comments on his family belonging to the Samaritan Health Care Sharing Ministry. You can read it here: http://www.khi.org/news/2011/may/23/fai ... ans-cover/ Interesting that one of the reasons they chose it was price, but also there's the whole religious requirement bit, which includes not only religious requirements but also that the members not pursue various "unhealthy lifestyles."
  24. Justme

    Cute blog post by Melanie.

    I think it's the first time I've seen her blog. Usually Nathan blogs for their family. She is just 9 weeks. Her baby and Anna's will be about a month apart (if they both go to term).
  25. skankbiscuit

    Latest Maxwell Blog - Melanie Maxwell

    I was enjoying looking at the lovely pictures, until I got to the last one and saw how painfully thin Melanie has become! Is it just me or does she look just extremely frail and tiny?
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