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Found 73 results

  1. gardenvarietycitizen

    Call the Midwife (on PBS in the US)

    I'm just curious if anyone watched a show "Call the Midwife"? The first episode aired on PBS in the US tonight, it's about a midwife in the East End of London in the 1950s. In the first episode one of the clients is having her 25th kid, I couldn't help but think "take THAT Michelle!!!"
  2. Does anyone watch this dreck besides me?
  3. StarrieEyedKat

    Rupaul's Drag Race

    I love Chad Michaels (but doubt she's going to win), and I can't wait for the Snatch Game. Who do you all think is going to take the prize?
  4. Is anyone else watching this gem? I am endlessly fascinated. I'm anxiously awaiting Friday night (or more accurately, Saturday morning, when the episode shows up on my Google Play account :P) WeTV page (with clips and episodes!)
  5. clueliss

    US Big Brother 19

    I'm starting a thread so that you find citizens of Free Jinger can enjoy the wild claims of BB19 house guest Raven's claims this year. She has gastroparesis and as a result, has a stomach pacemaker. However, her outlandish claims just keep coming. Some of this may actually be legitimate but the legitimate claims get lost in the crazy. She was apparently homeschooled (in Arkansas) and has stated that her GPA was Dance. Her marathon time was 7th place (for women in her age group but what she described was likely a 5k or 10k charity walk/run. See number 10 - can't eat red meat - but can eat hamburger.
  6. http://www.wfaa.com/mobile/article/news/local/tarrant-county/popular-televangelist-says-we-dont-have-a-flu-season/287-515495769 Texas evangelist Kenneth Copeland's wife Gloria says there is no flu season and we should just Jesus the flu away. This, after Texas has had the most flu outbreaks in the nation.
  7. Ugh I think the first question people need to ask after news of a company giving a tax cut bonus is if anyone else is getting laid off at the same time or shortly thereafter.
  8. 47of74

    RIP Earle Hyman

    The gentleman who played Grandpa Huxtable and Panthro has gone to the big jazz club in the sky; RIP.
  9. Is anyone else watching this on Oxygen? I must say I'm not terribly impressed. The woman who is doing it is pretty dismissive that Maura could have been suicidal, misstated some of James Renner's thoughts (Ie, he DID NOT state that Maura was sexually abused by her dad), and is also dismissive that Maura seemed to be fairly troubled young women. Tonight was the last straw though. They hired a motherfucking psychic to help out! Are you kidding me? I can understand the parent of a missing child hiring a psychic, but not someone who wants to be a responsible investigative journalist. What do others think? Btw, it occurred to several years ago that I've been down the same road that Maura was on when she disappeared. We were on our way to Lincoln, New Hampshire from Vermont were we we to meet up with two of my daughters as we all gathered for my youngest daughter's college graduation.
  10. 47of74

    What Would Yo Do?

    Once again another Friday is upon us, and so is that insipid television show What Would You Do? I really can't stand that show. Am I the only one who doesn't like that show? If I found myself in the middle of one of their dumbass setups the only way I'm giving permission for it to be aired on TV is if ABC writes me a check with lots and lots of zeros on it. Otherwise they could pound sand as far as I'm concerned.
  11. OyToTheVey

    Married At First Sight

    What does everyone think about Married at First Sight? I kinda find it strange. Especially after seeing the second season I would never do it. That season scared me.
  12. homeschoolmomma1

    Little People, Big World

    I guess I didn't realize they were still making specials.
  13. iweartanktops

    Honey Boo Boo back on TV?

    Here's one of many links online: http://m.etonline.com/news/175343_mama_june_shannon_and_honey_boo_boo_announce_they_ll_be_returning_to_tv/
  14. Ali

    Gilmore Girls

    I was surprised to not find a Gilmore Girls thread. The rumors of a Gilmore Girls revival have finally come true, and I think we should have a place to discuss the revival and seven seasons of this wonderful show.
  15. Just saw this... I'm wondering if Uterus Cannon is something to do with Mrs. Duggar?
  16. nomoxian

    Better Call Saul

    Anyone else watch Better Call Saul? I'm usually not into spin-offs or prequels, but I like this show a lot more than Breaking Bad. While I was interested enough in the storyline of B.B. to watch it at the end, I wasn't really engaged with it the same way I am with B.C.S. If it weren't for me having to work early-ish on Mondays, I would stay up to watch it (I live in Europe, so it's really late/early when it gets put online) Unlike other shows I was into from the beginning, like Big Bang Theory, B.C.S. seems to get better with time. Jimmy really is a character I have grown to love over time. As for his brother, I did feel sympathy towards him at first, but now I'm really hoping he gets screwed over hard
  17. lilwriter85

    Bates Motel on A&E

    I watched the pilot last night and I thought it was a good start.
  18. We made it through Season 7! So did Kody! Rumor has it he thinks another wife would be a good idea?! Surely this will not end well. And then, there's a catfish. Previous thread: And now, all the Brown family drama continues here. Enjoy!
  19. Lillybee


    I know that this is not too current but come on there must be a ton of fans for these shows.
  20. I saw this was trending on facebook this morning: It's a pretty bizarre watch, for sure. I just wanted to hear all your thoughts. It's pretty obvious to me this young lady has some mental health issues, but I thought it was a pretty interesting story nonetheless.
  21. RoseWilder

    What's your TV low point?

    What's the worst thing you ever watched on TV. Whether you loved it or hated it, what's the worst thing you've ever watched and continued watching even after you saw how awful it was. My TV low point was True Tori, that reality show that Tori Spelling did with her husband after he cheated on her and they were supposed to be trying to to repair their marriage, but they were really just spending ridiculous amounts of time arguing about stupid things - like the 7 minute argument they had about a baked potato (no really, I'm not making that up.) I tuned in to watch the show and it was so bad that at one point I thought to myself, "My life has gotten off course. I've clearly lost my way." And yet, I continued to watch it anyway.
  22. kb2

    Dance Moms

    Only two episodes have been released to the world through hulu, but I know I'm not going to be able to take my eyes off this trainwreck for a while. Gizmola?
  23. Rachel333

    Orange is the New Black

    Anyone else watching this? It's the latest Netflix original. I've been binge-watching it this weekend and it is so good. Huge female cast, diverse characters, and a trans actress playing a trans woman. (Lots of lesbian content too if you're into that.) It's gotten great reviews so far--[link=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maureen-ryan/orange-is-the-new-black_b_3574249.html]here's[/link] one--and I really can't recommend it enough. I've been surprised at just how much I've been enjoying it.