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  1. After the threads about Josh and the other older kids and how much get clearly got screwed over by their parents, I was wondering, if you were a Duggar over 18, what would you do? Imagine that it would somehow dawn on you that maybe Gothard and your parents might not be right on all the things they do, and that there might be another life out there for you. And that, if you keep on living the way you live now, your options and future look pretty dim. What could you do? Sure, you could make a run and write a tell-all book. But what if you didn't want to burn all bridges with your family and also didn't want to destroy the Duggar gravy train aka TLC show? I think Josh would have it the easiest. He could keep his job at this hate group known as FRC and take some evening classes in order to have better prospects once he will need to find new job. And after 4 kids, he could tell Anna that they will take a break trying to have more children. If I were Jana, I'd somehow try to move in with Josh and Anna. Maybe she could take some college classes from there. But for Jana, it would be hard to escape right now. Jill and Jessa could also take some college classes and Jessa could tell Ben to finish college and take some classes that will make him somewhat employable (like accounting).
  2. Funny, on Dr. Phil today is a young woman married to a pastor who believes women are weaker and should be subservient. The woman's parents hate him and say he's controlling her but they aren't much better - very overbearing, interfering and angry that when the pastor called her father to ask for her hand, the father said to wait, but they didn't. Dr. Phil called them out on it in a way that made me think of Jim Bob and Michelle. He said that they clearly didn't feel that their daughter is capable of choosing her own mate, resolving her marriage issues herself, make her own decisions or to know what's right for her. He said: "So, you don't have any confidence in how you raised your child?" since you don't trust them to be a smart and independant person who can deal with life. With all the rules and restrictions the Duggars have for their kids, including Jim Bob having to be the one to approve a potential mate, never being able to go anywhere on their own, always having to have an "Accountability Partner" to keep them from straying off the correct path (as seen by JB and M). Clearly Jim Bob and Michelle don't trust their kids to do the right thing without all the restrictions and oversight, and obviously have no confidence that they've raised them to be good people unless they (JB and M) restrict all the things they see and do. They clearly don't trust them to be able to restrain themselves from having sex if they are allowed to even hold hands before marriage, or for the girls to wear clothing that bares knees and shoulders...because then the men might not be able to control themselves. The ironic thing is that once married they are suddenly free. As if just getting married suddenly makes you mature and able to handle all the things in life that might be dangerous or amoral. Sometimes I think JB and M consider getting them to the altar as virgins is their only main goal. What else do they really do for the kids in terms of preparing them for the world?
  3. Hi powers that be and everyone, What do y'all think about pinning a thread to the top of this forum titled "For any Duggar kids" or something like that, with all the notes of support and offers for help, yknow, just to make it easy if Jana decides to do a little research.
  4. Josh: Get more exercise and stop feeling like you need to be cool - it works to your disadvantage. Despite my opposing views to your politics, seems like you've landed a good job and your wife and kids appear to be happy. JD: lose the good ole boy persona or play it to the hilt and get your own show or do a stint over with the Duck Dynasty crowd - and figure out a way to get your own bank account and lose the belly. Jana: Get a spot on Project Runway and then never go home to live. Or get a sweet job being a spokesperson for a lobby like Josh did and then go travel and earn your own money. Jill: relax a little. Have the baby and then write a book and keep the money. Jessa: try to get in on Jill's book deal and then go on long book tours. Figure out how to not have a baby for at least 3 or 4 years. Jinger: Start taking photos for pay and get your own bank account. Josiah: hire a lawyer and be the representative for all the kids to sue your parents to get some of the TLC money into bank accounts for each of the kids and to have independent financial guardians for the kids' bank accounts. Then write a tell all book about your last year. The middle boys: sit tight and fly under the radar for a few more years - chances are that when you all get to courtship age things in the family will get different and hopefully more relaxed. The younger girls: don't let them crush your independent spirits. Go live with a favorite older sibling under the guise of wanting to help them out and then get the heck out of fundie land.
  5. PegBundyOfFundies

    The adult kids pay?

    Forgive me if this has been posted before. I was just skimming through some of the topics here, and theres alot of (rightful) snark about the Seewalds not having the money to start out their marriage successfully because Ben nor Jessa work. At first I agreed, but then I started thinking that Jessa does work, she's been earning a check since she was 11 as a result of family exploitation hour with Jim Bob and Michelle! Since she's been 18, shouldnt she have been signing her own separate contract and check from her parents? The Duggars are oft quoted as earning 95k an episode; if we round that up to 100 and divide by 20 (counting Boob and Jchelle as one) every kid is entitled to 5k an episode. Of course JB "holds" the check for the littles, but in the past 3 years Jessa shouldve earned at least 250K for her participation after 18; that amount of course rises for Jill, JD and Jana, and Josh. Is it legal for JB to make them put their checks in the communal family account, like I suspect he's doing? ETA i'm sure that Josh, and even John David and Joseph get to maintain their own accounts, but i'm really concerned for the older girls, the J'Slaves: theyre still under their fathers headship
  6. . . . will be courting, married, or parents by November of next year? I get married a year and 6 days after Jessa and I'm curious how many of them will hit major milestones before then. My guesses: Courting - Jana and one of the older boys (possibly JD or Joseph) Married - Just Josh, Jill, and Jessa Parents - See above And as a bonus: I think Michelle is most likely to go completely crazy in the next year. She'll snap once Jill has Baby Dilly and start carrying around a loaf of bread wrapped in a blanket, while cooing and calling it her "Precious" little blessing.
  7. Okay, so having established by popular vote, the most deserving Duggar would-be-escapees are Jana, Josiah, Jinger, JoyAnna and Jennifer. Here's what I want to know next: FJers are from all over the place. Would your home town/city be a good place for an elder Duggar (maybe with a Jenny-buddy) to land? Why or why not?
  8. ...and set them up with a community, place to live, and job, but could only pick one, who would it be? My initial gut says Jana, but I think it'd be cruel to rip her away from the kids she's raised. I'm gonna go with Siah. He seems like he'd be good at making friends outside the compound and might eventually set up a crash pad/halfway house for any siblings that'd want to join him.
  9. This was posted on a mommy blog I follow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! http://www.mommyish.com/2014/09/21/diff ... e-duggars/ Ah, the Duggars. Loyal Mommyish readers know that this family is a topic close to my heart. I actually do like watching the show sometimes- the kids can be such sweethearts and it is clear they all love each other very much but of course, there is a lot to criticize too. However, it can be hard to love them or hate them if you can’t tell Jermajesty Duggar from Joshua Duggar (tricked ya there…no Jermajesty…yet). So, us helpful ladies in the Mommyish offices decided it might be a good idea for you all to have a comprehensive reference in order to tell the key adult members of the family apart (I won’t pick apart the little ones…that’s low, even for me). Behold- the Mommyish guide to differentiating the Duggars. Joshua Duggar The oldest kid in the Duggar clan and the first to have a creepy wedding day first kiss, Josh is starting to make a name for himself in Washington, DC in an attempt to make a go at a career in politics. If the idea of a born-and-raised misogynist having a say in any political policy makes your stomach turn, then join the club. I hate thinking of this creep making decisions about a woman’s uterus when all he has are chaste Duggar balls. Josh, 26, is married to Anna Keller-Duggar and they already have three kids. It would appear they are making a go at out-procreating Michelle and Jim-Bob. Stay strong, Anna’s Uterus! It’s going to be a long 25 years. Jana Duggar Jana, otherwise known as the Duggar Spinster, has somehow reached the ripe old age of 24 without having become a broodmare. She is still just a bride of Denim Jesus, living under her parent’s roof and waiting for her prince to come. I can’t help but wonder if she feels left out when she sees her younger sisters being paired off by Pimp Daddy Jim-Bob while she stays home tending to her gaggle of siblings and taking shifts as kitchen servant and laundry room attendant. I do hope she finds a man soon so her life will have some purpose and she can finally dust off that old uterus John David John-David, twin brother of Jana, has the least remarkable personality of all adult Duggars. There isn’t much I can glean other than he enjoys working as a firefighter and also owns a towing company. He is basically the Duggar’s most eligible bachelor right now at 24 years old so get ready for some future Hand-Sex with some lucky young woman. Jill Jill may be the most newsworthy Duggar of 2014. Jill was recently married to Derick Dillard and is now pregnant with what will be the first of many future #babydillies. This is all under a shroud of suspicion that she and her betrothed participated in pre-marital Sexy Time due to the insanely fast pregnancy announcement they came out with mere weeks after their wedding. I don’t really buy it- my guess is that this wedding was timed to coincide with Jill’s fertile period for maximum immediate pregnancy potential. Yes, I have given this a great deal of thought. For now, Jill is busy registering for Fanta, waxing poetic about barfing for her baby and missing her hubby Derick during laundry time. Jessa Jessa holds the unofficial title of Hottest Duggar Girl and as such, has been courted by teenage Ben Seewald for the better part of the last year. They are now engaged and on the fast-track to making even more Duggar spawn. However, Jim Bob must have thought their relationship was not moving along fast enough and the Lord whispered in his ear that he could use more manual labor so now, Ben lives on the Duggar compound close to his lady and under the watchful eye of Daddy Duggar. For the most part, Jessa does not appear particularly thrilled with this arrangement as she seems perpetually annoyed by Ben and his romantic overtures but that’s ok. Her mom told her she simply needs to be prepared to lay down for Ben whenever he asks if that is what he needs from her. Saith the Lord. Jinger Oh, sweet Jinger (like the spice, not Ringer). The world is watching and praying for her escape. She appears constantly annoyed by her sisters and viewers have taken note of her many eye-rolls when they talk of meeting Mr. Right and their love of all things denim. She broke all of our hearts when she tried to say how much she would love living in the city and her mother swiftly corrected that statement saying that she merely wants to live close to a Wal-Mart and not in the boonies. Dream big, Jinger. We all have our hopes pinned on her eventual escape from the compound so she can write a fantastic tell-all and live her life happily in the city guzzling cups of forbidden coffee and doing nude photography. Michelle Michelle is the original denim worshiper of the Duggar clan and has passed her savvy fashion sense on to her many daughters. Her eerily calm demeanor creeps us all out as does her slavish devotion to her husband and his sexual desires but it’s her insistence on continuing to want more pregnancies despite her near-menopausal age that really makes her stand out. She has been in the news recently for visiting a fertility specialist to see if she should have more children and also, for giving the world’s most archaic sex advice to her daughters. I do have to admit, though- I need to know what pills she might be taking to remain that calm. I only have two kids and rely on a steady drip of Cabernet so I don’t lose my mind. That aspect of her personality is worthy of admiration and study. Jim Bob Lastly, we have good ol’ Jim Bob “Big Daddy†Duggar. He is Lord of his family and their guide in all things spiritual, sexual and otherwise. He had a big year creepily peeping on dates for his daughter Jill and also, getting his daughter Jessa engaged and ready to breed. He believes a woman’s place is in the home and that long, curly hair is where it’s at. There are many who find him super creepy and with good reason- any man that invested in his daughter’s and their virginity is worthy of a healthy dose of side-eye.
  10. ambertheprincess

    The other children

    Everyone has been talking about Jessa and Jill lately, and I wonder how the other children feel about it. Jana is the oldest daughter and she still hasn't been in a courtship. Joy-less Anna and Jinger are probably super happy because they know that in a year or two they will be just like Jill and Jessa. What I'm worried about is the howlers and the lost girls. Jill will be all that jim bob and Michelle talk about. In their eyes Jill is the fundie daughter that they dreamed of. Married and Pregnant in a month. If they younger kids weren't cared about before they most definitely aren't now. Plus, their sister moms are slowly leaving. They have to marry Jana off someday, and Jinger and Joy won't be far behind. The older boys will be gone too. Jeremiah and Jedidiah seem like good brothers but they sure as hell won't cook or clean. So who is going to do all of the work? Not Michelle, not Jim, not the boys, it will be left to the lost girls to do it. If we expect 1-2 marraiges a year they will be around ten when they are left to do the work. They will be so neglected, because jim and Michelle are going to try to keep up with their 101 grandkids.
  11. chocomint

    Duggars and Rebellion

    Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster! I was wondering which Duggar you think is going to rebel. With 19 of them, it's only a matter of time before one of the kids wears pants, attends an accredited college, or decides to *gasp* date. Honestly my money is mainly on the girls, just because if you are a male in fundieland, your life doesn't seem to be half bad. I figure that Jinger, Joy or the lost girls are probably our best bets, though I do hope that Jessa and Jana will surprise us.
  12. Which of the Duggar kids do you think is most likely to build a house on J'Chelle and Boob's land and live there as an adult, with their family? I say Josie for sure. Maybe some of the boys. I think Joy and Johannah will go as far away as possible.
  13. I know people host foreign exchange students . I know it will never happen but wouldn't it make a great episode to allow normal people to host a adult Duggar kid for couple of weeks .If you could host a Duggar who would it be and why?
  14. I just now finish reading about Erin/Chad and Zack/Whit, and it make me feel sad for the adult Duggar kids. Are the family may be hiding courtship from the public or they just not in courtships at all? Do the girls just wait until a guy comes to JimBob? Do the guy Duggars dont go out to meet possible wifes? My heart feel sad for the older girls be cause I think they would want to have a boy friend and they dont. Is some thing wrong with them emotionally, like may be they scared of sex or men? Is JimBob not receiving suiters for them at all or may be he too picky or may be he say no to every guy who want to court the daughters? I dont under stand whats going on with them, but I make a guess they feeling it that the Bates are doing courtship and engagement and they not.
  15. Why do some of you think the kids want out of their situation? I just don't see anything but compliant, brainwashed, isolated kids. Sure it's great for us to believe some of them want a different life and the exposure to the world outside the TTH has to help them see other things besides the Gothard way, but I see no signs of anyone wanting to break out. Look at Josh, he's married with three kids but one or more of his sisters are around to make sure they don't stray or say the wrong thing and report back to Boob and Mullet. I think it would be wonderful, especially with the girls, to get them away from that environment, but I just think it is very unlikely to happen.
  16. I imagine Boob and Mullet have a last will and testament. Do you think they will divy up their estate (assuming they have one by the time they die, the TLC Gravy train will crash sooner or later) according to the bible (Deuteronomy 21:15–17) or what an estate attorney advises? I say the former.
  17. A few ideas were shared under another topic about Duggar kids who are likely to rebel, about what they may do to economically and socially survive, if they ever leave the compound. But I could not come across a separate topic dedicated to that during my search (sorry if I missed it if there is one!), so I decided to ask people about creating a mini idea guide for the lucky Duggar rebel who may read it. About how they would start working, how they would get a place they can pay for or co-share etc. I live in the UK so I am not very familiar with the type of government help that is offered in the US to people in need of income or educational support. I tried and tried but could not think of a job apart from giving music lessons or childcare for the J'slaves. Not sure the x 19 Duggar orchestra is skilled enough, though.
  18. I was wondering if people considered birth order as a determining factor in who is likely to rebel in the Duggar household? I'm torn myself. On one hand, it makes sense that the oldest Duggar children, especially the 4 oldest daughters, would most likely rebel. They had to suffer through the lean times, crammed into a tiny house with more and more kids. The older girls do the bulk of cooking and cleaning and caring for the younger ones. Why would any of them want to get married and repeat the process? They've done their share of being mommy without ever getting a childhood. This theory would also imply that the younger children, especially the younger boys, will be most likely to follow their parents in the lifestyle. Their memories consist of living in a large, comfortable home, and caring a lighter share of chores, plus they had their needs met through their "sister moms". In other words, they had a real childhood. Then again, the oldest kids are the most indoctrinated. There's the idea that older children tend to be the more responsible ones, setting the example for younger sibling. Stereotypically, younger siblings are given more leeway and so tend to slack or rebel more often. So then the youngest Duggars may turn away from being quiverful because their they were raised with less expectations and indoctrination. Besides, by the time the 10th kid rolled around, Michell and Jim-Bob were probably phoning it in with the ATI stuff..... Then there's the theory that getting used to the wealth that the TV show brings, none of the Duggar kids, especially not the middle and younger ones (Joy on down) want to go back to poverty. Josh and Anna might enjoy having extra money and maybe think stopping at 5 kids isn't so bad. The older girls may feel traveling and having nice clothes is pretty sweet. The rest may feel having a large home and getting cool stuff is how they'd like to live from here on out. It's doubtful any of the Duggar kids will be able to replicate the type of set up their parents have. How much more Duggar programming can America get? After the show ends, each Duggar child will be forced to seek their own fortunes out. It's doubtful they'll be able to afford such a large home (debt-free, no less) and raise up a dozen children in the same level of comfort, not if they stay in the quiverful lifestyle. So I'm left unsure who will most likely rebel in the Duggar household. Any thoughts? Competing theories?
  19. Hold on to your seats, Michelle has written more insightful and original parenting tips, this time on how to guide your kids into adulthood. Step one: never let them out of your sight. Step two: Never let them get exposed to ideas that are not approved by Michelle and Jom Bob Gothard er, God. Any ideas they are exposed to should be factually incorrect, this can include anything from creationism is true to King James translated the Bible all by himslef to everyone in the Middle East gets along all the time to people who get shingles cannot get chicken pox. Step three: give your son a car lot and house. Then, give him a man to run the business and a woman to run the house so he can focus on more important things like taking pictures of garbage cans. Step four: keep everyone else at home under the umbrella of protection until forever. Well, that would be the more accurate version. Michelle's spin is that you need to talk to your kids, encourage them to talk to you, and to never let them have a thought that you are not aware of. Pretty much like every other post on parenting. I wonder if they just keep the same posts and change a few key words to make it work for new topics.
  20. This question has come up time and again on the TWOP board. Some people seem to think that all of the oldest kids, age 18 and up , are being paid a separate paycheck by TLC to participate on the 19 Kids and Counting show. I have read many times that reality shows tend to pay one salary to the family, and it's up to them to figure out how to allocate it. I'm certain that Jim Bob keeps all of the money earned from the show in an account that only he and Michelle have access to. Does anyone think that the over 18 Duggars would still live at home as unpaid nannys and housekeepers if they actually received a regular salary from the show? My guess is no.
  21. homeschoolmomma1

    Life as a Duggar

    I know we do a lot of Day in the Life stuff, but my husband made me think about this yesterday. First, a little background. My family decided this weekend to 'fall' clean the house- go through paperwork, drawers, etc. It was tiring. We went to bed early last night and my husband looked at me and said, "At least you are not a J-slave" and that got me thinking. Do the Duggar girls drag themselves to bed each night exhausted? I know a lot of their meals are from a can, however they cleaned and do a lot each day. So what is the life of the Younger kids Older kids Michelle and Jim Bob like each day? through your eyes
  22. http://crushable.com/entertainment/dugg ... jessa-987/ Josh and Anna: Will have 4 kids and mysteriously not get pregnant again in spite of "having fun trying" Kids will quietly move to Christian school John David--will happily marry, have a few kids and keep a very low profile. He'll be well respected in town. Jana Will marry (show finale?) a guy as vomit-inducing as David and will lead a soul-crushing life bearing child after child. Jill--will still be at home (She and Jana will deliver relatives and friends babies for a while, then move on) and will be the one who goes on vacation with the various siblings family to take care of the kids, she'll take care of grandma, take care of her parents and become super into Bible Study. She'll play the piano and harp after she's cleaned everything and nuked dinner for her folks. She'll leave any money she has to ATI. Jessa-- will marry someone ok to all and be there for the siblings. Jinger--after a torturous 2-4 years at HQ she'll slip on the El one day and live in Wicker Park and go bar hopping for a few years before realizing she needs an actual education. She'll be fine. Joseph--Will party wildly and go hunting with other young rednecks and have fun before finally marrying and having a normal life towing cars with John or similar. Josiah will just plain leave. Never look back. Never speak to anyone in the family again except maybe his Grandma. Joy Anna will run off with a friend of Joseph's and go back to Community College and become a nurse's aid or something. Jed/Jer--the film one will have a film at San Antonio Film Festival, marry a hot Vision Forum daughter and make movies The other will likely meet a wife on a Gothard mission trip and do some small business or join her family's business Jason James Justin Jackson JB/J'chelle will reap what the sowed with this crew. At least two will be totally out-of-control. Having had no encouragement in real education they will have small businesses cleaning swimming pools, pumping septic tanks, renting power washers, black-topping driveways etc. One or two will be sent to Gotahrd reform camp. Johanna--will have HUGE attitude problems and be the most challenging child yet. She will come close to destroying them. Jennifer--will be like her role model, "Dill" Jordyn--will be less wild than Hannie, but much more than Jenny Josie---will be trotted out as a dog/pony show exhibit right before the slide show of Jubilee as the Duggar parents make their way perpetually around the church speaking tour until they are doing only home churches.
  23. I have been really wondering when one of the kids will finally get fed up of being on a bus and caring for their brothers and sisters. How much longer do you all think?
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