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Found 19 results

  1. Before the rollback, we were discussing the potential for Kelly Bradrick to have remarried over the weekend, because a Bed, Bath, and Beyond? registry was found with Kelly's name on it. Hopefully someone who has a better memory of this comes by. Anyway, onward from here:
  2. Kelly and Peter Bradrick are divorcing. Relevant info:
  3. Marian the Librarian

    Peter Bradrick files for Divorce

    It gives me no joy to report that Peter Bradrick has filed for divorce: https://linxonline.co.pierce.wa.us/linxweb/Case/CivilCase.cfm?cause_num=17-3-00135-9
  4. Want More Babies

    Michael Courage Bradrick

    Introducing Michael Courage Bradrick! This little man child was born at 4:20am this morning and his valiant mother is doing wonderfully. He is named after his grandfather Michael Bradrick and will officially be Michael C. Bradrick Jr.! He will go by Courage. His fathers prayer for him is that he will rise up to be a self sacrificial man who loves his God like his grandfather and that his life will be defined by the Courage of Jesus Christ that took Him to the cross and the grave making Him the ultimate example of heroism for all time! — with Kelly Bradrick and 2 others. His comment a little later was this: Since little Little Michael Courage was born 5 weeks prematurely he is currently in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) being treated for low glucose and high bilirubin count. He is doing fine and will hopefully be discharged very soon. It looks like Peter is bragging about his brood mare. Kelly was amazing as usual. 16hr labor. She is recovering more quickly than ever before! But please keep praying for her continued recovery. I didn't know they would allow a mother to labor that long being several weeks early though he weighed in at 5lbs 14 oz.
  5. Look at Princess Kelly (and her lesser fancy but probably much more authentic sister, Blair) in this lovely homeschool group photo from who-knows-when. But it was before Kelly became a blonde and Petey took her on and she popped out 5 blessings for Jesus.
  6. This nugget of praise to sippy-cup Bradrick from his wife in honor of Father's Day. Blech. "It takes determination and vision to know what you hope for your children and then purpose before God to go at it with all of your heart. It is not a task for the faint of heart, or the sluggard. Being a father is some of the hardest work there is. My husband is one of the greatest examples to me of what strong, unshakable fatherhood looks like- with the tenderness of a man who longs before God to do what is right with such an enormous responsibility as training children in the way they should go. My boys are small but they know what manhood is- they know what honor is- they know what responsibility is- they know what sin is- they know what repentance is- and they are learning who God is. They know because they have a faithful father. It is not without fear and trembling that he takes on this task each day, but it is with assurance that there is no greater thing that he could invest his life in... And I have never seen a man make such a job look so glorious and inspiring as my man. Happy Fathers Day Peter. I love you. "
  7. If Kelly wanted to leave her current marriage, how would she escape? Reading through the thread about her newest son, I can't help but feel discouraged at her chances for leaving the Vision Forum Cult. Even if she wanted to leave, everyone around her would support her husband and strongly encourage her to remain. She has no marketable skills and I wouldn't put it past the Vision Forum members(even her dad) to lie so that her husband could retain custody of their children. Her family would probably not support her choice to leave her husband. With absolutely no support system, how could she leave her marriage and restart again? Would she have to break all ties or flee with the kids?
  8. Kelly opens her article by describing a scene in which a young boy is having a private conversation with Jesus. During that conversation, Jesus sits forward and stares into the young boy's eyes, reciting a verse from Proverbs. I would have been pissed that the savior, who is supposed to love us all equally, had intimate words only for young boys and not little girls. Really? So the young girl can only live through the males in her life? Even god considers them a second class citizen? Surely, some girls in Vision Forum circle must ask, "Why don't I matter except as an accessory to men?" I don't understand how their women don't rebel in mass. It is like these people purposely live in some sort of romantic fantasy world. But parents must look at their daughters and see potential outside of what they can do for men. Is every single Vision Forum male a egocentric jack ass determined to take up all his daughter's attention and time? This sounds creepy and puts a lot of pressure on girls to be perfect for her brothers. http://storage.cloversites.com/hopebapt ... 20Call.pdf Because it makes me emotionally sick, I'm not going to analyze the entire 8 pages. Kelly is passing on a life of little choices, guilt and poverty onto her daughter. Although I understand that she wants that life for herself, I don't understand why any loving parent would want the same for their daughters. I just don't understand it.
  9. WonderingInWA

    Bradrick! Crisis News

    Well, so Petey and Kelly brought their newest blessing home from the NICU. To a house that has had the chicken pox. All of the kids except one got them 2 weeks ago right around the time Kelly gave birth to her baby 5 weeks early, and now the child who didn't get them has them. So he's being kept from the new PREMATURE baby. Uh, duh. I don't normally feel sorry for Kelly since having sex with sippy-cup ears is a CHOICE, but I can't imagine what kind of stress she has been through in the past 2 weeks.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghjtPmVdl24 I spent a lot of time talking to my grandparents also, It seems odd to include that she spent countless hours talking with her grandfather. OF course, she did.
  11. Me thinks the 5th pregnancy isn't going so well. Understandably her poor body is exhausted, but there is no rest for the weary women in Fundie-land! There's reproducing to be done! Hubbie Peters' most recent FB post: "My woman is amazing. There is a certain kind of sturdy endurance that mothers like her build which is superior, in my opinion, to almost every other kind of strength. It is through a voluntary sacrifice of bodily comforts and ease in order to carry out the high call of child bearing and motherhood 24/7/365. It is a calculated commitment to true beauty and fruitfulness, knowing that the cost is big...and the road is long but the reward is unparalleled among achievements. Let the women of the world sneer because she doesn't look or act like them. She has come to expect that, and will take it as inspiration. Her joy is in Christ. Her value is not defined by Cosmopolitan Magazine. And her husband is more in love with her today than ever before. Kelly, I'm so proud of you! And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9" Gag on the word "sturdy" that Peter seems to love so much. Not sure what woman would enjoy being called sturdy, but whatever. What I want to know is how in the world does Kelly have the time or energy to homeschool her oldest kids!?
  12. Ok, it's not even funny anymore...this woman's body is probably JUST recovering from the "trauma" it experienced with the birth of Geneva Convention. It is not healthy for a woman's body to go through multiple back to back pregnancies--which I'm sure may have been part of the reason why she had some complications after Geneva. That woman's body's gotta be begging for mercy at this point. I guess she figures she now has to keep up with her sister/sister-in law or else she may become irrelevant. vimeo.com/40253846
  13. She's so regular and her youngest baby is will be 1 in a couple of months. What is up with her?
  14. NurseNell

    Bradrick's Sons Name

    Peter and Kelly Bradrick have 2 little boys. They are named Triumph Perseverance Bradrick, who's 3, and Knox Defender Bradrick, who's 2. What terrible names for anyone, never mind little boys. :angry-screaming: I hope they legally change their names when they are 18. Oops, I missed their third son, 6 month old Loyal Cromwell Bradrick. Maybe in addition to legally changing their names one or more will become a Catholic. That would be such poetic justice. :mrgreen: Nell edited to add the 3rd son
  15. Found this while googling "Princess" Kelly and Geneva: annarebekahphotography.blogspot.com/2011/07/baby-blessings.html A huge improvement from the after-birth photos, but chica still looks a whole lot like her pappy.
  16. to know where Kelly Bradrick and her mother Deborah Brown were, when this happy, smiling group photo was taken in Saint Andrew's, Scotland. Please note that Peter "the Gargoyle" B. and his FIL (and biggest fan) Scott Brown are in evidence. No Kelly, no Geneva Conference, no Deborah. At the hospital, perhaps? <> Heck, I'm easy - I'd give the $1 just to know the date of the photo. Kelly went on the Life Flight to the hospital on 11 June, so ... anyhoo. Please note the Phillips girl in the blue scarf. I like her style. ;)
  17. I don't even know if this deserves its own topic, but I wandered onto KBB's facebook today and it seriously hurt my brain. :doh: As we all recall, Kelly almost died after the birth of her daughter and had to be life flighted to the hospital. Apparently it was quite serious and she seriously could have died. Now, I am as happy as the next person on the internet who doesn't know her in real life that she survived. But really? They couldn't spare a word of thanks to the doctors who saved her life? No. No, of course they can't. It's all God, all the time. Thank God, that's fine. But jeez, recognize that God himself did not come down and stop the bleeding. This is just a sample:
  18. Kelly B posted today or yesterday about watchin 2 of her sons play at home "in the Carolna's. " So the good news is, she's back home after her near-death experience abroad. The annoying news is, the longtime resident of North Carolina doesn't know how to punctuate the word indicating the two states that share the "Carolina" name. I'd love to see her "life's work" book about her granddad's WWII heroism as a fighter pilot. However, I confess I'd be looking at it mostly to check for grammatical, spelling & punctuation errors! ;)
  19. Kelly has a recent Facebook post in which she thanks God for being alive. When I looked in the comments, I saw that she posted that she started hemorrhaging a few days ago and had to be life flighted to a hospital. The MDs found retained pieces of placenta that were causing the hemorrhage. So, a couple things: 1) Could this complication be caused by having four children, basically one right after the other, in fewer than five years? 2) She had this last baby in the hospital and still had this complication. What will she do if they tell her to take a break from child bearing? 3) What if this had happened a week or so ago when she was traveling in Italy?