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Found 12 results

  1. ! {TEXT1}: This conversation started in one of the Joshley Madison threads: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=26846&start=40#p1012531 Except the Malfoys ultimately chose their son over Voldemort. Voldemort is their Gothard, and they hate muggles and muggle-borns just as much as Gothardites hate teh gays and non-Christians. When the Malfoys were about to get everything they ever wanted - the downfall of Harry and Voldemort was on the brink of victory - Mrs. Malfoy was only concerned about the safety of her son. She was willing to throw everything away and risk death/torture for her son. These crap holes would never do that. And don't compare butt weasels to Ma and Pa Keller, that's mean to butt weasels
  2. An article on Radar says they did . I just find it hard to believe they would shun her when Deanna had Amy out of wedlock and they include them on the show with no problem. But another article refutes these rumors and shows pics of Susannah and the baby, together with Anna and Josh. I wonder who this 'inside source' is. I am no Duggar fan, but these stories are getting crazier and this brings atttention to someone who didnt ask to be part of this circus. http://www.inquisitr.com/1674520/no-dug ... f-wedlock/
  3. anjulibai

    Multiple Michaels

    Jason, Derick and Ben's middles names are all Michael. Ben's dad is Michael. And we all know that Michael Duggar was named for Anna's dad. This, along with the discussion about potential names for Baby Dilly, got me to thinking: what if another of the Duggar kids wants to name their child the same as an already existing grandchild? Like, what if Ben wants to name a son after his father? Do you think any of the Duggars would go ahead with that? I mean, they are used to siblings with similar sounding names, would they be okay with their children having the same name as a cousin? And would it even matter after a certain point, given how many grandchildren there might end up being in that family? Thoughts?
  4. AniLand

    David & Priscilla

    I was just reading some stuff on the Family Summaries forum. It looks like David & Priscilla only knew each other as acquaintances, and then went straight into a courtship, with her dad being the go-between?? That's so weird. Edited to say: I was just reading about Mirantha & Matthew Chapman. I really don't know what to say. I've never heard of them before. This is really bothering me, very much.
  5. I just saw on the Duggar's and Bates's Confessions blog that Anna's sister Susanna had a baby out of wedlock. I never knew about this. Do you guys know anything about it? How long ago was it? Who is the father? Are they still together? How did her parents/family handle it? Etc?
  6. AniLand

    Anna's parents

    I've wondered this for the last five (six?) years, since Anna & Josh were going through their courtship/engagement, and the show was featuring Anna's parents. I don't know how to say this with correctness, but is Anna's mom mentally disabled? Her dad is obviously a complete doofus, OMG I would be so embarrassed if I was related to him. But I don't remember her mom saying very much, and she just comes across to me like she is not able to carry on a conversation or anything, and just grinning through her buck teeth and 1960s eye glasses. Does anybody know anything about her?
  7. I would have said 'making', but I think that they're using per-packaged dough? duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/baking-cookies-at-kellers.html Gawd, Mack and Mike are so adorable (Mike taking a bite of the cookie instead of giving it to Anna was amazing). They seem like such normal people sometimes.
  8. David posted this video (youtube.com/watch?v=_TZwSamhoFM) on youtube, where Anna and Priscilla are talking about growing up... Have you guys seen this? Can you believe Anna is Priscilla's little sister? Seems to be other way around... Ps. By the way I love Priscilla's top
  9. Why is it that in the Keller family, at least some of the children are trying to live their own life and going against their family's will, while in the Duggar family NO ONE even tries?! They had a similiar upbringing, no?
  10. Is Priscilla older than Anna? I was just wondering about this because I read on some topics that people refer to her as Anna's older sister. If she is, I was thinking if Priscilla might feel awkward that her younger sister got married first and got thrust into the limelight with the Duggars...
  11. So, Joshua, Anna's BIL, has a website called IBLP Detox (I know it was posted on the old forum) and it is actually pretty interesting. I asked him how/when him and his wife decided to leave ATI/IBLP and why they did and he gave a pretty interesting story behind it. Looks like they had problems with their family in the beginning of their marriage when they started questioning Gothard's teaching. He keeps referring to IBLP as this "cause-and-effect relationship" and how they misinterpret the teaching of the Bible. Although he doesn't flat out diss Gothard, he does give you an insight look on how Gothard's teaching effected him spiritually. Pretty interesting articles, even though they are pretty long. iblpdetox DOT com.
  12. My mom likes watching 19 Kids and Counting. I watch too, but for a different reason. She said to me one day (no lie) that the Duggars and Fundy families must be "happier than normal people" because of their seemingly stress-free existance. I disagree. Would you be happy if you were a Bates, Duggar, Keller, or other fundie offspring.
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