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Found 11 results

  1. She worked as a coffee shop barista: judgybitch.com/2014/07/25/repost-the-moment-i-knew-feminism-was-a-crock-of-shit/ Wow! Nothing I like more with my mocha than a bunch of bile, bitterness and bitchery. And just get a load of what kind of student Judgy Bitch was in college. Such a charmer, such a gem.
  2. Her latest work is set in a dystopian world reminiscent of Panem ... only not nearly as readable. But definitely capable of producing a giggle or two. http://www.amazon.com/Fitness-Test-Jane ... bloomfield
  3. HIlarity ensues. She's become so desperate for validation from her sexually frustrated MRA fans that she'll do anything to keep them interested: depressedfeminist.blogspot.com Of course, she says she showed her boobs because she wanted to expose feminists as hypocrites. Whatever. Who does she think she's fooling? I wonder what her amazing, white-knight husband thinks.
  4. Question for JB: Since you believe that men/women should be allowed to legally rape fuck pre- and young teen girls/boys with secondary sex characteristics because you believe that having breasts/pubic hair automatically makes someone an adult, then do you also believe that pre- and young teen boys/girls should be allowed to vote, drive, enter into legally binding contracts, decide whether or not to go to school, purchase alcohol or join the military? Also, what about people who have severe cognitive disabilities, who may have a developmental age far below their chronological one? Just asking.
  5. JB's just put out another unintentionally hilarious blog post. I don't think she wants to annoy feminists (although she certainly wants to do that) as much as she needs MRA/PUA validation so desperately that she just vomits out anything she thinks will please them. http://www.donotlink.com/e2lx UH, JB, who's going to raise and pay for all those children confiscated at birth so that society will "learn to value men"? Is the government going to set up Romanian-style orphanages with taxpayer money? Yep, your conservative friends will certainly approve of that And there are already places where men of are paid to deposit their genetic material, where women can pay a fee to use a man's DNA to make a child without him having to have any financial and emotional commitments to that child. They are called Sperm Banks.
  6. An apparent "Hunger Games" rip-off called "The Fitness Test." thefitnesstest.net/ FYI-If you want to read more of JB's tome of badly written tripe you have to pay 99 cents per chapter (14.99 for the whole thing-oy, what a bargain), and she adds a new chapter every Friday. Oh, and JB calls her main character a "cunt." That JB, ever the charming little coquette. judgybitch.com/tag/the-fitness-test/
  7. GolightlyGrrl

    Judgy Bitch Has Mommy Issues

    If only Judgy Bitch had gotten therapy instead of becoming a misogynist MRA fan girl. judgybitch.com/2014/04/18/paul-elam-interviews-me-spoiler-i-end-up-with-hair-in-my-throat/ And someone totally has a potty mouth and needs to have it washed out with soap.
  8. thoughtcatalog.com/janet-bloomfield/2014/04/im-an-anti-sexist-liberal-doctoral-student-wife-and-mother-who-supports-the-mens-rights-movement-over-feminism-heres-why/
  9. ...single moms, not so much. judgybitch.com/2014/04/04/dating-single-fathers-just-say-yes-a-note-for-all-the-single-ladies/
  10. http://judgybitch.com/2014/03/14/wake-u ... r-masters/ So, poor oppressed black women, wake up!!!! it's the eeevil middle class/rich racist white feminists that are the cause of all your misery! First they alienate you from your brave black men, then they manipulate you into cleaning their f&*^ing toilets and make you their husband's sex slaves! Does JB really think that the only work working class/poor women of color do is work as domestic servants/nannies? JB, white women clean houses and nanny children, too. And more of them are turning to that kind of work because they have no choice in this crappy economy. Just like black and hispanic women. Go to Care.com and you'll see. Yes, some women/men pay their employees slave wages. It's because they're miserly. That's not the fault of feminists though. If you'd bother to do any research feminists have consistently fought for higher wages and better working conditions for women. Her jealous rage at ladies who are better off than she is really shows through. Seriously, I don't whether the other reason(s) JB writes this ridiculous s#$t is because she doesn't get out much or is just plain stupid, or both.
  11. This should be interesting: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/women- ... d=20579038 I'm just waiting for Shitstain Mary and Judgy Bitch to get wind of this.
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