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Found 30 results

  1. Obviously we talk about whats happening now with the Duggar Family and what has happened in the past and maybe in general; whats gonna happen in the next decade or so. The year 2034 will see Josie at her 25th birthday. How drastically different will she turn out because of the more privileged life she will lead as a result of TLC and the fact that she probably will be the last sibling born at this point. Will JB and DQ still be die hard Gothardites/ATI or will have they abandoned the whole thing for a more mainstream evangelical christian lifestyle? So many possible outcomes.
  2. http://www.people.com/article/tlc-19-ki ... sneek-peek I have a question for the medical FJers. - What constitutes a long seizure? What kind of damage can happen in seizures? From the article:
  3. tabitha2

    Josies B-day.

    http://www.people.com/article/josie-dug ... day-photos And that other kid was there also.
  4. just been on lawson's instagram and there is video that shows josie in a onsie - not sure if i have correct term - it has legs!! and she is playing football with the boys
  5. CorruptionInc.

    Mullet's hypocrisy strikes again

    I am very annoyed by what Michelle said about the Doctor who delivered Josie. She says that due to "all his skills in school, he was able to save you". HIS SKILLS HE LEARNT IN SCHOOL. You deny your kids any real chance of going to university to pursue dreams, yet you know that this Doctor wouldn't be where he was if it wasn't from school. I don't think you can get a medical degree from College Minus.
  6. Josie sang the National Anthem on one "Dishing with the Duggars" episode: Interesting. Her pitch is excellent and she can really belt it out, with a quaver in her voice. On the other hand, her enunciation is still pretty dreadful.
  7. homeschoolmomma1

    I cannot understand what Josie says

    I cannot understand what Josie says like 90% of the time. I feel like it is just me. Does anyone else understand what she says? I feel like I need subtitles. I am not trying to be rude or make fun of her. I honestly just can't
  8. FJismyheadship

    Josie left at Wal-Mart?

    http://allabouttheduggars.boards.net/th ... ar-walmart I saw this earlier today.
  9. Michelle told Josie in a recent episode "The world does not revolve around you." Normally, this would be a good thing, but it is coming from an attention seeker to a 4 yr old. She(and Boob) should follow their own advice and take themselves off tv.
  10. What's up with those movements Josie was making in the TH with Jordyn and Jenny in "A Duggar Says..."? While her sisters commented that Derick was handsome and that Jill loved him, Josie there in the middle was nonverbal and making very weird grunts and gestures. She looked almost autistic.
  11. Michelle gives an update on "Bionic Baby" Josie. parentables.howstuffworks.com/family-matters/how-michelle-duggar-deals-her-daughters-food-sensitivities.html Should a 3-year-old really be responsible for making sure that others don't give her food that she can't have?
  12. ljohnson2006

    Josie's Sensory Issues

    While watching the inevitable and totally unnecessary M3 announcement, I noticed that Josie was yelling at covering her ears a lot. Preemies can have sensory issues, and I think that Josie does. Are Boob and Mullet ignoring it? Do they think she'll grow out of it? Maybe Josie is autistic and they don't know because they're too stupid to get her the intervention that she obviously needs? I feel bad for her. She could be doing so much better if her parents weren't complete morons.
  13. Happy Birthday, Josie. I hope your parents remember you exist today and that you get lots of attention and love.
  14. Visionoyahweh

    Michelle Says Josie Is Normal

    Michelle actually remembered Josie exists, and decided to tell us all to STFU: http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/he ... ddler.html Conveniently leaving out the world tour which made her seriously Ill. Technically that didn't happen during flu season. it's all good! Most eagle-eyed views know she's not entirely caught up. Wisdom booklets. Shiver. Micropreemies need more than that to catch up, idiot.
  15. Guest

    Josie In Danger!

    I might have overlooked this if it was just one photo, but two!!! Someone please have the brains to take a fork away from a teething baby!!! Deleted.....
  16. Seeing J-B tear up made me feel sad for him when I watched this video. (Josie's birth.)
  17. Buzzard

    New Josie Pic

    Famy just posted this. Started a new thread because she looks good! edited to fix link
  18. I guess the Duggars are pretty spread out across the map this week with the manly men on the campaign trail and I'm guessing the girls and littles at home and at least Michelle is down in Little Rock today. My cousin just ran into her at ACH and took a picture with her She said she's prettier in person than on tv. My cousin is busy with her kid's Dr's appointments so I haven't had a chance to get the low-down and see why Michelle was there or what kids were with her. Hopefully I'll get some dish later today
  19. TinyDancer87

    Duggar Disorders

    With Josie's struggles in the hospitals and this recent miscarriage, Michelle is receiving a lot of attention- empathy, sympathy, and praise. It seems that she is most happy when all eyes are on her "being a good mother"... her being pregnant, her in the hospital with Josie, her filming her children's accidents on her cell phone. What a good mother! Reminds me of a certain personality disorder: Munchausen's syndrome by proxy. Yes, it may be a bit of a stretch, but who can deny that Michelle FEEDS off of the attention from the illnesses and trials that she goes through? I mean, WHY would she bring Josie to EUROPE, knowing full well that she was at risk? Oh! Surely only to be the hero mother, taking care of her sick child in Israel. How noble! And why would she turn her miscarriage into a look-at-me-I'm-such-a-good-mother-by-recognizing-my-aborted-child spectacule? I'm sorry, but that letter pushed me over the edge. Women go through trials like these ALL THE TIME, and it's so personal and sensitive! Her lack of emotion reading that letter to Jubalee insults all who have gone through pre-mature births and miscarriages. She is no hero in my eyes. I once had respect for her, but the way she has handled Jubilee's death was pure mockery. Something like this should have not been made public, but Michelle needed her baby voice to be heard! Call it Munchausen's syndrome or pure narcissism, but something is not right. Is this enough for a CPS intervention? One can hope! I can forsee future disorders of the Duggar children in the future. Just look at Jennifer's and Jordyn's social skills (or lack there of)!!!!!
  20. I was watching the Israel episode and was completely freaked out at how behind she is. Josie appears to be unable to walk on her own for a start, and looks physically as floppy as a baby. The talking is literally just babble, not even attempting to string words together like 'want milk' or something simple. She doesn't seem to be properly taking in her environment; when she came back from Israel I know she was ill but there was no sense that she even recognised Dad or any of the other caregivers. I'm not pretending to be an expert on children, but she seems behind even my friends' one year olds. I think she might be more disabled than any of us have realised... there doesn't seem to have been much development for a while.
  21. annalena

    Happy Birthday Josie

    May you not be pushed aside by J'Fetus and may someone step up and take care of your needs. Please.
  22. jebandpunky

    worried about Josie

    With the new baby coming I know lot of people are worried that it may be born with problems or not even born alive.But my worry is for Josie who already has special needs.You can tell she has already been turned over to a buddy for care.But when the new baby arrives if it has it's own special needs and Josie slips into a seizer when no one is looking my hope she wouldn't become the victim in all of this because the Duggars attention has been turned in another direction.They already seem to be pushing her aside.I have big worries that Michelle won't make it or the new baby but I think my biggest one is what is gonna happen to Josie when no one is looking. Is anyone else mind wondering about Josie?
  23. I am fully aware that micro-preemies like Josie do progress slowly compared to full-term babies. I also realize that any breathing issues could take years to resolve. The fact that she's walking is a positive sign. Having said that, judging from the (admittedly limited and no doubt heavily edited) footage of Josie I have seen, it appears to me that she has some significant cognitive delays. JB and Michelle seem to enjoy highlighting her clapping and babbling. While I suppose this is a positive sign, this is something my kids did around 7-8 months of age. Josie is almost 2. Even factoring in expected delays, this seems to be a major setback. From my limited perspective, she doesn't seem to be fully engaged. She could certainly benefit from some speech and occupational therapy, but is she getting it? Or will she? Is it possible she has hearing issues? Are they being addressed? Unfortunately, especially now with all of the focus on number 20, she has been dumped on a buddy, and relegated to the pack of forgotten howlerettes. It is just sad. I really hope her idiot parents don't just try to pray any problems away.
  24. I realized that Josie is almost 2 years old and we haven't heard an announcement from Michelle. Do you think she is now onto a new "season of life"? God I can only hope.
  25. homeschoolmomma1

    Josie's ear infection

    I'm not a doctor but do a lot of ear infections in babies cause deafness? I know I am asking an odd questions but I was just wondering
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