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Found 91 results

  1. Please carry on from here: Thank you to @LilMissMetaphor for the name of this thread.
  2. Continued from here: Jill has been quiet this weekend, but she'll be back lowering the bar. She always does.
  3. Continued from here: A huge thank you to @Fruitcake for the thread title. Tim is back at college in Washington STATE, the rest of the family is back in WV after their ‘singing for their supper’ road trip to Ohio. Jill has shown her ass for the first time in 2019, officially going low with a declaration that heaven has a wall and hell has open borders. Jill has been at a Plexus convention, where she may or may not succeed in dominating any and all conversations. She plans to run/walk 2019 miles in 2019 - yet another reason why changing to metric would be easier - 2019 km is significantly more manageable. 2019 steps would be even more so. Even 2019 steps per day would give Jill plenty of time to think of new things to discuss on Facebook Live and/or new ways to lower the bar of TIJWTA.
  4. Yes, I know Timothy is at Bible college, but the title was getting long. I can't believe that platter of food was all. My mind won't accept it. My daughter makes more food for five of us (two are 4 and 6) when I visit. Continued from here: Credit for screen grab to JermajestyDuggar.
  5. The thread title is as much of a warning as an update, because I know many people do NOT want to read about reborn dolls...but sadly JRod has evidently ordered two particularly terrible ones for her daughters, so they almost certainly will be discussed here. Just in time for Halloween, Rufus bless her. Continuing from:
  6. In a BRAND NEW LOW, Jill has deleted a person she actually knows in real life because that person shared that she is a survivor of sexual assault. How DARE she not hero-worship the Trump administration, even against her own personal experiences? Kavanaugh is basically Jabba the Hutt to me, and I hope this Dr. Rebel Princess takes him down for what he did to her. Jill is a disgusting waste of carbon. Continued from:
  7. Jill made a video of David "working" and printing more of their terrible smiley face tracts. She made it public so we could ALL see the HARD WORK. The only thing I saw working hard was the printing press itself, and I don't think I have ever implied the PRINTING PRESS should get a job. Timothy was evidently annoying people for Jesus at the fair. 112 people is how many he successfully annoyed! Jill is proud. Continued From:
  8. TIMOTHY IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL, but to read Jill's posts you'd never know that. He's just in Spokane, WA. As someone from Western WA, we make LOTS of Spokane jokes, and sure, I've heard Eastern WA compared to Hell...but we don't ACTUALLY think that if you go there you are basically dead. Also, Jill brags that her son texts her "I love you deeply" before bed. Just going to leave that here. Continued from:
  9. Somehow Snuggles got left behind AGAIN by the Rods! This is truly a freak accident, as the Rods were VERY responsible and only let Snuggles out to pee and roam around off leash in a new place...and then just so happened to forget about Snugs when they were loading up! And continued to forget about Snuggles until he was plastered all over the internet! Could happen to literally anyone who is irresponsible enough to let their dog roam around off-leash in a new, un-fenced location!! Why are people being so MEAN to Jill?!? I think we all know the answer: forget green bean cans, the Lost Dogs of Spokane County facebook page is now the latest tool used by Satan to persecute the Rods. Naturally, the Rods were VERY distressed by the loss of Snuggles, which is why instead of turning around to go back and retrieve the dog, it was absolutely essential they continue on their seaside holiday for a few days instead. Sadly for Snuggles, Timothy will be the only Rod left behind in Spokane. Third time's the charm, Snuggles. I believe in you. NEVER stop trying to escape! Continuing from:
  10. Continued from here: Jilly and David are planning to take Timothy to Moody in Spokane for his missionary flight college. The one that just lost an instructor and two students in a crash. They are currently set on choosing the most expensive and least efficient way of getting Timothy off to school. Let's take the entire family in the RV!
  11. Timothy is getting ready to go off to school, off to school, to prove to Jill that he's not a fool. Meanwhile, Jill doesn't really understand how actual school works or what constitutes a good test score. Continued From: No one knows what the future holds, but it's comforting in times of insecurity to know that no matter what Jill posts, this will probably be my response to it: Mrs. Rodrigues, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  12. (Sung to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer") Sa'un got run over by a grift car Trying to attack our fam-i-ly You can say there's no such thing as Sa'un But as for me and David, we believe He'd been stalking us through Facebook And we prayed for him to go But he forgot we're always praying And Go Fund Me really showed him, don'tcha know? When the doorbell rang one morning I was taken quite aback A lady had a car for us A gift sent down from Heaven, that's a fact! Sa'un got run over by our grift car All thanks to my sweet puppet, dear Nureeeee! You can say there's no such thing as freebies But as for me and David, we believe! ARGHHH!!! I posted this in the wrong forum. Can a moderator move this to the JillRod current conversation, please?
  13. Nurie and Kaylee totaled a car. The car was not worth much, but the Rods NEED 20k from you. Seriously, are you expecting them to cancel their VACATIONS?!? Like the totally unnecessary cross country road trip for the whole fam to see Timothy off to school or David’s road trip to NY to bring his mom down for a visit? How DARE you suggest that? WHO cancels vacations?!? Me? Oh yes, I did when I found out I would need to spend 14k on a new roof, but I don’t have a gold star from Jesus like Jill does. They are already really pinching pennies...except for Jill, who is still going on unnecessary shopping sprees while her recovering daughters manage the house. Besides, this GFM was made 100% by “””Nurie””” even though she doesn’t even know the name of the site. This was ABSOLUTELY not made by Jill and Jill alone. No way. And people are being MEAN about it! To Jill! They’re saying mean, hurtful things like “Get a job to pay your bills” and “This is inappropriate”. Can you believe it?!? Jill is so persecuted. Details are fuzzy. Things don’t add up. Satan’s on a rampage. (Don’t) Donate today! Continued from:
  14. Nurie and Kaylee were in a car accident, but they’re going to recover, praise Rufus. Jill, naturally, responded to the situation by IMMEDIATELY taking photos and selfies of the injured girls and slapping those all over social media. Repeatedly. Now Nurie feels like she has to go live to talk about what caused the accident (despite the fact that she finds it difficult) because everyone is asking. Oh, and there’s a gofundme because OF COURSE there is and Jill wants NOT JUST a new car, but also all the instruments they had in the back of the car. The girls were on their way back from volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, so no word on WHY the instruments were in there. Cars are TERRIBLE places to keep instruments like those because the temperature changes alone can break or warp the instruments beyond repair. But no, they left them in there because they are morons and now they need new ones to be paid for by Jesus. Jill can gofundherself. Continued from here:
  15. Continued from here: Possibly moving away from topics of doom and back to Jill? Pretty please and thank you.
  16. Carried on from here: Thanks to @nastyhobbitses, @SilverBeach, and @Naga Viper for the thread title! ETA: Picture of Timothy’s ratchet graduation cake, as Jill has apparently removed the photo, and it makes me sad to think that people might not get to see it in all its glory. Congratutions, Timothy.