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Found 25 results

  1. 47of74

    Oh, Facebook...

    Yeah, I thought that first thing was something else at first. I think you can probably guess what I thought it was too.
  2. 47of74

    eBay Adventures

    I do bid on stuff on eBay from time to time and I also sell stuff on there too. Thought I'd start a thread for eBay adventures, weird finds, selling on eBay, etc. My most recent sale was of an old laptop I had. Something a bit odd that happened this time was that someone sent me a message at 5:40am yesterday asking if I had received their payment and if I could send the thing to a different address. It was not the winning bidder. My spidey sense was going off right away because of the grammatical and spelling errors in the message. And that individual was in New York while the winner was in Colorado. Yeah, I think that was a scam and they were trying to get a free laptop out of the deal while leaving me and the winner hanging. I turned that piece of excrement in to eBay. Another thing to add to 47's terms and conditions - I'm only going to ship to the address listed in the bid. If people don't like that they can: (a) go fornicate themselves; and (b) not bid on my crap. Happens a lot when I sell stuff. I wish eBay would make it easier to report scammers and people who can't fornicating read terms and conditions.
  3. What the hell was I watching that Google thought I would want to watch this next?
  4. I am just about all of these...
  5. 47of74

    Hateful ads

    This showed up for me today. Fucking ugh. I told Google what I thought of them for that piece of shit.
  6. I've gone into a huge nostalgia moment with how the internet used to be circa early 2000s. I'm talking, Neopets, Lissa Explains, Geocities, Xanga, etc. Bright colored pages- About me, fun, faq (because people actually asked you questions so many times you needed this ), LiveJournal, cliques, webrings, etc., noone used their full names, "Cutie Factory"... But what was the one website where you could post an ad to be host or look for "hostees" on your website? Does anyone remember this? It's driving me crazy I can't think of it.... What was your favorite old website? Dancing Hamster? Geocities? **i'm not sure if this belongs somewhere else, if so- i apologize for being lazy & not looking first!
  7. An older relative locked up a couple of her accounts and was bugging me repeatedly while I was working to drop every fornicating thing and help her unlock them. I reset her passwords. and made up new ones for her. Both of them now contain swear words.
  8. Namely this place. I didn't see a fornicate you necklace though.
  9. 47of74

    Amazon Alexa Silver

    If I was gonna get the parental units a smart assistant I might get them this... Of course you might need to hold funeral services for me about a day or two later.
  10. The perils of having an Ouija Board floor
  11. So I went and translated "We're gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny fucking Kaye" in to Latin. This was the result. I then translated it back in to English. WTF, Google? Did Google Translate get in to the good stuff early?
  12. I just saw this on FB.... How about instead 1. Nope 2. Nope 3. Nope 4. Nope 5. Nope 6. Nope
  13. Saw this on FB the other day to Google my first name followed by "glamor shot." Of course I had to go do that and this is what came up....
  14. Ooopsie (I took the name of the site out so the FJ site wouldn't be tempted to turn it into a link). I wonder how many family values types will be heading to the site now to get "outraged" (read aroused) over the non family values stuff in there? And will engage in...well....pick yer own euphemism.
  15. Howl

    Net Neutrality

    Hey, y'all. Net neutrality is about to go in the toilet. Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder tells how our internet lives are getting ready to turn into an Orwell novel. Salty language for sure.
  16. Here's the perfect gift for the kiddos....
  17. Yeah, an Orange Fart Cloud snowflake couldn't stand the idea of seeing strong women on the big screen.
  18. A friend just sent me this...
  19. AIM is going away I remember one place I worked some of the people used AIM for instant messaging. This was before companies offered IM solutions for business.
  20. Another racist site might have bitten the dust.
  21. Game. Set. Match. inquisitr.com/4291785/christian-facebook-page-threatens-to-ban-any-followers-posting-rainbow-pride-emojis-chaos-ensues/ Of course I promptly went to their page and showed it some rainbow love. I can't pride things anymore on the page, but I can still see their stuff, so I guess I'm sorta banned.
  22. Some interesting news about the iPhone bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-04-18/apple-readies-iphone-overhaul-for-smartphone-s-10th-anniversary I became upgrade eligible last fall but haven't really moved ahead because the 7 didn't seem all that different than the 6. I'll have to see what Apple comes up with this fall and maybe get a new phone then.
  23. Maggie Mae

    Pottermore (Merged)

    I got into the early registration last night! Now I just have to wait and see if I'm one of the lucky ones picked for the Beta site. I'm so excited! I'm also hoping it's cool as it seems to be really marketed toward the under 13 crowd.
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