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Found 19 results

  1. roddma

    Favorite Scary Movies

    What are your favorite scary movies? I havent seen a lot, but some of my faves are "Carrie", "Poltergeist", and "Christine".
  2. danvillebelle


    Did anyone here besides me see it yet? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I am the only person in my family with any interest. I went to see it alone Sunday. It exceeded all my expectations (and I am a diehard fan of the original who only saw the 2nd sequel and gave up after that). IT WAS THE BOMB-FUCKING-DIGGETY, I LOVED IT! Please another Halloween fan come chat with me about how awesome it was! In related news, seeing the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody on the big screen made me cry. I am going to be a blubbering mass of jello seeing the actual movie.
  3. nickelodeon


    Okay guys, I found this crazy fundie family for us to snark on. It seems the dad had some sort of falling out with his church over some doctrinal issue and now the whole family lives in complete isolation, home-churching, homesteading, the whole deal. The little kids and the goats run wild over the whole property and don't even know how to read or write. The kids, I mean. The goats are great book-lovers. The mom is totally checked out, cares about nothing but praying and breastfeeding, and all the chores fall to the oldest daughter, Thomasin. I feel SO BAD for Thomasin, she just seems sad all the time. I feel like some really weird and disturbing things are going on behind the scenes with this family. The kids are so repressed and isolated, all they do with their lives is compete for their awful parents' approval by reciting bible verses and tattling on each other. I get the feeling this whole thing is going to fall to pieces very soon. #freethomasin
  4. crazydaffodil

    10 Cloverfield Lane

    Anyone else excited to see this new movie coming out soon? It looks really good to me.
  5. I've been completely immersed in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines since I started playing it a couple of weeks ago. As I mentioned in a previous post, it has a lot going for it as far as a computer RPG game: great voice acting, good story, and atmosphere. Lots of atmosphere. Did I mention atmosphere? While the game succeeds in creating immersive play areas throughout its arc, one of the episodes it really nails it is in The Ocean House Hotel quest you're sent on by Therese Voerman, proprietor of The Asylum night club and baroness of Santa Monica. So, VtM:B is not a "horror" game per se, but this episode ranks among my Top Ten Best Horror Moments in Gaming (I'll get this list whipped up at some point soon-ish). The sights, sounds, and overall eerie atmosphere come together in a masterful little side-quest that drops some creepy horror directly in the middle of this dark urban fantasy genre. Turn off the lights, put on your headphones (cranked up for maximum effect), and get ready for an eerie ride through this abandoned--and haunted!--hotel. You immediately set foot into the creepiness by having to travel to the Ocean House via the sewers of Santa Monica. They are filled with an otherworldly glow and the soft lapping of the water creates shadows and a scintillating effect. The way out of the sewers, and into the Ocean House property, is via a gated exit which looks dark and foreboding, creating an air of expectation of worse things to come. If you hack into Therese's computer (and pay attention to the conversation you have with her before you leave her office) you'll note that the hotel's remodeling has come to a halt because of strange happenings afoot at the construction site. When you enter into the Ocean House proper, you find yourself in this abandoned construction site, with the ominous hotel crouching in the background. This sense of abandonment and the far-off lights of the rest of Santa Monica create a sense of being cut off and alone. Crouching like a torpid beast that hasn't yet awoken from its slumber is The Ocean House hotel--made even more ominous by the full moon shining down intermittently in between moments of cloud cover. It really does have an Overlook Hotel kind of vibe to it, don't you think? And here's another shot of it from a different angle: When you first enter, you're faced with a decrepit parlor-like entry hall, with lots of cobwebs and spooky creaking sounds and sinister music playing. If you turn immediately to your right, you see this derelict hallway--empty, with a boarded-up doorway on the left. Oh, silly me! Did I say *empty*? I might have been mistaken. This is one of the moments that really sets the tone for the rest of your explorations of this haunted gem--and might be a Nope! moment for some. Don't look under this spoiler tag if you really don't want this moment spoiled for you if you plan to play the game. (I pulled this one from the interw3bz, b/c I was never quick enough with the screenshot to capture this). After exploring the warren of dusty, dank, dimly-lit hallways, your next stop is the basement boiler room. Anyone who's seen the Freddy Krueger movies knows you damn sure want to steer clear of *that* place. And--as expected--it's NOPE! levels of scary. Your old pal is again waiting for you (you can see him in between the pipes here--again, if you're worried about too many spoilers, skip this one). Throughout this experience, the designers play with common human fears: the dark, heights, and extremely cramped/close spaces. Like this one. It's the only way to get to the next area of the hotel, so...yeah...have fun with that if you're claustrophobic. After exiting the dumb waiter, the game proves that even otherwise banal places like kitchens can be super freaky. (And check out that microwave. I definitely don't want a swank hotel cooking my food in a microwave, yo!). What could be more comforting/disarming than a brightly-lit hotel room with all the makings of family game night? Family game *fright* is more like it when you zoom in on that child's drawing of his/her fam. Straight out of nightmares. PLOT SPOILER: Oh, hai there, little guy! Where the *Hell* did you come from, because there damn sure wasn't anyone in the room who could have propelled you toward me as I walked away from this doorway. Warnings that Horror Movie Characters All Too Frequently and Foolishly Ignore. When you make your way to the final levels of this quest, you get into the burned areas of the hotel, likely where the fire started. As expected, it's deliciously creepy. Be afraid of the dark and what lurks within it. Be very, very afraid. If you look closely at this next shot, you'll see what I mean. Something hunching at a door, which you see through a hole into the floor above you. *shudder* One of the final images you get before this episode ends is this nice shot of a lonely lighthouse in the harbor. Short, but sweetly horrific, The Ocean House Hotel sequence in this game succeeds on multiple levels of creating a terror-filled, uncanny gaming experience.
  6. EyeQueue

    Micro Flash Fiction, Horror Edition

    To kick things off (and since I haven't yet felt ready to relinquish the Halloween season for Thanksgiving, not to mention Christmas), I offer my response to a Writers Write prompt posted on Halloween: "Write your best horror story in two sentences." Enjoy, and feel free to submit your own in the comments. Here's my attempt: Cloaked by the leafy hedge that was half-hidden in the scant moonlight, the axe murderer watched his victim approach, his muscles coiling and ready to leap out. Peering from the further darkness, something unimaginable--all slithery limbs and scaled haunches and hard teeth (too many teeth)--began to quietly hunch across the lawn toward the man who clutched the axe. And, just for fun, here is my 16-year-old daughter's attempt (which I thought not too shabby and pretty creepy!): I went to say goodnight to my daughter, and she told me that something was under her bed. I checked, and huddled underneath was my daughter, crying as she said "Mommy, there's something in my bed." [I've been fascinated by "flash fiction"--super short fiction of a maximum of 1,000 words, but usually only a couple hundred or less--for a few years now. I think the absolute master would have to be Ernest Hemingway's heartbreaking and terse: "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." Short, but powerful, and containing all the "necessary" elements of a story--a beginning, middle, and end, and a plot of sorts. That last sentence punches you in the gut and drives home the "plot," however rudimentary.]
  7. lawlifelgbt

    Scary stories/experiences.

    I thought of starting a thread for this, since I was going back through the various Spooky Story Contest posts that Jezebel does every year around Halloween. I also want to share a weird experience I had, since I was just reading about people having premonitions about 9/11 in those threads. This wasn't about 9/11 (I was 11 at the time, and I don't recall anything weird before my teen years). But, it was another major event, and when the story finally got picked up internationally, I got chills. I am the most rational skeptic ever, but I can't explain this. I was 17 or so, and working after school at a coffee shop. Most of the shift was normal. Just as we were going to close, we had a last customer, and I burned myself on their milk (I never said I was a good barista!) After the customer left and I locked the front door and pulled the shades, I opened the glass-fronted refrigerated case, so I could put the still-too-hot part of my hand against the cold espresso container (huge, heavy glass serving pitcher), we kept in there for blended drinks. Then, I heard someone talking to me. Thinking it was maybe my boss who had been working on catering in the back, I just said "I spilled hot milk on my hand earlier, just a minute and I will finish up," without turning around or looking- I was staring at the counter to make sure I hadn't missed a spot, rather than at the glass case door. The person talking spoke louder, and I realized she (it was female), was speaking the language my best friend spoke with her family (friend's family had moved from a Muslim country when she was 4). I spent tons of time at my friend's place and with her family at the time, so I could comprehend some of what this lady was saying. I caught "[Friend's name]," "Dad" "Okay," and "call." I looked up from the counter, ready to turn around and see what this lady wanted, and a bit terrified because I had literally just locked the doors, and my boss in the back would have said if someone was coming into the front where I was. But before I turned around, I saw her reflection in the glass. An older woman with dark brown hair spilling out from under a loose white headscarf, brown eyes, olive skin. The scarf was pretty bloodied up, though, and she had more blood drying on her forehead. It was one of those moments where you don't turn around because you know whatever it is will be there. I racked my brain for my pitiful knowledge and said in the same language, very brokenly, "[Friend's name] call dad? Dad okay?" The woman nodded, then just vanished. Not walking through a wall or whatever- I just blinked and her reflection was gone. As soon as I got done cleaning, I called my friend from the coffee shop and said "you need to call your dad now!" She kept asking why, but I didn't want to scare her. I've never told her. The day this happened, her dad was on a trip back to their country of origin- he was very involved in the pro-West/reform side of their government (lobbying, supporting candidates, political events, etc.). Several hours later, my friend found out, and told me the next morning, that he was okay, but very shaken up, because there had been an assassination while some of the leaders were in their motorcade, and he had been a few cars down from the one where the person died of being shot. I guess I didn't really make the connection. But the next day, I was on one of my 2 am Internet binges (family had one computer and I was usually being punished for any grade below an A and so not allowed to use it at all, so I snuck). I was looking at a major news site, and saw a piece about the assassination. I clicked, and read along until I saw a picture. I left teeth marks in my tongue from trying not to scream and thus wake everyone. It was the same woman I'd seen in the shop. I didn't know why she would come to me, or why she would be concerned about my friend's family, until my local press did an interview with my friend's dad. Apparently, the families were close friends and political allies. They had gone on vacations together, stayed at each other's homes, kids played together, etc. when they were traveling. She probably just wanted me to give my friend a heads-up. My friend is really superstitious, though, and would have run shrieking out the door, so maybe she didn't talk directly to my friend because she was worried my friend might not listen to her message. (Note: Deliberately not posting names or country here because one might be able to ID my friend's family, and thus me. You're welcome to figure it out yourself, but don't post it here).
  8. Oh dear people, I just had to share this: It´s about a reddit thread, making up a horror story in only 2 sentences - similar to the Hemingway story. Some of them really send a chill down your spine, there´s the link to some examples (with somescarygood photos ) and the reddit page link. http://canyouactually.com/9-of-the-most ... ever-told/ My favorite: "Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. Now that I live alone, it is much more unsettling." A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said, “I heard that, too. Go on, make your own -it´s a pre-Halloween thread!
  9. Every year I reread old favorite books that I associate with Halloween, either because they have Halloween settings or because they're spooky. I'm looking to expand my repertoire. Some of my favorites are Rosemary Edghill's Bast mysteries, Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, M. R. James and E. F. Benson's ghost stories, and Leslie Meier's Halloween mysteries. Help me expand my Halloween reading list! What do you like to read at this time of year? I'm also looking for good recommendations for Halloween themed podcasts or radio mysteries. I know about the original broadcast of "The War of the Worlds," of course. What else can people recommend?
  10. merrily

    Let the Right One In

    Any opinions on Oskar? I've always wondered at the end- would Oskar end up like the man (forgot his name ) in the beginning of the film?
  11. EyeQueue

    Sinister (film)

    Has anyone seen this flick? If so, what did you think about it? I'm a huge fan of horror from way back, and I'm usually quite disappointed that most horror films just aren't that scary. I thought Sinister, though, was quite effective. I actually had to sleep with my light on after watching it. For me, it was the combination of the super-eerie music and the imagery that just really combined to create a disturbing effect, and a constant sense of dread and foreboding. My headship, on the other hand, was "meh." He did admit the music was super-effective and spooky, though. He said it was the best use of music he's yet seen in a horror film.
  12. Claddagh

    Titanic books and zombies

    I checked out two books from the library after hearing a long rant from a fundie about Titanic with zombies on board. Titanic is a big passion for me and I've enjoyed some monster mash ups. My favorite rant was about how a man of that era would even dare allow a woman to be bitten or scratched by a zombie! Captain Smith wasn't nearly as tough as he's portrayed in the books! The fundie knew this how...? The zombie curse was brought on because someone, somewhere, did something bad! I did want to ask if it was a woman who did something bad as these groups seem to think anyone with a vagina is evil. The poor librarian was already getting an earfull and I didn't want to add to her misery so I didn't comment. By now I've had a series of mental images including "Hey, steerage passenger! We know what you did! You didn't wash your hands when coming out of the bathroom! You've doomed us all you ungodly heathen!" Another image I had was of all these male zombies polietely waiting for all the women and children to get into lifeboats before going to town on the male passengers and crew. This is somehow begging to be written or illustrated. The two books I checked out were Titanic of the Dead by Stephen Dymarcik and Deck Z by Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon. I'm hiding my reviews of the books behind spoilers as they may contain key points to the books and I don't want to ruin it for anyone. Titanic of the Dead Deck Z I'm glad I got the chance to read the books. Maybe I should go do those illustrations about the zombies...
  13. Just finished this book, and liked it, but what really struck me was the vintage photographs that tied into the story line. One, in particular, really stood out. Now, maybe I've been lurking on this site too much, but this pic, to me, looks just like Jinger. With messed-up hair. Holding a chicken. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/416425661/ Thoughts?
  14. I won't say anything about it, beyond the fact that it is awesome, and if you think you might be the slightest bit interested, go see it. And don't let anyone spoil it for you.
  15. Am I the only one who thinks this movie is in poor taste? Many people died from this disaster and many are still living and mourning their loss or are themselves affected physically. I can imagine it would be painful to see a movie where the victims of this disaster are portrayed as monsters. To me it is akin to a ghost movie about the victims of 9/11. Just sayin'...
  16. Peas n carrots

    Dark Shadows

    I'm actually looking forward to the movie. My mom and I generally disliked each other growing up, but we did share two things - watching Seinfeld and Dark Shadows reruns together. The original was so terrible, yet the storylines were always engaging. We even enjoyed the early 90's revival with Ben Cross (which only lasted one season). I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movies, so I'm looking forward to seeing their spin on Dark Shadows! I rarely go out to see movies but I'm making a point to see this one tonight!
  17. Mine would have to be the Exorcist..no question. My uncle babysat my sisters and I once and made us watch it. I was 7 and completely terrified! I will never ever watch it again, even as an adult.
  18. luckylassie

    Legend of Boggy Creek

    I was watching youtube a few days ago and came across a "docudrama" from the 70's that takes place in Arkansas (coincidence?) Anyway, the supposed documentary told of a southern version of the loch ness monster that terrorized the town of Fauk Arkansas (where Arkansas and Texas meet). The monster was seven feet tall, hairy, and almost human looking. Anyway next time your on you tube you might look it up. It's pretty creepy.
  19. Lillybee

    Most disturbing movie

    I think that the most disturbing movies that i have watched were Soldier Blue and the Devils of Loudain. Both movies led me to question what I was taught in school.
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