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Found 6 results

  1. While researching tiny(ish) houses for ourselves in the future (we plan to build a 5-600 square feet home cabin home one day) we stumbled across the Smyth family. A homeschooling family of 8, living off grid, packed into a 500 square foot house. I don't know if they are fundies but their are in some religious branch, because Mama Smyth dresses quietly and wears a covering. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC_iz0mIhVFaMwD-KBfrLPWA
  2. Stumbled across this family and would love to see their show but I can't find more than a few brief clips online. The Haumessers are crunchy fundies who had an off-grid farm outside Eminence, MO (I don't know why the article says they're in the Rockies, they're in the Ozarks). They had a few episodes on Animal Planet but, according to one of their facebook pages, decided to quit after the mom and step-dad began the process of a divorce. Anyone seen it? Or know where I can watch it? Or just know anything about the family? I'm familiar with the area where it's filmed so I'm especially interested. https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/missouri-mountain-family-152183/
  3. starfish

    Bowe Bergdahl

    Hey everybody, I know Bowe Begdahl's case is all over the news. I understand that he was the product of "strict homeschooling" but I was wondering if anyone knew if his parents were evangelicals? I gather they live a somewhat off the grid existence.
  4. akinom

    Hannah Hagarty: Cultivating Home

    Anyone else follow Hannah Hagarty? If I had a gateway fundie it was probably her. Her blog is at cultivatinghome.blogspot.com, but she is mostly active on flickr/instagram these days. when I started reading her blog, they lived in a gorgeous old house in upstate NY, which they were fixing up, and had four kids or so. They had chickens and bought their meat "on the hoof" from local farmers and processed it themselves. Hannah sewed clothes, baked, canned and all the rest. Her husband Sean was self-employed (I think in real estate but I'm not sure) and seemed to be doing well. They were planning to go to Germany as missionaries, but after years of saving money, teaching the kids German etc, decided to stay home instead. Hannah is a nurse but only worked as such for a year or two after college. She is now rather into the woo - kids aren't vaccinated, they use herbal remedies, chiropractor stuff, at one point they ate gluten free without being celiac sufferers etc. I think the last five kids were born at home with midwives, but don't quote me on that number. Now they have eight kids, three girls and five boys. Hannah once stated on her blog that they are not quiverfull, they use barrier methods to space children. They are anti-abortion. Years ago they had a second blog about "biblical discipline" and Hannah wrote a lot about how much trouble their second son was. Later on she hinted that she had a change of heart when it came to discipline but I don't really know what that was or if they still spank. All the kids are homeschooled and the eldest is taking some college classes this autumn (real college). The Hagarty family sold their NY house and moved to Florida last autumn. I think they seem to have relaxed their modesty standards a bit, and wear normal swimwear, tank tops, shorts etc. They live on a smaller piece of land so they aren't doing as much self-sufficiency stuff but still have a garden and poultry (quail). Hannah and Sean love fixing up houses and do it rather well in my opinion. Some things I don't know: - what Sean does for a living now - what denomination they are - if they still eat gluten free - if they plan to stay in their new home or sell it and move to another fixer-upper
  5. This is my 1st post, and I am headed to the intro page next. In the meantime, I was advised that I could start a thread here. This lady is far out, and has many blogs, vlogs, books, and a fairly wide Internet presence. However, she's been around for years and no one seems to be joining her little cult of one. Themes revolve around being sad and right, rejection, the end times, and how to live as a Real Follower of Messiah and YVHV. Not wrong, like all y'all. Her youtube videos are a thing of beauty.
  6. nickelodeon


    Okay guys, I found this crazy fundie family for us to snark on. It seems the dad had some sort of falling out with his church over some doctrinal issue and now the whole family lives in complete isolation, home-churching, homesteading, the whole deal. The little kids and the goats run wild over the whole property and don't even know how to read or write. The kids, I mean. The goats are great book-lovers. The mom is totally checked out, cares about nothing but praying and breastfeeding, and all the chores fall to the oldest daughter, Thomasin. I feel SO BAD for Thomasin, she just seems sad all the time. I feel like some really weird and disturbing things are going on behind the scenes with this family. The kids are so repressed and isolated, all they do with their lives is compete for their awful parents' approval by reciting bible verses and tattling on each other. I get the feeling this whole thing is going to fall to pieces very soon. #freethomasin
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