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  1. The trailer just dropped today; Looking forward to 07/16.
  2. I hear tell that Jason Momoa is totally down with the idea of doing a Twins remake with Peter Dinklage. I also am down with that. I totally want to see the Khal Drogo/Tyrion Lannister version of this scene... And the looks of terror on the Klane brothers faces when Drogo starts his crown for king you moved too soon funny talk....
  3. +Since Free Jinger is a snark site I feel that it's okay for me to extend the snark to my not-a-blog, although my snark topic has nothing to do with FJ or religion. In fact, it's about a different kind of fundamentalism altogether. Let's talk about Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire theory channels on YouTube. I am an avid reader of the books. Back in the day I was a fan of the show as well, but that's been waning since season 4 and I only continue watching because aspects of the show apart from the script and story are amazing (incredible performances, cinematography, costumes and
  4. Anny Nym

    Game of Thrones Season 6

    Anyone else superhyped for the 6th season? I certainly am - just 16 days, 3hours, 2 Minutes and 55 seconds to go until it premiers on HBO!
  5. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Catelyn II

    Chapter 6: Catelyn II Catelyn and Ned enjoy some post-coital conversation/arguing. Maester Luwin shows up with a mysterious box with a message for Catelyn. Location: Catelyn’s bedchambers in Winterfell Characters Present: Catelyn Stark – wife of Eddard Stark. Eddard “Ned” Stark – Lord of Winterfell. Desmond – I have no idea who this guy is. A named guard, maybe? This is the second mention of him, no description or anything. Maester Luwin – small grey man. Grey eyes, grey hair, old, grey wool robe with lots of pockets. Characters mentioned but not p
  6. Chapter 16: Eddard King Robert overstays his welcome at Castle Darry. Characters Present: Eddard Stark: AKA “Ned.” Lord of Winterfell, Hand to the King, Warden of the North. Vayon Poole: a steward for the Starks. King Robert: The drunken king of the seven kingdoms. Not really suited for the actual duties of being a king. Cersei Lannister: King Robert’s beautiful but horrible wife. Joffrey Lannister: Heir to the Seven Kingdoms. Also quite terrible. Lord Renly Baratheon: King’s little brother. Ser Raymun Darry: Owns a castle a half-day’s ride
  7. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones: Bran I

    This chapter is in the POV of Bran Stark. I still haven't decided on a good schedule, and I'm not sure how useful the character lists are, but I figure as I go along I'll figure out a style and format. Thanks for bearing with my attempt at recaping a book! Characters met in this chapter Bran - a boy of seven Robb - Fair skin, red-brown hair, blue eyes. (like the Tullys) Gared - earless, dressed in the black of the Night's Watch. A deserter. Jon Snow - Bran's bastard brother. Dark grey eyes. Same age as Robb Lord Eddard Stark - 35 years old, beard shot with white, long brown hair. Grey eye
  8. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Tyrion II

    Chapter 13: Tyrion Tyrion travels north and talks with Jon Snow. Location: The Kingsroad, north of Winterfell, south of The Wall. Characters Present: Tyrion Lannister: A dwarf, two different colored eyes. Benjen Stark: Eddard Stark’s brother serves in the Night’s Watch. Not a fan of Lannisters. Jon Snow: Eddard Stark’s “bastard.” Traveling to “Take the Black” aka, pledge to protect the realm. 14. Yoren: Stooped and sinister. Has a beard. Brother of the Night’s Watch. Has a “twisted shoulder” and a sour smell. He is dirty and greas
  9. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Eddard II

    Chapter 12: Eddard II Lord Eddard Stark and King Robert Baratheon ride horses and reminisce. Eddard receives a letter. Location: South of Winterfell Characters Present: Alyn: I have no idea who this is. I’m guessing a member of Eddard’s household guard. Lord Eddard Stark: Lord of Winterfell. Married to Catelyn. Father to five or six Stark children, Tony Stark not included at this time. Robert Baratheon: King of Westeros. Some in the Seven Kingdoms still call him Usurper. Being a King is doing the opposite of wonders to his ove
  10. Chapter 11: Daenerys Daenerys is wed to Khal Drogo. Characters Present: Daenerys Targaryen: a princess, sold to Khal Drogo for who knows what. Thirteen. Khal Drogo: Drogo is his name, Khal is his title. People naming their children forget this. Illyrio: a Magister. Ser Jorah Mormont: An exiled knight. He offered his sword to Viserys the night Dany had been sold to Khal Drogo. Viserys: Daenerys’ older brother. Lilac
  11. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Jon II

    Chapter 10: Jon II Jon says “good bye” to Winterfell, and gives Arya a gift. Characters Present: Jon Snow: “Son” of Lord Stark. Lady Catelyn is not his mother. Ghost: Jon’s direwolf. Not exactly a pet. Bran: Jon’s younger ½ brother. Has been in a coma since his fall. Has lost a lot of weight. Lady Stark (Catelyn Tully Stark): Ned Stark’s wife. She has long auburn hair, which is dull and tangled. “Looked as though she had aged twenty years.” She has not left Bran’s bedside. Robb Stark: Jon’s ½ brother, Ned’s eldest trueborn son.
  12. Maggie Mae

    A Game of Thrones Reread: Tyrion I

    Chapter 9: Tyrion I Tyrion Lannister stays up all night reading and eats breakfast. Characters Present: Tyrion Lannister – a dwarf. Likes to read Chayle – a septon Sandor Clegane – has a rasping voice. Also called the Hound. Joffrey Lannister – terrible human being. Teenager. Kind of the same thing in most cases, but Joff is really, really terrible. Nephew to Tyrion. Jaime Lannister – Tyrion’s older brother. Twin to Cersei Lannister. Tommen – Prince. Younger brother of Joffrey. Sweet boy, Not at all like J
  13. Maggie Mae

    A Game of Thrones Reread: Bran II

    Chapter 8: Bran II Bran Stark is bored, as most of the men and older boys left Winterfell to go hunting. Bran experiments with voyeurism and is defenestrated. Location: Winterfell Characters: Bran Stark Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Recap: Bran wanders about the castle, bored and lonely. His brothers and most of the men are hunting with the King. He tries to say his farewells to the staff who were staying in Winterfell. He sees his pony in his stall and realizes that it’s not his pony, he’s getting a horse, and leaving the pony behind. He starts to cry and runs away before anyone
  14. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones: Prologue

    Welcome to my Reread of Book 1 of George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, "A Game of Thrones." I have no set schedule for this, but I DO have a ton of unsupervised time at work, low expectations, and a Kindle. In this post, I will recap the Prologue of Game of Thrones (Will) Spoilers for the entire series ahead. Characters in this chapter: Gared Ser Waymar Royce Will Characters mentioned but not seen: Mormont Mallister Maester Aemon Robert The Short Version: Gared, Waymar, and Will are riding, about eight days from the Wall. They are supposed to be tracking some
  15. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Arya I

    Chapter 7: Arya I Arya learns that life isn’t fair. Robb and Joffrey are not fast friends. Location: Winterfell Characters in this chapter: Arya – daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully/Stark. Brown hair, long solemn face. Good at figures and horse riding. Sansa – Arya’s older sister. Can sew, dance, sing. Writes poetry, knows how to dress. Plays the high harp and the bells. Beautiful (according to Arya). High cheekbones, thick auburn hair, Septa Mordane – bony face, sharp eyes, thin lipless mouth made for frowning. Princess Myrcella - a princess. Beth Cassel – daugh
  16. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Eddard I

    Chapter 4: Eddard I Two wealthy powerful men literally enter a crypt and make a deal. They do not leave. (Metaphorically. They leave, just not on screen.) List of Characters Present: Eddard “Ned” Stark Ser Jaime Lannister – hair as bright as beaten gold. Twin to Cersei Lannister Sandor Clegane – burned face Crown Prince – Tall Tyrion “Imp” Lannister – stunted little man King Robert Baratheon – 6’6”, wears too much perfume, has a girth to match his height. Cersei Lannister - Queen Characters Not Present, yet still mentioned: Balon Greyjoy – had a rebellion ni
  17. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Jon I

    Chapter 5: Jon I Jon Snow gets drunk and tries to join the Night Watch. Tyrion does gymnastics. Characters Present Jon Snow Lord Stark Cersei Lannister/Baratheon King Robert Baratheon - Jon describes him as disappointing, red-faced, fat, drunk, sweating. Rickon - a child of three Robb - wearing grey wool trimmed with white Princess Myrcella - eight, thin, golden curls Arya Stark Tommen - white blond hair Sansa Crown Prince Joffrey Baratheon - Twelve, taller than Robb Stark and Jon, curly golden hair, green eyes Ser Jaime Lannister - twin to Cersei, tall, golden, flashing green eyes. Ca
  18. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Daenerys I

    Daenerys I Characters Dany – 13 years old, long sliver pale hair. Purple eyes. Viserys Targaryen – gaunt, young, feverish look in his lilac eyes. Called “The Beggar King.” Not very nice to his little sister. Magister Illyrio – a dealer in spices, gemstones, dragonbone, and other things. Dany and Viserys are staying with him in Pentos. Would sell anyone for the right price. Described as “massive.” Has a yellow beard, crooked yellow teeth. Khal Drogo – 30, tall, skin the color of copper, mustachios bound with gold and bronze rings. Long black hair. Illyrio’s servants. One is 1
  19. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Catelyn I

    Catelyn I Welcome to another edition of Maggie Mae reads Game of Thrones. I'm going to say I've read this particular book at least 3 times already. However, this is by far my slowest reread. In this post, I plan to cover the very short second chapter, "Catelyn." Character List: Catelyn Stark, Lord Eddard's lady wife. Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell. Characters mentioned but not actually present: Brandon the Builder (deceased, a character from the Age of Heroes) Arya Stark Sansa Stark Rickon Stark Mance Rayder, King-Beyond-the-Wall Old Nan Maester Luwin Jon Arryn
  20. Hey, does anybody read the books of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series?? The first one is called "Game of Thrones" and is also a TV show on HBO. My dear boyfriend started reading them when we made our roadtrip through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and the New England States and it lead to the fact that I was driving all the time (which was actually pretty cool for me, because I could listen to all the great country stations and I LOVE to drive cars with automatic) but from time to time I got really angry because he totally ignored the beautiful landscape around us and I had to forc
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