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  1. The trailer just dropped today; Looking forward to 07/16.
  2. I hear tell that Jason Momoa is totally down with the idea of doing a Twins remake with Peter Dinklage. I also am down with that. I totally want to see the Khal Drogo/Tyrion Lannister version of this scene... And the looks of terror on the Klane brothers faces when Drogo starts his crown for king you moved too soon funny talk....
  3. +Since Free Jinger is a snark site I feel that it's okay for me to extend the snark to my not-a-blog, although my snark topic has nothing to do with FJ or religion. In fact, it's about a different kind of fundamentalism altogether. Let's talk about Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire theory channels on YouTube. I am an avid reader of the books. Back in the day I was a fan of the show as well, but that's been waning since season 4 and I only continue watching because aspects of the show apart from the script and story are amazing (incredible performances, cinematography, costumes and scenery), plus of course it's my only taste of The Winds of Winter (apart from the sample chapters). I discovered early on that I don't really fit in with the ASOIAF fandom, because I don't theorise. Theorising is a major part of the fandom for the books and the show. I will only consider theories with strong textual evidence and even then the only two major theories I've ever bought into were R+L=J (the most famous theory, about Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen being Jon Snow's parents) and Gravedigger (The Hound is alive and living as a monk in the Quiet Isles). There are some minor theories that I think are highly probable, such as the man in Oldtown who steals the key to the Citadel being Jaqen H'Ghar and minor theories that are all but confirmed like Ser Robert Strong's identity. The show has given the answer to all but one of those two theories. Basically, it takes a lot to convince me and the evidence must be based in the text, or something Martin has said (but text is always the most convincing since George is only human and has made mistakes that his editors and proof readers later corrected). Using one of your theories to prove another of your theories is never going to fly with me, but that's exactly what so many theorists do. I subscribe to many Game of Thrones and ASOIAF theory channels on YouTube. One of these channels is run by a guy called Preston Jacobs who has a bit of a bum rap in the fandom for coming up with outrageous theories. Well, the people who criticise him should see some of the smaller channels I've found, because they are so completely out there that it's insane at times. One has become my favourite just based on the sheer intensity with which they push their theories, and because they honestly believe they're helping to 'bring clarity' to the show and books. I want to be clear that I have nothing against the channel or the people running it, I just find their work to be outlandish and at times comically so. For example, they've made a five part series (with each part being roughly 30 minutes) arguing that Catelyn Stark is literally the worst character in the series. Not Ramsay Bolton, who hunts girls for sport and then rapes and flays them (sometimes alive, sometimes dead depending on how good their sport was) and systematically tortured and broke down Theon, not Euron Greyjoy who cuts the tongues out of his crewmen, raped his younger brothers, tortures and mutilates people on a regular basis. Not Littlefinger, who is responsible for starting the War of the Five Kings, framed Sansa and Tyrion for the death of Joffery, pushed Lysa Arryn out the Moon Door and then blamed Marillion the singer, who eventually died for his supposed crime, and is arguably plotting to murder Sweetrobin, who is a seven-year-old boy. There are so many horrible people, but they sincerely believe that Cat Stark is the worst of them all because she's selfish and treats Jon poorly and is totally plotting with Maester Luwin and has Southron ambitions. They once scoffed at me in the comments for thinking Val the Wildling was just that - Val the Wildling, rather than a highborn maid from Dorne. It made my day that they replied to me! They're definitely my favourite theory channel, I watch everything they put out. Their biggest flaw (apart from assuming they're making things clearer for their viewers) is using their arguments as evidence to prop up other arguments. For example, if they had a theory about Joffery's wedding pie being made with ravens instead of pigeon, and they had another video about the importance of ravens to the story, they would use the video about the pigeon pie being made from ravens as evidence of the importance of ravens to the story, even though it's a theory rather than a fact. If they scaled back on the whole 'we're bringing clarity' thing and used only canon sources instead of their own theories as the basis for other theories I think they'd be quite a successful small channel. I think they stretch way too far when creating arguments, but I can't deny that their videos are interesting. I feel bad for Preston getting so much negative press in the community when other people with smaller channels are guilty of way more out there theories. People who consider themselves GoT/ASOIAF theorists tend to fit into one of two categories: Those who see symbolism in everything and take it too far and those who take things literally and take the literalism too far. Sometimes things ARE literal. Sometimes things ARE symbolic. It's just when people become fundamentalists about it that things fall apart. As promised: CAT PHOTOS
  4. Anny Nym

    Game of Thrones Season 6

    Anyone else superhyped for the 6th season? I certainly am - just 16 days, 3hours, 2 Minutes and 55 seconds to go until it premiers on HBO!
  5. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Catelyn II

    Chapter 6: Catelyn II Catelyn and Ned enjoy some post-coital conversation/arguing. Maester Luwin shows up with a mysterious box with a message for Catelyn. Location: Catelyn’s bedchambers in Winterfell Characters Present: Catelyn Stark – wife of Eddard Stark. Eddard “Ned” Stark – Lord of Winterfell. Desmond – I have no idea who this guy is. A named guard, maybe? This is the second mention of him, no description or anything. Maester Luwin – small grey man. Grey eyes, grey hair, old, grey wool robe with lots of pockets. Characters mentioned but not present: Lysa – Cat’s sister Edmure – Cat’s brother Rickon – Cat’s youngest son. Robert – the king Sansa – Cat’s eldest daughter, 11 years of age. Joffrey – crown prince. Brandon – Ned’s brother, betrothed to Catelyn Tully at the time of his death. When he died, Ned married Cat out of obligation/custom. Arya – child of Catelyn and Ned. “needs refinement.” Robb – Oldest son of Cat & Ned. Will be expected to learn to rule Winterfell in Ned’s absence. Ser Rodrik - Told Ned that Joff and Robb don’t get along. I think he’s the Master of Arms, but it’s not mentioned in this chapter. Jon Snow - (thought to be the) Bastard of Eddard Snow and an unnamed woman. Possibly Ashara Dayne Ser Arthur Dayne – Sword of the Morning, deadliest of the seven knights of Aerys’s Kingsguard. Ashara Dayne – tall and fair with haunting violet eyes. Benjen Stark – A Sworn Brother of the Night’s Watch. Younger Brother of Ned. Other locations mentioned: Riverrun The Wall Mountains of Dorne Starfall – a castle on the shores of the Summer Sea. Myr – has great lens crafters. Recap: Catelyn and Ned have sex. After they finish, Ned decides to refuse Robert’s offer to be Hand and marry Sansa (11) to Joff (12, asshole). Catelyn tells him that kings are not like other men, and Ned cannot refuse him. Catelyn is upset at this choice and tries to change Ned’s mind. She points out that she (Cat) was only 12 when she was betrothed to Ned’s older brother Brandon. At the mention of Brandon, Ned becomes upset. Maester Luwin, who has a mysterious message for Catelyn, interrupts them. He says that a carved wooden box was left in his observatory while he napped. It contained a new lens for the observatory, and a message for Catelyn. The message, hidden beneath a false bottom, was sealed with blue was and the symbol of House Arryn. It’s a message from Lysa, written in a private language that Cat and Lysa made up as children, that says Jon Arryn was murdered by the queen. Catelyn immediately uses this to convince Ned to go south. Ned decides that Catelyn must stay in Winterfell. Catelyn this of this as a punishment. Ned decides to leave Robb and Rickon , and take Sansa, Bran, and Arya to Kings Landing. Cat is like “cool, except I really like Bran so can I keep him?” and Ned’s like “no, I need him to try and make friends with the Lannister/Baratheon royal children.” After the discussion about the true-born children, Maester Luwin brings up the fact that Jon Snow exists. Catelyn tells him that “He can not stay here.” That’s after a couple of paragraphs about how Jon is treated different, how the Starks are not like other men, and how she doesn’t know who the mother is, but she suspects it is Ashara Dayne. Catelyn has forgiven Ned for the bastard, as it was expected. She has not forgiven him for bringing Jon back to Winterfell and calling him son. They argue some more. Cat basically expels Jon from the castle. Maester Luwin cuts in and tells them both that Jon would like to join the Night’s Watch. Catelyn thinks about herself while Ned gazes out the window and finally agrees to send Jon off to the North with Benjen. Catelyn is happy that Jon will never have sons that might contest her grandchildren for Winterfell. Thoughts: I love the description of Winterfell. I would love to live in a castle, build over hot springs, where water heats the walls and glass gardens. The pools in a dozen small courtyards would be nice too. Just head out, hop in a hot spring for a bath or whatever. I love that combination of hot + cold. It might explain my choice to live where I do and vacation where I vacation. I could do without this: Not because it doesn’t pack a bunch of information about Cat’s character, her place in the world, and her main interests. It’s the word “loins.” And the description of “feeling his seen within her” along with my mental picture of dirty Sean Bean from the show. I had never noticed that Catelyn actually gets angry with Ned, and can’t figure out why he (Ned) can’t see what an honor it would be to be Hand, and to marry Sansa to the crown prince. She wants Sansa to be queen, she wants the honor. Catelyn also straight up tells Ned that Brandon is dead and that he (Ned) must take his (Brandon’s) role, like it or not. Does anyone bother to ask “how did this box with this message end up in the observatory with a new lens from Myr?” For all I know, Catelyn put it up there as to help her cause of making her daughter queen. “Catelyn’s heart went out to him, but she knew he could not take him into her arms just then. First the victory must be won, for her children’s sake.” Then there is this: Her first thought is about how it makes her feel. How it’s HER punishment. Not that she’s sending her husband to King’s Landing, where she just heard that the last Hand was murdered. Whatever, Cat, you uncompassionate idiotic character who has no thoughts other than duty and sons. Also, I guess Bran is her favorite. It didn’t take her long to “let go of” the girls “in her heart.” Seriously, like 10 seconds. Girls are not important in Westeros. Not even to their mother. After Catelyn decides that Ned is right about Bran and that she can’t argue with Ned, the subject of Jon Snow is brought up. Catelyn is really upset about it and says that Jon must go. Even though Jon and Robb are close. She is still upset that Ned brought Jon back to Winterfell and called him “son.” Ned is “anguished” at her response. I dislike Cat more in this chapter than I ever have before. I know all the stuff about the context of the time they were living in, but I still don’t like her. She has the opportunity to change the way she looks at things. In the North, things are different. She could allow Jon to stay for Ned’s sake or Robb’s sake. If she were about “duty, honor, family” she would be more submissive to Ned. Maybe she needs some lessons from Lori Alexander. I wonder why Benjen decided to join the Night’s Watch. Was it just that he was younger and not heir to Winterfell? Did he feel the need to punish himself for something? In the last Cat chapter, we read that she found Ned “At the center of the grove and ancient weirwood brooded over a small pool where the waters were black and cold.” According to this chapter, the waters around Winterfell are all hot springs. I don’t think it’s a mistake. I know, from living in the north, that there can be cold lakes and hot springs. Just something I noticed about Winterfell’s godswood. R+L=J Thoughts IIRC, Ned buried Ser Arthur at the TOJ. They (or maybe just Ned?) tore down the tower to create cairns because the soil was so bad. Yet somehow, Lyanna’s remains ended up in Winterfell. The remains of Ned’s men, however, were buried at the TOJ, and Ned brought that sword back to Starfall. None of this makes any sense to me. If they could bring Lyanna back, why not his men? How far is Starfall from the TOJ? How did he tear down that tower with only his hands and Howland Reed? These questions need answering. Stupid, stupid Joffrey “Baratheon.” What if he stormed up the Tower, held Lyanna’s hand while she died, picked up the baby who was starving, went to Starfall, where Ashara helped conspire with him, giving him Wylla to use as a wet-nurse. Meanwhile, Eddard and Ashara have an affair. Or maybe they don’t have an affair. Eddard sends a wetnurse and the baby north with Lyanna’s body and Howland Reed. Eddard goes back to deal with the carnage at the Tower. Maybe he puts everyone in a mass grave because the animals have made a mess of things, and then heads to the trident to meet Robert? In regards to Jon, Ned says: Catelyn thinks that Ned must have loved whomever Jon’s father is "fiercely." If it was Lyanna, then yes, Ned would love her fiercely. And based on her thoughts in this chapter about Sansa being queen and Jon’s grandchildren contesting her grandchildren for Winterfell, there is NO WAY Ned would ever trust Catelyn with this.
  6. Maggie Mae

    A Game of Thrones Reread: Eddard III

    Chapter 16: Eddard King Robert overstays his welcome at Castle Darry. Characters Present: Eddard Stark: AKA “Ned.” Lord of Winterfell, Hand to the King, Warden of the North. Vayon Poole: a steward for the Starks. King Robert: The drunken king of the seven kingdoms. Not really suited for the actual duties of being a king. Cersei Lannister: King Robert’s beautiful but horrible wife. Joffrey Lannister: Heir to the Seven Kingdoms. Also quite terrible. Lord Renly Baratheon: King’s little brother. Ser Raymun Darry: Owns a castle a half-day’s ride south of the Trident. The King’s Party is staying at the castle, but the Darry family fought for Rhaegar during the war. Ser Barristan: The Bold. Kingsguard, was also Kingsguard for Aerys, I believe. Why would you want the same Kingsguard? Sandor Clegane: a Lannister bannerman. Willing to murder children. Location: Castle Darry What Happens: Arya Stark has been missing for four days. When Jory Cassel finds her; she is brought directly to the king, on Cersei Lannister’s (the awful terrible no-good queen) order. Eddard is heartsick, worried, and furious. The fury is because of Cersei’s interference, of course. When Eddard finds Arya and Jory, they are standing in the center of a room that Robert borrowed from the Darry’s to hold court. Cersei and Joff (with a thick bandage on his arm) are standing next to Robert’s chair. I feel it’s important to note that Robert is slumped over in the chair. Eddard asks Robert why Arya wasn’t brought to him, and the Queen admonishes Eddard for how he speaks to the King. The King tells Cersei to “Quiet, woman” and straightens up in his chair. King Robert apologizes to Eddard, saying it seemed best to bring her(Arya) here and get the business done with quickly. Ned, “with ice in his voice” asks what business, and the loathsome Queen Cersei interrupts again to whine about her unpleasant and sociopathic son being attacked by Arya and the butcher’s boy. The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms claims that Arya’s “animal” tried to rip Joffrey’s arm off. Arya denies this, of course, because it is a lie. Arya points out that Nymeria only hurt Joff a little, and that Joffrey was hurting Mycah. Cersei still claims that Joff told them what happened, and that Arya and the butcher boy beat Joff with clubs while Arya set the wolf on him. Arya denies it again and is close to tears. At this last denial, Prince Joffrey joins in and claims again that he was attacked, this time saying that Arya threw “Lion’s Tooth” into the river. Finally, the “King” tells everyone to shut up, and asks Arya what happened, telling his son to STFU. (Paraphrased.) Arya tells her side of the story, and Sansa enters the hall with Vayon Poole. When Arya got to the point where she threw the sword into the river, Renly Baratheon started laughing. And he laughed some more about “Lion’s Tooth.” Robert tells Renly to leave the hall. Joffrey tells his side. It’s different. The King doesn’t know what to do. Ned points out that Sansa was there also. They bring Sansa forward and she just says she doesn’t know or remember, and that everything happened so fast. Arya attacks Sansa physically, and Jory and Eddard break it up. The Queen claims that Arya is as wild as the animal, and asks Robert to punish her. Robert reminds Cersei that Arya is a child, and children fight. He tells Ned to see that Arya is punished. Robert will also punished his son, himself. Robert starts to walk away when the BITCHFACED Cersei reminds Robert of the wolf. Jory tells the kind that they found no trace of the direwolf. Robert is content to let it go, but Cersei offers a hundred golden dragons to the man who brings her the direwolf's pelt. Robert wants no part of that, and tells her to buy her furs with Lannister money. She also says: Cersei points out that they have a wolf. And the Kind is pissed off and tired, and just kind of over it and tells them to have Ser Ilyn see to it. Ned tells him no, he’ll do it himself. And so, Ned executes Lady. After that is done, he has Jory choose four men to take the wolf’s body north. As Ned goes back to the tower, Sandor Clegane comes back with the body of Mycah. Thoughts: Everything sucks. Especially the Lannisters. And Robert. I actually almost think Robert is worse. He just sits there and lets the Kingdom he won go to shit because HE is SEVERLY SELFISH and bored and lazy. It’s all so dysfunctional. Renly Baratheon is great! I miss him already. This seems like the beginning of the end for the Eddard/Robert relationship. Although, I would not be surprised if it was shaky well before this. Perhaps after the Rebellion? Maybe the Greyjoy Rebellion? Sansa has the Tully “look” but not the strict adherence to the “Family. Duty. Honor.” words. I never noticed the line where Ned knew Sansa’s side of the story already. Arya needed to hold her temper, but Sansa should have told the truth. She knew what happened, she remembered. It’s an interesting parallel. Eddard led searches for days, and then became heartsick and weary and could barely stand when Arya was gone. Then he was filled with fury, which is a word I more closely associate with Robert, when she was found and taken to psycho bitch Cersei first. Catelyn, when worried about Bran, didn’t sleep for weeks and just became more and more insane and useless. I am glad they found Arya after just a few days. I am also thinking that Arya is Eddard’s favorite, like Bran is Catelyn’s favorite. Do people usually have favorite kids? I bet they and they just don’t admit it. Everything might have just smoothed over, if not for Cersei. She pressed the issue. I wonder if she would have just ramped up her cruelty if Sansa had told the truth. Would Robert have conceded the battle over the wolves? I know the direwolves are symbolic, but this chapter, man. Sansa, the docile obedient, girly Stark, has the obedient, friendly wolf. It is beheaded, on the Lannister’s command. It’s the first, out of all the wolves, to go. They drive Nymeria away (well, we do not know that yet, but Jory and Arya drive her away and tell her to go.) Arya ends up being forced from Westeros. But back to Lady. What does her beheading mean? Is it reflective of Sansa being the one Stark to truly lose everything? Even her name, perhaps, when she is married off to someone? I have no idea. Was Cersei talking about Rhaegar when she said "the kind I thought to wed?" Characters Mentioned (not present): Jaime Lannister: Leading a search north of the Trident for Arya. Ilyn Payne: The King’s headsman Links to Previous Chapters: Prologue Bran I Catelyn I Daenerys I Eddard I Jon I Catelyn II Arya I Bran II Tyrion I Jon II Daenerys II Eddard II Tyrion II Catelyn III Sansa I Named Character Death Count: 5* *I am not counting anyone who died before the events of Game of Thrones. So anyone who died in previous rebellions will not be included, e.g. Rhaegar Targaryen, Brandon Stark, etc.
  7. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones: Bran I

    This chapter is in the POV of Bran Stark. I still haven't decided on a good schedule, and I'm not sure how useful the character lists are, but I figure as I go along I'll figure out a style and format. Thanks for bearing with my attempt at recaping a book! Characters met in this chapter Bran - a boy of seven Robb - Fair skin, red-brown hair, blue eyes. (like the Tullys) Gared - earless, dressed in the black of the Night's Watch. A deserter. Jon Snow - Bran's bastard brother. Dark grey eyes. Same age as Robb Lord Eddard Stark - 35 years old, beard shot with white, long brown hair. Grey eyes. Theon Greyjoy - Lord Stark's Ward. 19. Finds everything amusing. Jory Cassel - captain of the Stark Household Hullen - Master of Horse Harwin - Hullen's son Desmond Characters mentioned but not seen Mance Rayder - "King-beyond-the-Wall" Old Nan Robert of the King Baratheon, the First of his Name, King of the Andals and they Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. The Tullys of Riverrun Targaryen kings before Robert Ser Rodrik Rickon (The youngest Stark) Short Version Bran rides his pony with the male members of his family. Eddard Stark carries out the king's justice, beheading a man I believe is Gared. (The descriptions match perfectly.) Theon is a jerk. On the ride back to the Castle, Robb finds some direwolves. Longer version Twenty men ride with Lord Eddard Stark to a small holdfast in the hills. Bran, a seven-year-old boy, accompanies his father, Lord Eddard Stark and company. When they arrive, they see a man who matches the description of Gared from the previous chapter. He is executed using a Valyrian steel spell forged sword called Ice. Theon laughs and kicks Gared's head away when it rolls toward him. Robb and Jon discuss whether the deserter was brave. Jon Snow believes that the man was afraid, not brave. Bran and Lord Stark have a conversation about fear and bravery, which leads into why Lord Stark carries out his executions while King Robert has a headsman. They come across a dead direwolf half covered in snow with five pups. Lord Stark is going to have them executed when Jon steps in and points out that the direwolf is the symbol of House Stark and Lord Stark has 5 trueborn sons and daughters. As they leave, they find another direwolf puppy, an albino, far from the pack. Jon Snow claims it as his own. Thoughts SO MANY GOOD QUOTES. Theon is such a dick. I feel bad for him, of course, but he is really unsympathetic here. I know he's a ward, which means that he's technically a hostage. Which makes his position and story particularly sucky, but man, his personality is uncool. Also, he has to carry that giant sword around. The sword that could one day behead him if Lord Greyjoy breaks the terms of peace. Ned Stark does not believe in signs. Until he sort of does when Jon steps in, saving the lives of the direwolves. Speaking of direwolves, that's some symbolism. The Stag's (symbol of House Baratheon) antler broke off into a grey direwolf that lay on white snow. Ned Stark is the one to pull the foot of antler out of the throat of the wolf. Jory says that perhaps the wolf was already dead. Ned says "better a swift death than one from cold and starvation." Considering what is coming, I can't imagine that these lines, in particular, don't have multiple meanings. There is also some language in the beginning where Old Nan tells stories of the Others breeding with men and creating horrible half-human children. Children of the Forest, maybe? No, that can't be. The First Men drove the Children Out. Or was that the Andals? I don't remember. I had forgotten about the part where Bran talks about how his father would sit in front of the fire and talk about the age heroes and children of the forest. It's nice to think about how nice life in Winterfell really was. Before King Robert came along and ruined it. Jon Snow is the only one to hear Ghost. Jon Snow thinks he might have crawled away, but Ned wonders if he wasn't driven away. Much like what is going to happen to Jon in just a few chapters. He is white, instead of grey. And his eyes are open. Earlier Jon is described and his eyes are dark grey, but "little they did not see."
  8. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Tyrion II

    Chapter 13: Tyrion Tyrion travels north and talks with Jon Snow. Location: The Kingsroad, north of Winterfell, south of The Wall. Characters Present: Tyrion Lannister: A dwarf, two different colored eyes. Benjen Stark: Eddard Stark’s brother serves in the Night’s Watch. Not a fan of Lannisters. Jon Snow: Eddard Stark’s “bastard.” Traveling to “Take the Black” aka, pledge to protect the realm. 14. Yoren: Stooped and sinister. Has a beard. Brother of the Night’s Watch. Has a “twisted shoulder” and a sour smell. He is dirty and greasy, with patched old unwashed clothing. Morrec: One of Tyrion’s men. Recap: Tyrion travels north with Benjen Stark and Jon Snow. We get a bit of world building. Lots of descriptions as the weather & ground grow colder. The trees get darker, and Tyrion feels unsettled by Ghost, Jon’s direwolf. Benjen, Jon, Tyrion, and two unnamed Lannister servants/men meet up with Yoren and two peasant boys from the fingers, who are “rapers.” They also were bringing twenty horses and a cage of ravens from Winterfell to the Wall. Tyrion has brought his warmest clothing, but it is still not warm enough, and he borrows a riding fur from Benjen. We learn that the Lannisters never decline, graciously or otherwise, they take what is offered. Tyrion, despite the gymnastic skills he showed us in a previous chapter, is too hobbled and small to be useful. So he goes off to read every night while the other men create shelter and feed the horses. Nice. Tyrion has taken some books from the Winterfell library as well. One is a book on the history and properties of dragons. He reads about the properties of Dragonbone. He (I guess?) reflects back on the time he first came to King’s Landing and sought out the remains of the dragons. King Robert had banished the skeletons to a cellar but Tyrion found them and was amazed by them. There were 19 of them, the largest being Balerion, large enough to swallow aurochs whole, the smallest being the size of Mastiff skulls. We also get a little Lannister / Westeros history. I’m not certain if it’s relevant or just more world building. King Loren of the Rock & King Mern of the Reach (when the Seven Kingdoms were kingdoms and not provinces) joined to try and fight Aegon Dragonlord. They lost, despite having more numbers. King Loren lived, pledged fealty to the Targaryens, and beget a son. Jon Snow asks Tyrion why Tyrion reads so much. Jon Snow is not what we would call an academic. This won’t be the last time he questions why people read. Tyrion, however, decides to answer him honestly and asks Jon to “Look at me and tell me what you see.” Jon, of course is suspicious and polite, and answers with Tyrion’s name. Tyrion points out that he, Tyrion, is a dwarf. Tyrion points out the many problems he has with being a dwarf, from needing special equipment to ride a horse, to his arms being too short to make a swordsman. He also points out that his father was Hand to the King that his brother killed. He ends this monologue by saying that his mind is his weapon. They talk for a bit. Tyrion thinks that Jon has the Stark face, and that whomever Jon’s mother is, she left little of herself in her son. (L+R=J) To further the L+R=J speculation, the conversation drifts toward dragons. Jon points out there are no more dragons. Tyrion talks about how he dreamed of riding a dragon and watching his sister and father burn. Jon looks horrified at this, and Tyrian questions him, prodding into Jon’s insecurities about Lady Stark, Robb, Winterfell, and the Wall. Jon gets upset and is close to tears. Tyrion feels guilty and goes to pat him on the shoulder when Ghost attacks Tyrion. Jon forces him to ask nicely, and when Tyrion does, Jon calls of the wolf. They return to camp. Characters Mentioned: Robert Baratheon Eddard Stark Aegon Targaryen: Unleashed dragons on the Seven Kingdoms of Old. Balerion, Meraxes, Vhaghar: Targaryen dragons King Loren of the Rock: Lannister ancestor. King Mern of the Reach: Joined Lannister ancestors to oppose Targaryen conquest. Other Locations Mentioned: Winterfell King’s Landing Summer Isles Casterly Rock – Where the Lannisters come from. Port of Ibben – hairy mammoths said to roam the cold wastes here. Thoughts: This is another chapter where the majority of the “action” is just a dialogue between two people. I’m beginning to see GRRM’s television roots in this book. I enjoyed the bit of Westeros history this time around. I don’t think I ever noticed it before. Another “shout-out” to Jon’s very Stark-like appearance. I like the interaction between Jon & Tyrion. Tyrion wasn’t too upset at the humiliation and before he was attacked he was on the verge of apology. Jon really isn’t into the reading, and he’s got a bit of a temper. I don’t know if Tyrion will ride a dragon. But I do know that this passage about Tyrion and dragons is cited a lot when people talk about Tyrion being a dragon rider. I do wonder if this dreaming of fires and dragons is just normal Westeros boy stuff, or if it has something to do with the stuff about Aerys and Johanna in TWOIAF. I wonder who those two raper boys from the fingers that Yoren is bringing to the Wall are. Jon is showing signs of maturity by the end. “It is what it is.” Poor Jon. Will Tyrion lose his intelligence? He lists people’s strengths, and the people he listed have lost their strength. Robert’s Warhammer won’t do him any good. Jaime loses his sword hand. Or just coincidence? What is the point of “conquering?” Burning people alive with dragons for what? For some reason, I was surprised that Jon shared a tent with Benjen. And Benjen was kind of Uncle-ly toward Jon in their interactions. Links to Previous Chapter Recaps: Prologue Bran I Catelyn I Daenerys I Eddard I Jon I Catelyn II Arya I Bran II Tyrion I Jon II Daenerys II Eddard II
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    Game of Thrones Reread: Eddard II

    Chapter 12: Eddard II Lord Eddard Stark and King Robert Baratheon ride horses and reminisce. Eddard receives a letter. Location: South of Winterfell Characters Present: Alyn: I have no idea who this is. I’m guessing a member of Eddard’s household guard. Lord Eddard Stark: Lord of Winterfell. Married to Catelyn. Father to five or six Stark children, Tony Stark not included at this time. Robert Baratheon: King of Westeros. Some in the Seven Kingdoms still call him Usurper. Being a King is doing the opposite of wonders to his overall health and fitness. Ser Boros Ser Meryn Dozen unnamed guardsmen. Recap: Alyn wakes Ned. King Robert wants to go horse riding, and talk about “matters of state.” They take off and leave the Kingsroad and the Kingsguard. Once the sun rises, Robert stops and Ned stops next to him. Robert complains about the wheelhouse and threatens to burn it and make Cersei walk. Ned offers to light the torch. Robert talks some more about leaving his family (and entourage) behind and going off to live as vagabond knights. Ned reminds him about duties to their wives and the realm. Robert grumbles and complains. Robert talks about women he’s banged and enquires about Jon Snow’s mother. They discuss it for a bit, Ned would rather not speak of it, Robert calls him prickly but doesn’t press any further. Ned points out the Barrows of the First Men. Robert give Ned a letter that came from King’s Landing. The letter is from Lord Varys, and says that Daenerys Targaryen has wed a Dothraki horselord. The information comes from Ser Jorah, and Ned does not think highly of Ser Jorah. We find out some of Jorah’s history – tried to sell poachers as slaves and ran away when Eddard came for his head. King Robert wants to kill Daenerys. Eddard reflects upon Robert’s hatred of the Targaryens, remembering how Tywin Lannister presented Robert with the bodies of Rhaegar’s wife and children. Eddard left Robert and rode south to fight the last battles of the war alone. They did not reconcile until after Lyanna’s death. King Robert rants about killing Targs. Eddard tries to calm him. They discuss the likelihood of the Dothraki coming to Westeros to take the Throne back. Robert is concerned that many in the Seven Kingdoms still call him Usurper. Ned redirects the conversation back to choosing a Warden of the East. After some discussion, Robert reluctantly tells Ned that he has already promised the title to Jaime Lannister. This is a bad idea. Eddard tells Robert why he does not trust Jaime, and it’s (IMO) kind of stupid. Jaime Lannister sat on the throne after the throne was won for Robert. Also the fact that the Lannisters took the city by treachery is not cool with Eddard. Ned worries some more and they ride off, leaving the reader with this quote. Characters Named but not actually present: Cersei: Queen. Twin to Jaime Lannister. Likes Jaime Lannister a lot. Becca: One of Robert’s “women.” Black hair and big sweet eyes. Wylla: Ned tells Robert that she is Jon Snow’s mother and would rather not speak of it. Baelor the Blessed Lord Varys: In Kings Landing, king’s master of whisperers. Serves Robert but also served King Aerys Targaryen. Eunuch. Lysa Arryn Ser Jorah Mormont: Of Bear Island, in the North. Fled to Pentos to escape the king’s justice after selling poachers as slaves. Tywin Lannister: Father of Jaime and Cersei. Presented the bodies of the dead Targaryen prince and princess to Robert. Jon Arryn: Fostered Robert and Eddard at the Eeryie. Dead. Lyanna: Eddard’s sister. Robert’s betrothed. Dead. Rhaegar: Prince of Westeros, married with two children. Dead. Aerys Targaryen: Previous king of Westeros. Dead Brandon Stark: Eddard’s brother. Dead. Other Locations Mentioned: Pentos Bear Island Tyrosh King’s Landing The Trident Thoughts: On the show, Eddard and Robert have the conversation about Jon Snow’s mother over breakfast. In this chapter, they stay on their bikes horses the entire time. I get why they changed it, working with animals is difficult and tricky to film, etc. But it was still nice to realize that Robert CAN still ride a horse. Jaime sitting in the throne with his sword across his lap! I never noticed that before. In Eddard I, we learned that the statues in the crypts of Winterfell have swords across the laps. It’s also a “guest rights” thing, I don’t remember where we learned that. So Jaime was denying Eddard guest right to the throne room. Or something. Varys worked for Aerys! Why is he still alive? He had lived his lies for 14 years. Eddard is really not okay with killing kids. Eddard is an OK guy. I mean, yeah, there was that beheading in the first chapter. But he’s not okay with killing children. So he’s got that going for him. I wonder if Wylla knows that she’s Jon’s mother. This is the second Eddard Stark chapter. His first chapter was also just him talking to Robert and giving the reader some backstory. I don’t really know how Jaime Lannister can be Warden of the East, when he’s also Kingsguard. I thought Kingsguard had to hold no lands or titles, never marrying or producing heirs. Am I wrong?
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    Game of Thrones Reread: Daenerys II

    Chapter 11: Daenerys Daenerys is wed to Khal Drogo. Characters Present: Daenerys Targaryen: a princess, sold to Khal Drogo for who knows what. Thirteen. Khal Drogo: Drogo is his name, Khal is his title. People naming their children forget this. Illyrio: a Magister. Ser Jorah Mormont: An exiled knight. He offered his sword to Viserys the night Dany had been sold to Khal Drogo. Viserys: Daenerys’ older brother. Lilac eyes. Very prideful and arrogant, despite the fact that he is nicknamed “Beggar King.” Irri: One of Dany’s handmaids, gifted by Illyrio/Viserys. Dothraki. Selected to teach Daenerys riding. Jhiqui: One of Dany’s handmaids, gifted by Illyrio/Viserys. Dothraki. Selected to teach Dany how to speak Dothraki. Doreah: One of Dany’s handmaids, gifted by Illyrio/Viserys. Fair-haired, blue-eyed, from Lysene. Selected to teach Daenerys “the womanly arts of love.” Location: Outside of Pentos Recap: I think the first sentence of this chapter sums it up. Forty thousand Dothraki warriors and their women, children, and slaves are camped outside of Pentos for this wedding. Khal Drogo gave his manse to Daenerys and Viserys to use until the wedding. Ser Jorah has sworn his sword to Viserys. Viserys is still a jerk. Illyrio reminds Viserys that the Dothraki do things in their own time, and to be patient. Viserys reminds everyone that HE is the rightful Lord of the Seven Kingdoms (if this is true, why is he not, you know, sitting on the throne? Oh, yeah, because he sucks.) Sometime before her wedding, Dany has a dream about waking the dragon. It’s prophetic. She’s pregnant (though not described as such, just ungainly.) in the dream, and her brother disappears and a dragon appears. Dany’s wedding is described in excruciating detail. The Dothraki are drinking and killing and fornicating everywhere. She’s lonely and scared. Viserys is pissed off because he’s a useless git. Dany is presented with gifts, including three slaves and three dragon’s eggs. One of the slaves is supposed to teacher her about sex, and Viserys is quick to point out that he knows she is good. Gross, Viserys. The dragon eggs are beautiful. Ser Jorah gives her some books in the Common Tongue. Khal Drogo gives her a horse, which she has to ride in front of everyone. She isn’t afraid of riding and enjoys it. She gets taken off the horse and has to go with the Khal for their wedding night. She’s scared. Viserys threatens her. Dany is 13, so the last few paragraphs of this chapter is a rape scene. Other locations mentioned: Vaes Dothrak: somewhere in the far east. Lysene. Shadow Lands beyond Asshai Thoughts: Way too descriptive on how Illyrio eats. Did people in the middle ages really get food all over their face constantly? Viserys wears a black tunic with a red dragon. The dream is obviously prophetic. I wonder if that means most/all dreams are? Probably not. Dany jumps her horse over the fire “as if she had wings.” Like a dragon. Born for the very first time. Like a dragon. How annoying that the Dothroki wear bells in their hair. Where do they get the bells? Is there a slave that has to make them? Why would you want to jingle everywhere you go, like my cat? I wonder what Illyrio’s end game is here. He’s smiling “enigmatically” when Viserys threatens Jorah. Speaking of Jorah, obviously, he’s already sending messages back to Bobby B, but we don’t know that yet. Viserys is quick to trust him. Watch the wedding here: https://youtu.be/c0IhEYId-rQ I can’t wait to get back to Westeros. These chapters always seem to out of place.
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    Game of Thrones Reread: Jon II

    Chapter 10: Jon II Jon says “good bye” to Winterfell, and gives Arya a gift. Characters Present: Jon Snow: “Son” of Lord Stark. Lady Catelyn is not his mother. Ghost: Jon’s direwolf. Not exactly a pet. Bran: Jon’s younger ½ brother. Has been in a coma since his fall. Has lost a lot of weight. Lady Stark (Catelyn Tully Stark): Ned Stark’s wife. She has long auburn hair, which is dull and tangled. “Looked as though she had aged twenty years.” She has not left Bran’s bedside. Robb Stark: Jon’s ½ brother, Ned’s eldest trueborn son. Grey Wind: Robb’s direwolf Arya Stark: Jon’s ½ sister. Nymeria: Arya’s direwolf. Location: Winterfell Recap: Jon climbs the stairs to Bran’s room, to be greeted by Lady Stark. She has not left Bran’s bed in a “fortnight.” Jon is leaving for the Wall, and wants to say good-bye to Bran. Lady Catelyn, supposedly in her grief, is rude and mean to Jon. Catelyn confesses that she prayed that Bran would stay with her as he was her “special boy.” (WTF?) Jon tries to tell her that it isn’t her fault and in return Catelyn tells Jon is should have been him (Jon.) Bitch. Sorry. I really hate Cat. Sidebar on my dislike of Cat: I know some people think it’s misogyny to dislike her, but her character is not someone I would get along well with in real life. All about the appearance and doing things the way she is “supposed” to, and living her life through her children. She literally has no other interests or hobbies than “having children.” And those children aren’t even really parented by her, they are mostly taught by Septas. Which also seems weird to me, because Winterfell is in the North. They must have brought Septa Mordane up just for Catelyn. What does she DO all day? What did she do when it was just her and Robb while Eddard went to war? What about when he left again to take care of Balon Greyjoy and bring back Theon? Back to the recap: Jon goes to say good-bye to Robb. Robb has snowflakes melting in his hair. Jon says that Starks are hard to kill. They hug. Jon leaves and goes to the armory to pick up a package, which he takes to Arya. They chat and say good-bye. Jon gives her a sword, which she names Needle. Other Locations Mentioned: Pentos, Myr Other Characters Mentioned: Uncle Benjen Ned Mikken Septa Mordane Sansa Thoughts: Jon is afraid to enter Bran’s room. Ghost helped him gain the courage to enter. Was he scared of Cat? What Bran might look like? Just saying good-bye? All of the above? I know GRRM SAID that Catelyn didn’t always act like this towards Jon, and I can understand grief. I still do not like her behavior in this chapter. I also think that this chapter shows that it isn’t a one time deal with Cat taking out her frustrations about Eddard’s “cheating” on Jon, who is not the guilty party in this situation. Lots of bird/tree imagery in regards to Bran. He is described as “half a leaf,” “his skin stretched tight over bones like sticks,” “frail cage of those shattered ribs,” “Fingers like the bones of birds.” “I better go. I’ll spend my first year on the Wall emptying chamber pots if I keep Uncle Ben waiting any longer.” And he becomes a steward. Jon says black was always his color. Aren't Black & Red the colors of the Targs? Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle. Jon & Arya are going to meet again. Only one of these scenes was willing to embed. The first is Jon & Arya, the last is Jon & Cat. https://youtu.be/Edb6jkimyuA?t=12s https://youtu.be/K5RYL0AvkC0
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    A Game of Thrones Reread: Tyrion I

    Chapter 9: Tyrion I Tyrion Lannister stays up all night reading and eats breakfast. Characters Present: Tyrion Lannister – a dwarf. Likes to read Chayle – a septon Sandor Clegane – has a rasping voice. Also called the Hound. Joffrey Lannister – terrible human being. Teenager. Kind of the same thing in most cases, but Joff is really, really terrible. Nephew to Tyrion. Jaime Lannister – Tyrion’s older brother. Twin to Cersei Lannister. Tommen – Prince. Younger brother of Joffrey. Sweet boy, Not at all like Joffrey. Location: Winterfell Recap: We meet Tyrion as he is closing the cover on a book about the changing of the seasons. He has read all night and listened to a wolf howl in the distance. He leaves the library and interacts with Sandor Clegane and Prince Joffrey. Prince Joffrey clearly subscribes to The Red Pill, and makes everyone hate him in this early chapter by being an insufferable asshole. Tyrion tells Joff to call on Lord Eddard Stark and offer them comfort. Joff refuses. Tyrion does what everyone else would like to do and slaps the prince across the face. Joffrey, being 12, says he is going to tell and gets slapped again. Joffrey runs away. Sandor Clegane warns Tyrion that the prince is likely to remember these events. Tyrion is unfazed by this idea. Tyrion meets Jaime, Cersei, Myrcella and Tommen for breakfast. Tyrion inquires to the whereabouts of the King. Cersei tells him that the King is with Lord and Lady Stark, taking their sorrow to heart. Tommon asks about Bran. Tyrion announces that Bran has not changed and the maester thinks it is hopeful. Bran may live. Tyrion watches the reaction of his siblings, rather than the children, and notices that Jaime and Cersei exchange a glance. Tyrion mentions that he plans to go north to the Wall and piss off the edge of the world. He is not joining the Night’s Watch though. Jaime suggests ending Bran Stark’s torment. Tyrion advises against bringing that suggestion to Lord Eddard. Tyrion hopes the boy will wake, and Jaime questions Tyrion’s loyalty. Tyrion grins “wolfishly” at Jaime, reminding him how much he loves his family. Characters that are mentioned: Summer (Unnamed) – Bran’s direwolf Grand Maester Aethelmure – Chayle is reading a book by this author. Implied to be quite boring. Arymidon – Author of Engines of War Eddard & Lady Stark Robert – King. Sort of. Brandon Stark – Lord Eddard’s brother. Murdered by Targaryen. Benjen Stark – younger brother of Eddard. Member of the Night’s Watch. Thoughts: (SPOILERS) Tyrion is reading a book about the changing of seasons, which is obviously some sort of foreshadowing. I don’t think Chayle is ever mentioned again. Shame that the Winterfell library burns down in a few. There seem to be quite a few books/scrolls that could be useful in there. We start with wolfs howling. We end with Tyrion grinning “wolfishly.” Nice. Sandor Clegane offers to shut up the wolf (by MURDERING IT) and Jaime offers to end Bran’s life. Joffrey is amused about Clegane killing a wolf, seeing that Clegane is a dog himself. Tyrion suggests that Joffrey can’t count past six. That amuses me. Only Jaime had shown [Tyrion] the smallest measure of affection or respect, and for that Tyrion was willing to forgive him most anything. - L Tyrion wondered what it would be like to have a twin, and decided that he would rather not know. Poor Tyrion. He really is quite ugly, unlike show Tyrion. Jaime says that Brandon stark was a hostage murdered by Targaryen. This isn’t exactly the story he later tells Catelyn. Who else would know the full story? Or did he just short it to hostage to temper his language in front of Tommen and Myrcella? Tyrion asks Cersei if she is leaving. She replies with “Gods, don’t tell me you are staying here?” As though she wouldn’t want Tyrion far away from her. Cersei thinks the animals (direwolves) are unnatural. And Tyrion swears the wolf is keeping Bran alive. Something tells me that Jaime will change his mind.
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    A Game of Thrones Reread: Bran II

    Chapter 8: Bran II Bran Stark is bored, as most of the men and older boys left Winterfell to go hunting. Bran experiments with voyeurism and is defenestrated. Location: Winterfell Characters: Bran Stark Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Recap: Bran wanders about the castle, bored and lonely. His brothers and most of the men are hunting with the King. He tries to say his farewells to the staff who were staying in Winterfell. He sees his pony in his stall and realizes that it’s not his pony, he’s getting a horse, and leaving the pony behind. He starts to cry and runs away before anyone sees him. He gets bored playing with his yet unnamed direwolf puppy and decides to climb. The wolf pup starts howling when Bran got halfway up the hearttree. He comes across some people (Jaime and Cersei) in the First Keep. They are having a conversation about how Jaime should be the Hand, but Jaime doesn’t want to be hand. Cersei thinks they are in danger. They talk about Stannis and Renly and Eddard, and Jon Arryn and Lysa Arryn. Cersei thinks they will be safer when Robert is dead and Joff takes the throne. Bran sees them naked, “wrestling” and it’s weird to read about what a 7-year-old see when he sees people having sex. Bran recognizes them as C&J and Jaime pushes Bran out the window. Characters Mentioned: Prince Joffrey – Hunting Party Robb – Allowed to join the hunt because Prince Joffrey was included Uncle Benjen – Hunting Party Jory – Went hunting with the group Theon Greyjoy – went hunting with the group Ser Rodrik – went hunting with group Tyrion (not by name) – went hunting with the group Jon – Was not invited to the hunt. Bran thinks he’s angry/grumpy with everyone and doesn’t know why. Rickon – Bran’s baby brother Old Nan Serwyn of the Mirror Shield – Kingsguard (former, I think) Ser Ryam Redwyne - Kingsguard Prince Aemon the Dragonkight - Kingsguard Ser Erryk – Twin to Ser Arryk – died on Ser Arryk’s sword hundreds of years ago. Kingsguard. Ser Arryk – Twin to Ser Erryk – died on Ser Erryk’s sword hundreds of years ago. Kingsguard. The White Bull, Gerold Hightower Ser Arthur Dayne, The Sword of the Morning. Barristan the Bold. Ser Boros – Current member of the Kingsguard. Bald man with a jowly face Ser Meryn – Current member of the Kingsguard. Droopy eyes and a beard the color of rust. Ser Jaime Lannister. – Current member of the Kingsguard. Gage the cook Mikken – blacksmith Hodor – stableboy Grey Wind – Robb’s Direwolf Lady – Sansa’s direwolf Shaggydog – Rickon’s direwolf Ghost – Jon’s direwolf Maester Luwin Stannis Baratheon – Robert’s brother Renly Baratheon – Robert’s brother Littlefinger Lysa Arryn Jon Arryn Commentary: This chapter, like the first chapter (also Bran’s POV), is an interesting and innocent look at Winterfell and life in the North. Using a 7-year-old to describe the buildings and his family and household is almost unfair. These early looks at Westeros make it seem much less dangerous that it really is. It could be because it’s “peace time” (but we’ve still been executing deserters from the Watch) or because it’s told to the reader from the view of someone who still rides a pony. Either way, Bran is excited to be going to King’s Landing, but sad because he’s leaving his old life (and childhood) behind. He idolizes the Kingsguard and Knights, much like Sansa will in her chapters. He likes the scary stories, Sansa likes the romantic stories. The Kingsguard that came north with King Robert are fascinating to Bran. Robb said that Jaime Lannister shouldn’t count as Kingsguard. Bran thinks Jaime looks more like the knights in the stories. I never noticed the part where (spoiler) Summer tries to get Bran to stop climbing. Lots of mentions of people we haven’t met yet who are later huge players. I also forgot or missed the part where Cersei thinks everyone will be safer with Joff on the throne and Robert in the grave. Cersei, you are not very smart. Poor Bran. He wanted to be a knight.
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    Game of Thrones: Prologue

    Welcome to my Reread of Book 1 of George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, "A Game of Thrones." I have no set schedule for this, but I DO have a ton of unsupervised time at work, low expectations, and a Kindle. In this post, I will recap the Prologue of Game of Thrones (Will) Spoilers for the entire series ahead. Characters in this chapter: Gared Ser Waymar Royce Will Characters mentioned but not seen: Mormont Mallister Maester Aemon Robert The Short Version: Gared, Waymar, and Will are riding, about eight days from the Wall. They are supposed to be tracking some wildling raiders. Will finds them, dead. Royce wants to investigate because it's his first ranging and he's desperate to prove himself. They are attacked by Others. Royce dies. Will dies. Thoughts: This is a pretty interesting chapter. There is a lot more going on than I originally thought. We learn some of the politics at the Wall. Even though all men at the Wall are brothers and they do not meddle in southern politics, the inexperienced Waymar Royce leads the ranging. Despite the fact that he was accompanied by two men with far more experience. Will is a criminal. Gared came as a boy, reasons unknown. Waymar Royce brought his own clothes and equipment, which makes me wonder where the other men get their clothing and other items. As far as I can remember, this is one of only two times we actually see the Others. I'm really hoping that we get more Other information in the next books. The descriptions make them sound really cool. (HAHA PUN). Seriously, though, GRRM wrote this before 1996. Maybe he's changed the image in his head as well. It's interesting to me, that on the reread, Royce isn't quite as awful as on my first time. He's a highborn male, whose siblings are lords and ladies. Meanwhile, he's taking a vow of chastity while living in harsh conditions with a bunch of criminals. He's still reckless and condesending, but he really wants to prove himself. Will did not jump down to fight with Royce, either, which might make him a traitor to the watch. I think. I don't remember the vows word for word. He's actually a lot like Jon Snow, with the thinking he's better than everyone. Until next time!
  15. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Arya I

    Chapter 7: Arya I Arya learns that life isn’t fair. Robb and Joffrey are not fast friends. Location: Winterfell Characters in this chapter: Arya – daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully/Stark. Brown hair, long solemn face. Good at figures and horse riding. Sansa – Arya’s older sister. Can sew, dance, sing. Writes poetry, knows how to dress. Plays the high harp and the bells. Beautiful (according to Arya). High cheekbones, thick auburn hair, Septa Mordane – bony face, sharp eyes, thin lipless mouth made for frowning. Princess Myrcella - a princess. Beth Cassel – daughter of Ser Rodrik Jeyne Poole – daughter of Winterfell’s steward, Sansa’s dearest friend (according to Arya) Prince Joffrey - crown prince. Sucks at life. Prince Tommen - so far, just fat. Jon Snow Nymeria – Arya’s direwolf. Yellow Eyes. Named after the warrior queen of the Rhoyne who lead her people across the narrow sea. (There is a LOT of information about Nymeria in the book “A World of Ice and Fire.” Ser Rodrick Cassel – Master-at-arms. A great stout keg of a man with white whiskers. Robb Stark - heir to Winterfell. Looks like a Tulley with auburn (or fire) hair. Theon Greyjoy – wears a black doublet emblazoned with the golden kraken of his House. Has look of contempt on his face. Ghost – Jon’s direwolf Lew Donnis Sandor Clegane – tall knight with black hair, burn scars on his face. Built like a bull. Mentioned, Not Present: Lady Catelyn – Arya’s mother Lady – Sansa’s direwolf. Nymeria – Warrior Queen of the Rhoyne Other locations mentioned: Rhoyne, Narrow sea. Recap: Arya, Sansa, Jeyne Poole, Beth Cassel, and Princess Myrcella are working on their needlework. Arya is bad at the womanly arts. (Seriously. The books says “womanly arts.” They mean sewing, I guess.) Arya is jealous of her sister who is pretty and good at being a girl. Jeyne (sniff) tells Arya that Joffrey likes Sansa. When Septa Mordane goes to check Arya’s work, she is critical of it. Arya goes to leave, stating that she needs to “shoe a horse.” She runs out of the room and gets her wolf from the guardroom at the bottom of the stairs. She knows that Septa and her mother would find her in her room, so she decides to go watch the boys practice in the yard. At the window in the covered bridge between the armory and the Great Keep, she finds her half-brother Jon Snow and Ghost. They watch the younger boys. Bran and Tommen hit each other with wooden swords. Jon tells her that bastards are not allowed to damage young princes, and Arya reflects again on life not being fair. Jon points out that Joffrey’s arms are divided, with Baratheon on one side and Lannister on the other. We learn that girls get the arms but not the swords. Bastards get the swords but not the arms. Bran defeats Tommen. Ser Rodrik asks if Robb and Joffrey want to go another round. Joffrey reminds everyone he is a prince. He is bored with the play swords and asks for live steel. Sandor Clegane jumps to Joffrey’s defense and claims to have killed a man at twelve. Joffrey embarrasses Robb. Theon keeps a hold of Robb who might have wanted to hit the prince (who doesn’t?) Arya goes back to her room where Septa Mordane and Lady Catelyn are waiting. Thoughts: Interesting to see that Arya is actually jealous about Sansa’s abilities. She actually cried a little when Septa Mordane shamed her about the crooked stitches. Not at all like on the show, where Arya DGAF. Jon and Arya are the only Stark children to have “their father’s face.” Arya wanted to see Robb put “gallant Prince Joffrey flat on his back.” Oh. So Sad. Is that irony? I’m never really sure anymore as Alanis Morrisette ruined the definition for my entire generation. Arya thinks Jeyne Pool is Sansa’s dearest friend. I don’t think Sansa feels that way. Also, damn it Jeyne Pool. I’m sorry that your dad dragged you to King’s Landing because Ned dragged him to King’s Landing. I’m sure neither of you actually wanted to uproot your whole life. And then, knowing what is going to happen to you. I mean, so far that’s two characters that have smirked and two character that are going to end up with Ramsey. Maybe GRRM doesn’t like smirks, much like the Sisters who taught at my elementary school. Nymeria pulls Catelyn’s body from the river. Arya thinks it’s funny now. WHY GRRM WHY MUST YOU TORTURE US ALL WITH THIS. And this:
  16. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Eddard I

    Chapter 4: Eddard I Two wealthy powerful men literally enter a crypt and make a deal. They do not leave. (Metaphorically. They leave, just not on screen.) List of Characters Present: Eddard “Ned” Stark Ser Jaime Lannister – hair as bright as beaten gold. Twin to Cersei Lannister Sandor Clegane – burned face Crown Prince – Tall Tyrion “Imp” Lannister – stunted little man King Robert Baratheon – 6’6”, wears too much perfume, has a girth to match his height. Cersei Lannister - Queen Characters Not Present, yet still mentioned: Balon Greyjoy – had a rebellion nine years ago Theon Greyjoy – Ned took him as ward and hostage. Lord Rickard Stark – Deceased. Forced to watch Brandon die. Brandon Stark – Strangled by the Mad King Mad King Aerys Targaryen - killed Brandon Stark while Lord Rickard Stark watched. Usurped by Robert Baratheon Catelyn Tully of Riverrun –Betrothed to Brandon Stark. Married to Ned. Lyanna Stark – Dead at 16. Robert loved her. Fond of flowers. Howland Reed – a crannogman Rhaegar Targaryen Jon Arryn - deceased Lysa Arryn – wife of Jon Arryn, sister of Catelyn, mother to Robert Arryn. Kind of insane. Lord Tywin Lannister – father to Jaime, Tyrion and Cersei. Lord of Casterly Rock. Location: Winterfell Crypts (mostly) Other Locations mentioned: Highgarden: has fields of golden roses and fruit Storm’s End: Robert was Lord of Storm’s End, before he claimed the throne. The ford of the Trident – Robert and Rhaegar fought here. We will see this place again, soon. the Eyrie Casterly Rock King’s Landing: Where the king lives. Rec ap King Robert and his people arrive at Winterfell. Ned notes that Robert, his former friend, now King, isn’t looking so hot. Speaking of hot, sounds like Robert was pretty good looking when they were younger. Tall, muscular, clean-shaven, and clear-eyed. Now he is fat and tired looking, and wearing perfume. Ned thinks back about the Greyjoy rebellion. The two families meet each other and immediately Robert asks to pay his respects. Cersei protests but Jaime quiets her. As Robert and Eddard descend the steps, Robert chats about how great the summer weather is down south. They stop at the end, at the site of the remains of Ned’s father, brother, and sister. Ned thinks back on the death of his brother. Robert complains that Lyanna shouldn’t be in a crypt. Ned reminds him that he, Ned, was with Lyanna when she died. He thinks back to when Robert and Rhaegar fought at the Trident. Robert mentions about wanting to kill Rhaegar for what he did to Lyanna. Ned reminds him that he did kill Rhaegar. Robert wants to do it again, and does, in his dreams. Every night. Because that is a healthy and productive behavior. They retrace their steps, slowly (it's slow because Robert is fat now. Because, you know, being a king made him into a fat alcoholic). Eddard asks about Jon Arryn, Lysa, and Robert Arryn. Robert mentions he wanted Little Robert Arryn to foster with Tywin Lannister at Casterly Rock, as Little Robert is sickly. Instead, Lysa had fled back to the Eyrie with him (young Robert Arryn). Ned thinks but does not speak that he would sooner leave a child with a pit viper than Lord Tywin. The description of Jon Arryn's death sounds like poison. Robert offers Ned the position of Hand of the King. Net tries to protest, and it is mentioned that he also stripped Little Robert Arryn of the title “Warden of the East.” Ned does not want this “honor” or the position. They discuss it a bit, and then Robert also mentions that he wants Ned to marry Sansa to his son, the crown prince Joffrey. Thoughts. Robert is GIANT. He was 6’6” before he gained eight stone. That’s 112 lbs. for the Americans. Or 50 kg for those who use measurements that make actual sense. I miss Robert, sort of. He seems like one of those douchey guys you meet who are hilarious and full of themselves and cocky and will somehow trick you into sleeping with them. And then never call, but maybe show up again in a month or two and be charming and hilarious all over again. Or, if you are able to resist the charms, his language at least is entertaining. He’s a total jerk to Eddard though. He’s all “you people up here suck. It’s cold. I had to travel through the countryside and it’s cold. Come to King’s Landing where women are awesome, not like here, where it sucks.” Robert also does not like ruling the kingdom. It’s boring. He’d rather be out fighting and doing something. Maybe he should have joined the Night’s Watch, and fought the real enemies. Robert mentions that his ass is raw from the Iron Throne. Is it Barristan or Eddard that comments that rulers shouldn’t sit easy on the throne? Makes Dany’s little cushions all the more suspect. She should not rule Westeros. I don’t know who should. Perhaps a return to seven autonomous kingdoms? Abolishment of the idea of Lords and Kings and instead a socialist type of government? Would that work in a pseudo-medieval society with different norms, expectations, and lifestyle? I noticed that Ned, practical man that doesn’t believe in signs, wonders if the ghosts of the oldest Starks were free to roam the castle. He also only mentions how Brandon died, and how he married Catelyn instead. No mention of the (horrible) death of Rickard Stark. I also really enjoyed the description of the crypts. The often-quoted paragraph about Ned promising something to Lyanna is in this chapter. It mentions a fever (from childbirth, maybe?) and rose petals spilling from her palm. And that “they” had found him clutching her body. Even though later it is said that the only people coming back from the Tower of Joy was Ned and Howland Reed. Furthermore, he buried Ser Arthur Dayne at the TOJ, and yet his sister’s remains are in Winterfell. I hope this matter is cleared up at some point. Perhaps she didn’t die at the TOJ? No, I think it’s pretty clear that Ned and his men took out the three Kingsguard at the TOJ, and he went inside to find Lyanna. Maybe she wasn’t dead and traveled with Ned and the crannogman to Starfall, where she had her child and died? I think Barristan might have remembered that. I really enjoyed the fact that we got two stories about the trident already. We heard Dany’s recollection, or at least the story she had been told by Targ loyalists, and then Ned’s story. Although, we are still missing some key information about the cause of the war. Although, right now I’m thinking it goes back to Duskendale, I’m sure when the Winds of Winter comes out, that will change. Ned really does not have a choice. Robert B came all the way up to Winterfell, and he’s not someone that anyone in the Kingdom can say “no” to. Ned is forced to play the Game, tries to play honorably, and loses his head. (Unless you are a crazy conspiracy person who thinks Ned was switched in the dungeons with a different person, in which case, no. That didn’t happen.)
  17. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Jon I

    Chapter 5: Jon I Jon Snow gets drunk and tries to join the Night Watch. Tyrion does gymnastics. Characters Present Jon Snow Lord Stark Cersei Lannister/Baratheon King Robert Baratheon - Jon describes him as disappointing, red-faced, fat, drunk, sweating. Rickon - a child of three Robb - wearing grey wool trimmed with white Princess Myrcella - eight, thin, golden curls Arya Stark Tommen - white blond hair Sansa Crown Prince Joffrey Baratheon - Twelve, taller than Robb Stark and Jon, curly golden hair, green eyes Ser Jaime Lannister - twin to Cersei, tall, golden, flashing green eyes. Called Kingslayer behind his back Tyrion Lannister - described as the ugliest Lannister. Dwarf. Squashed in face. One green eye, one black eye. Hair so blonde it seems white. Benjen Stark - Sharp-featured, gaunt, blue-grey eyes. Hint of laughter. Theon Greyjoy Ghost - Jon's direwolf. Silent. White. Deadly. Bran Characters Mentioned b ut not seen by the POV. Hullen Maester Luwin Daeren Targaryen - "The Young Dragon" Conquered Dorne when he was 14.Died at 18. Location: The Great Hall of Winterfell (until Jon runs out to the yard in tears, like a jr. high school girl) Other locations mentioned: The Crypts, The Wall, Dorne Recap: Jon Snow in the Great Hall during the welcoming feast for the king. His brothers and sisters were seated with the royal children while Jon sits with the younger squires. He tries to be positive about the inequality by getting drunk on summerwine. Uncle Ben notices Jon and comes to speak with him. He takes the summerwine away and they talk about Ghost, direwolves, how Jon notices everything, and then Benjen mentions he would do well at the NW. Jon begs to go with him. Uncle Ben isn't sure, as Jon is still just 14. Jon runs out of the Great Hall in tears after Ben tells him to go out and father a bastard or two first. In the yard, Jon meets Tyrion. Ghost doesn't like Tyrion, which is curious. Jon and Tyrion chat. Thoughts. The author has forgotten to put Bran Stark in the procession. I wonder if this chapter was supposed to come after Bran is flung from a window. Also, I'm 90% sure that the gymnastics thing was forgotten about until GRRM tried to fix it in either AFFC or ADWD. Either way, it's silly. Jon is not treated like a normal bastard. He normally eats at the table with his brothers. Catelyn was the reason he is not, or at least that is what he believes. I also find it interesting that Ben takes an interest in Jon. And it's mentioned that Jon "has more of the North" in him, which is also how they will later describe Lyanna. Jon notes that Eddard seems unhappy. The King is drinking heavily. The queen is decribed as angry and "as cold as an ice sculpture." This is the second chapter to touch on how unhappy the King is. And I remember GRRM saying something about how in fairy tales or LOTR, the prince becomes kind and the community has 100 years of peace under his reign with no details. This is so obvious with King Robert. We never hear about Prince Charming's tax policies or reconstruction. King Robert was a warrior, Tyrion's description is always surprising. Peter Dinklage is just too attractive for Tyrion. And the black eye! Doesn't Euron also have the two different colored eyes, one which is black? Interesting that Jon would choose a Targaryen for a hero. Wouldn't that be something that was discouraged? "You don't miss much, do you, Jon?" Jon is very observant. Ghost is silent. I wonder if he SAW Ghost near the stag when no one else did, and lied to Lord Stark. He might also have picked up that Lord Stark believes in symbols more than he lets on. Eddard himself seems to believe in ghosts, according to the last chapter. More on the king. Jon thinks that Jaime looks more like a King that King Robert. But then at the end, he notices that the shadow of Tyrion makes him stand tall like a king. So he went from judging people on appearance to taking advice from Tyrion. Or at least listening to Tyrion's advice. Interesting that Jaime is dressed in crimson with a black satin cloak. Much like a Targaryen. Also, shouldn't he have the white cloak of the Kingsguard? Lots of possible evidence for R+L=J if you read into Benjen & Jon's conversation. I would like to think that Benjen is also observant and figured out that Ned would never cheat, that Jon is giving up more than he knows, that no one can talk about it. MAYBE some evidence for the J+A=T or the chimera idea, based on Tyrion's appearance. But I'm not completely sold on that one yet. I'm enjoying this read through. Wish I had more time so I could get through the 72 chapters in this book faster.
  18. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Daenerys I

    Daenerys I Characters Dany – 13 years old, long sliver pale hair. Purple eyes. Viserys Targaryen – gaunt, young, feverish look in his lilac eyes. Called “The Beggar King.” Not very nice to his little sister. Magister Illyrio – a dealer in spices, gemstones, dragonbone, and other things. Dany and Viserys are staying with him in Pentos. Would sell anyone for the right price. Described as “massive.” Has a yellow beard, crooked yellow teeth. Khal Drogo – 30, tall, skin the color of copper, mustachios bound with gold and bronze rings. Long black hair. Illyrio’s servants. One is 16 and talks a lot. The other is old, small, grey, and silent. Khal Moro Rhogoro – Khal Moro’s son Brother to the Archon of Tyrosh – has a green beard. Ser Jorah Mormont – a balding older man, past forty. Characters Mentioned but not actually seen Rhaegar Targaryen – Dany’s brother. Deceased. According to this chapter, he “died for the woman he loved.” Elia of Dorne - Kingslayer Lords Lannister and Stark Ser Willem Darry – took Dany and her brother from Dragonstone to Braavos. He died in Braavos. She barely remembers him. Houses Tyrell, Redwyne, Darry, Greyjoy Aegon the Dragonlord Location Pentos – one of the free cities. Dany travels from Magister Illyrio’s manse to Khal Drogo’s manse. Khal Drogo’s manse was given to him by the magisters. Other locations mentioned · Vaes Dothrack Fabled lands beside the Jade Sea Nine Free Cities Narrow Sea Land of the Andals (Rhaesh Andahli in Dothraki)/Westeros – it’s across the narrow sea from Pentos Casterly Rock Eyrie Highgarden Vale of Arryn Dorne and the Isle of Faces Trident Kings Landing Dragonstone Myr Tyrosh Qohor Volantis Lys Port of Ibben Summer Isles The short version of what happens: Daenerys Targaryan prepares to meet Khal Drogo for the first time. She sees the Khal and Jorah Mormont at the manse of Khal Drogo. Her brother is gross. The longer version. Dany’s brother gives her a gift from the man they are staying with, Magister Illyrio. Dany questions why the magister gives them so many gifts, when he has a bad reputation. Viserys threatens her. She bathes and is dressed and gives a bunch of backstory about the fall of the Targaryen dynasty and her own personal history. It’s sad. She was born nine months after a midnight flight to Dragonstone, while her father and brother (Rhaegar) were killed. Her mother died in childbirth. The knight that helped the Dany and Viserys escape Westeros died. They were put out and took to wandering the free cities and selling their personal possessions. They arrive at the party or whatever at Khal Drogos mansion. Magister Illyrio leaves Viserys and Dany alone and Viserys threatens Dany again. She starts to cry and Viserys makes her stop. She straightens up in time for Khal Drogo to come look at her. Thoughts. Where do I begin? This chapter, once again, packed in so much detail. And for me, it’s a really good way to remember that each narrator has his or her own biases. Daenerys has never been to Westeros. She was not alive during the Sack of Kings Landing. She has ONLY heard about her own personal history from her brother, who was also young. (I suppose their household told her some things as well.) All of the stories and places she heard about were just stories to her. She doesn’t know anything about Westeros, other than what she has been told. If she ever gets there, I wonder if she’ll be like “I was fighting for this? This uncomfortable chair? This crowded, smelly city?” Girl will probably want to go right back to the khalasar. I liked that Dany immediately questioned why Illyrio would give her a gift like that. While Viserys is all “well, he’ll remember me when I have my throne.” Hey, dumbass, even IF you become kind of Westeros, you will not rule Pentos. Ever. What will you have to offer them? Trade agreements? The part where she was turned out of houses and they wandered the free cities was sad. It must suck to be nobility. I mean, it sucks to be smallfolk too, but nobles and their heirs are always in danger. For what? Marginally better living conditions and food? I guess when everyone is working to exhaustion; those castles with servants must be nice. Khal Drogo has a mansion in Pentos. And yet the “horselords” continue to live a nomadic lifestyle. He also has a manse in Vas Dothrak. Not really sure how these economies work, but whatever. I’ll just go with it. There are mentions of red priests and the “Lord of Light” and again with the seven. They mention the unsullied, as well. It's like he planned out these books or something. Dany just wants a home. And she’s being sold to a nomadic warrior twice her age instead. Viserys is a gross asshole. I would think that a boy of 8, who was cast from his kingdom with only his sister (who he was expected to marry) would be nicer to his only sibling. I mean, now he's 21. But for the last 13 years they have only had each other. Interesting how he pretends with the borrowed sword. Beggar King indeed. I wonder if he would have earned that nickname if he wasn't such a blowhard. I think the show must have poisoned my view of Jorah, because I seem to have forgotten that he was banished to Essos for selling people to slavers. There is no way Dany will EVER forgive him.Also, he's described as older and not as attractive as show Jorah Mormont. Dany is a slave. When she is being dressed, they discuss how Khal Drogo is rich even his slaves wear golden collars. Then they give her a golden collar, a heavy torc with ancient Valyrian glyps. A torc is a necklace. I had to look it up.We know it, she knows it. This line: Her brother Rhaegar battling the Usurper in the bloody waters of the Trident and dying for the woman he loved. So much more romantic than “Rhaegar carried her off.” Who told her that Rhaegar loved Lyanna? I’m wondering what Illyrio was plotting here. If he’s is, in fact, a sincere Targaryen loyalist, then what is to be gained by this move? He must know that Viserys is incompetent. Or is he just trying to please the Dothroki?
  19. Maggie Mae

    Game of Thrones Reread: Catelyn I

    Catelyn I Welcome to another edition of Maggie Mae reads Game of Thrones. I'm going to say I've read this particular book at least 3 times already. However, this is by far my slowest reread. In this post, I plan to cover the very short second chapter, "Catelyn." Character List: Catelyn Stark, Lord Eddard's lady wife. Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell. Characters mentioned but not actually present: Brandon the Builder (deceased, a character from the Age of Heroes) Arya Stark Sansa Stark Rickon Stark Mance Rayder, King-Beyond-the-Wall Old Nan Maester Luwin Jon Arryn (deceased) - fostered Robert B and Ned Stark in their youth. Raised the banners against King Aerys rather than give up Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark. Robert Baratheon Mad King Aerys II Targaryen Lord Hoster Tully - Cat's father Maester Pycelle - Maester at Kings Landing Lysa Arryn (formerly Tully) - Cat's sister, wed to Lord Hoster Tully Bryden Tully (Cat's Uncle), "Knight of the Gate" Ben Stark Lannisters of Casterly Rock Prince Tommen (7, same age as Bran Stark) "Lannister woman is our queen." Jory Takes Place In: The godswood at Winterfell. It is explained that all of the great houses have godswoods. Catelyn doesn't like the one at Winterfell. It is described as a "dark, primal place" in contrast to the one at Riverrun, where Cat grew up. Other Locations Mentioned: Riverrun Isle of Faces Valyria Eyrie Short recap: Catelyn, Lord Eddard Stark's wife, talks to him in the godswood. She tells him that Jon Arryn is dead and King Robert is coming to visit. Longer recap: Cat gives the reader a lot of information about the world that they live in. In this chapter, we are introduced to some of the religion of Westeros. I'll get more into that in my "Thoughts" section. After the information dump about the Seven and the First Men and weirwoods, Cat comes across her husband, cleaning Ice in the waters in the godswood. They talk about the children. The reader learns a little more about Valyria, the doom, and spellworked swords. Ned tells her that the deserter he executed was the fourth this year, and the strength of the Night's Watch is down below a thousand men. Ned thinks it's wildlings and Mance Rayder. Catelyn thinks there are darker things beyond the Wall. Ned disagrees. Finally, she breaks the news about Jon Arryn's death and Robert's imminent arrival. Ned is pleased that Robert is coming to Winterfell, but Cat is hesitant. And no one likes the Lannisters. Thoughts: My Grammarly extension hates me. Sometimes when I click in this blog post, words and paragraphs disappear. It's annoying. This chapter is so packed with world building. Is the Faith of the Seven a sort of Catholic Church type reference? Later in the series we hear about the High Septum being corrupt. Plus the incense and the rituals. The Old Gods don't seem to be "gods" as much as meditation. Ned's first question to Cat is about the children. That man loves children or is very concerned about children's safety. I wonder why. Why would Ned need to go deal with Mance Rayder? I always forget that Tommen is the same age as Bran We hear about the Doom really early! Jon Arryn fostered Ned and Robert B. Then Ned and Jon married the Tully sisters. On the same day at the same place and time. I am not a fan of double weddings. I had hoped to finish the next chapter too since this one was short, but alas, not going to happen today. Oh well.
  20. Hey, does anybody read the books of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series?? The first one is called "Game of Thrones" and is also a TV show on HBO. My dear boyfriend started reading them when we made our roadtrip through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and the New England States and it lead to the fact that I was driving all the time (which was actually pretty cool for me, because I could listen to all the great country stations and I LOVE to drive cars with automatic) but from time to time I got really angry because he totally ignored the beautiful landscape around us and I had to force him to look up from his book! Nevertheless I started reading them too during our camping trip to the Netherlands and now I can't put them away anymore. It's really a great story and I can't wait to find out how the persons will develope etc. Is there anybody else out here infected, too???
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