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Found 10 results

  1. closetcagebaby

    Weirdest Fundie Beliefs

    What do you think are some of the weirdest or strangest fundie beliefs are? My friends and I are doing a virtual powerpoint party and I think this will be my topic! I've been thinking about it a lot. I'm thinking along the lines of mormons thinking the Garden of Eden is in Jackson Country, MO.
  2. When in doubt, uninstall and reinstall. Thankfully I have it on Origin, so no need to faff around with multiple discs and serial codes. And, because it was on Origin, I still had my original Sims 3 fundie family, the Taylors (remember them?) Only issue is that the audio is still dodgy, so I have to mute all the sound, but that's fairly minor really. It feels odd to be playing it again after such a long break, though. I may get into these guys again, or just create a whole new save game. It's been almost seven whole months since I did a Sims 3 Taylors update. I realised that since I did the last post back in January, I had taken some photos before my big pause. When I last saved them, kids 2 and 3 had just aged into Children. In age order, the kids are Andrew, Bethany, Christopher, Diana, Elijah and Francesca. I'll post those photos, plus some old ones of other fundie families I've had on Sims 3 who I've long since deleted. My Sims 3 children record is ten. This is Andrew being put to use cleaning the toilet. Kids in the Sims 4 can't actually clean toilets; all they can do help-wise is clear the dishes. Making the bed. Melissa doing the counter. Yep... that's FIVE TODDLERS ALL AT ONCE. Elijah is the guy on the left, who's wailing because he's hungry. Bethany, Christopher and Diana (I think that's her in the lilac) are playing round the table, and Francesca is the one nearest the desk chair on the right. I don't know why Melissa was in her swimming costume, they don't have a pool, although perhaps she wanted to play with the sprinkler. Anyway, with Sims 3 Island Paradise comes a mermaid tail in the swimwear section, so you can create a totally modest swimming costume! Christopher wanted to play with the xylophone, but Bethany was in the way. Francesca in the walker. The natural consequence of having five toddlers at once. Here's Bethany as a child. Christopher doesn't have his own bed yet, as one of the triplets was placed in his old crib before I could sell it, and I still need another crib in the boys' room for Elijah. And here's Christopher. When I played them yesterday, they'd only just aged up; I'd changed Bethany's outfit but not Christopher's. Memory Lane photo: my first Sims 3 fundie family, the Connerses. They had all girls. I used move_objects on to get them all into position, which sadly screwed up my game so I had to delete the family. There are only nine kids in this photo, but there were actually ten altogether. The names are on the relevant Sim (I edited the screenshot obviously). The one missing was called Amanda. I think Alice, Anne-Marie, Amelia, Alexandra and Aurelia had moved out at this point, and I was playing their parents' household... Alexandra popped up as a Zombie I also hadn't edited Amelia's outfit either. Otherwise, they're all dressed modestly. Adelaide, the youngest, is playing with an Imaginary Toy, which all babies/toddlers tend to receive, and they play with them automatically. Another fundie family, the Jessops. The kids' name theme was E. I'm pretty sure that the eldest was called Emily, and the next youngest was Evelyn. The two children (yeah, twins) were called Ella and Emma. I forget what the parents were called (these photos are from four years ago!!) This is what can sometimes happen with a birthday cake. It's kinda funny how they're all panicking and yet the girl in black doesn't care Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure she was Ella. Evelyn is on the left in the green, Emily is on the left with the pink top, and Emma is the one with the purple outfit. The mom is visible in the back, wearing the pink blouse and the beige skirt. Here's Emily with her own family. She had about three or maybe four kids that I know of. I forget what her married surname was. I think her kids were called Amalia and Nicholas. This is her with Nicholas. Amalia on the slide. Emily and her husband were into Martial Arts. This wasn't a fundie family, but it's a typical Sim thing. One of the kids in the family was graduating from high school, which they do at the town hall. The baby of the family got abandoned outside, and a tourist felt sorry for him. Another non-fundie family. This is the result of a meteor strike. It occurred when everyone was going to school/work in the morning. Yet another game (honestly, I've had loads). The Grim Reaper bouncing on a trampoline. Because reasons. I've honestly surprised myself with how well I remembered the names of some of these guys, especially the Jessops. Even though I've played all these families and then deleted the save games for whatever reason, the screenshots still remain. It kinda sucks that I scroll through them, and remember playing the family and everything, yet can't remember what they were called.
  3. So I was discussing fundy kids' book lists with a friend and was trying to articulate the list of crazy stuff they think makes a book "not okay." Not just the obvious stuff (magic, homosexuality, other religions, etc), but the things like having conflict with siblings. They don't actually believe me at how nutty it is, so I'm looking for a site that lists this stuff, either a list from a n actual fundy or list with cites to actual comments by fundies. My Google-fu is failing me on this.
  4. mango_fandango

    An Introduction (second part)

    This follows on from part one. Back in the present, I received a Facebook message from Jessica. It was a photo of her and an off-white cocktail. I guessed from the wedge of pineapple on the rim of the glass that it was a piña colada. She was revelling in the fact that she could drink alcohol now, but I knew she was a sensible girl. Even if she did get drunk, hopefully it would be a lesson learned. That was normal young adult behaviour, after all. (I certainly recalled getting drunk at a friend’s house many a time). “Great to see you enjoying your holiday Jess honey. Keep me updated when you can xx”. I hit send and smiled. Both girls assured me that I was a cool mom, not too embarrassing nor too stuffy. I knew to keep my distance when they invited friends over, having learnt from my own mother, who had been a tad overprotective. “What’s for dinner, mom?” Faye, dressed in her sister’s varsity jacket and a navy polkadot jumpsuit, entered the living room. I’d heard the door open and close but didn’t pay much attention. “Oh, hi, Faye. Umm, not given much thought to it yet. We’ve got plenty of pasta we could use up.” “Ooh, can I make some more of that pesto sauce? We’ve got basil and parmesan that needs eating.” “That would be great, honey. There are some scones left in the tin if you’re hungry.” “Famished, mom.” Although both my girls spoke in American accents, having lived here all their lives, I made sure that they experienced ‘typically British’ foods like hot cross buns at Easter time and crumpets on Saturday mornings. “Biscuits” in America looked like the English scones, but were eaten with savoury food like chicken and “gravy”- another foodstuff that had different meanings either side of the pond. As Faye started on the pesto sauce, I poured myself a Coke. Both the girls were aware of the Taylors. Faye, in particular, was fascinated by them. “Hey Mom. I was just thinking. If we were the Taylors I’d be taking photographs of every step of this pesto making process and then blogging about it later,” Faye laughed. “How bizarre! I was thinking of the Taylors too. I came across them in Costco earlier.” “Did they ask you where you’re headed when you die?” “No. Oddly enough, one of them was picking up a packet of meat and another one photographed her. I mean, who on Earth takes photographs in Costco, for God’s sake? Do they really thinking people want to see their journey to the supermarket?” “They have so little going on in their lives, even the smallest thing seems noteworthy,” Faye replied knowledgably. I thought of my own life. Outside of my job, I played badminton on Saturdays and went out to dinner with Sandra at least once a week, not to mention the Italian evening classes and Sunday afternoon book group. Faye had a job volunteering at the cat sanctuary and was part of a small, amateur orchestra where she played the flute. Jessica had a term time job as a waitress and was aiming to become a lawyer when she graduated next summer. I thought of the Taylor girls, all out shopping in a group, and rolled my eyes. No doubt their father had had a big role to play in their lives. From what I had gleaned from their blog and from an excellent online forum- Dumb Things Fundies Do- every activity had to be edifying, honouring Jesus. Children had to stay at home until marriage. Dating and having casual boyfriends was a huge no-no; when you entered a ‘courtship’ it had to be with a view to marriage. You had to have as many children “as God gave you”- i.e. no contraception. Secular influences were totally verboten- public schools were terrible, ungodly places where you could be exposed to such risqué things as girls in trousers and competitive sports teams.
  5. mango_fandango

    An Introduction (first part)

    It was a peaceful Wednesday afternoon, and for once I was on my own in the house. My twenty-one-year-old daughter Jessica was on holiday with four of her friends in Hawaii. My nineteen-year-old other daughter Faye was in Wichita with her boyfriend. They had jam-packed social lives, but also enjoyed spending time with me and my husband. I was idly flicking through the television channels. I reflected upon the fact that, no matter where you lived, programme choices during the day were always terrible. I had lived in America for twenty-three years and little had changed except the size of the screens. For a few years now I had been wanting to leave Summer Springs and move someplace else. It had been a lovely city in which to bring up the girls but I’d always dreamed of living somewhere livelier, with more going on. Jess was exactly like me- she hadn’t chosen to go to UCLA for nothing. She thrived on busyness and excitement. A couple of hours later, I was in Costco. It was the largest supermarket in Summer Springs and the one closest to where I lived. Although we weren’t at all poor, it was cheap and good for barbecues, which were almost mandatory for July 4th. Only Faye would be with my husband and me on the day, but I was comforted by the fact that Jess would be happy with friends. She was an independent soul. It was while I was in the meat aisle that I spotted them. Four women in a group around one deep trolley. One of them carried a camera. As I watched, the one with the darkest hair picked up a pack of something- beef perhaps- and the camera-carrier took a picture. I raised a sceptical eyebrow. Who the hell took photographs in Costco, for God’s sake? Especially posed ones? I took a closer look. Despite the warm weather outside, all four were wearing long skirts and sported long hair. The girl who’d held up the pack of meat turned around to grab something else. Despite conceding to the weather by wearing a multi-coloured pastel shirt, she was wearing a hot pink t-shirt underneath that went up to her neck. Hang on a second. I’d seen that shirt somewhere before. And I swore I could’ve recognised that girl’s face. As I turned into the dairy aisle, it hit me. It was the Taylors. Kansas is a solidly Republican state. It was another (albeit smaller) reason I wanted to leave; it sounds stupid to some, but I wanted to live somewhere where I felt my vote really counted. Having a Republican in charge was alright for the likes of the Taylors, but since James and I disagreed with so many of their policies, we were itching to leave. I have still spent the (now slight) majority of my life in England. Although ostensibly a Christian nation, there was nowhere near the number of religious weirdos as there were stateside. Sure, you got the occasional screeching madman in say Piccadilly Circus or Oxford Street, but you didn’t get the proselytisers and the tracts. I had first become aware of the Taylors seventeen years ago. On the hunt for a drink at the county fair, I’d spotted a sign proclaiming free sodas. My suspicions had been aroused when I’d spotted a group of people in almost identical outfits; the women in white t-shirts and denim jumpers, the men in white polo shirts and blue jeans. The cue that had led me to giving them a wide berth was hearing one of them ask about the Ten Commandments. My friend Sandra had told me about the family and that what they were doing was “proselytising”- trying to get people to convert- and that the little slips of paper they were handing out were called tracts. I had looked at the youngest girl- who must’ve been only a shade older than Faye- in her long skirt and sighed. That poor little girl. During summer, Jessica and Faye lived in shorts, or else skirts or dresses that came above the knee. Later in life they became very sporty and I just knew that Jessica’s track times would’ve been impossible in a long skirt, and that Faye wouldn’t have been able to ice-skate anywhere near as well as she did. It must’ve been boring for that little girl to hang around not understanding what was going on. Even if I was the kind of person to go out proselytising, I wouldn’t drag along kids that age.
  6. Let's honor our favorite narcissist fundies by creating a gallery of their selfies and pictures with others in which they are prominent, shall we?
  7. Fundie preachers Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis explained Tuesday that they just had to have either first class or private jets in order to be protected and to be able to talk to God; Yeah Kenny, speaking as one of the demons I'd rather not fly with you either. Makes me fucking sick - there are people who will be sleeping out in the cold and these two supposed men of God are going about flaunting their wealth.
  8. The part I thought might be relevant here starts around 41min26sec if the video doesnt automatically start there.
  9. Lainey

    Drugs Are Bad, mmmkay?

    Wow. I am in the mood to read stories about ghosties, so I googled it. I came up with a website with supposedly real-life stories. Of course, the first one I clicked on is a fundie with an overactive imagination/severe mental illness (probably the latter, actually). Enjoy: http://www.yourghoststories.com/real-gh ... tory=12610 I guess I'm just haunted by fundies. *sigh* Hey, that could make an interesting short story.
  10. A fundy is upset that Willy the Pimp is allowed on the site and has such a fan following. Look for Walternator the Albertson's Stockboy peopleofwalmart.com/47749#comments eta, I changed the tile because POW can be taken more ways than one.
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