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  1. In a recent development the estranged daughter of the Oath Keepers founder has been leading protests in favor of abortion rights , in Montana. Yet another example of the children of fundies successfully making a life apart from their upbringing.
  2. Maggie Mae

    Rewatching Contact: 23 years later

    I recently rewatched the 1997 Sci-Fi film Contact. Directed by Forrest Gump's Robert Zemeckis (among many, many other well known films), Contact was a film that I had mostly forgotten about. Sure, everytime a new sci-fi film came out in the past decade, it was mentioned. But mostly I remembered it as kind of weird Jody Foster film that I saw in high school. (Now you know how old I am!) Contact, despite being 23 years old, is still incredibly relevant to this day. Dr. Ellie Arroway works for SETI, a scientist in a single minded pursuit to find evidence of alien life in the galaxy. David Drumlin, science advisor to the President of the United States, pulls her funding in the most condescending, sexist, garbage way. Seriously, this guy showed up and was a literal cigar smoking, mustache twirling, villain. He ignores Dr. Arroway, talks over her in meetings, dismisses her, and his final words to her were basically "I won, because the world sucks." Tom Skerrit is the perfect foe for this film. He talks over Dr. Arroway. He takes credit for her work. He is a glimpse into the real life dynamics that exist in most industries, including government and science. (And probably every board room that every existed.) He is frustrating and awful, and that is in no small part due to my own experience with the low rent versions of David Drummond. After Drummond pulls her funding, Dr. Arroway and her partner/friend Kent (played by William Fichtner, who you've seen somewhere but can't quite figure it out) move on to finding funding through non-governmental sources. Eventually Arroway gives a rather cliche speech to a giant board room with three people and a camera and secures funding from a secretive billionaire. When her team finally finds a signal, coming from the star system Vega, there is the expected fight between government agencies over who should be in charge. It's all very frustrating and annoying and realistic. Why would anyone want the scientists in charge? What if the aliens intend to do harm? Meanwhile, Dr Arroway continues to do her work, with her team, and attempts to navigate the politics the best she can. Into the fray comes the everpresent "religion" which throws yet another attempt at breaking the unbreakable Dr. Arroway. Before long, the film dives into a rather shallow religion vs science debate, with some dubious statistics (or is it true that 95% of the Earth's population in 1997 believed in a God?). Contact isn't perfect. But the politics, the feminism, the clearly cyborg Rob Lowe who does not age, Matthew McConaughey as a Christian Philosopher (who seemed to actually be hurt by a woman treating him the way many, many, many McConaughey characters have treated women), James Woods, and Angela Bassett make this an 8/10 for me. Other notes: Alan Silvestri does the music and it's on point, though the sound mixing is pretty dated and really annoying (very very quiet, then LOUD then quiet then LOUD.) Technology! I loved watching everyone run around trying to wake up these huge computers by smacking the space bar. The office that Dr. Arroway works out of in New Mexico is way too cluttered and dirty for 2020, so much paper. I think I mixed this up in my head a bit with frequency, because I kept thinking she was going to hear a message from the dead father, played by David Morse. Dr Arroway, with everything shaking and crumbling around her, no idea if she's about to die, be sent to space to die, explode, or a million other possibilities, just keeps saying "OK to Go." That's strength and that's a thirst for knowledge. Is anyone really surprised that the Christians want to shut it down? BTW, the preacher is played by Gary Busey's son, which is why he looks familiar.
  3. Everything is terrible and I want to get off this surreal crazy train we're living in. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/09/roman-polanski-new-movie
  4. Gabrielle Blair, mother of six and a blogger, recently tweeted a remarkable thread that went viral. In it, she makes the case that men, as opposed to women, are at fault for unplanned pregnancies because of their irresponsible ejaculations and failure to use condoms, which are more readily accessible than birth control for women. This has obviously caused a lot of consternation with many men on Twitter. I mostly created this thread because it's amazing and everyone should see it. https://www.designmom.com/twitter-thread-abortion/
  5. News from Chile RIP and thank you Col. Duhalde
  6. Yeah, an Orange Fart Cloud snowflake couldn't stand the idea of seeing strong women on the big screen.
  7. The National Partnership for Women & Families just released this video to advocate for paid family leave, and it's fantastic:
  8. Today is the International Women's Day. Looking for an image to go with my well wishes to all of us on my status I found this image. It states that the rising of women is the raising of us all. Lately I have often heard of how feminism is wrong because it privileges women. When I hear this I wonder how is it possible that people don't understand that granting women's rights is beneficial to the entire society. For example to deny women their right to choose on reproductive issues, defund public programs specifically created to help them with these issues and promote abstinence only sex ed have immediate consequences on single women and long term consequences on the society as a whole. How is it possible that some people just don't understand it? I also have often heard that, in comparison with the horrid life conditions of so many women around the World (FGM, child marriage, trafficking just to name a few), Western World women's concerns about casual sexism, paid maternity leave and the like are just ridiculous and they should stop whining. What do you think about this? Is there room to fight against both? Is sexism still a concern? Is it still a widely spread, hurtful and deeply ingrained habit?
  9. Some good news here... https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/jan/25/roxane-gay-simon-schuster-milo-yiannopoulos
  10. Having had it up to HERE with the bloviations of the PEOTUS, Geoff Boykin The Duck Scientist, and so many of the Big Important Men we discuss on this forum, I've been self-soothing lately with tales of ordinary women who get by Just Fine in the company of other women: Broadway musicals: The Color Purple, Beautiful, Waitress, The Spitfire Grill (about an abused woman released from prison for manslaughter and finds redemption in a small-town diner) Memoir: The Mighty Queens of Freeville, by Amy Dickinson (about two generations of women who prospered without men in their lives) Novel: The All-Girls' Filling Station's Last Reunion, by Fannie Flagg (about sisters running a gas station and then joining the WASPs--corps of female military aviators--during WWII) And I also take tremendous comfort in the fact that Lourdes Torres is pursuing a university degree in the STEM field! Take THAT, Geoff, you obnoxious gasbag.
  11. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/06/obituaries/phyllis-schlafly-conservative-leader-and-foe-of-era-dies-at-92.html?_r=0 Can't wait for the fundie social media responses. If this doesn't bring Dougie P. out of the woodwork, nothing will. She was a dear family friend, you know.
  12. Today here it's a day of Festa Nazionale or as you say a bank holiday. That must be the reason my daughter felt the compelling need to wake me up at 6am . Anyway this year's Festa della Repubblica is particularly felt because it marks 70 years since we got rid of the Savoia, elected a committee to write our Constitution and Italian women finally perused their right to vote. With this voting sheet we closed forever a chapter of our history not many are proud of. It was bilingual to accommodate Südtiroler German speaking citizens. 70 years ago started the process that in 1948 gave us a new Constitution, a new government and a new National symbol: the Star of Italy, a symbol strictly linked to our Risorgimento, the olive branch symbol of peace, the oak branch symbol of the unity of Italian people and the gearwheel symbol of the work of the people that is the foundation of our State as explicated by the first article of the Constitution. Honestly I am not much of a patriot, for many reasons, but I think that that day of 70 years ago our people did something right. I am quite proud of the first part of our Constitution, that deals with the principles of our State. And I am proud that five women were very vocal members of the Constitutional Committee, their names: Maria Federici, Angela Gotelli, Nilde Jotti, Teresa Noce, Lina Merlin, are probably unknown internationally but are easily recognisable to Italian citizens because of some very important laws that were named after the women who proposed them and in particular Nilde Jotti was the first woman President of the Camera dei Deputati the third highest rank in our State, position currently held by Laura Boldrini. Sadly it's still the highest position ever held by women in our Establishment. Reading FJ made me research more about USA Constitution and history. Today I wanted to reciprocate the pleasure for whoever may be interested. Here is the original writing of Italian Constitution as was approved by the Constitutional Committee in 1947 translated in English. It's under spoiler because it's composed by screenshots. Changes have been made over time ie Military Service isn't compulsory anymore. But the parts I am proud of are still unaltered. This is only the first part of the document as you can see from the Table of Contents. The second part designs the structure, the power balance and the functions of the different parts of the State. It was crafted carefully doing everything to prevent the possibility of another dictatorship in the future. Unfortunately this requirement makes for an extremely bureaucratic State that in hindsight is the principal cause of the political mess and stagnation of the last 70 years. But that's another very very long story for another day.
  13. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-problem-with-female-superheroes/ What do you want to be when you grow up? When pondering this question, most kids have given at least passing consideration to one fantastical if improbable calling: superhero. There is an understandable allure to the superhero position — wearing a special uniform (possibly with powerful accessories), saving the world from evil, and let's not forget possessing a wickedly cool special power like x-ray vision or the ability to fly. But new research by Hillary Pennell and Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz at the University of Missouri suggests that, at least for women, the influence of superheroes is not always positive. Although women play a variety of roles in the superhero genre, including helpless maiden and powerful heroine, the female characters all tend to be hypersexualized, from their perfect, voluptuous figures to their sexy, revealing attire. Exposure to this, they show, can impact beliefs about gender roles, body esteem, and self-objectification.
  14. Candace Cameron Bure explains the problem with feminism. I have seen other pieces accusing women of only voting for Hillary on gender. If you vote for a man just to avoid being labeled feminist, isn't it the same as telling women to vote or a woman? Well, no one voted for Sarah Palin because of her gender. I agree women should help each other but it should be that way no matter what gender takes office.. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/02/10/actress-candace-cameron-bure-breaks-down-whats-wrong-with-feminism/
  15. I talked about this a bit in the Kanye thread but I wanted to bring it up here and ask others for their opinion. I feel like I am the only one that does not find Taylor Swift to be a genuine person and I don't know if others feel the same. I used to be a huge Taylor swift fan from 2008-2009. I listened to her everyday and I knew all her songs by heart. Her music got me through some break ups. After the Kanye incident, I felt like she changed and not in a good way. I was disappointed because I'd watch her interviews and listen to her and in my heart, I could no longer find her a genuine person. It became clear that whether it was her choice or not, everything good that she was doing was being carefully crafted for her "image". Taylor first was presented as a country girl who played her guitar, wrote songs for fun, and was an outcast in highschool. After the Kanye incident, there was a big change in how her image was being handled. Taylor has too many boyfriends? Let's show her with a group of girls all the time and have her talk about being a feminist. Too country? Let's chop her hair and have her do a signature red lip to transition to superstar and do away with country. Let's show her baking cookies with Hailee Steinfeld to appeal to young girls. Let's make her bring tall skinny models on stage to make people associate her with beauty and power. Lets have Taylor Swift do weekly hospital visits on tour and call in the papparazzi. Let's have her make donations and publicize them.Her $250,000 donation to Kesha didn't feel genuine. Why publicize it anyway? Why not just do it anonymously? Her donations all become trending headlines. I'm telling you, she has the best PR around and Duggars need to take a page from her book. It is so good that's even Forbes did an article on how to craft your company similar to how Taylor Swift crafts her image. However, at the end of the day, I have a feeling these are not Taylor's own personal decisions but rather, her appearance, behavior, and actions, are the effect of an outstanding PR team managing her image as a brand as if she is some sort of commodity. Off topic a bit, but I also didn't like how in her Grammy speech she mentioned "As the first woman to win two albums of the year..." If you get the chance, these make for FASCINATING reads on this Taylor Swift is Not Your Friend http://gawker.com/taylor-swift-is-not-your-friend-1717745581 Business Lessons from Taylor Swift (dozens more on this) http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertamatuson/2015/07/27/business-lessons-learned-from-taylor-swift/#60ed958845f5
  16. Why is it, that if you call out men for being misogynistic, racist, ableist, or any other kind of problematic, violent, sexually predatory behavior, or even just generally being an asshole, why is it suddenly about the guy being called out? Like, I could politely ask someone to exhibit common decency, but suddenly, I'm being just, so fucking mean. And I'm like, I'm sorry, I wasn't raising my voice, cussing, or anything, and you're acting like I'm suddenly doing SO MUCH for telling you that taking advantage of girls (often to the point of assault/rape), telling racist jokes, disrespecting women in ways you don't men, being ableist about women who claim you're problematic because they have a mental illness/are on the autism spectrum/whatever, being fatphobic/body shaming, etc etc etc is a shit thing to do and maybe you shouldn't. If you are being called out, and you think it's TOO MUCH and it's coming from a woman, especially a woman at one or more other intersections of oppression (ie a queer, black, disabled, poor,whatever woman) and or who doesn't otherwise conform to societal expectations of femininity (keeping sweet, wearing makeup, pretending to be stupid, looking "pretty") then maybe you should question whether you are really so egalitarian as you think you are. I have seen this way too much, men who will be like "I'm a feminist/ally" or some other kind of thing, and then engage in misogynistic, (in the case of a few of my peers, rapey/assaulty behavior) or racist, or some other kind of fucked up behavior then get super butthurt about being called out for it... I'm not even super radical feminist- I don't engage in political lesbianism, and I still have a lot of male friends that I adore, etc, and I'm not about the "the government is inherently patriarchal" shit...I just voted for Hillary Clinton for christ's sake. But I don't think it's my job to coddle men through being fucked up, especially if they show no real desire to change, or want to blame it on women, and quite frankly, I don't have the time or mental health to do that. I know there's a lot of people that are okay with doing that, great. But it's not up to me, and I'm done arguing with misogynists. First of all, I feel like I'm well within my rights to cuss someone out if they're being rapey and assaulty, full stop. But even with lesser behavior, which I politely(most of the time) call out why am I being rude? No, you're being RUDE for being problematic! Don't try to deflect the blame! And this is not to say, that ShepherdontheRock is never wrong, or ShepherdontheRock doesn't have priveleges she needs to check...shit, I could write an entire 10-page or longer essay on priveleges I have that I need to be checking, and even post it up on here, if you care to read it. I mean, I definitely don't have a problem talking about that. But I'm not going to be, when calling someone out, "well I'm sometimes wrong" because that's besides the point. The point is YOUR fucked up behavior. I'm not having something be derailed by deflecting blame. And, I am always open to having conversations with men about how to be a better ally/less fucked up, and we can even have a conversation about all our priveleges...but they don't want to talk. So what's the point about being nice to some of these men when they're just misogynistic af? I'm not going to do the whole respectable, ladylike bullshit when they can't even be decent human beings. So, no not being nice to misogynists ANY more.
  17. I have been reading 'Women, Church, and State' for a while now. I glanced at the first Chapter of"The Women's Bible", by Elizabeth Caddy Stanton. I want to read more of it. It challenges the belief women are subservient and analyzes each book of the Bible. Of course, the 'ebil' Margaret Sanger wrote several books, including "The Pivot of Civilization:. I have a couple of her books on Kindle.
  18. sultanknish.blogspot.co.il/2014/11/the-unbearable-lightness-of-feminism.html
  19. The Gagnificent Seven Who Want to Dismantle Feminism. http://www.salon.com/2014/09/13/7_women ... n_partner/ And guess who is on the list? Judgy Bitch, who sadly mistakes her brand of profanity-laced Tourette's Syndrome for true intellectual discourse. Oh, Judgy. You so funny!
  20. I'm a bit tired and I wasn't sure how to title this thread, but here is Lori's blog entry, where she answers if she thinks women are inferior to men. lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/10/do-i-think-women-are-inferior-to-men.html
  21. lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/09/most-stressed-out-in-society.html Women 45-64 are the most stressed, and it's due to feminism giving us choices. Yeah, if we had no choices, then we could just sit around whining about how life sucks instead of having to accept that we have choices that contribute to the state of our lives. Lori got to experience certain things in her life, thanks to feminism. So did Michelle D, among others. So how is feminism so evil? My reply obviously isn't going to be posted. {L_MESSAGE_HIDDEN}: I know women who work, and who aren't stressed like that. I know stay-at-home mothers who are stressed. Feminism means having the right to choose whether we stay home or work outside the home. Just staying home with the kids while Husband works doesn't mean a woman, even a devoutly Christian woman, will be happy and unstressed. I don't get into my family life with many people online, but I am an at-home mother starting homeschooling with my kids. One of them is special needs. My husband and I would like more kids, but that's not possible now. He works outside the home. I run a business from the office in our home. I wouldn't be able to stay home and earn the money we need to make all the ends meet if I hadn't worked outside the home for years first, learning new skills and building the connection I need. My life is pretty swell as an at-home mom, but this doesn't mean this is the right path for everyone. A good friend is an at-home mom of one. Her husband has a job at a store that sees a seasonal drop in patronage that started a month ago. Along with his cut in hours, their rent just went up. In the best of months, this god-fearing family barely scrapes by, and that's with other friends and I anonymously sending them grocery gift cards. Their church has a lot of poor people, which means there's not much help to be had. They've tried trusting that her staying at home and their faithfulness could mean God will provide, but they can't pay their rent next month, and they're about to lose their home, them and their 7 kids. In my family, both of my parents worked. They had to. This doesn't mean no one did the cooking and the cleaning. They had to communicate well, and cooperate. I grew up learning how to help with these things, and I can cook a killer roast for it, as well as BBQ a mean tri-tip. I also learned from the example they set of having very clear very open communication, and this has made my own relationship stronger, because I apply what I saw. If my mom had stayed home, we would have been dirt-poor instead of having the money to be comfortable and even take family trips. Could you explain how the working-outside-the-home mother's family was happy and healthy with kids who grew up well, the non-working at-home mother's family is struggling and facing homelessness, and the lone non-believer is an at-home mother running a business with a very happy family? Feminism is about having choices. If you want to be a stay-at-home mother, you still have that choice. If you want to work outside the home, you have that choice. Feminism doesn't mean you must leave your kids to go to work. It means you get to choose.
  22. Please kill me now. http://www.donotlink.com/framed?43305
  23. So Dalrock, the "happily married Christian blogger" dalrock.wordpress.com is upset because too many women are denying their husbands sex. Of course, he blames this on feminists (bolding mine). "Many have grown so accustomed to the miserly perspective of feminism, where even love for family is subject to a penny pinching curmudgeonly attitude, that they forget that it doesn’t have to be this way. Feminism is ugly because it teaches women to be misers with love, and frigidity is all about being miserly with love. This feminist obsession with miserliness has caused large numbers of women to scorn what is beautiful to God; what could be uglier than that? There is a tendency in the sphere to make everything about Game/attraction, as if women can’t be loving unless their genitals are leading them that way. This is the opposite extreme of Dr. Mohler seeing a woman’s clitoris as a divining rod for good men, and equally as foolish. It isn’t that attraction and romantic love don’t matter; they are very important. But they aren’t the only thing. We do miserly women a disservice if we claim the only way they can overcome their ugly attitude is for their husbands to lead them via their genitals. We also do good and loving women a disservice by assuming they are only good and loving because they are following their genitals." Of course his sexually frustrated minions agree with him. The comments section is downright frightening.
  24. Jessica Valenti, total bad ass, covers it in this article. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfre ... in-message
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