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Found 13 results

  1. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2016/04/06/anti-gay-group-tells-supporters-to-boycott-paypal-can-you-guess-what-they-use-to-take-donations/ Typical fundie hypocrisy. "Do as I say, not as I do. And give me money."
  2. Michael Bates is courting Brandon Keilen. His brother works at FRC as Assistant Director of FRC Action. I believe Josh is executive director. Brent Keilen previously worked at IBLP HQ I think. This is from FRC Action's Facebook page. It's a video and I think that's John David Duggar holding the microphone.
  3. LaSham89

    Josh and Anna FRC video

    Just saw Josh and Anna's video for FRC Action and talking about how so many little girls like theirs are affected.... Might have been slightly less laughable if Anna had been holding the scan pictures the right way up LOLOL
  4. Maybe they'll start off Monday morning with a brainstorm session, a "10 degrees of same-sex marriage" game where they find a way to connect incest to same-sex relationships? That might come in handy... http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/01/watc ... ying-dads/ "Family Research Council President Tony Perkins argued on Sunday that girls would be allowed to marry their biological fathers if the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage." Hmm. Not sure that one's true, Tony... "The attorney reminded Perkins and Bream that “the president’s mother and father couldn’t have been married in Virginia, they would have been guilty of a felony†before interracial marriage bans in 16 states were struck down by the Supreme Court. Bream dismissed the comparison, saying that “some civil rights leaders†did not want LGBT rights compared to the struggle to end Jim Crow laws."
  5. Just curious, but who would be on the list of the worst of the worst, in the Duggar's social circle? For example, RC Sproul Jr was referenced on the Christian Domestic Discipline thread earlier today, so it made me wonder, is he one of the Duggar's friends? Was he one of the 1000 invited to Jill's wedding? The Pearls? The Andersons? Who are the rubbing elbows with and what makes them a candidate for worst of the worst?
  6. http://www.arkansasmatters.com/story/d/ ... 8qfhvBnFJw This makes me happy because I do not Tom Cotton and now he will lose considering their track record. Not everyone is happy with the FRC either http://www.katv.com/story/26852578/uca- ... ch-council
  7. Here is the Duggars at FRC Action voters summit. here is what I think. 1. If Anna is pregnant I don't understand why she wouldn't be holding Marcus instead of Micheal. 2. Jenny is just not having it she keeps her arms firmly crossed through out the whole 6 minuets she's on stage. 3. it looks like JD, Joe, Josiah and Jill and Derick are the one's not there some of them were supposed to fly into Chicago but were not able to because of all that stuff that happened yesterday. 4. I like Hannie's hair. youtube.com/watch?v=B2LFaefkeEk#t=87
  8. So, over in "FRC: 'Nothing More Christian' Than Massive Food Stamp Cut" thread Ken Blackwell, a FRC representative, basically said that cutting food stamps and small government was Christian and biblical. I asked him in that thread if he could point me to those bible verses I would appreciate it. However, I'm not holding my breath so I decided to do a bit of research myself! I went to The Google and found "The Biblical Case for Limited Government" from a publication called First Things which I have never heard of before. Their about us says: So, ok then. That's pretty vague and I can't find a whole lot about them so I will move on to the article. They babble on a bit then get to the start of their argument. The Hebrew Scripture is fundamentally suspicious of the state. Abraham votes in politicians who want to intrude on the lives of everyone else to follow his exact moral code leaves the cities of Mesopotamia and Egypt and heads out into the wilderness (take not modern fundamentalists). They say: Fair enough, but it sounds like they are reading a lot into Abraham's motivations. I think it is also worth noting that there is a huge difference in modern nation states, especially democracies, and living under biblical monarchies. Anyway, biblical states continue to be terrible places to live in. The biblical Israelites were enslaved by the biblical Egyptians (please ignore the lack of historical evidence for this outside the Bible) and they responded by small acts of resistance. How being enslaved and living in a democracy are analogous remains unclear at this point. Anyway, Moses goes out and sees the Hebrews suffering at the hands of the Egyptian by getting food stamps so they don't go hungry an Egyptian beating a Hebrew man. Moses then kills the Egyptian. I would argue here that Moses saw something terrible happened and he stepped in to stop it. I'm not sure if this one incident is enough to justify that government must be small. But, alas, Moses carries on and flees from Egypt and becomes a shepherd out in the boonies. It is here that God reveals himself to Moses, apparently because God doesn't like cities even though God would reveal Godself in cities later on. So far their argument works out to slavery and monarchies are bad, nomadic pastoralism is good. Maybe we should all go buy some sheep and start wandering the countryside. We now jump ahead to Passover where everyone who is to be delivered from Egypt has to put lamb's blood around their door. The price of delivery is an act of civil disobedience (because Amun was represented by a ram -- I learned something today!) And now we begin to get somewhere: However, the article says there can't literally be anarchy, that would be disastrous as shown in the Book of Judges. See, from this I would read that the idea is we need a just state. I would say there are several other forms of state/government than just one that supports enslavement and one that does not exist. The idea they glean from this is: Anyway, at this point in the narrative Saul becomes king and he turns out to be just as bad as the Egyptians. And here we get to the crux of the argument. In the book of Samuel the stat of Israel is formed. Unlike modern states this is not an agreement between the individuals who make up the state. This is an agreement between the individuals who make up the state on one side and God on the other side. They then go on to say that the Bible is more in favour of democracy than any Greek text because God said to Samuel "listen to the voice of the people in everything that they say to you". How this one line goes "further in the direction of endorsing democratic principles than any of the classical texts of Greek philosophy" is beyond me, but there you have it. Now, they say this is not to be interpreted as the government needing only the consent of the people, because the government also needs the consent of (the one version of) God (they deem to be the correct one). What's that now? We are like three quarters of the way into this article and they haven't really said much of anything about limited government?? Well get ready, because here it is! They cite a verse in Deuteronomy: Which they take to mean there should be no large standing armies to wage constant warfare, not too many foreign alliances, and not accumulating a lot of gold apparently means there should be no heavy taxation. Reading that I would think that not greatly multiplying silver and gold to himself would refer more to being a lot more wealthy than the people one is ruling over, but the authors disagree. This ONE verse means there should be a limited state! This, obviously, also means no welfare and food stamps, amirite? The article goes on talking about people accumulating a lot of wealth on the backs of people under them (what does this sound like, I wonder??) and the legitimacy of revolutions. They then go back to how states oscialte between rules like the Egyptians and anarchy. The only happy medium is an imperial government. THEN NAZIS!!!!1!! Because no good analysis of anything ever forgets to discuss the Nazis. And end scene. There you have it folks. We need a specific version of limited government so that people are not enslaved. Good thing that the time fundies hold up as a paragon a Christian limited government had no slavery... oh, wait ..... And this limited government should have the consent of God. I guess only one god's consent. I'm guessing if Vishnu gave his consent that wouldn't go over so well. TL;DR: limited government because slavery! Or something firstthings.com/article/2012/09/the-biblical-case-for-limited-government
  9. what a deal plus expenses business class for two no less. man we think we are the most polished turd in the bowl down we? premierespeakers.com/christian/josh_duggar Biography Josh Duggar was born and raised in Arkansas, the first child of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar. He accepted Christ at the age of seven, was homeschooled and graduated from High School at the age of sixteen. His father entered politics in 1998, serving two terms as a State Legislator in the Arkansas House of Representatives. In 2003, after his father ran unsuccessfully in Arkansas for United States Senate, the national media coverage began to shift their focus to the Duggars extraordinary family. The Duggar family filmed their first show with the Discovery Health Channel called, “14 Children and Pregnant Again!†which was among the top rated shows for the network. After the initial success, the networks requested more shows and the Duggars were willing, on the one condition that they entered: their faith would not be edited out. The producers agreed and the Duggars eventually moved up to the TLC network, the #1 non-news network on cable. The show, now called “19 Kids & Counting!†is now the longest running reality show on the network. Throughout the years the Duggars have sought to uphold biblical values that they acknowledge as the "core" of their family. Josh started Duggar Automotive, a pre-owned automotive dealership, in 2007. Josh owned and operated this small business for 6 years. Josh was intrigued by politics from an early age and began working part-time for elected officials and political candidates in Arkansas and at the State Capitol. In 2006, his political involvement led him to found Strategic Political Services, a political consulting firm. Strategic now serves many conservative candidates and elected officials on the local, state and federal levels. Josh had the opportunity to serve on the Presidential campaign trail with Gov. Mike Huckabee in 2008. Josh also traveled to over 13 states in 2012 for Sen. Rick Santorum, where he opened numerous rallies and spoke on behalf of the candidate. In 2013, Josh accepted the position of Executive Director for the Family Research Council Action, a political non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC that works with conservative candidates and elected officials. Drawing from his unique experiences in family, entertainment, politics and business, Josh seeks to use his God-given platform to encourage others. Josh married the love of his life, Anna (Keller) in 2008 and the couple have three young children, Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. The Duggars currently reside in the Washington, DC metro area.
  10. Since I will soon be living a couple of blocks away, I thought I'd give y'all a tour around the neighborhood of Josh Duggar's workplace, the Family Research Council (FRC) in Penn Quarter/Chinatown, Washington DC. Here's the FRC building, with an American flag & FRC flag out front. At the end of the block, the black building is the DC Central Library (MLK Library, designed by Mies Van der Rohe). Across the street there is a metro station: Entrance to the FRC building: Very high security, since they had a fatal shooting in the lobby there last year (Google "Family Research Council shooting" if you want to know more). Across the street from the FRC are 2 Smithsonian Museums--the National Museum of American Art & the National Portrait Gallery: Across the other corner, a very nice wine/spirits bar, Proof, a few fancy restaurants/bars, and at the end of the block, the Verizon Center Arena (basketball, hockey, concerts):
  11. I figured that Josh's appearances on FRC Radio deserved their own thread apart from the social media threads, since he is probably going to be a regular speaker now. He was on yesterday to talk about the family attending the anti-choice rally in Austin. frc.org/wwlivewithtonyperkins/robert-dekker-michael-burgess-josh-duggar
  12. http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/ ... -counting/
  13. I'm preemtively starting this thread as it appears clear that Josh has accepted the position at Family Research Council. I will begin my "attack" with the companies that have utilized product placement this season, which is Nutella and some form of Deli meat I need to confirm. This morning I sent the following to Nutella via their facebook page. Since I sent it using my real account, I sent a PM. https://www.facebook.com/nutellausa?fref=ts I invite all of you to contact corporations as well. If you would be so kind as to post the contact information you use and your text we can mobilize this effort more effectively. Lets get this shit off the air.
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