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Found 11 results

  1. trailertrashcouturenc

    What Does Your Craft Room Look Like

    I'm getting ready to organize my craft room and I was wondering how everybody else rooms looked. Right now I'm in the process of ironing and folding all my fabric so it can be stored neatly and not just jumbled in a box.
  2. FecundFundieFundus

    Felt Food (and other fuzzy creations)

    I've started making homemade play food and I am obsessed! It's a lot of fun, but my kiddo isn't old enough to play with it yet and my husband isn't really into crafts, so I was looking for other crafty types to geek out over play food and other cute felt projects. I couldn't find any free patterns for bell peppers, so designing a pattern is my current project. The first one came out pretty well, but it could do with some tweaking before I post it online. Bad photo of the first try below:
  3. I love taking something old or no longer used and making it into something useful or wearable.
  4. morri

    1st time project

    i bought some fabric to make a fancy dress for my kidlets carneval at playschool. i havent done any sewing since sewing class(made a pillow cover ) in y 8 at school xD I am going to do a hooded scarf and hangy thing for a kylo ren costume.
  5. I have an idea, it's wonder woman related because, of course it is (little one has put in her Halloween costume request). But I need blue fabric w/white stars...but NOT on cotton. So this, on something slightly silky (also not stretchy spandex): http://www.amazon.com/Cotton-Print-Whit ... tar+fabric The only place I've come up with something that fits the bill is Spoonflower...which is a bit more than I want to spend right now. suggestions? (I *do* have an independent fabric store in town...I need to get there this weekend)
  6. Claddagh

    Any other sewers?

    What all do you make? Right now I'm mostly making historical costumes. I really like Victorian and Edwardian fashions so most of my costumes reflect that. The doll clothes I make are all over the place period fashion wise and I most often make them out of scraps.
  7. RandomTrivia

    Mending help ?

    So is anyone good at mending things? I can put buttons back on, and do a truly atrocious hem, but that's the extent of things other than the iron-on patch stuff. I've got at least two shirts with tiny holes that I'd like to fix before the holes grow. They're both t-shirts, though - the knit/jersey/stretchy whatever you call it material, so I'm kind of stumped. I know iron-on patches won't work or look right. Help???
  8. hey y'all sewers so i'm doing my first fba. need to add 3" to the bust: have done the real fit for real people adjustment (slash and spread). anyhoo - i need the bigger waist, so I dont' want to take the excess back in at at the waist line. Am working with a piece of cord (winter shirt dress) so i'd rather avoid a heavy dart on the side. Figure a lower waist is tolerable (and easy enough to change). issue though the fba has totally changed the shape of the bodice on the side seam. how is this dealt with? only by putting in the side dart? can i just whack off some excess and make it straight again? please help me, this thing is %*^(&&$ with my head. thanking you in advance!
  9. FTR, I cheated. I bought the smocked fabric and just had to sew it into a tube, add (ribbon) straps, and hem (and the part I cut off was what I used to make the child's crayon-bandolier)...but this was the kiddo's easter dress: I was glad I made the straps 'convertible' because apparently she only wanted to wear it if it was halter-top. (and excuse the dress being akimbo--she's a bit active and I wasn't about t make her sit still and be ladylike when she was busy w/ easter eggs, presents, and chocolate (also, there were shoes that matched, but, by gum, she wanted to wear the 'ballerina shoes', and who am I to argue with that? ) I am going to keep my eye out for more remnants like that, because that was a super cheap/easy to make something that's kinda versatile. And JoAnns sells Hello Kitty smocked fabric that I'm fairly sure my child needs a dress of.
  10. (that's really it.I just needed to rant.) I've spent over an hour today trying to get this stupid eyelet tool to work. I made a hole in my cutting board, I hammered my thumb, and the stupid thing STILL will not set and roll down over the washer like the instructions say it will. *cries*
  11. it's far from perfect, but it's not a bad start. Please ignore the fact that my evilcat ate the band off the mask and it's been re-tied. bad kitty! The mask and bracers are felt + interfacing + gray velvety lining. (and handy snaps on the bracers) The cape is purple silky stuff + gray velvety lining. I didn't use interfacing but should have, because it doesn't hang right in the middle. Version 3.0 will have that. Hard to get action shots of it though, because one only wears a cape to FLYYYYYYY around the house.
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