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  1. Big Daddy JB (RIP) used to think highly of Billy Graham. As a scientist, BDJB would've listened to Billy's daughter and snorted, "Not God's displeasure--astronomy!" Eclipse gonna getcha!!
  2. This discussion is open to anyone, but I'm particularly interested in what Christians on FJ have to say on the subject. I was raised Christian. I am not sure what I believe right now, but FJ has really helped me explore. I was taught that during the "end times" certain things would happen. One sign of "the end times" would be that one day everyone would be required have The Mark of The Beast (or something like that), and that Christians had to refuse, lest they/we burn in hell, or aren't included in the rapture. I know people have their pets micro chipped, which I think, is a great idea. I've seen some articles about the future of micro chips in children, and "DON'T DO IT!11!! It's of the devil, etc." Here's an article with many Facebook comments about The Mark of the Beast: http://www.oregonlive.com/kiddo/index.ssf/2016/05/microchipping_your_children_co.html What are your thoughts and beliefs on this?
  3. I've been following this guy's various blogs over the past four or five years. He's got a whole collection of them: endoftheamericandream.com, theeconomiccollapseblog.com, and a few more floating out there. His focus is on America going into an economic collapse that will result in a post-apocalyptic Hellscape, which will usher in the end times, as presented in the Bible. I think he actually makes his living by ad revenue supported by these blogs; he advertises for a lot of prepper-related businesses. He also wrote an end-times novel that he published on Amazon (a la Left Behind). It doesn't have very good reviews, and I've thought about taking one for the team and doing a summary of it. Maybe I'll do that in the future. More recently, he's started making "news" vidyas. Here's the first one: Some highlights: **One of his viewers in the comment thread where he posted the video to his blog (http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/michael-and-meranda-snyder-announce-the-launch-of-their-new-television-show) noted that his facial hair in the video seems "sinister," and that he should have a full beard if he's going to have facial hair at all. Because everyone knows Satan has a neat little goatee. **Meranda (his wife) has apparently taken Adoring Helpmeet Gaze 101 courses (though, to give her credit, she does speak somewhat confidently and seems to hold her own in several places and not just be an accessory like J'chelle). **Dial back the intensity, guy! Starting around 4:27, Michael has some oddly intense intonation going on. "There were these 13 bald eagles that were recently FOUND DEAD!!!!!...." "Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia DIED!!!!! down in Texas on February THIRTEENTH!...." **A connection between 13 dead bald eagles and Scalia dying on February 13th? 13 original colonies? Must be a government conspiracy afoot. Better watch out for those FEMA camps, y'all! What he's hinting at here is that Scalia represented All That Is Good in America. That's why the eagles died...around the time Scalia did. Or something. **Around 7:30, Meranda rejoins him and explains what the title of the vidya series ("The Watch") means and where it comes from. She gives us a Bible reading from Isaiah to make this more clear. Husband stares with intensity level eleventy into the camera very awkwardly, blinking rapidly while she reads. I do have to say that I love her Canadian accent, and that she seems to have a more natural screen presence than he does. **In the background of this portion, the American flag is flying backwards. Isn't that anti-patriotic or anti-American or anti-Christian or a Super Sekret Message to the Illuminati or Satanic (tm) or something? **Around 8:06-ish, there's a really awkward hand-off back to Michael when Meranda is finished, and he gives her an uncertain side-eye glance when it's time for him to chime back in. They need to work on that throw a bit. LOL!!!! **8:15: Michael elaborates on the material his wife has just presented re: the watchman on the wall: "What we're trying to do from our little spot on the wall is to sound the alarm as long and loud as we possibly can to make them hysterical about an impending apocalypse that we've been clamoring about for the past five years but that hasn't happened yet and to increase our ad revenue to warn so many people and to wake them up ." **At 10:45, Michael launches into "news" about a UN resolution relating to Israel. Pitches his own blog several times for good measure. He has his tighty whities in a bunch because he's heard the Obama administration is going to go forward with a UN resolution to divide Israel into two states: one Israel and the other Palestine. Obama is going to push this through before the election in November. Oh Noez!!1111 **12:45: This will be a yooooge "prophetic marker" that will "curse our nation" and "open up the door for all kind of judgment to come pouring on this country." I can hear the hooves of the horsemen galloping this way right now. **14:07: Did I mention that I've been married to Meranda for 10 years? Yes...I believe I have...about 10 times at this point. **He now takes up the topic of marital conflict resolution and the lessons he and Meranda have learned. They met on Christian Cafe (an on-line Christian dating website). They start each day with a Bible reading and a prayer session, and end the day with a prayer that lasts for more than 5 minutes. His first gift to her was a Bible with her name on it. **She speaks at length about the importance of prayer, while Michael continues to give the camera that awkward stare, with frequent shifty side-eye and blinking. It seems like it would be less awkward for him to actually look at her while she's talking, or at least do so intermittently. That dead stare is just uncomfortable to watch. **17:24: Flooding in Texas. Michael really starts to dial up the intensity and is edging into crazy eye territory in a few places. **Around 19:50-20:00 it's clear he wants to pull a Rubio and have some water. **20:24-ish: He has to look down at his cue-card sheet to get back on track. He waves it around a bit. **22:30: All of these natural events are "shaking." Someone is trying to get our attention. Namely, God, because we're all a bunch of filthy sinners and we're inviting down judgment. **22:43: He gets lots of letters accusing him of being negative because of the topics he discusses on his various blogs. Silly people! He's not negative. He and his wife are very positive people. They live in a "constant state of shalom, which is the Hebrew word for 'peace.'" They just play negative people for ad revenue (or I strongly suspect). **22:10: "We want to warn people about what's coming, and in the process are going to make a lot of money save a lot of lives." **22:41 "We believe the greatest harvest of souls is coming." I take this to mean all of the people who will die in the Biblical apocalypse (?? not entirely up on the theology of this, but I know the Tribulation is supposed to be a very violent, bloody affair). **As he starts to warm up to the subject of the impending post-apocalyptic Hellscape, he starts to do this odd tennis-match kind of move where he looks toward the viewer's right, with an odd side-eye/head movement, and then sweeps his head suddenly back to center. It's really distracting. **28:16: Pitches All of The Blogs and hopes viewers will continue to tune in for future expanded "news" coverage. They sign off. It's not quite Pissing Preacher levels of ridiculousness, but I'll give it about a 6 or 7 for Conspiracy Theory Hysteria, Impending Apocalypse Pr0n, and Uncomfortably Awkward Second-Hand Embarrassment. I'm looking forward to watching upcoming vidyas, because if they take up any of the subjects that he's currently discussing obsessively on his blog (the building of the replicas of the Temples of Baal in NY and other locations being possible sites for human sacrifice that will open gateways to Hell) the WTFery could be amped up considerably.
  4. well this reminds me me of the guy who scammed all his followers with the end of the world and they still followed him. http://www.azcentral.com/longform/news/ ... /19152253/ He was supposed to live forever, along with disciples in a half-dozen countries all over the world who embraced his philosophy of physical immortality. But Brown died in October of complications from Parkinson's and heart disease, according to the website for People Unlimited, the group he began in Scottsdale more than 30 years ago. He was 79. The community of immortals he founded is left without its figurehead — and with an apparent contradiction to reconcile. Yet its leaders continue to conduct business as usual, collecting thousands of dollars per year in fees for monthly meetings, retreats and coaching that they say lead to the secret to unlimited life. His wife, Bernadeane "Bernie" Brown, and business partner James Strole preach Brown's evangel at weekly meetings in a converted office at a north Scottsdale business complex near Bell Road and 94th Street. Adherents watch on a live stream in countries as far away as Israel and New Zealand.
  5. Apparently, Warren Jeff's is trying to one up the mayans. He is predicting that the end of the world will be Sunday instead of tomorrow. I hope we are not going to see a mass suicide on that day. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogspolygblog/55491487-185/jeffs-kutv-com-egan.html.csp
  6. What is it with people and the world is ending? is this only a christian idea? I mean they have seemed to get this idea going and others are following? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/1 ... -1.1071291 Apparently Harold Camping isn’t alone. Nearly one in seven people believe that the world will come to an end in their lifetime and one in 10 think the Mayan Calendar signifies that it could happen sometime this year, a new poll found. IPSOS Global Public Affairs conducted the poll on behalf of Reuters and surveyed 16,262 adults in 21 countries. Across those countries, the United States and Turkey rank the highest, with 22% believing the world will come to an end . They're followed closely behind by South Africa at 21% and Argentina, Mexico and Indonesia who all checked in at 19%. France was the most optimistic country surveyed, with only 6% of people saying they believed the world will end . While 90% of people surveyed said they do not believe in the Mayan predictions, 20% in China and 13% in Turkey, Russia, Mexico, South Korea and Japan believe that the world may end this year. The Mayan calendar, which has spanned about 5,125 years, is set to end on December 21. “Whether they think it will come to an end through the hands of God, or a natural disaster or a political event, whatever the reason, one in seven thinks the end of the world is coming,†Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos Global Public Affairs, told Reuters. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/1 ... z1tvCTvGAD
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