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Found 17 results

  1. From under1000permonth and her death trap apartment where she starved her husband and forced her children to eat gloodles? Anyway, I did a quick search for her to see if she was still posting anywhere online. I came across this: http://www.scrapeboxforum.com/Thread-Emily-Pierce-emilykate84-yahoo-com-is-a-thief. Anyone understand what that's about? She also goes by her maiden name now and it looks like she lives with her parents. Anyone know what big Dna is up to?
  2. BlondeAgent007

    Dan on a writing blog?

    Dan posted a link to a blog entry on his Facebook. I checked out the link. I read his blog Rant of Dan, and it reads like his writing. However, it is not credited as him so it's only speculation. Anyone who comments I ask you to please be gentle. This Is the closest I have gotten to a new Emily blog in years, and I don't want to scare him away! http://writersguid.blogspot.com/2016/09/party.html?m=1
  3. halcionne

    What to eliminate, and why

    This year I mentioned some minor GI complaints to my doctor, who suggested trying a low FODMAP diet which is all scientific, and stuff. Cool, but I have a fair bit of experience with low carb diets, and have considered going Paleo many times. As such, I'm comfortable being grain-free for the most part. I do cheat. A lot. ANYWAY. I discovered the paleo Autoimmune Protocol, which looked like a fun tough interesting challenge, and I'm not really halfway there already, as a low carber. In addition to grain, I have cut out a lot of dairy as I'm not big on cheese, and milk products tend to disagree with me. That doesn't stop me from eating ice cream by the pint (and usually regretting it later, but still doing it again and again ). I mentioned all of this in passing to my therapist, who suggested GAPS. Said therapist was a big believer in the hypothesis that there is a gut-brain connection and that I could possibly improve my mental health and IBS-type symptoms at the same time. Looking more closely at the GAPS diet, I'm not convinced that the author is someone whose advice I want to completely follow. It seems pretty woo to me on one level, but on another level hey it's just food. I have to eat either way, so it won't hurt to try eating soup and homemade yogurt... and sauerkraut juice. This is where she starts to lose me. Homemade everything. Nothing in cans, not even sardines, which are really really good for you imo and pretty much only come in cans. And don't get me started on the fermenting. At home. Home-fermented yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, beet kvass. The list goes on and I can't help but think about Emily and Dna, and of course Therese, which gives me a chuckle. So I'm going to do all three diets at the same time, which leaves a very short list of acceptable foods. Low FODMAP rules out most dairy, some grains, onions and garlic, honey, apples, many many other fruits and vegetables. Once you've eliminated everything as prescribed, you start adding things back in and watching for reactions and proceed accordingly. AIP rules out eggs, nuts and seeds (which covers most spices), refined sugars, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant). GAPS disallows dairy & eggs to start, but they're reintroduced fairly quickly. No sweetener except honey.* Also grain and "starchy" vedge. The author is a bit vague and contradictory about that one, allowing and disallowing some unexpected foods. I want to look into it a bit more, but I've decided not to buy her book because her advice is precisely so confusing that I don't think her book will provide much clarity. But I'm going to accentuate the positive! I can have all of the chicken, beef, seafood I want. Preferably grass-fed, free-range, etc, but I can't afford that. I will definitely look more closely at labels and avoid additives. GAPS and AIP seem to frown on pork, but I love it and it's affordable right now, so I will be eating a lot of it. Between the three diets, pretty much the only produce I will have in the beginning are carrots and leafy greens. I studied the food lists with one eye on my low carb habits, so there may be more that I can have but that hasn't registered with me because of the carb content. Also, the more gelatin and bone broth, the better. Here is where I roll my eyes for Sparkling Lauren, because she once put out a request for bone broth on social media when one of the kids was sick. This is my new years resolution. I'm stocking my pantry and pinning lots of recipes in preparation for January 1. I have a collection of mason jars and a freezer full of bones. Found a cheap source for lard made inhouse at a local supermarket, although it's not grass-fed. Mason jar fermenting accessories are on their way. I'm also thinking about how to replace my current favorites with allowed substitutions, so I don't feel like I'm suffering. Nothing is worse than quitting ice cream and soda and not having anything to fill that void. I think it will be a fun challenge, and I give myself permission to adapt as needed or even to quit if I feel like it's not working out. Now I'm off to try water kefir for the very first time! Here is a very timely slideshow about food trends for 2017. Half of those items are from one or another of these diets. *I will be using maple syrup and evaporated cane juice (aka azucar morena at my latino market--and it's cheeeeeep) as my sweeteners, because they're low in FODMAPs and minimally processed, so mostly paleo-approved. I'm interested to try piloncillo from the latino market, too, (which is the same as jaggery if I'm not mistaken), but I really shouldn't have much sugar at all, and I'm not quite sure how to work with sugar in solid form.
  4. Deleted04

    Dna's new baby

    Dan just had a boy named Yosef David on Monday.
  5. There used to be someone named Emily who wanted to have a budget of 1000 a month. . . she was married to someone named Dan. . I thought she had a blog. What ever happened to her? Thank you if you have any ideas. She was very interesting! thank you! ssorry that does not look very well executed I will work on neater posts.
  6. Dan (of Emily & Dna fame) posted this on Facebook: Very strange. Very Dna-like, but I also wonder if it is aimed at Emily?
  7. I can't remember which of the old Emily and Dna threads is the most recent, or else I would have bumped it. Has it always been the case that Emily and Dna are not Facebook friends? Have they separated again?
  8. I don't see him anywhere and I was following him. I wonder what happened with that?
  9. If this was already posted I apologize but it seems in June Emily had John McArthur Pierce which would make boy #6 for them. They bought a fixer-upper in February and it looks pretty run down but also seems to have a large yard for the kids so yay on that one.
  10. The Campbell's Labels for Education page just posted this a while ago: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... nt_count=1 It's a spiced cancake! Recipe here: http://www.campbellskitchen.com/Enterta ... %20Kitchen. It made me think of Emily and her tin can crockpot bread, LOL!
  11. I know I am a little behind you guys in that I only recently discovered Emily (Under1000PerMonth). But oh, what a party it's been. Here's one thing I don't get: Dan was planning to become a pastor. Emily was planning, concurrently, to move the family into an 800 square foot trailer (and have 10 kids while in that space). Never mind how that works for a regular family...how can it possibly work for a pastor's family? Aren't they supposed to have guests from the church over for dinner, host Bible studies, and constantly "fellowship" with people by having them over to their home? Aren't pastors supposed to be a major social force in the community? How could that possibly happen in a tiny, crappy trailer stuffed to the gills with children and--if the past is any indication--Emily's clutter and bacterial experiments? Did Emily not consider this at all?
  12. ...Why are her teeth so bad? Seriously, she claims to have grown up "in a five bedroom, three story Victorian on fifty four acres," that her mother's family is wealthy, and her dad, aunt and uncle went to Oxford and Cambridge. So why didn't she ever get orthodontia?
  13. She and Candy were my "gateway" fundies. I always wondered what happened to Emily and the kids.
  14. Up until a week or so Dna had "Emily Pierce" listed as spouse and now neither of them even have their relationship status up. As of June 29th the family apparently thinks/thought they were still together as they were listed in his grandmothers obit. http://www.meaderandson.com/fh/obituari ... h_id=10308 Anyone still friends with Dna?
  15. I was on the old FJ site back when Emily and Dna were being discussed a lot. Does anyone know what happened to them? I thought someone wrote that Dna left the seminary? Anybody have any info?
  16. Visionoyahweh

    Any Emily Updates?

    Hi all! Since the board moved I thought I'd finally post. I'm a longtime lurker and go by p8712 on TWOP. I'm probably also one of the few male readers. I started reading FJ way back during the Emily saga. I'm just wondering if anybody has any updates on that mess? I know Em and Dan split up ,but that's the last we've heard. I wish, wish, wish that Dan gets custody, if only because he didn't seem actively negligent, like Em. Many night I still worrry about those four kids. Well, I hope everything is better for all involved now.
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