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Found 34 results

  1. I thought it would be interesting to make a list It bugs me that the kids can't wear PJs or if they do they can't wear them downstairs. My kids love PJ days or mornings. Anyone know WHY they can't? It also bugs me when Anna made tilapia a few seasons ago Mac loved it because Ketchup is on it. It was a big FU internez moment for me. Although I do think Josh and Anna do try to eat a little better... And Amy is getting her own show That is all I can think of now
  2. I've just rewatched the Prince of Egypt (dreamworks) - would that movie be allowed in the Duggar household? I mean, it's like the most sanitized heathen cartoon out there. Or is only Bambi allowed?
  3. Sorry for the gross mental image, but this is something that crossed my mind when I was reading the Duggar's books. In one of the books, it's mentioned that only Michelle and Jana (at the time) had the internet password. It stands out that Jim Bob, as head of his household and all that jazz, wouldn't have control over this... that is, unless, he purposely doesn't want control over it because he's battling a porn addiction. And there's no reason aside from naked ladies that grown Christian men would limit their access to the internet. I say this because I attended a conservative Christian college where a lot of the male staff liked to talk about the evils of internet porn addiction, and telling the guys to give their internet passwords to their wives as a way to avoid it was one of the things they suggested. They also recommended using multiple layers of site/search-blocking software, putting the computer in a public place, and - oh yes - the whole wear-a-rubber-band-on-your-wrist-and-snap-it-anytime-you-think-about-sex tactic. Anyways, as soon as I read that line in the books I went, "Huh. I guess Jim Bob saw boobs and liked it too much."
  4. I know we've talked about the jobs for the kids etc. It's outdated since Jill and Jessa still appear on it. Well I hope they don't have to come home to do their jobs on the sheet. I'm pretty sure Jessa's last thing is supper but from the angle and the flash it almost looks like stripper.
  5. ambertheprincess

    Duggars and disney

    Are the duggar's allowed to watch certain disney movies but not others? Recently, Jill and Derick went to see Cinderella on Broadway. Also Mackenzie has been seen in a purple Rapunzel dress. So I feel like the old ones are approved but those made after the 60s are not. And here is why. Cinderella: When you think about it, Cinderella could have left her stepmothers house whenever she wanted to. But she didn't without even questioning leaving. It shows contentment Also it shows that you can't leave until you marry and that is the only way you will leave. When you think about it she is the fundies princess to look up to. Snow White, rapunzel and all other early princess movies: something bad happens, man saves the day, as it is supposed to be in there world. I feel like those are the only ones allowed. All other disney princesses are free thinking and successful on there own. They would not allow for them to see tangled, or Mulan, or Aladdin. All of those girls defied authority. Princess Tiana and all of the other independent disney role models are problably banned. It hurts me to know that the children are being deprived of normal childhood things and it bothers me that Michelle and Jim bob thinks it's a good thing
  6. jingerdoe

    Who are the buddy teams?

    Can someone remind me whose buddies are whose? (really, who are jana's children?)
  7. silvia

    Duggars and music

    I know that generally the Duggars don't want their kids to listen to "worldly" music, but what qualifies as acceptable music in their book? Bluegrass? CCM? Amy Grant? Or only songs written before 1800? (I haven't followed the Duggars long enough to have a good idea, so I was hoping the old guard of snarkers could weigh in.)
  8. don't they realize people can still think perverted thoughts about them even if they don't "show off" their bodies....it's kinda useless imo to even bother to be "modest " because you can't control other people's minds on how they think about you and don't they realize that anyway?
  9. jerkit

    Duggars and coffee

    I can't remember if I actually asked this question or if I just thought I asked this question. So please forgive me if this has been asked. Am I crazy for thinking there was a time when the Duggars were against coffee because it was a drug? Am I making this up in my head? Confusing them with Mormons? I could've sworn in the early days coffee was a no-no.
  10. antwan

    The Duggar brand

    There are so many instances, lately, of where the Duggars seem to be compromising on what they used to forbid. Moving Benny onto the property is but one example of relaxing their stern, legalistic views, I believe. So, my question is.... Do you think the Duggars have softened their religious convictions based on A) sincere changes in thinking (likely due to being exposed to views and experiences, other than their isolated own) what is best for the brand, moving forward (meaning, JB knows that the show won't go on forever, so he's positioning the brand for continued fan interest and interaction in the future) C) some other reason D) I don't believe they've softened their convictions at ALL, not even deceptively so (see "B") Feel free to share examples that back up your choice. Personally, I'm thinking it's a combination of A and B.
  11. LogansMama

    A Duggar Dancing Question

    So I watched an old episode where the Duggs answer viewer questions and Jill & Jing were asked the age-old question of why don't the Duggs dance. Jill answered by saying that it stirs up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled (strangely she never utters the word defrauding). My question is, if that's the reason, why can't married couples dance in the privacy of their homes? In that case those desires would be righteously fulfilled. Plus, it has the added bonus of proving that unless it's a bump-and-grind, it likely won't lead to lust.
  12. Mrs.Right


    I was watching over the 14 Children and Pregnant Again special and was disturbed by what Jana's jurisdiction are at age 14 is. She freaking is cleaning her parents room? What the crap! I would never allow or make my children clean my bedroom. GROSS!!!! Here's a link:
  13. Based on a comment someone made in another topic (the poster wondered if Jill had found FJ already), I was wondering what happens if a Duggar kid gets confronted with the real world or an internet access without parental monitoring. The Duggars say themselves, that they strictly "monitor" their childrens access to the internet. Which probably basically means that they blacklist everything that isn't ATI approved. Including ebil science pages about evolution and stuff. So now that Jill actually (hopefully) has unblocked access to the internet, what do you think happens? Will she actually go on sites that were a no-go in the Duggar compound? And no, I'm not talking about stuff like porn, but sites like this forum, or maybe a secular newspaper, or even only wikipedia. And do you think that she might read some things that will make her question her worldview? Or has she been brainwashed enough to believe that only Gothard and the ATI know the truth about life and God and everybody else is just lying?
  14. tlc.com/tv-shows/19-kids-and-counting/videos/michelles-take-kids-and-chores.htm#mkcpgn=fbtlc1 Seems someone failed in the dusting department (note the desk)... that kid is still in the prayer room I guess the payment plan is out unless you go above and beyond
  15. duchess0592

    The Duggars and Pop Culture

    I wonder how much the Duggars really know about pop culture. Do they know that Whitney Houston died and who she was? How about Tim Tebow, do they even know about him? Do they know about tragedies like 9/11, Columbine, or the BTK Killer? Anyone know the answer?
  16. homeschoolmomma1

    Wake up Duggars- it's 8AM!

    The Duggars say their daily schedule starts at 8am. Well, I hope they are up and ready to go. That daily schedule is a joke
  17. homeschoolmomma1

    Michelle Duggar on Taking a Break

    More on a Duggar day, by Michelle... if I was a JSlave I would LOVE Saturdays too, however Michelle says on Sunday that they pick up Saturday night. So in other words... they still have jurisdictions? http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/fa ... cgn=fbtlc1
  18. parentables.howstuffworks.com/family-matters/day-life-michelle-duggar-and-her-kids.html#mcpgn=fbtlc1 OMG - from her claim that everyone wakes up at 7 am to their supposed bed times, this is just a litany of lies and more lies. How many full on bullshit lines can we guarantee? I'll start with this one:
  19. MandyLaLa

    Duggars and the Internet

    Obviously the home computers are locked down with severely limited Internet access. But most of the older Duggars have iPhones which have Internet on them. I'm not familiar with parental controls, is there any way boob and mullet can stop them from using the Internet all willy nilly on their phones? I Was thinking about this when someone asked if the j-slaves know about FJ.
  20. homeschoolmomma1

    The Duggars and spring cleaning

    Do you think the Duggars ever spring clean or deep clean their home (I call it deep cleaning) or just do the bare minimum? I guess I wonder if the house is 'destroyed' like some have said on other forums.
  21. Michelle's latest http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/fa ... pgn=fbtlc1. I am calling bs on this one.
  22. There is a new Parentables TLC article out written by "Michelle" where she discusses the Duggar's taste in music. In a shocking coincidence every single Duggar happens to have the exact same taste in music with no outside influence whatsoever! In a nod to the Bates some of the kids apparently listen to Christian bluegrass music (whatever that is). Anyway, that's not the most interesting part. Michelle claims her favourite CD is called Peace be Still that she plays every chance she gets and that calms the little kids down. I did some googling and, lo an behold, it is sold by IBLP! I'm not really sure why music like this has to come from and explicitly Christian source when there is nothing Christian about the songs, except for the titles. Anyway, I listened to some of the sample songs and almost fell asleep. I like a lot of classical music and even enjoy listening to CBC classical radio, but these songs are so simple, they sound like something you would play just learning to play. There is so much great music out there and to limit yourself already to only things that are "edifying" and then to limit yourself even further to only things made by IBLP is kind of sad. Link to the CD here: http://store.iblp.org/products/CPBS/ Link to the article here: http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/fa ... pgn=fbtlc1
  23. graciebeth

    Duggars and Pajamas

    Why do you all think the Duggars don't allow pajamas downstairs? They've said multiple times they "discourage" wearing pajamas outside the bedroom. This has always seemed odd to me, and my theory is that all the morning wood from all those boys would be too defrauding for the girls, but of course I could be wrong. I'd like to hear your reasonings.
  24. Just read this off the family website of family rules Have a tough accountability/prayer partner to daily share your heart with and to keep you in line (your parents, spouse). The power of sin is in secrecy. This makes me cringe! Can't they have secrets? Especially the older ones...
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoY_D6QH ... ure=relmfu skip to 4 minutes in when they start the jazzercise routine. Is that considered dancing? We all know that the duggars diet when not divided by 20 people causes massive weight gain (Josh and his ability to get seconds AND thirds). Would this be considered blasphemous? It is held in a church and seems pretty harmless to me, just a community based way to get in shape using the most significant vessel in the city. however, dance moves are used, and now that I think about it, dance moves are used a lot in physical exercise. What makes something dancing and another thing "righteous?" link is youtube so not breaking it
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