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Found 19 results

  1. http://www.the-generous-husband.com/2014/09/10/angry-husbands/ So... I'm off to Google all of these... EDIT: DAMMIT. OF COURSE I POSTED THIS IN THE WRONG FORUM. I'll call the mods.
  2. Errr, has very few comments, so he's on a fishing expedition. Because he's that insecure. amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/2014/10/21/two-week-round-up/
  3. Anyone have a CM sighting lately? I haven't seen ANYTHING on Lori's or Sheila's blogs. Did he finally make it to "Alaska"? Is his wife still the angriest woman on the internet? Is he still capable of giving me the douche chills from 3000 miles away?
  4. I was just thinking. I haven't noticed either of them commenting on The Godly Mentor's blog lately. Is there no internet connection in the cabin Storage Sociopath has Amanda in for time out??? And where is Robert? He usually can't leave Shelia alone for any length of time....
  5. OMG, guys, I'm sitting here at work DYING trying to hold in my guffaws. You know that bull that Robert wrangled? clubcreatingkeepsakes.com/forums/t/37833.aspx Do I get an award for finding this?!
  6. Grimalkin

    Robert or Steve Maxwell?

    Who would you rather be married to and why? I chose Steve because even though he is physically fit I like my chances of rebelling better. I think if I said "fuck you I'm drinking diet Pepsi." I would get to still sleep in my bed. Fuck only knows what Robert would do. I would also feel better telling Steve to 'fuck off and clean the god damn fans yourself', than Robert. What do you think Steve would do if Terri spoke to him like that?
  7. Robert: amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/the-supermarket-effect/ So pretty much everything that he posts offends me in some way, shape, or form, but this really burns me up. I've never in my 30 years on Earth met anyone, be it man, woman, or child, who believes electricity is magic. My 4 year old cousin knows this for crying out loud! What a tool.
  8. Beginning to see why Amanda has been a "refuser." I imagine this just leads Amanda to taking matters "into her own hands." My jaw dropped reading the rest of this treatise on sex. What is with the doctor business? Why would Amanda saying "no" require him to take her to the doctor? Their doctor must be a very patient person. Why is Robert bringing an otherwise healthy woman to see the doctor all the time? Is it just a way of breaking her down? I think all that talk of Amanda's "hormones" and "mental illness" was really Amanda trying to saying "Not now, Robert. I only have an 80% chance of having a good time, anyway."
  9. I kid you not. No matter what your husband's problem is, it's your fault because you are not trustworthy. amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/an-insight-on-men/
  10. Included in a list of every man's holiday wish list: Duuuuuuuuude. Have a little discretion. Some things are better left unsaid.
  11. lawfulevil

    December Recap

    Tonya's still being super duper boring and posting nothing but recipes and the ah-may-zing Kitchen that Cheaterpants Built. Sigh. {L_MESSAGE_HIDDEN}: Okay, this isn't really a Tonya thread, she hasn't done anything interesting, I just figure that's enough Tonya-related text for Cabinetman (or whoever is 'monitoring FJ for him') to leave. He stays a lot more amusing days nobody posts about him, and I don't want to ruin a perfectly good hate-read. I pointed out in previous thread that Bob has a pattern of boring posts when we're talking about him and quickly ramping up the offensiveness level whenever we stop. Nothing's changed there- our last thread about him was active from Dec 5-11. He was pretty dull- some pitiful ways to "lay down your life", a little tongue-bathing John Wayne, and lots and lots of copy/pasting scripture and prayers. Yawn. But what does December 12th bring? A fundie Buzzfeed-style list. And then another yesterday. I can't wait to see what we'll get today/tomorrow, this is like the Advent Calendar of Dysfunction. Some highlights in the lists so far: Dec 12: #10: Emoticons: Satan's work, or just unpardonably girly? #9: Yes, I beat my children, so what. #6: THE END TIMES ARE COMING. #5: Vegetable salads- possibly not the work of Satan. (Word salad was always OK.) #4: Have I mentioned million dollar houses? Dec 14: #10: God wants you to shoot something. Probably a bull? #5: Bob, I've got some educational materials about human anatomy to discuss with you... #2: Mention your sex life on the internet. Again. I guess this falls under #6- nausea is marvelous for sticking to my diet. Thanks, Bob! #1: It's not just acquaintances you should make uncomfortable on a regular basis (#3), make sure your family members get their fair share of the awkward. December 15-16 forecast: Preachy, with a 90% chance of aggravation. Humility at 0%. Wind at John 3:16 miles per hour, blowing due out of Robert's ass.
  12. Okay, I COULD, but I won't because he'll find some way to shame me or insult me. Guys, don't hate me for agreeing with him on something. In his post of thoughts in his head: (amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/10-thoughts-inside-my-crazy-brain/) I agree with him that many Christians do a lousy job of finding a day of rest. I wouldn't agree that all "unsaved" (his word, not mine) are resting because they're hung over from partying. The general concept, though; honoring the tradition of resting for a day - seems to get lost with church activities and "obligations." My husband and I made some changes in our routine years ago because it seemed that "church stuff" was draining us when it should have been refreshing us. Also, I was reading through his comments (can't remember which post) and someone mentioned the death of Robert's dog??? I have to send a word of sympathy to Robert for that. I think he really loves his animals and losing a beloved pet is HORRIBLE. We are coming up on two years from the day we said goodbye to our sweet yellow lab. It was one of the worst days of my life. I sobbed so deeply, the vet set her instruments down, walked across the room and embraced me. I think she thought I was going to pass out Robert, I'm sorry for the loss of your pet.
  13. I don't know. He seems to be saying so in his most recent post. But I still have no clue. He's also using gay marriage and complementarianism for his lithmus test for orthodoxy, which I find tiresome and overdone. Honestly, he's pretty yawn worthy the last few days. amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/2014/10/18/faulty-testing/
  14. Remember, this is one of three people that CM "will not tolerate" commenters speaking poorly of: peacefulwife.com/2014/10/11/a-beautiful-feminine-godly-example-of-how-to-handle-conflict/ But it's amazing to me how CM holds this woman up in high regard, but both he and Lorken would think she was a sinning sinner full of sin because she encouraged a woman to tell her husband how she felt ("I am hurt by ____"). They're all so contradictory. No consistency. Except, you know, Lori who is consistently a cold-hearted bitch.
  15. Fantastic. Somehow I think Jesus would disagree with you, CM. Also of note in this post, CM agrees with Lorken that only P in V is adultery. So handies and BJs are totes not cheating because Jesus.
  16. amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/closed-for-business/ It begins: Of note: In other words, FJ has done nothing illegal, therefore, my lawyer advised me to stop airing my dirty laundry on the webz if I don't want evil feminist bitches commenting on it. In other news, they're contemplating a move to Alaska As a side note, I think it's tragic that they've chosen to frighten those poor children and involve them in this nonsense.
  17. amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/ Found it through Lori's blog. His wife is guest posting there today: lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/06/pride-almost-destroyed-her-marriage.html
  18. Cabinetboy is reliving the glory days again Because sex is his choice and he'll decide when they have it damn it! Now remember this line about how crazy and violent (and of course how suicidal she was), because in a minute he's going be real generous and give her joint custody of the kids. Convince everyone she's nuts (thus limiting the number of people she can turn to for help)? Check. You'll notice that he in laboring under the delusion that he set the terms for the divorce, not a judge. He was "granting" her these concessions. However, he goes on threaten that if she doesn't do the divorce his way it would be "war" and he would fight her for custody and assets (all the while rubbing it in her face that he could easily replace her with no problem). So she has sex when he says or he "disciplines" her. And of course her counselor was TOTALLY on board with this. Or she could have just told him to fuck off and there wouldn't have been a damn thing he could do about it other than go sleep in the cabin or on the sofa himself. Umm, not that he was doing anything illegal...so umm, don't call anyone, k? Promise you won't send help? Because we're happy. Help is not needed here. Have I mentioned I'm as big as a mountain? And LAWYER!
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