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Found 21 results

  1. Are there any things, positive or negative, that you've learnt from the Duggars? For me it is mostly negative things but also positive ones: Number 1: Jill: Be subtly bitchy and always try to steal the spotlight from your sisters and you will get anything you ever wished for!! Sadly, in real life, that is kind of true. Number 2: Buy used, save the difference! Yes, in the past I've always bought stuff that is on sale or used. In the past year or two I shifted more towards new, more fancy stuff and I think I should go back to buying used! It saves so much money. Number 3: Do not try to end up like the older Duggar girls did. (Exept when you're like Jill and you like the lifestyle, see 1.)
  2. Can we discuss the Duggars propensity for black and white thinking? Forgive me for any typos- I'm rushing to get to work! Anyways, there are two examples that really bother me and show what I'm talking about. 1. Buy used and save the difference! I am cheap, cheap, cheap when it comes to buying clothes. I don't like to spend $$ on them but I like to look decent. Also, I do not like Goodwill for ethical reasons and I don't have the patience to deal with thrift shopping. However, I spend very little to clothe my family. I only wear capris (not for religious reasons, I just think they look better). I buy these brand new for $3-5 just waiting for them to go on clearance (Kohl's brand) and I really like the Rock and Republic jeans (both pants and capris), I normally buy them for $10-12. I buy my husband shorts for $3-5 at Kohl's and Macy's (even Ralph Lauren and such). Shirts are usually around $5ish. Kids clothes are much cheaper! I can buy 10 outfits (top and bottom) for $50 for my 5 year old. These prices are often less that what I see at our local Goodwill and it's for brand new well fitting clothes. The thing I splurge on bras from Victoria's Secret. They fit me well and aren't frumpy looking (I'm big chested and that's hard to find). I do spend much more on shoes (which I would never buy used). But even still, I buy walking shoes (Fila) at Kohl's for $23. I have bought at least 6 pairs of these (work well for me) for exercise. My running shoes are much more because they come from a local running store and are specially fitted (proper shoes to reduce risk of injury). Kids shoes are can be found much cheaper ($5-6) new at Rack Room. So, why the insistence on buying used shoes? I realize everyone doesn't have a lot of store options (especially living rural) but the Duggars do since they travel often. They can also buy in bulk and buy at the end of the season for the next year. 2. Debt- Two instances come to mind. A. In my town, rent for a 2/2 apartment will run you about $950/month in a decent part of town. You can buy a town home for about $650/month including taxes, insurance, and PMI. IMO, it makes sense to take on the mortgage and either save the extra $300/month for home repairs or just pay it extra on the mortgage to shorten the time. If you chose to rent, you'd have to pay the $950 and then try to save for a house on top of that. It would take forever....especially because if you make $10 an hour here- you have a GOOD job (which honestly, I don't see how people can make it with two people making $10 full time). Now, I realize that things aren't the same in every area but JB makes it appear like taking debt is ALWAYS bad. In some (many now with low real estate prices and low interest) cases, it's the smartest thing to do. Why act like there's always a blanket rule for what's best? B. JB grilling Derick about the blown engine. Does he not realize that Derick may not have a blanket answer for that question. For example, we try to avoid debt (do have a mortgage because of the reasons above). We have no CC debt. Now, we have two cars (one new 2013 and one 1995). We both work. If we blew an engine and didn't have $ in savings to fix it immediately, we would just drop one another off at work until we could pay cash to fix said car. However, we both have short commutes (my job is about 4.5 miles from our house, his is 3) so we could walk/ride bikes if we were really in a bind. Also, we have flexible work schedules so it wouldn't be much of an inconvenience. If we had only one car, I would probably put it on a CC- unless it was winter (we live in FL if you walked to work in the summer- you'd be disgusting by the time you got there!). If we had one car and children and blew an engine, I would definitely put it on a CC (or more likely borrow from family). But JB wants the blanket, NOPE I would never consider putting a car repair on CC. I can't imagine having a car with a blown engine and having a couple of kids (more likely to get sick/injured and need medical attention), having the means to get the car fixed, and choosing not to do so. Especially in a rural area- I mean here- I could walk a mile and buy groceries at a local grocery store and carry them home. Inconvenient, yes but possible. Where could Jill walk one mile and buy groceries to feed her family? I mean Jill would obviously be able to get a ride with one of the family members- but what if it happened to Anna in DC? There's no family around and probably not public transportation out where they live....how would Josh get to work if they only had one car and it blew an engine? I'm assuming he's at least 30 miles from his job so he can't walk.....what would they do? I think JB and M need to start thinking their "rules" through. **Sorry for the wall of text. I have to get to work and wanted to get my thoughts out.**
  3. Watching the show last night I was really shocked to see them using pre-packaged salad when making lunch for the Mother's Day meal. It's not like it's hard to wash and tear lettuce! Using pre-packaged stuff like that would be very expensive for so many people and frankly, it's just lazy. I mean, if they were as frugal as they like to claim they are, they should not only be making more stuff from scrach (like salad at the very least), but have a kitchen garden where they can grow their own veggies. It's not like they have tons of stuff to do. I'm shocked that they do stuff like using paper plates and utensils ...is it that hard to load a dishwasher?
  4. Sundaymorning

    The Duggars and money

    I've been wondering about these things for quite a while. Maybe someone here has some answers or estimates. 1. how much do the Duggars get from TLC? 2. how much do they make from other stuff like books or speaking engagements? 3. do the adult children get their own share of TLC/books/etc money or goes it all to Boob? 4. especially interesting: what happens with the money that the four oldest girls make with their own book? 5. if an adult Duggar kid would decide to flee the compound could they force Boob to pay them their share of the TLC or books money? I think this topic about Duggars and money is very interesting since money always means power. And if the adult Duggar girls would have some dough in their own bank account, it would give them a lot of independence and would make leaving for them a lot easier if they decide to one day.
  5. I came across this answer someone was giving concerning Jimbob and this is how he must get free medical for his family and a nice extra paycheck for serving in Arkansas Politics at one time. In essence Jimbob does live off the taxpayers if he is getting benefits bestowed upon him for playing politics in the past. No wonder Josh wants a job in politics. All Politicians are essentially collecting Welfare thanks to working class middle Americans. This is the comment someone made and thinking about it it does make sense. "Mr. Duggar is a former politician in Arkansas, so I imagine he got the deal all former politicians get---lifetime health care/pension. Nice scam there! " Does anyone know what the going rate is for pensions of former political public servants in Arkansas is?
  6. Jim Bob brags about eating tater tot casserole, buying the kids $1 shoes from garage sales and driving used vehicles. http://www.today.com/id/28001172/ns/tod ... debt-free/
  7. Geez oh man, how many lies can you spot in this article? parentables.howstuffworks.com/chow/michelle-duggar-healthy-changes-whole-family.html I feel like this is the 3rd time she's done an article about how the family is making healthy changes to their diet. Don't you mean canned vegetables? The ones he grimaces at when he eats them? Does that mean you no longer ration grapes? See above comment about canned vegetables. Two words: Asia Trip.
  8. pega127

    Duggars and Taxes

    I'm sure someone whom is better at math than I; can figure what JimBob's deductions are just for his children. I am curious. Love to see their actual tax return and how many "other" deductions are taken-must be a long list!
  9. sunshine

    Trust Fund = Duggar?

    I read an article on Honey Boo Boo who has established a trust fund for her childern from the TLC $$$$. Does anyone know if Jim Bob has done the same? It would be nice for his children to have money prior to leaving the nest.
  10. parentables.howstuffworks.com/dollars-sense/why-duggars-rarely-buy-anything-new.html#mkcpgn=fbtlc1 I have no doubt that they SOMETIMES buy things in thrift stores. We've seen far too many electronic gadgets and current fashions for them to be from thrift stores, or even past season. This article begs the question : WHAT WORK DO THEY DO? Is Boob actually giving them a portion of the show proceeds? Are they paid for all the renovations that they do for smugly? ZOMG are the girls paid for babysitting parenting? She didnt say "allowance", she said that this is money that they EARN. Is she also saying that she makes the kids buy their own clothes? Boots are hardly an "optional" item in the winter, but if she makes the kids buy their own shoes that may explain why the girls wear flip flops!
  11. Witsec5

    Duggar math

    I did not want to ruin the 19 K&C God Save us All thread With Duggar math so I thought I would start a new thread. Who knows maybe give TLC some ideas-LOL. Anyway for the first contribution I have decided to calculate all of the plastic utensils, plates, and cups the Duggars use per year (not counting Josh, Anna and the kids) assuming two meals per day and not recycling anything. The prices assume that they buy these items by the case of 1000. They probably don't. Their cup usage could be even greater than my calculations. I also calculated the sheer number of plastic items going into the landfill. Part of the reason I'm doing this is that I'm tired of all of the folksy "fun facts" trivia TLC puts out. 21 x 2 = 21 people counting Grandma 1 plastic fork each x two meals a day = 42 forks per day 21 x 2 = 42 (1 plastic knife each x two meals a day = 42 knives per day) 21 x 2 = 42 (1 plate or bowl each for two meals = 42 paper or plastic plates per day) 21 x 2 = 42 (1 8 ounce foam cup each for two meals = 42 foam cups per day) 42 x 7 = 294 forks per week, 294 knives per week and 294 plastic/paper plates or bowls per week, and 294 foam 8 ounce cups per week 294 x 52 weeks in a year = 15288 plastic forks per year, 15288 plastic knives per year, 15288 plastic/paper plates per year, 15288 foam 8 ounce cups per year Case of paper plates 1000 count is 36.99 plus tax at Staples. $36.99 x 15.28 = $565.20 on paper plates 1000 plastic forks are 17.14 on Amazon.com 17.14 x 15.288 = 262.03 on plastic forks 1000 plastic knives 19.99 at Staples $19.99 x 15.288 =305.61 on plastic knives 1000 8 ounce foam cups $24.98 with shipping online 24.98 x 15.28 = 381.61 for foam cups 565.20 plates + 262.03 forks + 305.61 knives + 381.61 foam cups = $1514.45 61152 pieces of plastic for the landfills per year
  12. I was looking at the IMBD 19kac threads awhile ago and there was a thread about why the Duggars aren't environmentally friendly. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1307083/boa ... /203909531 One poster stevenl-5 tried to defend the Duggars and posted this I know several small families that don't own SUVs and the ones that do own SUVs own them for safety reasons. Some small families rarely go to malls, Starbucks, and they don't always have the newest gadgets or smartphones.
  13. Isn't this old news? I mean really why do they still do articles on the Duggars? http://shine.yahoo.com/financially-fit/duggars-support-nineteen-kids-live-debt-free-180400323.html
  14. http://www.ihoppancakeday.com/ Today until 10PM you get a free stack of pancakes and an "opportunity" to donate to children's miracle network. EVERY person through the door gets the free pancakes, so that means Smugs can eat Mack's and Michaels for free. For those of you following the webstagram thread, you know that Josh just loves his fast food... and was at IHOP last night. Its unclear whether they are in MI with frothy for today's primary, but I predict some pictures of smugs with 3 servings of fluffy cakes before 10PM
  15. Whydoyouask

    Selling the 'Duggar Bus'

    I was snooping around on Josh's car website. It seems the 'Duggar bus' is forsale. http://www.championnwa.com/inventory.html No photos at the moment- Josh must be really busy. All of his inventory seems like crap to me. Then again I'm not much for used cars. This is a super nice bus with 15 bunks. It is currently not on our lot, as we have it on a lot in the Nashville area. We can arrange for you to meet and have a personal look at this bus at your conveience, just give us a call anytime! This bus has been used by the Duggar Family of TLC''s 19 Kids & Counting! for the last 3 years until they upgraded in July to a newer model. This is overall in great operating condition and it was originally used as a crew bus for a nationally known singer/performer. Prevost makes some of the world''s finest coaches and this one has the Vulcan Entertainer conversion. It is equipped with 15 bunks, one half bath, small kitchenette with microwave and coffee maker, front lounge, rear stateroom and front & rear TV/DVD systems. Chrome alloy wheels, air ride, Dual A/C - Engine Compressor and House Unit, Kubota 4cyl Diesel generator and In-Motion DirecTV Satellite. T; Call Josh today, and mention the online ad special! CHAMPION MOTORCARS - VIEW OUR OR OTHER INVENTORY AT WWW.CHAMPIONNWA.COM OK- who is going to call 'Josh' about the bus??
  16. Supporters boast about the Duggars are debt-free. If you really think, they are debt-free because they lived well-below the average American lifestyle. It is easy to be out of debt if you keep kids out of college and live in 900 sq ft houses. I am not knocking anyone for cutting corners every now and then or buying used. However, in their case,i would give them more credit for being debt-free if they lived the average Joe's life like sending their kids to college and buying new shoes. Thoughts?
  17. I lurk here much more than I post, but I was kinda wondering about a couple of things: First, are Michelle and J-Bob paid for all of these speaking engagements, on top of what they get from TLC? If so, any idea how much? I mean, these are primarily religious organizations, and thus one would think not the richest of places, so it wouldn't be much, would it? And what would happen if their ob/gyn flat out told them that Michelle would likely die if she had any more children? Would they just blithely go about having more, hoping (and, of course, praying to Jeebus) that the worst wouldn't happen?
  18. MandyLaLa

    Duggars and Welfare

    I know the Duggars don't get welfare, I just want to know when whether someone is on assistance not became the litmus test for being good parents? I hate how so many in this country assume and fervently believe being on assistance means your a horrible low life scumbag. As a side note does anyone know any large ATI families that are on assistance?
  19. JohnDeereGirl11

    Duggars and thrift stores

    has anyone else noticed that when anna entered the family they started to go to consiment shops for the kids clothes anna was filmed at the thift store while pregnant with mackyzie buying baby clothes but that was the only time ive seen her there were was she filmed anyothertimes at the thriftstore? does anyone else agree that annas kids are alittle beter dressed than michelles kids.
  20. duggarfamily.com/content/michelle_blog/30728/buy_used_and_save_the_difference_even_on_splurges Ok who honestly believes Jinger is constantly going to the thrift store for a sale? I think one of the following is happening: 1: Jinger really is going to the thrift store and is clairvoyant in the way of thrift store sales 2: There is a cute boy that works at the thrift store and she wants to go see him and flirt with him. (More likely option methinks?) 3: She is secretly getting out of the house and doing her own thing. If she has to take a younger sibling, she is bribing them with candy or money to keep quiet. Since she and Jessa are so close, she may take Jessa. I bet she has ways to keep her quiet.... (Wishful thinking but would be cool if it was true)
  21. -to save the difference. I can think of a couple of things right off the bat. Toilet Paper and their industrial kitchen.
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