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  1. Hey friends, I've known the Botkin's and attended CKC for years and I finally want to talk about my story. I don't want to get into too specific detail because of friend connections that I and my parents still have around the community, but I will talk about the crazy things I've heard and had to endure the last few years. Me and my family finally left within the past 2 years, and now we are happily attending another church. I also have some friend connections to T-Rex Arms, and know a little about the business and stuff. I also know a lot of stuff about the Phillips as well, as my mom was close to Beall and I was semi close to the kids. Please don't ask personal questions about myself or my family, I want us to remain anonymous. Ask me anything!
  2. After many months of radio silence, Geoff has updated his westernconservatory.com page with an essay entitled "Trump's First and Most Critical War." It's all about defeating political correctness, and returning to the good ol' days, when it's no longer Amazingly, he neglects to factor in that pesky, pussy-grabbing misogyny that so imbued Trump's campaign...I wonder if Geoff would feel comfortable leaving his daughters alone in a room with our president-elect? The mind simply boggles. https://westernconservatory.com/articles/trumps-first-and-most-critical-war
  3. I went poking around looking for what Anna Sofia and Elizabeth have been doing. Not much, it appears. They're quick to mention in their "about" section that they were rilly rilly YOUNG when they wrote Visionary Daughters and they've learned a lot and changed the name of the website (now it sounds like a '40s girl group). But.....there's really not much THERE. But what is there is an ebook about evil, manipulative and abusive men and how to deal with them and....what? SERIOUSLY, WHAT? The famously single, never courted, never been kissed Paragons of Perfect Purity, telling women who are actively being manipulated and abused. In a Godly way. Because Jesus. Did I miss this? Totally understandable, if so, Tapatalk hates me. But - I'm confused. Two single women teaching women involved with abusers or manipulators how to handle men? Oh, I forgot, how to handle them in a CHRISTIAN way.
  4. Just got an update from Geoff Botkin, renaissance man from TN, telling me that I need to attend the 2016 Providential History Festival in Omaha, NB this August. At $25 per family this is definitely a bargain compared to other Western Conservatory scams conferences & tours although all of those Chik-Fil-A sandwiches & lunch plates could add up quickly!
  5. http://isaacbotkin.com/2015/10/welcome-to-our-new-blog/ I which they explain reasons for the new blog. This part made me go
  6. This is the last of the Botkinettes' speeches I have, and the shortest, about 30 minutes. I’m not sure who introduces this speech. He says that A-S and E have been giving serious thought to how, even when they’re in a family, and under the jurisdiction of their father, they can be leaders in society and culture “not by lording it over men, and not by teaching men, but in the way 7that they carry themselves, and the way that they speak.” They redefine things that have been grossly perverted, like femininity. I believe A-S starts the talk. She jumps right into it by stating that one of the themes throughout the conference is that we need to be prepared to face hard times, and that America is scheduled for judgement. We don’t know when that will be or what that will look like or how severe it will be. The men have been talking about this a lot, but the young ladies in the audience need to be concerned with it as well. War, judgement and the economy all sound like manly subjects, but they will affect women too because they live in the same world their fathers live in, and when they marry, they will live in the same world their husbands live in. All these women live in the same world their husbands live in. I wonder if DaddyBot would tell other men that they live in the same world their wives live in. One of the things that most concerns A-S about America’s future is that most women (but not all) don’t know how to be strong anymore. We aren’t ready to deal with hard times and hardships. A-S contrasts the strength and virtue of the pilgrim women and the women who settled the wild west with the women of today, and says that we don’t see that same moral stamina. We lost the sturdiness American women used to be known for. A-S says that the fact that we have an America is a testament to the selflessness of the American pilgrim women who cared more about people they’d never see. A-S refers to the monument at Plymouth that lauds the pilgrim women: “They brought up their families in sturdy virtue and a living faith in God, without which nations perish.” Alexis de Tocqueville was struck by the strength and character of American women and attributed to them the prosperity and strength of the country. A-S says that if she was asked to what the growing weakness of America now might be attributed she would answer to the selfishness and pettiness of its women. 21st century women are weak in all the ways previous women used to be strong. Today’s spoiled women, instead of sacrificing for others, sacrifice their own children in the womb as a testament to their own selfishness. A-S says that most of the people in the room would like to say they’ve rejected feminism, but there are a lot of things we’ve inherited from that legacy. It’s hard to think 200 years ahead and think about living the way the pilgrim women lived, and make the sacrifices they did. We’re still confused about basic principles of family relations, gender roles, and the meaning of womanhood. God put us into a unique time in history, in a generation that has no concept how to be a woman (“I’ve never seen this in any other generation” says A-S.) How many generations has this girl seen? The word femininity means nothing anymore. When A-S and E were writing their book they kept using the word femininity, and eventually their mother asked them what it meant, and said she wasn’t sure if she liked it or it’s connotations. E and A-S weren’t really able to give her a definition of “femininity.” “Feminism has separated us from the historical legacy that we had and has left us desolate and confused.” Once upon a time a girl learned how to be a strong woman from her grandmothers and mother, but we don’t have that connection anymore. Feminism broke that legacy. A-S says that she feels like we’re living on an island because we don’t have any examples to look to. Our mothers didn’t have examples, mentors, and grandmothers and great-grandmothers they could look to. A-S says this is a great opportunity because it will be up to us to rebuild a culture of strong, real womanhood on the foundations of sola scriptura. We can examine every picture and stereotype and disregard the bad and learn from the good. Since this culture doesn’t know what real woman hood is, the young ladies in the audience will be the models for the next generation to set the new standard. In this lecture A-S and E will examine 10 characteristics that will be needed to rebuild culture. 1. A dominion woman is a woman of God. When talking about what kind of women we want to be, we have to realize that what we want doesn’t really matter. When A-S and E began writing their book people started asking them what they wanted to do, and what they wanted to be. A-S knows that this is a loaded question; what it really means is what do you want to give your life for, and what causes will you stand for? The answer comes down to this: will we pursue what we want for our lives, or what God wants for our lives? A-S quotes a saying from The Canterbury Tales: “What every woman wants most is to have her own way.” This statement captures the essence of feminism: a desire to be a law unto ourselves, usurp God’s authority, and determine what is right and wrong for ourselves. A dominion oriented woman is submitted to God, and is oriented toward Him and His desires for her life. “Not my will be done, but Your will be done.” She knows His will because she searches the Scriptures for herself and doesn’t wait for another person to tell her how to live. The next 9 principles in this speech won’t work or make sense if you don’t fear God. 2. (E speaking) A dominion woman understands the differences between real femininity and false femininity. There are a lot of theories of femininity that need to be examined Biblically, such as: Femininity is the opposite of masculinity: We’re supposed to be different from men, but not necessarily opposite. Femininity is whatever the feminists have rejected: We shouldn’t build a philosophy on a knee-jerk reaction to something bad, as though the bad thing was what dictated morality. The Bible should be our motivation to do right. Biblical femininity is any picture of womanhood that was around before the women’s suffrage movement: Feminism has been around since the garden of Eden, and has existed in every century The actual definition of femininity is simple, and is found in Genesis, where God creates the woman to be a helper suitable to the man. The woman is created for the man, her role is different, she is supposed to look different, and we should rejoice in those differences because those differences make us complimentary to men. The purpose of the difference is to help, and suit, and complete masculinity. “True femininity is about helping men fulfill their calling. Any departure from this is a departure from Biblical femininity.” In the Bible and in history we see two kinds of womanhood, the kind that devotes its identity to helping men fulfill their calling, and the kind that wants power over men. The latter is feminism, and while we might think of it as being ugly and androgynous it appears in many different forms, being charming and seductive, vain and narcissistic and ornamental, trying to out man masculinity. It’s always independent and self-seeking and trying to weaken and dominate men. We need to understand this concept to sort through the images of femininity around us, and there are two big ones that lead girls away from femininity. Floozy femininity: uses beauty to show off and gain power over men. It’s not gentle and quiet and modest and discreet. Bimbo femininity: women become bitter about their femininity and try to hide it under men’s clothes, and sometimes become bitter towards men. The challenge of trying to rediscover Biblical femininity is trying to sort through images and stereotypes from the past, looking for good examples and legacies. We must remember that no era is perfect. A-S gives a short definition on the meaning of the word “help” in “helpmeet.” Ezer means to be strong, and indicates someone who is able to come to the aid of someone who is in need. A woman will only figure out her purpose if she realizes his. Therefore. It is imperative that women understand and appreciate men and the world of men. A-S says this was something she and E had trouble figuring out. A-S as a child was very feminine, and liked to dress up and looked down on what her brothers were doing out in the dirt. This attitude was very feministic, not feminine. A-S thought that being feminine separated her from the world of men “I’m pink, they’re blue, we’re different.” Femininity is not the opposite of masculinity, and men and women do not live in different worlds. It’s feminine for girls to be inspired by their brothers, and girls need to eschew the idea that men and women live in different worlds. We were created to be different, but we must not abandon our men. Brave, adventurous men need women who will come alongside them. I have no idea what happened to number three. I’m assuming that it was supposed to be part of the femininity vs. feminism spiel that got morphed into number 2, but they never specify. Overall this is a rather sloppy speech. I have no trouble believing that these girls never wanted a life on a stage. They've alluded to their natural shyness multiple times. 4. (E) A dominion woman is invested in the family that God gave her. E quotes Psalm 144 “and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.” This helps us understand the role of a daughter in her family. She is there to help hold up and support her family, but she also brings grace and beauty to the home. “This verse seems to presuppose that a woman will be living at home with her family.” A girl can live in her home without actually living there; her body can be there but her heart and mind can be somewhere different. Girls can see the problems in their families and give up on the idea that they can make things change. Girls withdraw into themselves and their own private world, they’re not invested in their families. They’re waiting to get married because that’s when their life will start, and that will be their real family, but these girls never marry. Because what man will look at that kind of young woman and decide that she’s the kind of wife he wants? Those girls don’t usually get married. We need to be invested in the families the Lord has given us. 5. (A-S) A dominion woman lives in the real world. Women love beautiful romantic pictures, but these pictures are not accurate depictions of history and the real world. We have a tendency to idolize beautiful feminine, romantic images. We can see that the world is ugly and ungodly and perishing, and it’s easy to want to escape into beautiful romantic pictures. Girls can retreat into books and movies and romance novels, but instead we should be grateful for the battleground we have been given. We shouldn’t wish that we lived in different times or eras. The world we’re in now is the world God chose for us, and we should be thankful for it. Wanting to escape is part of our sin nature. Because we’re born into and educated by a fallen world imagination begins to replace reality in our thinking and starts to govern it. Girls seek to escape because they’re bored, or they’re not satisfied with where God has put them, and this is the easiest way to deal with hardship. A-S says that both she and E have had a tendency to do this. A-S and E have done some research online talking to young ladies, and they discovered that 90% of them have a tendency to escape into and be addicted to romance novels. What about the ones who seek to escape because they're in an unhealthy, spiritually abusive environment? 6. A dominion woman embraces a hard life, and a dominion woman loves a hard life. That’s all they have to say about that. Seriously. A-S lists number 6, and passes the torch to E to continue the speech. 7. (E) A dominion woman thinks like a shepherd. Jesus: “Do you love me? Feed my sheep.” This is a basic Christian duty to make disciples of all the nations. For many homeschooled girls this will require overcoming shyness and timidity and can be very hard. E used to be very shy, and had a hard time talking to a person one-on-one, let alone giving a speech to 500 people. She realized that this shyness was a result of excessive focus on self, and fear of man. Her father helped her understand that she needed to get over this by focusing on other people instead of herself, and this helped her shyness go away. To be shepherds we must stop thinking about ourselves and learn to focus on the people we’re serving; thinking like this gives us boldness in our interactions with people. Some girls tell them that they panic when people ask them what they do. E thinks they’re afraid of disapproval or confrontation, but instead they should look at it as an opportunity to tell people about the beauty of God’s design. “So keep and do them, for that is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples who will hear all these statutes and say, ‘Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people.’ “For what great nation is there that has a god so near to it as is the LORD our God whenever we call on Him? “Or what great nation is there that has statutes and judgments as righteous as this whole law which I am setting before you today?” We should not assume that others will be hostile or look down on us because they don’t sometimes. E says that a lot of people respond interestingly when she and A-S tell them what they do. The get a lot of wistful wishes from girls who wish they could do the same thing. A lot of people can see the wisdom in what they’re doing, but we need to be bold about it.
  7. From David Botkin's public Facebook page: These people are such a barrel of laughs...
  8. Yes, it's that time of year again and if you're a lucky soul who signed up, you, too, will receive Geoff's annual cornucopia of bullshit. This time, Geoff starts out by extolling John Quincy Adams' life & career as examples of engaging one's "mind, heart, soul, and body" in the task of building a free nation. Uh, Geoff -- do you think that maybe John Quincy Adams succeeded because he was a Unitarian as opposed to the Christianist, pseudo-Calvinist bullshit you espouse? In other news, there are three more grandchildren (total of 7), Victoria enjoys being with grandchildren, the Botkin sons continue to be brilliant entrepreneurs and businessmen, and Anna Sophia & Elizabeth still aren't married.
  9. I never had any real interest in watching Return of the Daughters until I read the topic Who is Peter Bradrick - http://www.freejinger.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2617&hilit=peter+bradrick and now I am SO wanting to see the part with him and Kelly. Since I'm not too keen on shelling $20 to the Botkins, I started looking for it online and I haven't been able to find anything except for a youtube clip of Jasmine and Voddie Baucham. Do any of you know where I can watch a copy of it? Or at least just the part where Peter said that he never told Kelly he loved or her or that she was beautiful (jerk) before they got married. Thank you so much!
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