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Found 16 results

  1. A reich wing terrorist has been locked up in a hospital indefinitely He didn't get as burned as he should have for that.
  2. Figured this needed its own topic to compile all the bullshit. First up is this jackhole of a judge in Tennessee And of course if you read on he had to trot out the old "my best friend is" excuse. I hope he gets a smack down from the judicial discipline folks in Tennessee.
  3. More white supremacist bullshit fuck stickery in the news
  4. A couple pieces of shit are not walking the streets tonight
  5. Some more of the "very fine people" fuck head likes to praise in action.
  6. The worst part was not that the some anti-semetic douchnozzle fuck cannons posted this crap on campus, it's that the school didn't want to do anything about this. dailykos.com/stories/2017/3/9/1641864/-Anti-Semitic-flyers-posted-at-Texas-State-but-university-president-refuses-to-issue-statement It took quite a while before the school President finally issued a statement. Where I went to undergrad, two idiots thought it would be a grand smashing good idea to wear blackface and post themselves doing so on social media. The school administration found out pretty quick, and by the next day not only had the President made a statement but also scheduled a conversation with the community to discuss the incident.
  7. And he's not from any of the six countries Agent Orange named in his order. chicago.suntimes.com/news/synagogue-hate-crime-suspect-was-educated-suburban-accountant/
  8. Just saw this kiro7.com/news/trending-now/man-made-bomb-threats-against-jewish-groups-to-frame-ex-police-say_/499331377
  9. Glenn Beck apparently is telling people Mel Gibson - he who wants to take the church back to the 1550s - is whining that the Jews stole his Jesus movie; thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/09/07/glenn-beck-mel-gibson-told-me-jewish-people-stole-his-christ-movie.html?via=twitter_page
  10. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/03/13/catholic-memorial-says-will-make-changes-wake-anti-semitic-chanting-incident/02RlVzjTm0fVnLZ3DG4fnN/story.html?p1=Article_Trending_Most_Viewed Good heavens, it was BENEDICT, who is no liberal, who stated in 2011 that the Jews were not responsible.
  11. Or did I get a *special* one? If I'm not busy I will sometimes chat with the door to door religion peddlers, and I had a couple on my porch this morning. Dude read me a couple of scriptures out of his funny Bible, and talked about how Satan rules the world. Then he went on a spiel about how the Jewish people persecuted Jesus Christ. To which I was like uh, what about all those Jewish people that followed him? He brushed me off. He told me the Jews put Jesus to death, I told him I was pretty sure the Romans did it. He told me to read my Bible. I began to get cranky. I told him what he was saying was anti-Semitic. He asked me if the Bible was anti-Semitic and I replied that it sounded like he was interpreting it that way and I thought it was ugly of him. All of a sudden he decides he "doesn't want to debate" with me. I informed him that he was on my porch, I wasn't on his. He asked me if I wouldn't come share "the truth" with him, I told him I wasn't arrogant enough to presume that I knew it. Then he skedaddled. So, all of that to ask, is that normal JW behavior? Or did I get a super nutty one?
  12. It's time to discuss anti-semitic myths and to debunk them! I also have some questions: Can anybody provide me with reliable on-line documented primary sources to prove these assholic anti-semites wrong? I feel so stupid that I have to ask, it's just that I'm tired of white supremecists on the internet asking for proof and doing nothing. Myth # 1: Jews killed Jesus! No, a Roman did. Why don't you anti-semites hate Romans? (Nobody should be hated, I'm just questioning their way of thinking). Myth # 2: The Holocaust didn't happened! Innocent Germans were killed! Um, yeah. German and non-German European Jews, the handicapped, prisoners of war, communists, Romani, European black people and people who were considered a threat to the 3rd Reich were killed. Asshats. If the Holocaust didn't happen, then what were the purpose of the Nuremburg Trials, and why do thousands of survivors have tatoos? Again, asshats. Myth # 3: Jews own the media! Um, proof? So only non-Jews should be able to be successfull? What a bunch of douche-canoes. Myth # 4: The European royal families are Jewish! (Does anybody have any info about this myth?) Myth # 5: Jews own the banks! (Does anybody have any info?) Myth # 6: The American government is controlled by Jews! Ok, really? Most of the govenors, presidents and representatives have been Christians and Mormons. So where the hell do they get this fucking idea from? Do any other FJers have anything else to add?
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