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Found 24 results


    Is Anna courting?

    Poor Sarah has a post up about spring with grammar errors of course. She mentioned Goofy Anna was traveling. Courtship maybe?
  2. Anna's birthday is tomorrow, Halloween! (Not to be confused with Anna Maxwell, married to Chris, whom the Maxwell's refer to as Anna Marie.) I am looking forward to your riveting post about what a "blessing" you are to your family, cooking, cleaning, and serving the Elderly. I can't wait to find out how you take your coffee! I hope you will have a wonderful year, sing, dance, travel! (Who am I kidding.) P.S. I'm pretty sure she is 23 this year. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Happy Birthday Anna Maxwell!

    No birthday post yet but I thought I would beat Sarah to it. She loves the Lord Jesus with all her heart She is a great cook. She is willing to help a family member out She sings a lot Little known fact-kids love her! Happy Birthday Anna! We love you!
  4. Anna's birth on Halloween was brought about by the Lord to get the Maxwell's attention to STOP celebrating such an evil holiday. Or so they said in their Halloween Corner many years ago. Anyway, Happy Birthday Anna. Now that you're of legal drinking age, go ahead and...oh, never mind.
  5. Justme

    Cooking w/Anna M (new blog).

    Due to popular request, Anna has post a weeks menu's. Now I know they were "on the road", but the menu seems rather, childish.... Lots of hot dogs and sloppy joe's. She said they eat salad with each meal, however, I still see a lack of veggies. I like a salad, plus one or two veggies with my meal, plus a protein and maybe a starch. I guess they get their fruit in their smoothie. (Eating a piece of fruit is much better for you then blending it.) With the high value they place on "homemaking" from their women, and the fact that there are 4 women in their household, I expected to see more homemade foods. Things like stews, soups, breads, etc.
  6. PhiMuLady

    Anna! Loves! Exclamation! Points!

    Latest blog post from Maxhell is by Anna, who seems to be overly excited about a picnic. Exclamation points! At the end! Of all the sentences!!! It's so sad that the most excitement I've seen in any of the recent posts has been about popsicles and the backyard playground. ETA: feel free to merge into other thread.
  7. Anna Maxwell wrote an endorsement for ITonRamp. They couldn't find someone to write something, besides those little paragraphs (which I doubt were written by anyone that isn't a Maxwell)? Yeesh.
  8. YPestis

    Stylin' Maxwell sisters!

    In their new blog post, Anna and Mary Maxwell are dressed in their usual long dresses, but with scarfs! I only took note of that because I've heard scarfs are really "in" these days, and not just to keep away the chills. Mary is wearing short sleeves with the scarfs, which I always think is more for fashion than to keep warm (after all, if it's warm enough to require scarfs, then it's probably too cold to wear short sleeves). If I didn't know any better, I'd say that the two girls are following current fashion trends. It's so odd to think that. We know Steve and Teri do not want to contaminate their precious children with such heathen things like woman's fashion. May this be the gateway sin to bigger things like romance novels and caffeinated beverages? What do you think, FJingerites?
  9. divadivine

    Anna Maxwell's birthday is Halloween....

    After reading through the horribly written blog post from today, it came to my attention that Anna Maxwell's birthday is..... HALLOWEEN!!!!!! How could God Steve let this happen? She was born on a Pagan holiday full of witches, wizards, costumes, masks, evil, Satan and tooth rotting candy. Clearly, Steve and Teri didn't plan this out too well. One of their special snowflakes being born on such a wicked day. They didn't pray hard enough. Jesus was unhappy with them. Steve-o didn't work hard enough to please Jesus.
  10. deborahlynn1979

    Maxwell Bedroom

    There is a picture of Mary in the latest blog, standing in what I assume to be the girls' room. It looks like two of them (I'm figuring it's Anna and Mary) sleep on bunk beds. Can you imagine? At least poor Sarah gets her own bed. What must it be like to be a 30 year old woman sharing a room with your sisters? Ack! Edit to add: Is this the first time we've seen a bedroom on the blog? The boys have hideous quilts on at least one bed.
  11. Sarah updated. Apparently, Anna decided that their walking time would be a good time to pray. Not instead of personal prayer time but in addition to it. Dear god, doesn't the poor deity get tired of the Maxwells constant chatter in his ear? Of course this praying reddems their time, because we all know that any time spent idle - when did walking become idle time? - is a waste and must be filled with prayer to the LORD. And, what do you know, this extra prayer time has already yielded many answers. When, exactly, do they not pray? When does god get a break from the demands and needs of the Maxwells?
  12. twin2

    Latest Maxwell Post

    New Maxwell post is up, its so hard to know where to start so I'll take it from the top. Ahh, good Steve-O. Of course no word on if they actually got a meal or just all you can eat salad and bread sticks. BTW, since when is out to eat hyphenated? Where the hell is that Star Trek TNG double facepalm pic when I need it. Then there is a pic of the three Maxwell gals with the caption "SAM sisters". I have no idea what SAM stands for, but I'm guessing that it is a typo for SAH. Yes Sarah, because if you say it enough eventual you will convince yourself it is a good thing. Wow, you mean that two babies with different sets of parents may not look alike! Color me stupid! Wait she goes on to clarify further: Yes 'cause even at the ripe old age of a month, we must conform to those gender roles. Then some more pics of the home re-model. Poor Sarah indeed (PS sweetie, my offer still stands)
  13. and are they trying to make her look like she's 12??? For the love of god. http://www.titus2.com/blog/index.php/2012/05/28/four-generations/
  14. library_youth

    New Maxwell post - more cleaning house!

    It's a lengthy post with photo after photo of Sarah, Anna and Mary cleaning Nathan and Melanie's house. Zzzzzzz. There's also a quick update that Melanie is hanging in there with 8 weeks to go. Mary is becoming quite pretty! I've noticed that especially in the last few posts. titus2.com/blog
  15. Justme

    More "cooking with Anna"....

    Choc peanut butter oat bar... sorry, they don't look very good.....
  16. I bet he's got his eye on Anna. Poor Sarah...
  17. Rainbowcolor

    R Anna got a cake. What would you get?

    Let's see... She has a brain, she can study, she can pass an exam (with good grades), she gets no special treatment from her instructor (other than being allowed to talk to him in person, unlike, apparently, other female students) Hmmm.... Sounds like she might get the equivalent of 3 college credits. OK, let's be generous and give her SIX credits.... Now... If you had had an ice cream cake party to celebrate earning 6 of YOUR college credits, what do you think your prize should be for your college DEGREE (or post grad degree)? Remember, only good grades count.
  18. Reversal Anna passed an A+ OneTonRamp thing......An NO, she received no "special" help because she is the instructor's sister! She studied! I guess that's CODE for "don't email us people"......
  19. library_youth

    Happy Birthday, Anna Maxwell

    Reversal Anna is 19 years old today. Gasp! Her birthday is on Halloween! I wonder if the family ever celebrated Halloween at all before they went off the deep end, or if they were too fundie even back in the 80s to acknowledge it. Anyway, here's hoping that Anna won't end up in the same boat as her older sister, still at home under her parents' thumb at age 30. But I could totally see Sarah, Anna, and Mary never getting out of there, while the boys get married and move out (as soon as a house on their street becomes available! ).
  20. Justme

    Do the Maxwell girls drive?

    I've seen the boys drive, but never the girls. Does Steve think their husbands will haul them around? I have seen Teri drive, too. When they are married, they will have to shop for groceries, take kids to the dr, etc.
  21. I've seen many people post they are doubtful Sarah will ever get married. Anna is only 18 and Mary 15. Do you think in 10 years they will be married? Sarah will be nearly 40, but they'll be 28 and 25. Steve will be 70. He's got Sarah. I sure hope he "softens" and lets the other girls marry. I think the reversal boys will probably marry when houses in their neighborhood go up for sale. Perhaps Grandma & Grandpa will move into the homestead leaving their house "available".
  22. so she can WRITE! The girls are going to grocery shop. Don't they know grocery stores play soft rock and other shoppers wear short & tank tops!! Poor girls, taking on all these additional chores. How about Mary's school? Is anybody teaching this child? I doubt very much schooling is done when Uriah is on the road....
  23. Apparently she & her bro's fought when they were little, she tattled & got the boys in trouble. Rest of family ate Taco Bell while the boys had wheat thins. In one sense, it's nice to see they actually acted like actual "kids". I can't imagine how disagreeing about cats & dogs can result in a tattling and bro's deserving a punishment of missing lunch. Look at the pictures! Holy smokes that's some fancy NEW truck!!! That had to have cost a pretty penny!! I thought the boys were being "trained" to live modestly and save their money to purchase a house for cash and provide for a family. Someone went with them to take the pictures. I'm guessing it was Sarah.
  24. snarkykitty

    Sarah and Mary Maxwell

    There's a recent post about Mary and Sarah taking on extra work so that their mother can write her book. "Anna and Mary In order for Mom to be able to spend her summer on the book project, she needed help to free her time. Book writing is intense and requires many hours. So, Anna and Mary stepped up to the plate. Anna has taken over meal planning, grocery shopping (with Mary), errands, keeping the house tidied, and other items. Mary handles laundry, tidying the house, cleaning, and other projects." Notice that they had to qualify the statement that Anna has taken over the grocery shopping "With Mary." What a horror it would be for someone to even think that one of them was allowed to go grocery shopping by herself (then again, I don't know if they both are old enough to drive, but I think it has more to do with being chaperoned versus a logistical issue).
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