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Found 36 results

  1. DarkAnts

    Laurel Diacogiannis

    I was driving through Idaho a few days ago. I stopped in Garden City for a rest brake. I saw a thrift store for the Idaho Youth Ranch. I suddenly remembered Laurel Diacogiannis and her raciest adoptions. Only one of the three children she adopted from Africa stayed with her family as a child (daughter). The boy was rehomed because he was reported by Laurel to have abused his sisters. The other child a daughter was banished to the Idaho Youth Ranch because she was not a perfect obedient grateful daughter who did not fill Laurels savior complex. Laurel has had many blogs that get swiffered once people start to criticize her. I have not been able to find her latest blog but I hope the children she abandoned are doing ok as adults. d
  2. As an adopted daughter, I would have 0 sympathy if nobody gave these spiteful women a single card, glance, or hug on Sunday. Carrying on from here:
  3. LilMissMetaphor

    Adoption disruptions

    Does anyone remember Sol and Christine Moghadam? Their story is recapped here: http://jenniferchosalaff.blogspot.ca/2013/01/modern-family.html Or if you google them, they come up in a variety of news sources. In a nutshell they adopted 4 siblings from Ghana, had difficulties getting them home, had disciplinary/attachment issues (or whatever, it wasn't very clear) once home, and now appear to have wiped any traces of them from their social media. These days it seems they are happily travelling around the world with their 2 bio children, no information on what happened to the other 4 kids. I want to know where these children are. These aren't isolated cases. We've talked about Avery at length here at FJ, also about Jenny and Roddy Wagner, who adopted a sibling group and similarly deleted all evidence (I'm hoping these girls are now with family, as they appeared to have had an uncle with whom they kept in touch once in the US).
  4. Mods: I'm posting this in QFOS because of the fundie black adoption connection. If you find it belongs in a different forum, please move. So Rachel Dolezal, who identifies as black, is back in the news because she is broke, on the brink of homelessness and the only jobs she gets offered are in reality TV and porn. This should be empowering for her, as her situation is identical to that of any person of color who has been caught up in a scandal and/or convicted of a crime. She does finally have a publisher for her memoir, but I think all the good spoilers are in this Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/feb/25/rachel-dolezal-not-going-stoop-apologise-grovel?CMP=twt_gu It's a fascinating read mainly because RD is a composite of so many of the QFOS subjects from the Nauglers to the Pearls to the adopters who save black children for the lord. From her unattended home birth to the modest clothing, growing up foraging and helping maintain the homestead, having the devil beaten out of her, raising her 4 younger adopted siblings after her mother took to bed with self-diagnosed CFS. . .You get the picture. Add in a generous helping of patriarchy, and I'm actually at the point of feeling sorry for RD.
  5. LilMissMetaphor

    Adeye has adopted AGAIN

    Per the blog (No Greater Joy Mom) Adeye and Anthony adopted another child (it is not specified if she has special needs, and I don't like speculating based on pictures) last summer. I would really like to know what steps they have taken to make sure all these children are going to be looked after once the parents begin to have their own health issues and/or pass away. It is not fair to expect the older siblings to take on the burdens of providing for these kids.
  6. A 3 year old mentally disabled girl went missing this weekend in Texas. She was being punished for not drinking milk at 3am by having to stand outside, across an alley from her home, and left there alone. It is an area coyotes have been reported as being in; and the father speculated that maybe they had something to do with it, when she was gone after he went out to get her after 15 minutes. She was not reported missing until 5 full hours later!!! (and the church - probably a fundy one - has been out looking for her). I'm sick about this. Who leaves a mentally disabled 3 year old outside in the dark in an urban area where coyotes have been seen? Who sends a mentally disabled 3 year old outside in the dark at 3am? https://www.dallasnews.com/news/missing-person/2017/10/07/amber-alert-issued-3-year-old-richardson-girl-believed-grave-danger
  7. Palimpsest

    The Bergeys are in South Africa.

    I just checked in on the Bergeys and, to my dismay, they reached South Africa with their multiple children (both bio and adopted) in tow. Selina is the lady who famously wiped her blog of incriminating evidence when she found our critiques of her parenting and aspirations to run an orphanage in South Africa. The Bergeys have no qualifications except unaccredited Bible College "degrees" and "hearts for orphans." And she gives us an update. http://littlefishministries.org/behind-the-scenes-and-culture-shock/ She has culture shock, their volunteer visas were denied, and they seem to be over-staying their tourist visas. More Poisonwood. Previous thread contains links to her old (much edited) blogs:
  8. iheartchacos

    Second Chance Adoptions

    Why do people do this? I don't see any biological children posted. These families should be banned from other adoptions and go through a standard investigation of the other children in the home. https://m.facebook.com/secondchanceadop ... =notify_me
  9. Because there are so many sad and tragic adoption stories on this site, I wanted to share this happy one. It's an ad, but the product placement is so subtle you may not notice it, and the story is apparently true. I like the moment at the beginning when the daughter says her mother will be disappointed at the child's choice of profession. It's so obvious that her mother and the viewers will actually be happy and proud.
  10. SpoonfulOSugar

    Adoptive "Mothers" part deux

    Hoarding? Poor planning? What makes these women (and men?) do what they do. Continued from here:
  11. As a foster parent/adoptive parent this makes me so upset. After months of hard work, South Dakota lawmakers handed Governor Dennis Daugaard Senate Bill 149, a bill that allows taxpayer-funded agencies to refuse to provide any service, including adoption or foster care services, on the basis of the agency’s religious or moral convictions, according to the ACLU. Gov. Daugaard quickly signed the bill into law, making South Dakota the first state in 2017 to pass anti-LGBT legislation. The ACLU derided the new anti-LGBT bill in a press release: The American Civil Liberties Union of South Dakota has led the opposition to SB 149 through both lobbying efforts and by organizing affected communities. In a state facing a labor and talent shortage, this bill has sparked national interest and local questions as to whether South Dakota welcomes diversity and values the rights of individual citizens. This bill was opposed by local and national child welfare experts that sent letters in opposition including The Adoption Exchange, Child Welfare League of America, National Association of Social Workers, and Voice for Adoption, as well as family law experts, South Dakota pediatricians, and local and national LGBT rights organizations including the Movement Advancement Project, the Human Rights Campaign, and more. - See more at: http://www.thegailygrind.com/2017/03/11/south-dakota-becomes-first-state-2017-pass-law-legalizing-discrimination-lgbt-people/#sthash.ang50aL2.dpuf
  12. LilMissMetaphor

    Shannon: another adoption crazy.

    Or, like, on any kind of adoptions at all?? I can't even. Her blog is http://timsfan39.blogspot.com/
  13. The father was until just recently the CEO of a Christian adult care home. He and his wife were fundraising to go to Peru as missionaries with their Peruvian adopted children, who they are now accused of starving and torturing. They pulled them out of school to home school in 2014 and evidently have been keeping them isolated since then. http://www.thekansan.com/news/20160217/story-of-abuse-unfolds/1
  14. alexandracabot

    Fundie adoption bloggers?

    Does anyone have any evangelical adoption blogs they read and follow? I'm fascinated by them, especially ones that deal with rehoming, but many of the bloggers I used to read regularly — Kimi at fencingmama, 5 Kids 6 Months, Raising Sunflowers, the Bergeys, etc — aren't updating much anymore. Would love to collect some suggestions of new places to look.
  15. BlondeAgent007

    How does this happen: Erica Parsons

    Erica Parsons' adoptive parents have not heard from here since December 2011, yet never reported her missing. I watched this on Dr. Phil yesterday and am awaiting the conclusion. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -Phil.html One thing mentioned in the show and not in the article: the child was never reported missing partially because the Parsons home school. In NC there are ZERO homeschooling regulations, hence authorities were never alerted that she was no longer attending school.
  16. How do you record inter-family adoptions on your Ancestry tree? I've got 2 of these for sure, and another 2 probable, and I don't know how to properly record them. For example, my aunt B had a baby out of wedlock and the baby was adopted by B's older brother and his wife. It happened in the 1940s, everybody knows or is dead, privacy isn't an issue. Do I record the baby as Aunt B's or as my Uncle G & Aunt J's? Can the baby show up twice? Anyone else have this? Is there a proper genealogy etiquette for this? TIA.
  17. Hi, I did a search of FJ, and nothing came up on this family. Fundies that have adopted 3 kids from China and have now decided to start an orphanage in South Africa. So they have sold up everything and are travelling/living in an RV whilst on "deputation". (Ie grifting) She also does parenting advice videos. There is quite a bit of snark potential! http://bergeybunch.blogspot.com.au/ http://perspectivesinparenting.com Enjoy edit to correct family name in thread title. dyac
  18. Palimpsest

    The Orphan Myth

    I think this deserves its own thread. Stressing family preservation, It covers everything from the inadequacies of institutional care, to the recruiting children for orphanages, and the serious downside of short-term missions to cuddle kids for a couple of weeks. I can't decide which other thread to put it on and it is relevant to so many. It should be required watching for all our child collectors, evangelical and fundie intercountry adopters for Jesus, voluntourists, and their supporters. I'd like to tie Selina Bergey and Miss Raquel to their chairs and make them watch it for starters. Interesting that Bethany Christian Services finally saw the writing on the wall and now is working towards family preservation. Disclaimer: I am not against intercountry adoption for some special needs children - but family preservation is the way to go and what people should be supporting with their donations.
  19. Brian and Dawn Gortreaux, and their 10 adopted children were featured in a segment of PBS's "The Victory Garden." They captured by eye because all the girls were farming in ankle-length skirts. Dawn also said some buzzwords like "mindful" and "purposeful." With Google tactics, I found: http://www.gofamilyfarms.com/ but there's no fundy-speak and all the children are in their teens now. My suspicion was confirmed that they are faith-based: https://www.cspotlight.com/gotreaux-family-farms/. I'm hitting a wall on FB because I don't have an account. I'm curious if this family has any associations with the fundy or evangelical teachings.
  20. So I was parousing GOMI (always a fun way to waste time) & noticed GOMIs thread on Ashley Lancaster had an interesting add. Newbies: she is a spectacularly superficial mother who adopted a baby from Korea & blogs about Disney crap & how difficult her Korean child is. Anyway she's not the worst but she's pretty amusing A poster from GOMI revealed herself (think a women unless a gay man?) who's husband knows Kurt & she wrote: Quote: Anyway she's a bit of a running joke amount Kurts classmates that he chose the opposite of his previous girlfriend who was very smart, ambitious (& apparently a fox in the sack). People think it's a bit odd he would have done such a 180 on the type of girls he liked and Ashley is seen as a dim, easy to manage, Disney obsessed brat. I won't say much more as I don't want to be identified except to say Kurt has made a few comments to friends of my husband about Ashley's Babyish ways and it's clear he was a bit embarrassed he's married in such haste. I'm sure he loves her to bits but he clearly doesn't respect her that much. getoffmyinternets.net/forums/mommy-bloggers/our-happily-ever-afters/page-15/ Well FJ what do you think? I think very plausible and makes me think of Mr Bennett from Pride & Prejudice who married his wife in haste and repented in leisure.
  21. LilMissMetaphor

    What's with these jerk adoptive mothers?

    http://www.fencingmama.blogspot.ca/ Why do they adopt if they are just going to get frustrated with all the things the children can't do? And this woman does childcare in her home as well? What a mean bitch.
  22. I searched for this and didn't find it. No names, but a woman hid a child she was trying to adopt IN HER CARRYON LUGGAGE, lol. It was a girl between 2 and 4, that she was trying to adopt from Haiti. I suppose it's possible it's not a fundie nut, but what are the chances? http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/09/world/child-carry-on-bag-paris/index.html
  23. US Supreme Court supports lesbian adoptive mother, 8 to 0. Here's a good giggle from Wonkette:http://wonkette.com/599375/supreme-court-lets-lesbians-be-mommies-civilization-to-end-by-dinnertime
  24. I heard this blurb about a local woman on NPR this morning. Birth parents want their 17wks pregnant surrogate to abort 1 fetus after learning the 2 eggs implanted have become triplets. Apparently, this isn't the first case of birth parents wanting their surrogate to selectively terminate. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3359941/Surrogate-mom-carrying-triplets-refuses-demands-birth-parents-abort-one-fetuses.html I find this case troubling because it seems to me these surrogates have given up some agency in these contracts. What gives the birth parents the right to make these type of demands?
  25. clueliss

    Wait? Does That Make Her A...

    So, I've had an odd moment where those things that fascinating me in a train-wreck can't keep watching kind of way meets what we'll label here as my real life. Almost six years ago I moved because I had lost my job and the economy was crap and I put my trust in God and decided, since I don't have children or husband tying me to one place, to take my job search nation wide. i wound up 2.5 or so hours east of where I had been in a neighboring state. After I moved at one point I went through a period where I seriously weeded out my former Facebook contacts from real life. Some I regret - some I don't. I had a lot of contacts from being very active in children's ministries as a small group leader (think Sunday School Teacher) and in women's ministries. Then a couple of years ago when I made a person faith shift, some things and people that had been fine before began to grate on me. I mention this because there was a reason (or more) that I weeded C from my contact list. I knew C from church before the move. I will tell you before I begin this story that I had one of her children in my group for a while. It makes it difficult to snark on. It also puts me in an ethical odd territory because I know things about her children that others might not know. Church is a wasteland of gossip. Some things were shared with me because as a small group leader you need to know things about 'your kids.' Other things get shared in women's ministries and fall under confidentiality. I won't be discussing any of those things because morally I just can't. (and well, HPPA folks). So late last week C tags a bunch of people in a Facebook post. I'm no longer friends with C but due to various people I am still friends with and their Facebook settings I can see the tags and her post. She's having a fundraiser. For an adoption. For two children. From China. Okay. C has 3 bio kids (1 daughter, 2 sons) and 3 adopted children (2 daughters from Korean, a son from China). Thanks to my awareness here at FJ my brain screams 'baby collector.' The last previous adoption this family did took place before I moved 6 years ago. And now they're being called to adopt. By the way, it did not surprise me that it was two. And if it was one, I might mentally figure on another to follow. But that's only because she has a naming pattern. I told you, things you learn at church? In women's ministries? Yes. 2 L's. 2 J's. 2 S's. So, my mind put a check mark next to 2. I consider this family evangelical by my own definition. Might put them in fundie light based on things I've heard from C back before I moved. Their kids go to public school. In fact C's husband is/was a school counselor. Child 1 went to university (a small mainline christian university a bit south of the larger city/state university city we lived in/next to). I think Child 2 went to the military. Child 3 is over 18 and graduated from high school last year I believe. I did some poking around on the net that day and the next. I saw various articles about C and adoption. Not surprised because I knew she was involved some how with a Christian adoption agency. And because she did some adoption seminars at the church I used to attend. I'm still reeling a bit on the crashing of my worlds. So pardon me while I wander off to continue process some of this. here