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Found 11 results

  1. In "A Love that Multiplies" Michelle compares romance novels to porn for women. I also gather they can't read much classic lit. It's ashame these kids can't enjoy books for pleasure. not even classic lit. In the public school episode, was it Jill or Jinger? that said their favorite books were "Before You Meet Prince charming" and "The Reverend Spy"-no Charles Dickens , Mark Twain etc I gather they feel most literature is a waste of time unless it fits their beliefs. I guess Boob and Michelle are afraid the kids will learn other ideas.
  2. I got all three from my local library, and here's what I thought: First book (20 and Counting, I think): I was actually pleasantly surprised that it was much less preachy than I anticipated it to be, and there was a whole lot more about budgeting and daily schedules than evangelism. I got the impression that the Duggars chose their words very carefully and any overt affiliation with any particular stream of theology was downplayed. The girls' book (Growing Up Duggar): The concept of a bunch of Duggar stories from the POV of the kids was so promising, but the book failed to deliver. I got about 3/4 of the way through before giving up on it. It was mostly a lot of second-hand stories, à la "Our parents told us about a heathen friend they had and this bad thing happened to them, so we've never done that bad thing!" No real life experiences were shared - besides one about Jessa getting on Jana's nerves when they were kids - because these young women have no real life experiences, for the most part. They've been so sheltered and don't really have much material to write a book about. It could've been half as long. The tone was also pretty judgy and preachy, which for some reason I interpreted as Jessa's influence (lol)! I felt like I was at a really drawn-out altar call. Second book (A Love That Multiplies) : I didn't finish this one. Aside from Josie's story, it was essentially a re-telling of the first book. As I read this one, I did start to wonder if the Duggars idolize money-saving in the same way that they idolize purity and childbearing. What did you all think of the Duggar's books?
  3. There's a new video by TLC with the Duggar girls talking about relationships with boys blah blah and how bad romance novels are. In A love that Multiplies Michelle says romance novels are porn for women. And why do they refer to them as boys when talking of the older Duggar daughters? It is funny reading comments defending how the girls are lucky to have 'protection'. Anyway Lather rinse and repeat. We have heard this talk before.
  4. LostSamurai

    Duggar Book?

    oooh...wasn't aware I had enough posts to make a thread now... Anyway, does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Duggar book for either nearly free or as little money as possible? I've started a book blog and being the masochist that I am, want to review it just for the lulz. thanks!
  5. I found this on tumblr, don't think it was discussed here. But wtf??
  6. Finished reading it on Kindle a month ago but just getting this up. http://duggarswatch.blogspot.com/2012/0 ... plies.html The hyper link will take you to may book review blog. I have to assume not everyone will know who the Duggars are so I give a short intro.
  7. Sydney Fox

    It's Christmas Adam!

    According to A Love that Multiplies, the Duggars call December 23, Christmas Adam "because it's the day before Christmas Eve and God created Adam before Eve."
  8. http://hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot ... -book.html I'm still catching typos (I am an F- proofreader!)
  9. Currently standing in line at the Atlanta barnes and noble to see the king boob and his loyal kort. Behind me is a guy that drove 4 hours and can't stop talking about how excited he is... Dare me to get the book signed to "fj?"
  10. IReallyAmHopewell

    Duggars new book--first impressions

    I haven't read it all, but skimmed most of it. I will review it fully on my blog when I'm done. 1. Most of this is a minute-by-minute recap of several episodes in the show. 2. I'm VERY SORRY I criticized them for keeping the girls at home--after reading about the weirdo-fans who show up at 7 am and other scary stuff I can see now why the girls might actually TRUTHFULLY prefer to live at home!! Stalkers--I have mentioned this possibility before so I wasn't totally witless. 3. Josh--he may not be quite a ignorant as we think. They tell about the small business ventures he entered into as a teenager and he really didn't do too badly. One venture was very funny, but successful. 4. Food. As I have said many times, likely they DO eat better than we see. I'd spotted the Bosch mixer way back and knowing that Bill Gothard has some interesting health/nutrition ideas I figured we weren't seeing it all. They list favorite snacks--canned vegetables cold, spritzed with vinegar anyone? 5. One of the girls may actually be pursuing "real" nursing training albeit the Gothard way--like any savvy community college student they are using CLEP tests for maximum credits, but the program requires attendance at an onsite school in the student's home area to become licensed. They don't say this, but there are hints. 6. Michelle relates, I hope with the kid's permission, some conversations that prove she may spend more one-on-one time with them than we think. One conversation with Jer/Jed? while she was in the hospital in particular. 7. The discuss, in theoretical terms, "marital relations" and it's role in a healthy marriage. Jim-Bob is the horndog no doubt! Michelle reflects on keeping in mind being the "sole provider" of this service on nights when she is exhausted!! They DO keep the OT commands about sex after a baby's birth, but point out (rightly) that as Christians they are under the new covenant (NT) and don't have to obey such legalistic teachings. 8. They discuss courtship and offer a "composite" list of what the girls are "looking for" in a guy. Honestly, it was nothing shocking--certainly not like some "If you want to court my daughter lists." 9.They were scared out of their mind by Josie's birth. It also put a strain on their marriage in a big way. No discussion (at least so far) of details of that strain, but being apart so much, trying to keep the family going, trying to keep Jim-Bob's real estate work going etc. 10. They have health insurance so once they'd paid the deductible for the year both Michelle's & Josie's (and since it was December, in January the new year deductible) care was fully covered. Jim-Bob is critical of himself for wondering, only months before, if it was worth the cost of the premiums since they were all healthy. 11.They responded to the criticism for showing Grandpa dying and his funeral. They said, like Josh & Anna's wedding, it was part of their life and shows people how faith sustains. There is no mention (so far) of the Gothard's "Umbrella of Authority" or any of his truly wak-a-doodle ideas such as evil Cabbage Patch kids, but I give even the Duggars credit for being smart enough to roll their eyes at that one!
  11. dawniecakes

    Jinger's $100,000 Diary

    I was finishing up the Duggar's rambly, disorganized shamble of a tome, "Love that Multiplies." There was this story Michelle told about crazy fans that I've never seen mentioned before. Where they invited a girl to hang out with the family for the day, and she ended up stealing Jinger's diary. They were then alerted by someone that her diary was up on eBay for $100,000. They confronted the girl and she returned it saying she hadn't read it. Oooo how I would love to get ahold of any Duggar Diary Any speculation on what she would write about? I expect it would be sort of standard day-to-day events, as I could totally see Michelle and Boob rifling (riffling :D) through their kids' stuff, even the adult ones at home, at their own "parental discretion." I also LOLd at a tid-bit in the book that says they love to play a game called Corn Hole while eating Corn Dip. (I have a juvenile sense of humor, I admit). I could also see Jim Bob recampaigning as a "Tea Bagger" because they are so out of the loop with dirty slang. Other things I found interesting in the book: Michelle very adamately states once again they are not QuiverFull *yawn* That only wear long skirts and pants/long shorts because it says in Deuteronomy that showing thighs=NEKKKIDDD. That gave me a chuckle. I don't remember the bible saying anything about upper arms being defrauding, though... hmmm.
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