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Found 46 results

  1. The Cook County Sheriff's office said a 49 year old private school teacher in southwest suburban Burbank has been charged with sexual assault and soliciting child pornography in connection to incidents with two of her students. Teacher at Jordan Baptist School in Burbank charged
  2. The Miami Herald has just published this unbelievable investigative story on how Jeffrey Epstein avoided serious prison time for running a large, multi-national sex ring that preyed on underage teenage girls. The original case, back in the mid-2000s, is the one that also involved Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz -- and yes, because it's Florida, Mar-A-Lago is mentioned. [Trigger warning for descriptions of abuse in article & related videos] Much, much more at the Miami Herald link.
  3. The snapchat gender swapping filter helped catch a perv in the act
  4. Will the Church finally face the abuse committed against its lower ranks members? Cardinal McCarrick was suspended from his role after allegations he committed sexual abuse on a child 50yrs ago. But allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against him from seminarians and young priests date back to the early nineties. The Vatican knew about his love for organising retreats with young priests and selecting one to share his bed with. John Paul II (that I refuse to call saint) knew, as did Benedict XVI. It all was ignored and the man, a skilled fund-raiser, got promotion after promotion. This exposes how the absolute loyalty to the hierarchy put young adult priests at risk for sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of their superiors. There's no system in place in the RCC to manage this sort of situations. And unwanted touching on an adult isn't a crime according to canon law. Here you can find more about the Cardinal McCarrick abuses. What do you think, the position of the Church on sexuality is still reasonable? Most Catholics ignore Church teachings re birth control, pre-marital sex and sexual morals in general. Is it time for a reform for clergy ranks' approach to sexuality as well? Many (me too) are convinced that the celibacy of the clergy is no longer feasible as it has fostered every sort of diseased approaches to sexuality.
  5. I searched but didn't find any prior posts about him. Dow was convicted of sexual assault of his daughter in the 90s. He and his 2nd wife opened an orphanage in Kenya in 2006. He fled Kenya after a warrant was issued for his arrest for the rape of girls under his care. His wife was arrested for child cruelty for forcing tween and teen girls to get birth control implants. Their church is of course standing by their side. https://www.nation.co.ke/news/Why-activists-want-suspected-American-child-molester-extradited/1056-4953110-11jtbud/index.html
  6. So far it involves 38 clergy Hiring a hit man? How Christ like was that Fiala? Who would Jesus have clipped? This is why I don't have much use for the moralizing the church does on a regular basis.
  7. Some news out of Michigan Here's the arrest warrant on Scribd
  8. Ugh Now the diocese is doing the right thing because it's being called to account
  9. Pro Publica has published a lengthy investigative article on the "charity" More Than Me run by Katie Meyler in Liberia. [Trigger warnings for linked article since it has details of sexual abuse & violence] She apparently got her start in foreign aid work as a fundie: She founded the More Than Me charity to establish a school for girls at risk of sexual exploitation and violence in the West Point area of Monrovia. It turned out that her primary Liberian colleague & sometime boyfriend, a man named Macintosh Johnson, was systematically abusing a number of the girls at the school, threatening them into silence with losing their scholarships or even their lives. The reporting is very detailed and devastating which is probably why More Than Me has issued a pre-emptive statement. It's not clear that there's still a fundie tie to this "charity" but then their website presence appears to be very curated -- pretty much the only links that show up in a quick google search are theirs or positive PR items.
  10. I hope I've managed to put this under the spoiler seperately in case it is a trigger for anyone. I can't understand people anymore, my heart is broken.
  11. The latest on the church abuse scandals in Pennsylvania Here's a link to the report.
  12. Mainumby was forced to give birth at the age of 11 after becoming pregnant via rape.  Paraguay would not allow her to have an abortion. This is what that orange fuck and his reich to life groupies would love to see happen in the United State
  13. I hope I’m sharing this correctly. North Valley Baptist Church is trying to cover this up, but one IFB pastor refuses to let them. (Edit: I have no clue how to embed the actual tweet...)
  14. http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article206450249.html From the article: More in the linked article
  15. http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article207817404.html
  16. Looks like IHOP (International House of Prayer - not the pancake place) has a Pastor with a history of sexual abuse working for them. Um, the language this place uses is just... yeah. And it looks like the victim is coming out with this due to Me Too. http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article202020974.html
  17. Pope Francis declared he didn't see any evidence of misconduct against a Chilean bishop despite testimony of victims and dismissed them as slandering. This makes me so ragey. It's never the wrong moment to remind victims that their words don't matter as much as a bishop's words.
  18. Rachel Jeffs (33), one of Warren Jeffs' daughters and author of her new book "Breaking Free", is being interviewed by Megyn Kelly for Dateline. She was sexually abused by Warren Jeffs as a child and teen and was forced into an arranged marriage in her teens and decided to escape after Warren Jeffs ordered her, from prison, to be banished from her five children for months at a time. Although she did grow to love that husband, he refused to leave and is still committed to Warren Jeffs. She's remarried (to a Blackmore) and is very happy in her new life. Megyn Kelly grates on my very last nerve, but this is a good show and I'd like to read her book: Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs
  19. Good http://people.com/crime/mary-kay-letourneau-separates-from-vili-fualaau/
  20. I'm familiar with this church. Lenexa is on the Kansas side of the Greater Kansas City area. And this is a mainstream/evangelical church. The perpetrator plead guilty to the criminal charges. In question here is the fact at the two victims - now under 16 and under 14 at the time of the abuse - remain anonymous during civil proceedings against the church. http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article88327962.html If true - I find the quoted appalling. I have volunteered in children's ministries. I have undergone background checks to serve in this manner. And have been part of at least one ministry where the attempt was made to always have a teacher and helper with kids at all times. Where teens have been monitored.
  21. I hope this Doctor and the parents have very large and heavy books thrown and them by the courts; freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/wayne/2017/04/13/detroit-doctor-mutilated-genitals/100416124/
  22. Someone needs a great big glass of shut the fuck up. pennlive.com/news/2017/03/penn_state_running_out_of_symp.html
  23. https://www.apnews.com/2fcc70b19b6a484bb122bb9d4724e844/Jerry-Sandusky's-son-Jeffrey-charged-with-child-sexual-abuse?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP While there is no excuse for this, and I hope he pays the consequences for his actions, I can't help but be sad for him, too. His dad likely began with him, and I doubt he ever got help. My heart is with his victim(s) and families. May they receive the help they need and deserve so much.
  24. There was a young substitute teacher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa who had an inappropriate relationship with a student. She decided on a second career as a stripper after getting found out and told her services as a teacher are no longer needed. kcrg.com/content/news/Arrest-warrant-issued-for-substitute-teacher-involved-in-CRCSD-sex-scandal-393628171.html Yeah, if you're gonna violate pre-trial release, don't have it on video. Here's the video that shows her chatting with the student.