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Found 38 results

  1. 47of74

    Racists caught on tape.

    Ugh. rawstory.com/2017/05/watch-virginia-womans-hateful-anti-muslim-and-anti-obama-rant-in-trader-joes-line-caught-on-video/ Hopefully she's invited by Trader Joe's to not shop there anymore.
  2. Turns out Unite the Reich organizer Jason Kessler lives with his parents, as was demonstrated during a live stream Twitter has been having lots and lots of fun with this
  3. An African American woman pregnant with twins was accused of shoplifting at Staples I told Staples on their FB they might wanna explain quickly if they want me to keep shopping there. This was their response.
  4. Australia took her "strong borders" advise and told her to stay the forincate out of their country.
  5. Crappy pizza, the choice of Klansmen and Nazis, Papa John's.... Yeah my stomach hurts just thinking of his greasy cardboard, xcuse me, I meant pizza.
  6. Poor little reich wing douche cannon Richard Spencer got his ass banned from 26 European countries. And of course has gotten all butt hurt about it too.
  7. And in other news Frothy Sanscrtoum is still a blithering idiot
  8. Here's the latest example, courtesy Hobby Lobby who called police after a black man tried to return something to that store. Fuck Hobby Lobby. If I didn't fucking despise that shit store enough before I sure as hell do now.
  9. Just saw this Here's the post in question; I don't blame that guy at all for making UPS come and fix their mistake. With all the branch trumpvidians running around these days I wouldn't want to approach their homes either.
  10. A newspaper in Virginia gave the Klan free advertising I of course gave them some loving on their FB page for their actions - which were the results of either incompetence or racism.
  11. A douche cannon in Arizona decided to act on his Islamaphobic feelings in Tucson; I hope they charge him with hate crimes. These basement dwelling douche cannons need to see that even though fuck face may be in the White House there are consequences to assaulting others.
  12. The basement dwellers of the Internet have to spew their hot air in the wake of the engagement announcement. Hey, said basement dwellers. Fornicate you. It's none of your goddamn business who Harry chooses to marry.
  13. Raw Story has their list of people who have the most punchable faces on Earth I mostly agree with this list, but I think instead of Michael Tracey there are far worthier ones than him.
  14. Papa John doesn't like how he's now the official pizza of the reich wing... Also I noted that Pizza Hut called bullshit on John's claims.
  15. I struggled with what to name this thread, cos to be frank, I'm out of snark. I'm just back to the staring at CNN for as long as I can stomach before I have to turn it off to cry. All I have to say is this: love your neighbor, and for fucking fuck's sake, speak out when you see hate. We have to be better for our kids, and this past week is definitely not our best. Also, fuck the Orange Menace. No one who carries a torch and nazi flag and chants what they chanted is a good person. Continued from here:
  16. 47of74

    Nazis getting punched

    Some more sweet, sweet karma from the Pacific Northwest;
  17. Convicted terrorist Dylann Roof wanted to change lawyers because the ones appealing his death sentence are Jewish and Indian. The court said no.
  18. Neither Google or GoDaddy want anything to do with Daily St--mer after last weekend. Dear Daily St--mer;
  19. Racists / Nazis are flocking to DNA testing sites to prove that they're 100% white but are getting disappointed. I wonder how many of them found that their family trees aren't forking.
  20. Johnny Cash's children had a message for the racists. Fornicate off. Here's their message... I knew there was a reason I like Cash and program it to play at the gym any chance I get...
  21. Ok. So, here is the URL to the crowdfunding campaign: https://rootbocks.com/home/projects/unite-right-legal-defense-fund/ Warning: the rhetoric on here is gross, and for the love of the gods, don't read the comments. From reading RootBocks' site, they don't appear to give any fucks about this gross on their services: https://rootbocks.com/community-guidelines/ but it couldn't hurt to contact them: https://rootbocks.com/home/contact-us/ Edit: They have doubled down on the gross on their twitter account, linked below. Contacting them isn't gonna do anything I'm afraid. The more likely path is contacting their payment processors, PayPal and Stripe. (https://rootbocks.com/home/getting-started/) Paypal has specific verbiage in their AUP that racist, hateful bullshit isn't ok: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/acceptableuse-full You can report violations of their AUP here: [email protected] Stripe, I’m less sure about. Their list of prohibited businesses does not include hate sites, but given that they won’t allow porn, it can’t hurt to contact them, especially if we can get enough people contacting them to have them think it might have an impact on their bottom line. https://stripe.com/us/prohibited-businesses / contact info [email protected] However, it appears that Stripe is a business arm of Wells Fargo, so I plan to also contact Wells Fargo and ask them what the actual fuck they are thinking, if I can figure out how the heck to do it, that is. Their site is a bloody maze. Edit: try these: Twitter: Twitter https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id=23002858 or tag @Ask_WellsFargo on twitter. Facebook: https://www.messenger.com/login.php?next=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.messenger.com%2Ft%2F152789358067261%2F%3Fmessaging_source%3Dsource%3Apages%3Amessage_shortlink or https://www.facebook.com/wellsfargo Note: this rootbocks site is really slow right now.
  22. Some good news out of Texas for once Awaiting the various displays of butt-hurt by Spencer and his ilk....