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Found 276 results

  1. Continued from here: Thanks to @47of74 for the title idea.
  2. Several ministers in the UK have resigned and it looks like a government crisis on the eve of Trump visit.
  3. GreyhoundFan

    Impeachment Inquiry

    Rufus, please let this be true: "The impeachment inquiry Trump has feared is here"
  4. Continued from here: "With primary’s first winnowing at hand, candidates face tough choice: Drop out or continue on ‘fool’s errand’"
  5. I.. I.. have no words.
  6. Is anyone else watching The Family on Netflix? I'm only two episodes in, but in the first episode alone they touch on a lot of subjects I've seen come up here: very strict American fundie "gender" role expectations, resistance to The World™️, and what's so great about the story of David. I'm not big on the use of reenactments, but it's interesting to see this niche-ish interest of mine so explicitly on Netflix. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  7. Continued from here: Pence is definitely spouting the party line. Of course, he forgets about the impact all the Mango Moron's tariffs are having on average Americans.
  8. Now that the Democrats have the majority in the House of Representatives, I think it would be fair to give the House its own thread. In it, we can post about all the many important investigations the House Committees will be holding in the coming months, and any other important news, like this: I'd like to know who those seven Repugliklans were.
  9. Continued from here: Junior needs to ditch the beard. It's not attractive and we can still see his face. "Donald Trump Jr. agrees to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee again"
  10. Although every self-respecting national intelligence agency spies on other countries, it is remarkable that when the Israelis were caught out, Trump's administration did nothing. No rebuke, no diplomatic reprimand, nothing. It's like they simply don't care that the Israelis are listening in to White House communications. Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House
  11. Howl

    Epstein Barr

    I've been thinking about starting a new thread about sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, corrupt A.G. Bill Barr and Trump, because, as noted in another post, they are all tied together. Bill Barr testified during his Senate confirmation hearing that he would recuse himself from anything related to Epstein. Now, he claims that he's consulted DoJ ethics lawyers and has decided not to recuse himself. Notably, he didn't share what those ethics lawyers actually advised, just that he wouldn't recuse. Not much question anymore that Barr was put in place as A.G. to protect Trump and further his agenda, but let's review the primary conflicts of interest. First, Donald Barr, Bill Barr's father, headmaster at the exclusive Dalton prep school in NYC, hired a 20-year-old Epsein (with no college degree) to teach at Dalton School. This would have been a target-rich environment for Epstein, who I speculate was already on his way to becoming an accomplished sexual predator. There's no background on how Epstein came to apply to teach at Dalton, but he taught math and physics. Second, Bill Barr's prior law firm handled the original Epstein case in Florida. As most know by now, Epstein got the sweetheart deal of the century in Florida, which also protected others. Someone on twitter noted today that possibly the Epstein deal was lenient because these girls were considered prostitutes rather than underaged victims. That plea deal also protected others who were implicated by sealing their identities. There are filings right now under consideration as to whether the original plea deal can be vacated. Note that the Public Corruption Unit is involved in the current charges. Trump has been the Teflon Don until now, but I feel certain that there could be bombshell evidence that Trump was implicated in the original case and in this current one as well, and that Barr will do everything in his power to protect Trump. A huge shout out to Julie K. Brown, an investigative reporter with the Miami Herald who did a blockbuster three-part series that ripped the Epstein case back open. And one more thing: Epstein's long-time ex-consort and possible procurer is a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father was a corrupt British politician (who may have been murdered on his yacht) with murky ties to bad people in Eastern Europe and possibly Russian oligarchs.
  12. Here's a place to discuss the many consequential elections coming up for offices other than President. Continued from here:
  13. History Channel assumes i have a burning desire to hear what these two fucks have to say about 9/11. I’d sooner have a root canal without anesthetic than watch this garbage.
  14. 47of74

    State Houses Thread

    Since we have a dedicated thread for news about the various State Senates, I thought I'd get one going about the various State Houses of Representatives I'll start with someone from Iowa who's gone to the Steve King school of political discourse; kcrg.com/content/news/Iowa-GOP-legislator-taking-heat-for-comments-about-gay-men-417135443.html Rep Watts, Fornicate you.
  15. I have to do this, so here it is. Let's talk about our most confusing First Lady. Last night as I was going to bed, I was very depressed about the Republicans' latest attempt to kill Americans and wondered if I would have trouble sleeping. But then appeared on my TV the Flotus making a speech while wearing a hot pink pool float! I laughed myself to sleep. There's so much to ponder about her. The marital handshake. What she does all day. Why she's even here. But the thing that really confounds me is how a woman of her means can continually miss the mark fashion-wise. She either looks like she's auditioning for the Top Gun remake or heading out for a formal soirée with some Manhattan high society muckety-mucks. She likes to hide her hands and only has flats or stilettos, there's no in between. She also seems to have some weird fetish about changing clothes on airplanes. Someone help her!
  16. Yesterday I posted this in another post titled: Do Evangelicals really think Trump is the Messiah? Today, as I was bringing in my trash cans from the curb the wife of the couple caress the street waved to be with the most friendly while and said "hello." Even though they speak broken English and my daughters understand and speak very little Spanish they often invite my girls over to play basketball. My girls are not gifted in athletics but instead of discouraging them, their children attempt to help my daughters understand the game and continue to ask them to play. These two immigrant families, illegal by their own words, ( I would never ask because it's simply none of business) have been so gracious to our family and simply want to make a better life for themselves. It angers me that Trump wants to imprison them and their precious and kind minor children! Shouldn't we use those resources to imprison child molesters and sex traffickers; that would benefit and protect Americans a lot more than this so called crime of immigration, in my opinion. The more I think about it,the angrier I get because from what I see in my own neighborhood, they are good people just trying to better themselves. I would much prefer illegal immigrants living on my block than child molesters, a drug house, or someone convicted of sex crimes. I can't be the only one who thinks this way!
  17. We have a Spicer thread, but as we're seeing more and more of his replacement, SHS, I've started a separate thread for her. Although, with this latest tweet of hers I'm not sure this thread is going to be a long one, as none of us will know what she's saying if this is a prediction of future communications. covfefe, anyone?
  18. I just wanted to have a thread for this classy lady. Tonight we learned about the Bowling Green Massacre. I just want to leave my condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy. I'm really hoping to hear from Fredrick Douglass regarding this event.
  19. Since Mike Pence has his own controversies swirling around him, I thought I would start a thread for the slimy, hypocritical weasel: Pence insists that his email scandal is totally different from Hillary's: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/pence-says-his-private-email-use-was-not-the-same-as-clintons/ I hate that man so much. What a sleazebag.
  20. fraurosena

    European politics

    We haven't got a separate thread for European politics yet, so I thought I'd start one so we can discuss whatever is going on politically on this side of the pond. I'll start with today's big news from Italy: Italian PM Conte resigns Perhaps @laPapessaGiovanna can weigh in with more insight.