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  1. I haven't felt much like posting picture of the day entries recently for some reason, but my husband just scanned this one for me and I really like how it turned out so was motivated to post today. I did this one with prismacolor premier colored pencils. I did use blending with the big flowers. The rest is just plain old coloring.
  2. This one was done with mostly pentel sign markers, I believe. I really like the way this one turned out. One of the few pattern ones that I've managed not to screw up or use some ugly color on. I like the pattern ones because there is no right or wrong way to do them. People see different patterns in them and color them accordingly. I had fun with this one.
  3. I did this one quite a while ago and now I can't remember exactly which pens I used on it. I remember I had just gotten some new pens so used only those to color this one. I believe I did 8 flowers in each color. I like the way it turned out. It's one of the few where the scan is pretty close to what it looks like in real life. The colors stayed nice and vibrant.
  4. I was really excited about this one when I started it and then I muddied it up by making the background all the same color. I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking because with designs like this, I usually split the background up, but for whatever reason I didn't see the separate areas when coloring the background. Other than that, I like it. I love the little way the flowers turned out and I like the orange moths. In hindsight, I probably should have done 2 different colors for the flowers (the center and then the outside ring) like I did the moths. Stuff like this makes me glad that I have duplicates of some pages (unfortunately not this specific one) because I often see things I'd like to try a different way after I'm done. This is from the book: (Free Jinger affiliate link)
  5. I have not felt much like posting lately for some reason. I haven't been doing much coloring recently due to vision issues and my return to crocheting (a winter thing, I think). I'm trying to get back in the swing of things and post more again. We will see how it goes This was done with markers. It was done before I started writing stuff down, but from the look of it, I think it was done with mostly prismacolor/w&n/copic markers. The center is a gold gel pen. This is from the book: (Free Jinger affiliate link)
  6. I'm posting this one today for @Tikobaby This is one from the Creative Haven Awesome Animals book that I recommended to her in a comment on FJ Colorists Unite. It's a fun book with cute, whimsical designs. I've done a few pages from this one. This was done with sharpies and steadler triplus markers, as well as a few of the more expensive markers. I made a few random notes: the light blue in the background is Windsor & Newton Pastel Blue. The red on the tent is W&N Poppy and the elephant is Blick teal green. My intent was to make the animals opposites of each other, but I messed up on the gorillas. I went ahead and did the second one the same way, but I'm not happy with them. The elephants, snakes and giraffes all turned out the way I wanted them to, though. I'm deeply amused by the ballet shoe on the snakes This is from the book: (Free Jinger affiliate link)
  7. Just a random pattern one today. I thought this was the one where I used the wrong red and was disappointed, but it must be a different one because I like the way this one turned out. I think this was mostly done in pentel sign pens (one of my favorite marker sets). I don't know the name of the book the was out of, unfortunately.
  8. This is the last of what I consider to be my "old" pages. The "old" ones are from before I had a good set of supplies with lots of variety. This one actually looks better in the original (as they almost all do). The color in the center is really a pretty copper color, but in the scan it came out a bit muddy, IMO. It looks more on the red side to me than the actual color. This was also one of the first ones where I used some symmetry rather than coloring every individual bit a different color. I really like the way the flowers turned out in this one. Another one where I can't recall what book it's from. So annoying
  9. This was my first attempt at "minimalist colors." Normally, I'd use tons of colors on a design like this, but I wanted to try using just 3 colors after someone posted a design they had done with very few colors on FJ Colorists Unite. Unfortunately, my plan didn't go quite how I wanted it to because 1/2 way through the page my pink sakura pen suddenly died with no warning I have several Sakura sets so I figured if I picked another pink that was close in shade they would look similar. Wrong again! The pink I picked looked more than the purple I was using than pink. At that point, I gave up and added a 4th color (yellow) to try and help the situation. I'm not sure it actually helped, though. I still had fun coloring the page, so that's really all that matters and I don't think it looks too terrible. This is from the book:
  10. We haven't had a sugar skull in a while. I did this one right after I got my prismacolor/copic markers. I know the red in the border is copic lipstick red. IIRC the blue background is a sharpie. The vines are my beloved (RIP) Sargent Art green. I just got a new Sugar Skulls book that looks really good. It's a relatively new release by Marty Noble, one of my favorite CH authors. I have to look up which book this was out of. I know it's not the Thanyeea McArdle one, but I can't think of the other book I have off the top of my head.
  11. This is one I did a while back when I got my Sargent Art gel pens. I wanted to try them out so just opened one package at a time and used all the colors out of each one to see how they were. I love the Sargent Art gel pens. My first pen to totally run out of ink was a Sargent Art metallic green (I'm still mourning it's loss). So I like how this turned out. It was fun to do. I have no idea what book it is out of, but I know it's one of Thanyeea McArdle's books.
  12. Greetings fellow Fragile, Neurotic Colorists! It's kind of cold here today, so I thought I'd post this happy sun. This is done in colored pencil and my husband colored part of it when I was in a dr. appt. See those little tiny dark blue dots at the tip of the red/blue beams? He colored all 6 of those! He considers this a join project. This is as close to coloring as I've gotten him so far, but it's a start. He does help me pick colors more routinely now. He didn't read when I moved here and now he reads real adult books, so I have hope He said he did it to see if I would notice. I noticed immediately because not much was colored at the point he did his dots. Another one where I'm not positive what book it came from
  13. The last of my kids coloring book pages that I have done lately. Not much to say about this one. It's crayons.
  14. Today I decided to post the regular hedige I did to give @Tikobaby some more inspiration. This one was done with colored pencils. I had a lot of fun with this one because what's cuter than a hedgie!
  15. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I've been reading up on colored pencil techniques. I decided to try some of them out on this page of a MOOSE! Overall, I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. I can see areas I am not quite happy with, but that's partly because I know they are there I'm sure. I feel like I have too much red in the antler on the right. The more I messed with it, the unhappier I became, so I just left it alone eventually. I also think I used strokes that were too big on the face and ended up having to blend it too much so I lost a lot of the "hair/fur" look. I'm pretty happy with how the body turned out. I think the leaves also turned out pretty well. Looking at it again now, I think the cattails could have been a little bit darker. Overall, I have fun trying new things and MOOSE! I can't recall if this was out of the Naturescapes book or another animal book I have.
  16. Butterflies again today This one was done in gel pens and a few felt tips for darker contrast. The middle is actually a nice gold and the next ring out is a really pretty copper. They look way more "matte" in this scan than they are. I actually used a lot of metallics in this one, but they aren't showing very well, as usual. I had a lot of fun with this one because flowers and butterflies. I think this might have been out of Groovy Mandalas, but I'm not 100% sure anymore.
  17. I should have saved some holiday pages for today and tomorrow. I thought I had more of them than I did apparently. This one will have to do I had a lot of fun with this one. I tried not to think about it too much and just pull out a color and find a place to use it. I used every kind of marker/pen I have on this one, I think. My favorite one is the purple/yellow start that is pretty much in the middle. Purple and yellow are some color theory thing that escapes me at the moment and ever since I discovered that I've been using it because I really love the way they look together. It gives me a chance to use yellow which is not a favorite color of mine. Unfortunately, I can't remember what book this one is from.
  18. Yesterday I posted the baby reindeer, today we have the mommy This was done with pretty much every type of marker I have, I think. The antlers aren't exactly the same on both sides, but I did use the same colors evenly on both sides. I just colored a section on the right and then colored a corresponding section on the left. I added the little tuft of different colored fur on the chest because the cover has this image and I liked the way it looked. This is from the book: (Free Jinger amazon affiliate link)
  19. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Merry Festivus! Pick your greeting of choice While I was doing this one, I was not overly thrilled with it. I felt like the peach background made things too muddy looking and was just not at all happy. Then I added the blue bits and suddenly, I loved it. It's funny how that works. At first, I thought the blue might be too dark, but once I had a few of them colored in, it really made the whole thing come together for me. I like these random pattern type designs for days I don't feel like doing a "real" picture. This is another one that I can't recall the book I've actually started keeping a journal of what book each page is from and some of the specific markers I've used.
  20. Today we have a little wintery hedgehog. This was one I did while out on Dr. Day so don't look too close or you'll see all the little places where I was coloring when we hit a bump This was done with felt tips and I can't recall what I used on his body. I remember thinking it was going to be brown and it turned out more silver/grey than I expected. This is from the book: (Free Jinger amazon affiliate link)
  21. Another holiday one today. This was done with gel pens, pentel felt tips and the antlers are Copic Walnut. I tried to make the inside of the ears look like fur (I've been reading a book on colored pencil use), but it didn't work quite as well in practice as I had hoped. It was my first real attempt though so hopefully I'll improve. I might need to find a source for markers vs trying to apply colored pencil theory to markers. More testing is definitely needed. This is from the book: (Free Jinger amazon affiliate link)
  22. This was my first attempt at using the @Tikobaby "nothing has to be realistic colors" style. I wish I'd been more careful about the colors on the purple zebra because the muzzle color doesn't really show as being a different shade than the rest of the zebra like the other colors do. Other than that, I like how it turned out. It was fun to try something new, as well. This is from the book: (Free Jinger amazon affiliate link)
  23. Another holiday picture today. I really had fun with this one. The wings are Sakura gel pens, except for the hearts, which are just some generic red gel pen. The dress is mainly my new expensive markers from my recent blick order. The green in dress is called avocado and it's a prismacolor marker. The little green leaf bits in the star row are lime zest by Winston&Newton. Unfortunately, those are the only 2 I remember specifically. The silver in the dress is also a Sakura gel. The face is a little darker/more orangey than I wanted. I need to order some better flesh tones so my people don't all look like George Hamilton This is from the book: (Links are Free Jinger amazon affiliate)
  24. This did not turn out as well as I'd hoped. I did this one on "dr. day" so only had a small selection of markers with me. I usually take my Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens when I go out because they have all the basic colors and it's easy to just grab all of them out of my pen tub. I wish I hadn't been so adamant about finishing this one with *only* the felt tips because I think some of the colors blend together a little too much. I'm not sure if I like the birds all being different colors either. I wish I'd done them all in yellow or light blue or pink. The darker ones just don't work for me with the other colors. I still had fun coloring it and that is the main thing. This is from the book: (Free Jinger amazon affiliate link)
  25. This is another page from the Awesome Animals book, to give folks another idea of what type of designs are in it. Once again, the scan doesn't really do it justice. The hot dogs look a little better in the original, I think. This one was super fun because I really like being able to do the "rainbow" type stuff. Figuring out what to do in the background was the hardest part. I didn't want something "busy" because the paws/bones were pretty busy as it was, but I also didn't want a solid color since it is a puzzle. This is from the book: (Links are Free Jinger amazon affiliate)