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Found 40 results

  1. Continued from here: We continue with Kelly remarried and living, as far as we know, on the east side of the US and Peter Bradrick! on the west side, so they have approximately as much distance between them as the average Manly Man has between his manly legs. The Bradrick! promotional video never gets old (thanks @LurkerOverThePond) so I’ve brought it over to this thread: Edited to add image of Manly Man Wide Stance as demonstrated by Manly Men (thanks to @ophelia for posting this on the previous thread):
  2. Before the rollback, we were discussing the potential for Kelly Bradrick to have remarried over the weekend, because a Bed, Bath, and Beyond? registry was found with Kelly's name on it. Hopefully someone who has a better memory of this comes by. Anyway, onward from here:
  3. Kelly and Peter Bradrick are divorcing. Relevant info:
  4. dripcurl

    Houston Family

    It was briefly discussed on a Bradrick! divorce thread the tragedy of Lemuel Houston drowning in a bucket in his home just shy of his 1st birthday. This happened this time last year, and coincided with the Bradrick! divorce - Craig Houston, the father of the Lemuel, is the Bradricks' pastor in Bremerton WA. Just a couple of months ago, his wife Emily gave birth to another arrow. It sickens me how each child is just another point for these family in their twisted game. Their church is NCFIC, and hosted a conference their several years back for Scott Brown. Lemuel died under shady circumstances in my opinion - Craig was out of the country, Emily was staying in Seattle (2+ hours away by car) and the baby was in the care of the teen siblings. The standard 5-gallon bucket, full of water, was used for a Christmas tree apparently - the tree had already been disposed of, but the water was still there. He died later in the hospital. As far as I know, no CPS investigation was launched, which infuriates me. Links below: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.kitsapsun.com/amp/96969546 https://www.youcaring.com/craigandemilyhouston-733744 http://www.thehoustontable.com/lemuel-craig-houston-january-18-2016-january-20-2017/ From just a couple of weeks ago: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.kitsapsun.com/amp/978471001
  5. Marian the Librarian

    Peter Bradrick files for Divorce

    It gives me no joy to report that Peter Bradrick has filed for divorce: https://linxonline.co.pierce.wa.us/linxweb/Case/CivilCase.cfm?cause_num=17-3-00135-9
  6. Marian the Librarian

    Bradrick! is back

    Peter Bradrick has come out of hiding, is back on Facebook, and trying to drum up some real estate business:
  7. WonderingInWA

    Bradrick! Family Singers

    This just in...5 of the 6 Bradrick! kids singing for their grandparents and someone named Bella. The older 3 look like they've certainly been beaten into submission (the dead eyes) and poor Geneva Convention keeps getting hit by the younger boy who keeps twirling around, but it's a cute video FWIW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgOAbxG30lM
  8. Marian the Librarian

    BRADRICK! sighting online

    Peter seems to be making a go of it in real estate land! thehoustontable.com
  9. fundiefan

    Bradrick! Sighting

    Petey hasn't left the fold as some have speculated. He is still hanging with the Interns. He was in the wedding of one of his intern buddies, along with Nathaniel Darnell, a couple of weeks ago. The picture is on Nathaniel's Facebook.
  10. WonderingInWA

    Petie's baaaack...

    Petie's back on FB. I must say, though, I am impressed with his statement on his timeline. I hope he is genuine in his words. He sounds truly repentant of his boldness under the DPAIT regime. It sounds like he's had time to collect his thoughts and openly admits he misrepresented himself based on what he was taught to think. I never thought I'd say this, but hats off to Bradrick.
  11. Want More Babies

    Michael Courage Bradrick

    Introducing Michael Courage Bradrick! This little man child was born at 4:20am this morning and his valiant mother is doing wonderfully. He is named after his grandfather Michael Bradrick and will officially be Michael C. Bradrick Jr.! He will go by Courage. His fathers prayer for him is that he will rise up to be a self sacrificial man who loves his God like his grandfather and that his life will be defined by the Courage of Jesus Christ that took Him to the cross and the grave making Him the ultimate example of heroism for all time! — with Kelly Bradrick and 2 others. His comment a little later was this: Since little Little Michael Courage was born 5 weeks prematurely he is currently in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) being treated for low glucose and high bilirubin count. He is doing fine and will hopefully be discharged very soon. It looks like Peter is bragging about his brood mare. Kelly was amazing as usual. 16hr labor. She is recovering more quickly than ever before! But please keep praying for her continued recovery. I didn't know they would allow a mother to labor that long being several weeks early though he weighed in at 5lbs 14 oz.
  12. What family would send their sons to Peter for any length of time? Are we going to see photos of interns sitting on Bradrick's lap the way we saw Peter sitting(sorta) on Doug's lap?
  13. So I went over to Sippy Cup's manly menz website to see what they were doing to help the people of Oklahoma out after yesterday's tragedy. Not surprisingly (and thankfully), they haven't swooped in to save the day, but there was this: I don't know if Petey wrote this--honestly, the language doesn't seem overdone enough to be Petey. But that's it. This, folks, is all the Bradrick Crisis Network is capable of. Not even a word about how/where one can donate money/goods/services, no thanks to the people that are actually helping. Yep, Bradrick Crisis Network is about as effective as everyone expected. You fuckin' suck, Sippy Cup
  14. LuvMeSumFundies

    LOL peter bradrick....

    scottbrownonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Howland1.jpg Da Fuque..... :lol:
  15. skankbiscuit

    Who is Peter Bradrick?

    Ok, I mean I know who he is. What is his background, and why is he in so close with Dougie? Is he fundie royalty? All I know is he sure is good at getting his wife pregnant - 4 kids in 5 years, right? And does Kelly come from some kind of fundy royal family?
  16. scottbrownonline.com/peter-bradrick-and-the-ncfic-internship/ :violin:
  17. Oh, boy, could we have some fun with this one... I don't know how old he is, but he's got 5 kids and I'm pretty sure he's not even 30 yet. His FB profile photo shows him with a wide grin and his wife looks like she could really use a nap. Anyone want to bombard him with birthday wishes? LOL. Let's rally!
  18. now that Sandy is almost on the east coast? Have they mobilized yet? We need them. America needs them. And will that band of merry men, aka Doug Phillips (is a tool) take a perilous journey to the right coast of America doing manly stuff to help the folks who will be impacted by this storm?
  19. clibbyjo

    Peter B's Goodreads

    Looking at the comments on Noah's book, I came across this. It HAS to be the Peter B. we all know(and don't love) . Look at his selections http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/8588820-peter-b
  20. An audacious goal... with bad animation. Apparently Sippy Cup is still shilling for his money pit business venture. http://vimeo.com/40253846
  21. I was just watching Nightline on ABC and I believe I just saw Pete Bradrick in the segment “Republican National Convention: Political Frenemiesâ€, in attendance accompanied by some woman that doesn’t look like Kelly. Start looking at 4:57. If it is Bradrick, I’m kind of surprised to see him there with Romney being a Mormon and all that. http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/
  22. I don't know Hayden's age but because he served as a Vision Forum Intern, I assume that he is an adult. If a woman wrote this about a man, it would sound like an infatuation. In this particular article, Hayden sounds very taken with Bradrick. The below caption is taken from Hayden's website. Seriously, I didn't add it to be funny. What Bradrick said he wanted in a wife is interesting. No mention of love One more photo. Don't they realize how silly the wide stance looks? Bradrick looks like he is about to break out into a broadway show tune
  23. Mark your calendars! NCFIC and Bradrick are teaming up for a webinar on Tuesday, July 31st at 8pm! http://www.ncfic.org/files/bradrick.html Now, who is going to be brave enough to phone in and report back?
  24. This nugget of praise to sippy-cup Bradrick from his wife in honor of Father's Day. Blech. "It takes determination and vision to know what you hope for your children and then purpose before God to go at it with all of your heart. It is not a task for the faint of heart, or the sluggard. Being a father is some of the hardest work there is. My husband is one of the greatest examples to me of what strong, unshakable fatherhood looks like- with the tenderness of a man who longs before God to do what is right with such an enormous responsibility as training children in the way they should go. My boys are small but they know what manhood is- they know what honor is- they know what responsibility is- they know what sin is- they know what repentance is- and they are learning who God is. They know because they have a faithful father. It is not without fear and trembling that he takes on this task each day, but it is with assurance that there is no greater thing that he could invest his life in... And I have never seen a man make such a job look so glorious and inspiring as my man. Happy Fathers Day Peter. I love you. "
  25. Petey's latest FB status, posted moments ago: "If you are a Kinist or appreciate Kinism please let me know so I can unfriend you and warn others about you." Uhhhh?
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