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Found 37 results

  1. Howl

    Darlie Routier

    In June, 1996, two little boys were murdered with a knife and their mother's throat was cut; she was stabbed as well. Darlie Routier was the mother. Police and the prosecutor decided she had committed this crime and she went to trial, not in her town near Dallas/Ft. Worth, but in little Kerrville, TX, a deeply conservative small town. Darlie Routier was convicted of murdering one of her sons in 1996 and has been on Death Row since. She has steadfastly maintained her innocence. I just watched a special on 20/20 and am convinced that an innocent woman has been on Death Row in Texas for 21 years and many other people are convinced as well. The night of the murder, a bloody sock (white athletic sock, not a child's sock) with blood from one of her little boys was found a few blocks from her house. Nine years ago her appeals attorney began fighting to have the sock tested for DNA. For nine years that request has been blocked. The Innocence Project is now involved. The original prosecutor remains convinced that they put away the right person. I keep coming back to the Michael Morton case in Williamson County, TX just north of me. Michael Morton was exonerated by DNA and he was freed in Oct. 2011, after 25 years in a Texas prison, falsely convicted of murdering his wife. A bloody handkerchief found in a field behind the house shared by Michael Morton and his wife was finally tested for DNA, which led to the real murderer, and also solved another murder in Austin that took place in roughly the same time frame. The fight to get that handkerchief tested for DNA lasted FIVE LONG YEARS. The Williamson County DA who originally tried the case, Ken Anderson, ultimately lost his law license and went to jail for 10 days over hiding exculpatory evidence, IIRC, not related to the handkerchief.
  2. Note: there is a lot of confusion among various news outlets reporting this. The Guardian reports that it happened along a dirt road, but the photo they include with a burned out truck is obviously on a paved road, so I don't know if that is a stock photo or a photo of the actual vehicle involved. This is simply horrifying news. Members of the LeBarón family, mostly women and children including infants, were massacred on a dirt road or highway in northern Mexico yesterday as they were going to another community to go shopping. I don't have a sense of exactly where this occurred; news reports just note that it was near the US-Mexico border along the Chihuahua - Sonora border, This appeared to be a cartel hit, with some speculation that it was mistaken identity. However, this happened as two instances along the same road; the vehicles were about 8 miles apart. CNN quotes Alex LeBarón Geography: Head to googlemaps.com Enter Douglas, AZ. Agua Prieta is on the Mexican side. The border between Sonora and Chihuahua roughly corresponds to the Arizona - New Mexico border. On the Mexican side, Highway 14 takes off to the southeast from Agua Prieta. Bavispe is 150 miles southeast on Mexico Highway 14. As the crow flies, Bavispe and Janos are not too far apart. The Guradian reports that the massacre happened on a dirt road in two separate spots; if so, it's likely a backroad that connected these two towns. From the New York Times: At Least 9 Members of Mormon Family in Mexico Are Killed in Ambush Six children were among the victims in a massacre attributed to organized crime, family members said. Other children were rescued, some of whom hid along a roadside. <snip> More detailed reporting from The Guardian, which includes a photo of one of the burned out trucks, but as noted above, I don't know if this is a stock photo or an actual photo of the truck. Mexico: up to nine members of US Mormon family killed in ambush LeBaron family relatives say nine victims, mainly children, dead in attack on dirt road between Chihuahua and Sonora states
  3. This makes me fucking sick Of course the kid had done nothing to provoke Adams. I'm to the fucking point where I've rethought my stance on the death penalty when it comes to racists like this. These racists need to be fried in goddamn electric chairs until they fucking glow in the dark. I don't care how much hate mail I get for that stance either.
  4. This is horrifying This guy needs to go away for the rest of his life, and never have another free day ever again.
  5. Gotta be a crazy story here: Mother, daughter arrested on suspicion of killing 5 family members But there are weird details. Trash was piling up outside and the landlord called for a welfare check. In the apartment, the mother and daughter were in one bed and "disoriented"; the five victims, who showed no obvious signs of trauma, were also in the apartment. However, there must have been enough evidence of something, because the mother and daughter are being charged with murder. The 17-year-old son of one of the victims is missing. His 9-year-old sisters were killed. This just in. Bucks murder-suicide: Read the charging documents for Shana Decree, Dominique Decree
  6. 3SecondSideHugger

    Amy Allwine Murder Case

    Just listened to Casefile podcast Case 86: Amy Allwine. Very sad story about a couple in United Church of God.. they met at college (I think?) near Big Sandy. Husband tried to use dark web to have someone murder his wife, ended up getting scammed and murdered her himself, but tried to make it look like a suicide. Anyone else heard a program about this story? The story is so crazy and sad! He cheated on her using Ashley Madison website, Church does not allow divorce, the FBI hacks the hit men scam group on dark web and warns the family that she was on someone’s hit list. Then he ends up shooting her and tried to make it look like a suicide, but failed and was found guilty of murder.
  7. Fucker I hope this fuck goes away for the rest of his worthless life.
  8. An Iowa State University student from Spain was assaulted and murdered. I know this makes me an awful person, but I'm just going to come right out and say it. I don't see the likes of Steve King, Kim Reynolds, Joni Ernst, Chuck Grassley, or all those reich wing dumb fucks giving a shit about this young woman whose life came to a violent end.
  9. hisboyelroy

    Harrison Family Murders

    This story wrapped up earlier this year, but I only just read about it, and searching for it on FJ, it doesn't look like it was posted. This story has everything-- estranged families, custody battles, incompetent investigators, a pathologist blamed for wrongful convictions, and off-the-grid mommy bloggers! I don't think Melissa Merritt is necessarily a fundie or quiver-full-- her blog is in a godawful cursive font so I can't even read it. But their off-the-grid self-sufficient seven-kids lifestyle thing is what made me think FJ would enjoy this story! Melissa and Caleb met in 2000, married and had kids. Caleb drank too much and was violent, ultimately causing the death of a cab driver while he was driving drunk, so Melissa left him. She met a new guy, Chris, and went on to have more children with him. I thought this was going to be your typical jealous ex/family annihilator story, but it was like, the EXACT OPPOSITE. Strap yourselves in because this is a bumpy ride. A long read: https://torontolife.com/city/crime/house_of_horrors/ A longer read :http://projects.thestar.com/harrison-family-murders/ Melissa Merritt's blog: http://thegoodoldays-thegoodoldays.blogspot.com/ Chris Fattore's blog: http://adayinthelifeofchrisfattore.blogspot.com/
  10. This was shared on one of the spiritual abuse watch pages I follow. I had never heard of her story until now. https://spiritualbattles.org/category/lynn-messer/
  11. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Three-People-Found-Dead-In-Redondo-Beach-Home-in-Apparent-Murder-Suicide-488051721.html This hit especially close to home for me, as I knew Ivana Waz from working at Mattel.
  12. Is anyone else following the Trace podcast? http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/trace/ Summary: "Mother of two Maria James was stabbed to death in the back of her suburban Melbourne bookshop in June 1980. Her killer has never been found." I'm finding the cold case investigation fascinating - and also the insight into some of the power structures in play at the time. Nothing is resolved, and it's an ongoing thing but the suggested leads are interesting. Also the interviewer badly needs to take Biology 101 in at least one episode.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2017/12/24/us/teen-murder-racist-virginia.amp.html This case reminds me of a similar one that happened about twenty years ago when two brothers and their cousin who were into the Neo Nazi skinhead scene murdered the former’s JW parents and younger brother: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeman_family_murders
  14. I just heard about this case, and it sounds beyond bizarre: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/08/23/world/europe/kim-wall-dead-submarine-denmark.html?emc=edit_nn_20170823&nl=morning-briefing&nlid=57825966&te=1&referer= Kim Wall, a Swedish freelance journalist, went missing after taking a ride in an experimental submarine built by a Danish inventor. At first, he claimed that the submarine had an accident and he had to bury her at sea, but her headless torso was recently discovered in the sea, which suggests that she was murdered. Assuming that Wall was murdered (and all signs point to it at the moment), what was the point? Was she going to uncover shady activities on the part of the inventor or was he just a garden variety pervert who used his invention as a pretext to ensnare Wall? Do any of our Scandinavian FJers have some insight on this case?
  15. http://people.com/crime/parents-murder-disabled-teen-son-set-fire-house/ Ernest and Heather Franklin from Guilford, NY have been arrested on suspicion of killing their adopted 16-year-old-son, Jeffrey Franklin, before setting their house on fire to cover it up. Jeffrey was deaf and had many other special needs, and the Franklins had adopted him 6-7 years ago. An autopsy proved he'd been dead before the fire started. With so many discussions of adoption gone wrong, I think this deserves a look.
  16. So this has been trolling through my Facebook Feed for a couple of days now. A Missouri KKK leader was found in the river. And now they've arrested his wife/estranged wife. http://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article132417229.html Well, I'm glad they clarified this - because of course I thought, wait, isn't that he car dealer in KC area's name
  17. iweartanktops

    JonBenét Ramsey

    I'm finally starting a thread for us to discuss the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. Some background information and links: JonBenét was 6 years old on December 25th and 26th, 1996. She lived with her parents, John and Patsy, and her brother, 9 year old, Burke. Allegedly, Patsy woke up the morning after Christmas, and found a long ransom note on the bottom of the back staircase. Patsy called 911. She also called numerous family friends. Friends and law enforcement soon arrived. Several hours later, John found JonBenét wrapped in a blanket in a small cellar-type room of the basement. There are many theories of what led to JB's death. Some believe an intruder is guilty, some believe John and/or Patsy are guilty. And some believe that Burke is guilty, and John and Patsy staged the scene to cover for their remaining child. Here is a link with more details. Everyone, please feel free to post links to other articles, information and TV specials. *** I tried to remain neutral in my summary above. My personal belief, after hours of research, is that there is no evidence of an intruder, whatsoever. I firmly believe that John, Patsy and Burke have knowledge of the crime. I lean towards Burke did it with the parents covering up, but I'm open to other theories.
  18. MarblesMom

    Nuns dead in MS

    There are times where words fail me... Why do the good seem to always get the short end of the stick?! Nuns found stabbed in their home... SMH http://ktla.com/2016/08/25/2-nuns-found-stabbed-to-death-in-mississippi-home/
  19. Why do I keep seeing too many of these stories in the news?! SMH Mom gives her 17 month old too much salt (and the child was killed) to get her husband back in her life. Yeah, that worked out well. http://ktla.com/2016/08/04/mom-accused-of-killing-baby-with-teaspoon-of-salt-to-get-her-husband-back/ I am really sick of seeing story after story of parents behaving badly.
  20. mango_fandango

    Christina Grimmie Shot Dead

    Christina Grimmie was a singer. She became famous on YouTube before entering The Voice and coming third. She opened a show in Orlando, with the band Before You Exit performing the main show. They all signed autographs afterwards. In the midst of this, a guy armed with two guns opened fire on Christina, who sadly died of her injuries in hospital. A person who attended the concert said that security guards merely looked in her purse, no patting down or anything. Christina's brother tackled the shooter to the ground. Shooter then shot himself dead. Nobody else was hurt. Police are trying to discover the shooter's identity. I am so fucking glad I live in a country where guns are not easily available. This shooting may not receive major coverage because Christina wasn't hugely famous, nor was it a mass shooting, but that shouldn't matter. It's a fucking waste. Something is wrong with humanity.
  21. Over in Rome this happened; nymag.com/thecut/2016/05/rome-student-burned-alive-by-her-ex-boyfriend.html Jesus. I hope this individual goes away for a real long time, as in the rest of his worthless life.
  22. The Feds are going to go for the death penalty in the case of Dlyann Roof; cnn.com/2016/05/24/us/dylann-roof-death-penalty/index.html I'm having mixed feelings about this. I don't blame the state or any of the families of the victims for wanting to fry that no good son of a bitch. But I think making him serve the rest of his life in prison - perhaps another 60 or 70 years - would be more of a punishment for him then simply executing him. Plus I worry that it'll create a martyr for the reich wingers out there who think shooting up a House of God is acceptable conduct.
  23. http://www.buzzfeed.com/tasneemnashrulla/ultra-orthodox-jewish-man-convicted-of-murder-of-teen-girl-a#.myX0AA0wG
  24. I read comments are really slamming the photographer. How was the photographer to know what happened? It's also interesting the mom was an active soldier. http://jezebel.com/woman-who-commissioned-ghost-photos-with-dead-daughte-1768422467
  25. Not sure if this is the right forum but must share my outrage!! The mayor of Port of Spain in Trinidad is (thankfully) coming under international scrutiny for his victim blaming comments prior to Carnival when he essentially said women's outfits and lewdness durung the season led to their being assualted. Comments which he then reiterated after a female Japanese visitor who played mas with a local band was found murdered on Ash Wednesday. Hopefully the misogynistic prick will lose his position over this. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/02/12/outrage-in-trinidad-after-mayor-blames-carnival-killing-on-dancers-lewd-behavior/ I thought I put this in Quiverful of Misogyny! Sorry mods!
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