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Found 43 results

  1. GeoBQn

    Wackadoo Ultra-Orthodox Car

    SciBabe shared this photo on Facebook. An amalgamation of anti-feminism, slut shaming, homophobia, creationism, anti-choice bumperstickers with ultra-Orthodox Jewish flair. This person really ought to update the "5773" bumper stickers. On the "Modern Girls: Forget Mincha! Dress modestly" sticker, mincha is afternoon prayer. So, prayer is not as important as dressing modestly and we should spend our time on that instead. Don't even know how to respond to the "Shul talkers cause cancer" sticker, just opening my mouth wordlessly like a fish because WHAT?
  2. GeoBQn

    Your Wig Isn't Modest Enough

    Someone created an image that has gone viral and it is greatly upsetting my Orthodox friends. Some background: Orthodox Jewish women are expected to cover their hair after marriage. Head coverings tend to fall into two categories: Tichel--A scarf, hat, or turban Sheitel--A wig The style of a woman's head covering and how much hair they allow to show varies depending on a combination of personal choice and what branch of Orthodoxy a woman belongs to. The image that is causing outrage is a collage that someone created out of Instagram pictures of women wearing sheitels. Specifically, all of the women are wearing wigs that have the appearance of long, flowing hair. Underneath the collage is a rant about how these women look like sluts and prostitutes, and they are bringing shame on their people. (I am not linking to the image because the images are used without the women's consent, and their faces are not blurred out.) My friends are outraged at the idea that women are being judged about this. They object to the idea of modesty being entirely about dress codes. Now that their kids are approaching school age, they are finding that people are making assumptions about where they will send their kids to school based on their style of head covering. They don't want their character to be judged by their attire. They consider their choice of head coverings to be theirs alone.
  3. Rachel333

    The Orthodox Sex Guru

    https://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/25/magazine/the-orthodox-sex-guru.html I thought this was a really interesting article. Fascinating, but sad to see how little some women learn about sex.
  4. GenerationCedarchip

    Fundie group buying up an entire town?

    I know of various places (including where I live) having sizable fundie-ish communities, but I haven't seen anything like this. I don't know how accurate it is, but it almost sounds like this ultra-Orthodox Jewish group is trying to buy up a town and resettle it. Anyone famliar with this? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-14/orthodox-jews-set-sights-on-n-j-town-and-angry-residents-resist
  5. http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/15/politics/john-kasich-no-alcohol-parties/ But you know, elect him as president and he can fix all that. Because alcohol at parties is the real issue.
  6. I have no idea what to make of this guy, but his stuff keeps popping up in my facebook feed. He seems to bill himself as a "one stop shop" for everything that is wrong with your life, and all you have to do is join his groups and watch his eleventy billion videos and you'll be a SUCCESS! While you're at it, you can buy his "best selling" book about the Torah, take his classes... and join his selective speshyl snowflayke camp and chill with him at a Florida mansion for extra special time. In addition to fixing your professional life, he'll tell you all about how you're doing your love life wrong... http://bregmansuccess.com/dream-academy/ https://www.facebook.com/RabbiBregman?pnref=story https://www.instagram.com/RabbiBregman/ https://www.youtube.com/user/JELNWisdom I look at this stuff and all I can think is And who has time to watch several 5+ minute videos?
  7. http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/fait ... b13e3.html I was really surprised to see this given that Messianic congregations have seemed to be a product of small evangelical groups, not mainstream denominations. Not that I already had a lot of good feelings towards the LC-MS, but this definitely drops my opinion even more.
  8. Sister Mozz

    Mayim Bialik To Divorce

    I don't follow her, but I know we've talked about her some here. http://omg.yahoo.com/news/mayim-bialik-announces-divorce-211300654.html
  9. xDreamerx

    Arranged (Movie)

    I watched the film on Netflix. It's about two young women, one is a strict Muslim and the other is an Orthodox Jew. They become friends are both in the process of marrying, or rather looking at marriage prospects. It was interesting. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts?
  10. Women, of course, aren't invited to this event. That's because the conference is really about pornography, and well know that women never watch porn. frumsatire.net/2012/04/17/thousands-of-charedim-will-gather-at-citi-field-to-discuss-the-dangers-of-the-internet/
  11. Chaviva's closed down entirely, and Skylar is on hiatus till April. Can anyone recommend interesting Jewish* blogs? I'd prefer the Chaviva end of the spectrum, i.e. glimpses into someone's life rather than lectures on halacha. I did check the stickied list but nothing's jumping out at me. * Proper Jewish, not Lina-esque.
  12. On Dr. Phil tomorrow: [quote name=from http://drphil.com/shows/]Pearl, a mother and wife-turned-model, says for six years she was trapped in an abusive, arranged marriage within an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and now — five years removed from the community and battling for custody of her four children — she's speaking out. Pearl says past attempts to leave her husband were looked down upon, and fear of retaliation and losing her children kept her quiet for years. Are her worst fears about to come true? Now under fire from her former community for her new lifestyle, which includes wearing pants and acting in a manner the community considers inappropriate, will she lose her children? While she says she hasn't abandoned her Orthodox beliefs, Pearl says she won't conform to what she describes as its "cult-like" behaviors. Her boyfriend, Shauly, who also left that community, says he was forced to leave a child behind. Hear Dr. Phil's message to Pearl and to the father of her children. Plus, Orthodox rabbi, best-selling author and spirituality expert Shmuley Boteach and parents within the Orthodox community weigh in.
  13. snarkbillie

    Jews: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform

    What is the difference/are the differences? I have a pretty good handle on what Orthodox entails but Conservative and reform are a little hazy for me. Anyone around here know? I assume there are no hard and fast rules, but maybe some generalities?
  14. OWN - a channel I had deleted from my playlist due to stupidity. "Oprah's" Next Chapter. Its an hour long show with 2 families per the preview. 9pm ET.
  15. figuring it out

    Hasidic Woman's personal exodus

    I read this stroy and thought of all the women we discuss here. It was interesting that she compared herself to women in the conservative christian movement. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/hasidic-je ... z5UbvGPWrk I was totaly disturbed that she was subtly handled during a ritual bath to ensure she was "pure"
  16. I just put this sticker on the rear window of my car. Do you think people think I'm a (Jewish) fundy? <>
  17. I was reading Kochava's last post about her color coded kitchen. crazyjewishconvert.blogspot.com I'm not a Jew so maybe it is obvious, but why cannot they just wash the dishes and utensils in between touching meat and dairy?
  18. Soldier of the One

    Islamic vs Christian vs Jewish Fundies

    When examining the differences and similarities between the different types of fundamentalism, there is bound to be an inherent tension: 1) On the one hand, many fundamentalists share similar social criticism and a similar worldview. They tend to be (highly) patriarchal, placing a premium on purity and obedience and hyper-critical of modernity, to name but. 2) Yet, on the other hand, they obviously have competing and mutually exclusive theologies and truth-claims. So, the question is: do fundies of different faiths 'admire' or 'respect' each other's ethos in some way or is it just all-out competition?
  19. http://www.npr.org/2011/12/18/143709636 ... e-emt-unit They want female EMT's since Hasidic men and women are not allowed to touch unless they are immediate family.
  20. Rachel333

    Another faux Jew

    I need to go to bed, so I don't have a lot of time to look through this blog, but I thought it might have snark potential. I was reading Mayim Bialik's (I often disagree with her, but I still really like her) blog post here -- http://www.kveller.com/blog/parenting/t ... -so-wrong/ -- and saw this comment: "Pick a side... Choose this day who you will serve.. I grew up with Christmas and a tree and all the Christmas trimmings. As a non-Jew, non-convert I find the things of the Jewish people to be more true to the writings of the Hebrew people who are responsible for my Scriptures thus our family now celebrates Hanukkah. I never saw a Christmas tree in the Scriptures except maybe Jeremiah 10. Left out? Why not? What's so great being part of the crowd? The Jewish people were considered the least among the peoples and continue to be so today - they were not to become like those around them - they were to be a LIGHT to the nations and surely not with a Magen David Christmas tree topper. A menorah with oil is so much more beautiful. Happy Hanukkah!" I think it's kind of odd to celebrate Hanukkah as a Christian, even if you're a Messianic Jew. Unlike other Jewish holidays, it started after Christianity. Anyway, I found her blog here: tentstakeministries.net She homeschools and seems really into "Messianic Dance in Praise and Worship unto YAH". Her anti-Halloween post is kind of fun. tentstakeministries.net/2011/10/enoch-and-samhein/ "Halloween has grown from a Celtic (Satanic) high holy day celebrated quietly by pagans and wiccans to the second highest retail holiday next to Christmas. Spiritual lines between evil and righteousness within the cultures of the WORLD have been blurred to the point that many who dress up in costumes, go trick-or-treating, or visit Haunted Houses actually say they aren’t celebrating Halloween! Then there are those who admit to being pagan and are proud to celebrate in every way imaginable from orgies to sacrificing animals and children." She really dislikes most of Christianity, especially Christmas. tentstakeministries.net/2011/11/i-wont-be-home-for-christmas-november-15-2011/ I love this: "It would seem that all of the so-called “wayward daughters†of the Romish church return to their mother, the scarlet harlot. Thus, all of the so-called Protestant churches could sing to the Pope that popular song “I’ll be home for Christmas." "when the millions of people are saying, “Merry Christmasâ€, they are literally saying “Merry death of Christ!†Furthermore, when the fat man in the red suit laughs boisterously and says, “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmasâ€, he is mocking and laughing at the suffering and bleeding Saviour, who died for our sins."
  21. tropaka

    Dutch may ban Kosher/Halal

    well, will ban the slaughter practice, in any case. Wasn't sure this should go under snark, but since we were talking about halal in another thread I thought I'd throw it up here. A law is going through their parliament which would ban kosher/halal slaughter as it makes killing an unstunned animal illegal. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/1 ... ?ref=world now, I know we have a few people here who are farmers/worked on farms, I always thought that cutting the jugular was quicker (and maybe less painful) than having a bolt driven into the skull first (sorry to any squeamish folks)? Is this somehow better for the animals or anti religious?
  22. Sunnichick31

    Is this for real? Jewish Laws

    Ok, so I"ve been looking around Your Not Crazy, and some of the Jewish laws seem so insane, that I can't beleive they are actually true! For example, this one about how if you are giong to convert, you have to agree to send your kids to Jewish day school. Does that mean that the only way a person can convert is if they live near a Jewish school? crazyjewishconvert.blogspot.com/2010/12/convert-issues-community-requirement.html Then this post- crazyjewishconvert.blogspot.com/2011/01/what-to-do-if-you-question-validity-of.html Why would 1 persons conversion affect the validity of other convesions? Why isn't a conversion between you and God? Why is it between you, God and a community? crazyjewishconvert.blogspot.com/2011/07/non-mevushal-wine-survival-tips.html Why would a non-Jew touching wine make it non-Kosher? I'm sorry if I offend any Jews, but that's ridiculous. Are the rules she talks about real???
  23. Peas n carrots

    Jewish Fundie Question

    My neighborhood fundies are Orthodox Jews. Generally they keep to themselves, but there is one odd thing I've noticed over the years we have lived here. Every sabbath, there is a group of Bar Mitzvah aged boys (all early teens and adorably awkward) who ride my train and will go around asking various riders if they are Jewish. This has happened to me once, and this happens to my husband on a regular basis. One time I overheard them asking is question to someone who answered "yes, they are Jewish" and they boys started asking him if he was going to services at night, if he had a bar mitzvah, and basically chasing after the guy as he departed the train and followed him to his car. My husband has heard that basically if you answer the kids that you are Jewish, you are supposed to give them money, but we aren't sure if that is true or not. So, my question to the Jewish FJ'ers on here is...have you ever heard of this kind of thing happening with young teenage kids? If so, what is the purpose behind it?
  24. BARF. wwwDOTaish.com/f/mom/The_Duggar_Family.html For those who don't know, this is an orthodox Jewish site, but it definitely tries to appeal to secular people as well. I'm sort of shocked they'd do duggar defense...maybe the trip to Israel won Aish writers over? Still seems pretty odd though. edited to break the link
  25. On the Duggar Family Blog, they are plugging Ray Comfort's "180," which has been endorsed by the Duggars. duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/180-movie-rock-your-world.html They didn't approve my comment about Josie being sick in Israel, so I told myself I wouldn't attempt to comment on this blog again. But it's sooooooo tempting to do it for this. At least one Jewish person said they were offended by Comfort claiming to be Jewish.