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  1. Timothy is getting ready to go off to school, off to school, to prove to Jill that he's not a fool. Meanwhile, Jill doesn't really understand how actual school works or what constitutes a good test score. Continued From: No one knows what the future holds, but it's comforting in times of insecurity to know that no matter what Jill posts, this will probably be my response to it: Mrs. Rodrigues, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  2. (Sung to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer") Sa'un got run over by a grift car Trying to attack our fam-i-ly You can say there's no such thing as Sa'un But as for me and David, we believe He'd been stalking us through Facebook And we prayed for him to go But he forgot we're always praying And Go Fund Me really showed him, don'tcha know? When the doorbell rang one morning I was taken quite aback A lady had a car for us A gift sent down from Heaven, that's a fact! Sa'un got run over by our grift car All thanks to my sweet puppet, dear Nureeeee! You can say there's no such thing as freebies But as for me and David, we believe! ARGHHH!!! I posted this in the wrong forum. Can a moderator move this to the JillRod current conversation, please?
  3. ((There's a wonderful and beautiful thread drift going on about moving out, growing up, and relationships with parents. I have nothing to contribute, but you all are good people.)) ((There's a secondary thread drift about male anatomy and the panniculus which I am also not going to contribute to, but y'all do you.)) In JRod News: Continued from: Also, JRod's new car is not NEW new, but it's never than anything I've ever owned.
  4. Nurie and Kaylee totaled a car. The car was not worth much, but the Rods NEED 20k from you. Seriously, are you expecting them to cancel their VACATIONS?!? Like the totally unnecessary cross country road trip for the whole fam to see Timothy off to school or David’s road trip to NY to bring his mom down for a visit? How DARE you suggest that? WHO cancels vacations?!? Me? Oh yes, I did when I found out I would need to spend 14k on a new roof, but I don’t have a gold star from Jesus like Jill does. They are already really pinching pennies...except for Jill, who is still going on unnecessary shopping sprees while her recovering daughters manage the house. Besides, this GFM was made 100% by “””Nurie””” even though she doesn’t even know the name of the site. This was ABSOLUTELY not made by Jill and Jill alone. No way. And people are being MEAN about it! To Jill! They’re saying mean, hurtful things like “Get a job to pay your bills” and “This is inappropriate”. Can you believe it?!? Jill is so persecuted. Details are fuzzy. Things don’t add up. Satan’s on a rampage. (Don’t) Donate today! Continued from:
  5. Nurie and Kaylee were in a car accident, but they’re going to recover, praise Rufus. Jill, naturally, responded to the situation by IMMEDIATELY taking photos and selfies of the injured girls and slapping those all over social media. Repeatedly. Now Nurie feels like she has to go live to talk about what caused the accident (despite the fact that she finds it difficult) because everyone is asking. Oh, and there’s a gofundme because OF COURSE there is and Jill wants NOT JUST a new car, but also all the instruments they had in the back of the car. The girls were on their way back from volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, so no word on WHY the instruments were in there. Cars are TERRIBLE places to keep instruments like those because the temperature changes alone can break or warp the instruments beyond repair. But no, they left them in there because they are morons and now they need new ones to be paid for by Jesus. Jill can gofundherself. Continued from here:
  6. Continued from here: Possibly moving away from topics of doom and back to Jill? Pretty please and thank you.
  7. Carried on from here: Thanks to @nastyhobbitses, @SilverBeach, and @Naga Viper for the thread title! ETA: Picture of Timothy’s ratchet graduation cake, as Jill has apparently removed the photo, and it makes me sad to think that people might not get to see it in all its glory. Congratutions, Timothy.
  8. JermajestyDuggar

    How do fundies afford it?

    This topic started brewing in my head when talking about Jill Rod and how they seem to feast or famine. They are either spending wildly or don’t have any money to spare. I was then thinking more on the topic when I saw an Instagram post by Olivia Meggs and her fiancé Ethan Plath. They are both 20 year old fundies. How can they afford this beautiful home?! I know she does photography and he plays music with his family. But I can’t imagine those gigs pay that well! What fundie family makes you go “wtf?!” When it comes to their finances? Besides grifting, how do these families afford the lifestyles they do? Out of all the fundie families, which family’s finances would you like to look through the most?
  9. In our 63 threads of discussion about Jill, have we ever gotten into her radio show? Is it available online? Does anyone know the reach of the WV stations it’s on? If she’s anything like she is in her Facebook videos, why on earth would a station have her on the air? Continued from here: ETA: Somehow when we announced the birth, we wandered off the path and instead of Janessa and Jilly, we ended up with only Janessa. Sorry folks. - - CF
  10. Continuing on from here...wherein we discuss all things Janessa but mostly all things Jill.
  11. Jilly definitely needs this product: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/woman-posts-hilarious-review-of-eyeliner-after-it-didnt-budge-during-car-accident_us_5ae09e58e4b07560f398085c
  12. Continued from here: Cats have been providing considerable distraction from potentially serious health issues.
  13. Continued from here: We held off on a new thread, but who knows how long it will take for Jill to publish the news so enjoy distracting yourselves a bit more. So that's all it took was a new thread for Jill to announce.
  14. Carry on from here: No sign of baby Rodrigues yet, but Jill has said that she’s expecting to go in to hospital on Wednesday 11th, if she doesn’t go into labour naturally before then, so we probably have a few more days of thread drift. Thanks to those who are Facebook friends with Jill who have been keeping us up to date with any news (or non-news), and extra thanks to @littlemommy for also giving us the current thread title. Most recent thread drift has been about ballet - all sorts of lovely stories and fond reminiscing about craftsmanship (pointe shoes) and the hard work that, as with all skills, goes into making something look beautiful and effortless.
  15. Continue from here: No news yet about the “bonle of jore” (bundle of joy) so we’re all twitchy. Jill’s due date is approximately 10th April, but the plan is for her medical team to induce labour at 39 weeks, presumably to give them the best chance of having all the relevant specialists in the right place at the right time. Jill’s Facebook is still locked down to friends only, which is a shame because apparently the family’s Easter outfits were wonderful. If you haven’t already seen them, the Rodrigues family blog has photos from Jill’s maternity photo shoot. A little taster: - Photo shows Jill sitting in the middle of her bed (in the house), cradling her bump. There’s a decal on the wall behind her that says “All because two people fell in love” The drinking game rule is to take a drink every time someone says, “This is Jill we’re talking about, after all” or similar. I think poor @ChickenettiLuvr must be quite squiffy by now, along with anyone else who is keeping up with the game. (Thanks to @MayMay1123 for correcting me on the thread title)
  16. Continued from here: Drinking Plexus Riding in the RV Going to a useless probably cancelled conference Heading into a blizzard (in an RV) Next, Jill?
  17. Here you go! Let your imaginations run wild and your passions run modest...
  18. Carry on from here: Jill and family are still in Florida, singing for their supper. Jill is still pregnant with Precious Baby #13. The Rodrigues children are still given love and attention on a rota system, which is at least as unfair as it sounds.
  19. nomoxian

    Day 1

    Since it was the weekend (not that he worked anyways, so every day is the weekend) David decided to go fishing. He caught a minnow, which he was extremely proud of. Steven took his day off from his fireMAN job to work out. Jill went to the library to read a secular book. It it about having babies, so it is acceptable. She sees a man - potenital baby making helper - come in, but his skin is too dark. She also notices a slutty woman walk past her. Steve, being a pervert sinner who needs to go to the prayer closet - if only his small home had a closet - decided to sit next to Jill on a two seater sofa. She is a Godly young woman, so Jesus will forgive him. He is reading a book titled "What do you mean by communication?" It is okay, but he hasn't read anything in it about God yet. Perhaps in the future he will write his own book about communication. Jill notices a non-slutty woman, so she approaches her, fully ignoring the slutty woman standing next to her. They gossip and laugh. Kindred spirits! [I noticed Jill got a want to mooch money off of her right after introducing herself] They all head home at a pre-planned time to fellowship over a meal prepared by the female of the home, after which they all sleep in independent beds in a shared bedroom. It is cramped, but not so much as an RV. Plans for the future: Upon waking, Steven will be going to his fireMAN job and Steve will be going to the hospital to make a donation. He insists it is not sperm, since every one is sacred, and he has a life plan to get married and have as many children as God wills. David will fufill his wish of fishing before 6AM. Jill is unsure what she will do after she primps herself up at the mirror. Perhaps she will go to the church to pray... What; there is no church in the town? We must do something about that right away! I don't think I'm going to update this every game day, but I'll try to keep it up, assuming other people are interested in seeing the story progression. I intend to let them have as much free will as possible, and will marry Jill off to whoever she loves the most - because after love comes marriage and an SUV sized baby carriage.
  20. Continued from here: Jill, Plexus, David not working, and the continued grift - now with more off-topic thread drift per thread. How will Jill get people to the churches if she doesn't go public on FB again?
  21. Continued from here: Wherein we pondered if Nurie would really be allowed to go to Botswana.