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Found 114 results

  1. Continued from here and thanks to mollysmom for the thread title:
  2. Continued from here: Thanks to @Antipatriarch for the title.
  3. Here it is folks! Your list of every awful thing our Jilly has done since we first encountered her in 2013. Please vote for your own personal top (bottom?) 10 Jill moments, in order of worst to...less worse. Eventually we'll publish a top 10, and maybe a top 100 on the 100th thread. Take it away @harkasquirrel! No, really, take it away
  4. Alert! Don't drink energy bulls! They aren't good for your brain! Not like.....PLEXUS! Drink Plexus, it'll quench ya. Nothing's quenchier. It's the quenchiest! Also it's good for "blood sugar". High blood sugar, low blood sugar, crashing blood sugar....it's good for them all! Continued from:
  5. The Keller Courtship continues, and Jill WILL NOT STOP posting courtship photos that are so bad they almost seem intentionally satirical. You're probably thinking these are all very tame, but fundies can get wild too! Just look at this wildness! Hahahaha, they aren't ACTUALLY falling into the fountain! Jesus LOVES jokes like this! Continued from:
  6. The fundie Mrs. Bennet has landed her eldest a beau! Nathan Keller! And she wasted no time in listing out his SIBLINGS so that we could understand their connection to the DUGGARS. Upset as we must be for any success of Jill's, it is nice that in His infinite wisdom, our Deer Lord Rufus has seen fit to punish the Duggars and the Kellers for their many sins by inflicting upon them a possible LIFETIME connected to Jill Rodrigues. Hell hath no punishment like this, folks...well, until Jill goes there herself. Useful link to see many updates, even those Jill posted privately: https://www.reddit.com/r/FundieSnark/ Please be very cautious before reposting anything from Reddit to FJ and make sure that it was posted publicly before you do. Reddit does not require users to respect privacy, so screenshots and images of private posts may appear there without any disclaimer. Continued from: t
  7. Continued from here: https://www.freejinger.org/topic/32496-jrod-101-sinning-for-jesus/?page=23
  8. Continued from here: As discussed in the last thread, rules, board culture, and debates about what we can or should talk about goes here: Thanks for @Perrierwithlemon for the final translation for Jill into Latin of "I am outstanding/I outshine, therefore I am."
  9. If you’re havin sin problems, I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems, but a Jill ain’t one! Hahahahahaha, just kidding! Jill is the root of EVERYONE’s problems! Tim has to switch schools. It’s clear Jill isn’t telling the truth about why, and the real cause is likely Jill herself. Jill’s once again inappropriately teasing courtship info when it’s clear even she knows she should give the couple privacy. But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll circle back around to Jill’s true calling in life: telling other women that the only right way to dress is like a low to mid level prostitute from the Wild West. Don’t you dare dress like a liberated modern woman! THAT is advertising SIN! Continued from:
  10. Jill knows how all women should dress. David prints a pamphlet about it, because he too knows how all women should dress. Sadly, David does not seem to believe women should dress the way Jill dresses. So that’s awkward. Luckily, Jill is able to save the day with her world class mental gymnastics. The Rodlets are being kept busy with hostage video appearances where their mother asks them immodest questions. These people travel the country in part giving marriage and family advice. Because THIS is what we should all aspire to. https://www.freejinger.org/topic/32369-jrod-97-now-casting-for-jill-the-musical/?do=findComment&comment=1774483
  11. After we reviewed the many damnations of Jill, FJ decided to develop a musical based on Jill and her many persecutions. It's like Opposite Hamilton! Meanwhile, Jill herself continues to provide content for us to work off with her new favorite thing: Hostage Modesty Videos. Continued from:
  12. But rises again, frillier and more hideous. And ends up on the Rodriguii for a holiday or special occasion. The 90s are coming back in style, but somehow I know that Jill and co will still look dated and confusing. Continued from:
  13. There seem to be two types of approved dresses in the Jill Rodrigues house: ones that are so completely comprised of ruffles and poly-stain that you can hardly see the child it is on OR form fitting dresses worn awkwardly over t-shirts and leggings so that Jill can pretend to be more modest than everyone else while still disgracefully advertising her daughters for marriage based on their physical assets. Also, Jill has a very nice garden. Where did the money for this garden come from? Who knows. Who the heck knows. Hope Satan doesn't get into the green beans again! Continued From:
  14. Did you know...? Often times the Rodrigues family do things that many would consider very rude or inconsiderate of others. But that's not the problem. That's not even A problem. That's GOOD actually because of....reasons. But sometimes, and I shudder to tell you this for it truly is horrible, sometimes people are rude TO THE RODS when the Rods are being rude or inconsiderate to them. And that's just terrible. A real tragedy. How could anyone DO such a thing? Continued from:
  15. JRod's daughters are visiting a college they are not allowed to attend, which sounds like a blast. Timothy is at college and dealing with all of his sinful classmates who don't agree 100% with Jill and thus are going to hell. Jill and David continue to fail at everything from fashion to parenting to Christianity, and seem to enjoy hanging 5 pointed stars everywhere. What are the other Rods doing? No one knows, least of all Jill, who can never be assed to remember she has kids other than Nurie, Tim, and her current nursing "baby". Continuing from:
  16. Please carry on from here: Thank you to @LilMissMetaphor for the name of this thread.
  17. Continued from here: Jill has been quiet this weekend, but she'll be back lowering the bar. She always does.