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  1. So I’m finally doing it. I’m finally giving Lisa Metzger her own thread. We’ve talked about her on The Activist Mommy (TAM) threads. I’ve never wanted to give her her own threads because she’s just as narcissistic as TAM. But I just feel like I have to after her post about homeschooling on bedrest. I will give some background. Lisa Metzger was homeschooled growing up with only one brother. She is currently pregnant with #14. This pregnancy started out as a twin pregnancy but she lost one twin earlier in the pregnancy. She is high risk due to many past pregnancy problems. Including almost dying from blood loss a few years ago. I am sorry if the count is wrong but last I checked, she claimed to have had 20 miscarriages. Out of her current 13 children, 3 are adopted. The oldest was adopted from Kazakhstan when she was 10. Her name is Annalise. I fully believe she was adopted so she could help Lisa take care of Lisa’s bio children. If that was not the original purpose of her adoption, it doesn’t matter anyway. Because she became a full sister mom right after she became the oldest in the Metzger family. She is now married to a man she met at the abortion protests Lisa drags her kids to constantly. Lisa brags about taking the kids to protests on their birthdays. The children have all grown up attending these protests. Annalise is pregnant with her second child. She was pregnant at the same time as her mother during her first pregnancy too. Lisa also sells plexus. Shocking right? She goes on plexus trips and conferences fairly often. She is your typical plexus seller. Makes claims that she can’t back up with any sort of scientific proof. The usual. So now that I’ve caught you all up on Lisa, I’ll get to her post that made me want to start this thread. She posted about how she can be on bedrest and still homeschool and keep her house running. Hint: her children do all the work and make all the sacrifices. Enjoy!
  2. We have been discussing the Tierneys over in the M is for Mama thread and I think she deserves her own thread, so here one is. Mods, feel free to change the title if you don’t like it. Kendra Tierney lives in an enormous mansion in LA. She has 10 kids whose names I can’t get straight because sometimes she uses nicknames and sometimes not, but they’re in age from 17/18 to a baby. They are all perfectly adorable (especially the baby) with no faults that I can see except that they have the tendency to suck up to their narcissistic mom a lot. Kendra has a ton of money because her husband is some high up at some medical company. She’s a diehard Catholic, as in, has recently said that she would be willing to die because she wants to get communion /confession so much but the evil government hasn’t given churches permission to open for sacraments yet, even though getting those things is just as essential as a grocery store or a hospital. Kendra homeschools about 2/3 of the kids then sends them at about age 12/13 to the only good Catholic school she’s found. Kendras big thing is that she is Catholic every single day of the year and that she is a better Catholic than all those other Catholics. Her liturgical calendar is 100% filled with saints days, feasts days, fast days, you name it. She makes decorations and everyone dresses up and they do special things for every holiday she can find. As someone said in the Braggie thread, it’s more than a little pagan. (Sorry I can’t remember for attribution here.) Kendra’s goal is to raise her kids to go to heaven, the good, Catholic heaven, and how you get there apparently involves many rituals like not having meat on some days and marching around with palms on other days and only taking communion on the tongue. As expected, she’s very into the boys-and-girls-totally-different-beings thing, so her boys can be altar servers but her oldest daughter gets to sell donuts with the old ladies instead which is just! as! good! Oh, and she believes in absolute obedience physical discipline of kids starting when they’re babies. Like with many fundies, I really, really, really pity her kids, especially the oldest girl. Kendra blogs and sells stuff at https://catholicallyear.com/ She tweets at https://twitter.com/kendra_tierney?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author And instagrams at https://www.instagram.com/kendra_tierney/?hl=en
  3. Like most parents of school aged children during this coronavirus virus locked, I’m having to temporarily homeschool my kids (probably through the end of the school year). I have one in elementary school, one in middle, and one in high school. 3 different schools, 3 different online homeschooling programs with multiple teacher websites per student. Plus, one has Autism, and requires a 1 on 1 aid to help him through the school day—obviously that’s not happening now—well, I guess I’m the aid. anyway, it blows. I hate it. hate hate hate hate hate it. My hats off to parents who enjoy homeschooling or can manage it without getting an ulcer. I’m not handling this well. The tech side of it is too complicated for me. I’m already not a tech savvy person, so handling multiple virtual homeschooling formats is really hard for me. and playing the role of Mom mixed with teacher, sucks for me. My kids are reacting to my teaching instructions by taking everything personally; which is not how they’d react to their teachers giving them instruction. so, I get it. We have to homeschool because the schools have to be closed to stop the spread of coronavirus. There’s nothing I gain by hating it or whining about it. This homeschooling season must happen, no way around it. Still, I hate this and everyday has been a total struggle. I’m open to homeschooling suggestions, please. Also, I’m now even more confused by fundies. Why don’t we see more fundie homeschooling moms break away? Just based on how hard homeschooling multiple kids is; I’d imagine after a couple years, half or more would run straight to their local public school.
  4. I am working on a story exposing the churches I went to and the calculated denial of education that occured within them. If you are interested in working with the Houston Chronicle please comment here. Denial of diplomas, driver's licenses, jobs, etc. Physical abuse covered up by the church. You can keep your contributions anonymous if you'd like. We are looking for people who were homeschooled for religious reasons but suffered under Texas' lax laws that favor parent's "rights" over children's wellbeing. Right now we are focusing on GFBC, KBC, Crown and Covenant, and CBC. If you didn't go to these churches but still had an adverse religious homeschooling experience in Texas you are welcome to add to our list.
  5. More here. The group was linked the measles outbreak in 2015 And a sexual abuse case in 2018
  6. Get the popcorn out and rescue ferrets may be needed for this rabbit hole... We were discussing this family in the MisForMama thread and some suggested we create a new thread. Michelle & Rod have 12 going on 13 kids and most of the kids feel neglected because "Our mom is either pregnant, nursing, or making YouTube videos" and father is someone "We don't really know" and one kid says on Dr. Phil, "I feel like my dad is a stranger living in my house". The husband says the mom neglects the kids with her YouTube channel, GOTKiDz. The kids agree that the mom neglects them for their Youtube channel. A sister says "I don't think my parents should have children anymore and they should focus on the ones they already have." The family's kids are having major issues. It's tragic. Names: The kids names rival the family from New Zealand. A sister is named "Sunshine", a brother named "Iron Rod", one named "Tuesday", another named "Daily"... In one of the other videos at the link on the Dr. Phil website below, Dr. Phil says to the mom "I get that you always wanted to have 13 kids but was there ever a point where you said, my doing this, my being pregnant all the time, is not fair to the kids that I have?" Dr. Phil also said "I'm going to give you a COMMON SENSE alert-- first step, get rid of homeschooling and have the kids go to public school." The mom gets MAD about it--and is still mad per her YouTube video. Dr. Phil says "COMMON SENSE ALERT!! YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO RUN A SCHOOL! YOU'RE HAVING A THIRTEENTH CHILD! YOU DON'T HAVE THE MANPOWER!" Link to the entire show consisting of all of the video parts here on Dr. Phil's website (the entire show is separated into clips of about 7 videos): https://www.drphil.com/shows/12-kids-one-on-the-way-and-too-many-problems/ Michelle was NOT HAPPY with how she was portrayed on Dr. Phil. In the spoiler is only one of almost 3 videos of her ranting about Dr. Phil and fanatically defending homeschooling on her GOTKiDz Youtube: Also, she REALLY wants to be famous. She makes her titles and descriptions of her videos overly dramatic. Her 13th baby was born about 4 days ago at home and has Down Syndrome. HOW crazy is it to be 47 years old having your thirteenth baby, and despite knowing the baby has Down Syndrome, you STILL give birth at home?! After the kids went on Dr. Phil accusing her of neglect and addicted to her YouTube channel, Michelle is BACK AT IT and still streaming a LIVE YouTube video EVERY DAY. She reminds me of JRod...
  7. https://homeschoolsummits.com/parenting/ Including Geoff and Victoria Botkin of "Western Conservatory" (wow, they're sticking their heads out of their burrow), Kevin Swanson, Norm Wakefield, Emeal Zwayne (aka EZ, son-in-law of Banana Man Ray Comfort), Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies, and several others. The Botkins' topic is "Raising Kids to Stand on Your Shoulders" (meanwhile the actual PM of New Zealand is back at work from maternity leave)
  8. OK, new here and really struggling with finding my way around but think I'm in the right place - Atheist Club? If not, oops. Has anyone else watched Captain Fantastic? Got to say, we loved it. Noam Chomsky day, now there is a concept I can get behind! And secular homeschooling.
  9. starfish

    Bowe Bergdahl

    Hey everybody, I know Bowe Begdahl's case is all over the news. I understand that he was the product of "strict homeschooling" but I was wondering if anyone knew if his parents were evangelicals? I gather they live a somewhat off the grid existence.
  10. Just came across the Rembis family: 11 kids CPS currently has their 11 kids, age 16 months to 17, homeschoolers, antivax-ers. They have been reported to CPS in at least 3 different states with CPS taking various kids at various times. They had just skipped town in Lubbock, TX and moved to Colorado, apparently to try and stay one step ahead of CPS. When I googled them, the Medical Kidnap site was all over these people like stink on poop because of the homeschool angle. Here's the "official report" at http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/couple-investigated-states-facing-neglect-case-texas-42159281 with highlights (or lowlights) below: Reading the Medical Kidnap site, it says they are "devout", just wonderful, the kids are fine but traumatized by CPS. One could overlook the foraging (maybe) but not the loud music drowning out terrified screams, as referenced in the article above. The Medical Kidnap version here: http://medicalkidnap.com/2015/08/04/cps-kidnaps-11-children-from-texas-homeschool-family/
  11. So, Ray and Charlene Notgrass (Notgrass History--homeschool curriculum publishers) are coming for dinner in a few weeks. They are "dear friends" of my parents. I have been summonsed. The long version: my parents are on the relatively liberal end of IFB, meaning they wear jeans, go to movies, and listen to mainstream radio. This also means marriage is one man and one woman, premarital sex is bad, and drinking alcohol is a no-go. They are high school friends with Ray and Charlene Notgrass, who publish a very white-washed version of history in effort to instill a "biblical world view" in children. They throw the word "train" around quite frequently on their website. They seem to be quite a bit more conservative than my parents. I have been summonsed for dinner. So, if I go, am I on my best behavior? Or do I push the conversation toward the issues of "Christian" homeschooling? Do I wear a short skirt that exposes my knees? Do I remind them that I'm a working (teaching in ebil public school) single mom who lives in sin with her boyfriend of 17 years? Do I confront the version of history that that they are schilling? Do I ask them if they think the world is flat? Or if Jesus rode the dinosaurs? Help!
  12. https://www.thelocal.de/20170406/german-parents-go-to-eu-court-after-police-seized-kids-in-homeschool-raid Although the parents are not expected to win in court, there is an interesting conversation going on about the general ban of homeschooling in Germany.
  13. Years ago a large family of bluegrass musicians visited my childhood church (in Georgia so maybe they were touring the Southeast, or possibly the whole country?) They arrived on their own bus, and I believe they were going on a tour of churches maybe? They gave a speech/presentation about how they were some of the very first modern homeschoolers and claimed that they paved the way for everyone else. I believe the dad said he was arrested once for refusing to send his kids to school. He told a random story about how the police came to his house and he went to make a phone call and the police thought he was hiding from them bc his phone was around a wall or something (just throwing out all the details I can think of). They might possibly be from another country? I don't even know. I believe the dad had white hair. They all played instruments like banjos and fiddles. At first I thought it was possibly the Bontragers but their dad looks much younger than the dad of this family, and idk if the Bontragers ever did tours like that. Can anyone help me solve this mystery? Lol. Are there any other "famous" fundie family musicians?
  14. Have we talked about this Facebook page? It's a collection of outtakes from uber fundy Christian homeschooling texts, compiled, it says, by people who were subjected to them as kids.
  15. Forgive me if she's been mentioned before but I tried searching and didn't come up with anything. This woman is a mom of seven who has a website called the encouraging homeschool mom (it looks like this site is being updated right now but I've been on it and there's quite a bit there). She now has a new site just for her food, grocery haul, and freezer cooking stuff which was pretty popular on her other site. I've watched some of her youtube videos and most are about her once a month/twice a month grocery shopping at aldi and walmart. As a mom of eight I do find her 'buy huge amounts of not that many foods' approach strange and I don't feel it's very healthy although her grocery budget is less than half what mine is. To give an idea of what she buys it's 40lbs of bananas, 20 dozen eggs, 20 loaves of bread, 72 taco shells, a case of canned corn, and so on. I don't know how they don't get tired of eating so much of the same foods. She does lots of freezer cooking, even preparing dozens of peanut butter and jelly or lunch meat and cheese sandwiches at once and freezing them. http://thelargefamilytable.com
  16. akinom

    Hannah Hagarty: Cultivating Home

    Anyone else follow Hannah Hagarty? If I had a gateway fundie it was probably her. Her blog is at cultivatinghome.blogspot.com, but she is mostly active on flickr/instagram these days. when I started reading her blog, they lived in a gorgeous old house in upstate NY, which they were fixing up, and had four kids or so. They had chickens and bought their meat "on the hoof" from local farmers and processed it themselves. Hannah sewed clothes, baked, canned and all the rest. Her husband Sean was self-employed (I think in real estate but I'm not sure) and seemed to be doing well. They were planning to go to Germany as missionaries, but after years of saving money, teaching the kids German etc, decided to stay home instead. Hannah is a nurse but only worked as such for a year or two after college. She is now rather into the woo - kids aren't vaccinated, they use herbal remedies, chiropractor stuff, at one point they ate gluten free without being celiac sufferers etc. I think the last five kids were born at home with midwives, but don't quote me on that number. Now they have eight kids, three girls and five boys. Hannah once stated on her blog that they are not quiverfull, they use barrier methods to space children. They are anti-abortion. Years ago they had a second blog about "biblical discipline" and Hannah wrote a lot about how much trouble their second son was. Later on she hinted that she had a change of heart when it came to discipline but I don't really know what that was or if they still spank. All the kids are homeschooled and the eldest is taking some college classes this autumn (real college). The Hagarty family sold their NY house and moved to Florida last autumn. I think they seem to have relaxed their modesty standards a bit, and wear normal swimwear, tank tops, shorts etc. They live on a smaller piece of land so they aren't doing as much self-sufficiency stuff but still have a garden and poultry (quail). Hannah and Sean love fixing up houses and do it rather well in my opinion. Some things I don't know: - what Sean does for a living now - what denomination they are - if they still eat gluten free - if they plan to stay in their new home or sell it and move to another fixer-upper
  17. http://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/07/how-a-guy-from-a-montana-trailer-park-upturned-150-years-of-biology/491702/ The article goes on to say he spoke German as a result of his family background and got into a German uni that makes room for the occasional exceptional student who lacks high school transcripts, but the bulk of the article is about his actual scientific discovery and its potential repercussions. It's an interesting read, but I'm curious about his upbringing. Do any FJers have an inkling as to what fundie group he might have been raised in, etc?
  18. GenerationCedarchip

    NOAH Plan/Principles approach

    Has anyone ever heard of the NOAH plan or the principles approach to homeschooling? I'm familiar with a number of different homeschooling philosophies (Charlotte Mason, classical, unschooling, etc..), but this is one I don't know much about. I just mention it because in my area, it suddenly seems to be trendy. The most I'd heard is that it has something to do with "learning as our forefathers did" and that it was big in the 90s and is now back. I was looking at co-ops for when my son is old enough for school, and I'd noticed a few in my area seemed to require parents to go with this plan. Something about what I found online just didn't sit right with me, but I have never met anyone who's used the plan or grew up being educated with it.
  19. GenerationCedarchip

    It's Homeschool Convention Season!

    I went to my state homeschool convention earlier this month. Mostly, it was really good. Things definitely veer conservative, but I'd say the vibe is more mainstream conservative Christianity than hardcore fundie. The emphasis in most workshops was on educational methods, though some of the folks I was with waxed nostalgic about the days when you would get lots of courtship seminars and the like. The only fundie-ish stuff I saw were some of the YEC science vendors and some of the "providential" history materials. Michael Farris was there hawking his constitutional history, but I didn't get a chance to check it out. I noticed there were no Phillipses, Botkins, RC Sproul, JR, et al present, though there was a company there that sells items from NCFIC, Western Conservatory and similar groups. They were doing plenty of business, so I'd say that even with the fall of Vision Forum, there's still a market out there. I saw that Rick Boyer was speaking several times, so I guess the investigation into the allegations didn't turn up much of anything. I didn't get a chance to speak with him, but I did talk to his wife Marilyn for a little while (NOT about the allegations.) I've met her before, and she still strikes me as being fairly down to earth and she has a great sense of humor. I've never spent much time around him, but I do like her even if I suspect we may not agree on theology. Edited - I almost forgot! There were plenty of ALERT cadets in evidence. They were checking badges at the exhibit hall and doing other volunteer stuff around the convention.
  20. Kitcae

    Blimey Cow Youtube

    Blimey Cow is a youtube channel run by home school graduates. They hang out with Olivia Howard occasionally (from the Fresh Modesty blog) since they all live in the same area. Their newest video is about home schoolers and dating. It had some funny things in it (like side hugs and a song about the first time their shoulders touched). What do you think about their channel?
  21. Those evil librarians are promoting an evil gay agenda. And apparently even books like The Whipping Boy or The Midwives apprentices are considered trash. I want to troll this woman so hard and point out the most recent Newbery Award winning book is about grandmother and son who go to church and serve at a homeless shelter. Obviously part of an evil agenda. http://deeprootsathome.com/books-unhealthy-for-children-recent-newbery-caldecott-ya/
  22. devoe364

    The Flanders Family

    I just found this family on youtube! Flanders Video I am not sure how to snark on this family. Mom has a math degree. Dad is an Doctor. one of their daughters has a degree in Biology. Their children are actually worldly. they've volunteered overseas. One son has been a member of the military. Her kids are homeschooled, but seem like they are actually educated and aren't protected from the big bad world. One of their daughter in laws studied ballet (dance *gasp*) in College, and they don't hide that, and in fact seem pretty normal. Except most of their kids finished high school early, finished University or College early and have spent time teaching or volunteering. The go to the local junior college and then go on to The girls and women wear pants. Modesty doesn't seem to matter. They swim, the girls wear shorts and pants. Sleeveless tops. Their 14 year old is in Community College. They are allowed to use computers.They have a child who is a vegeterian. They do homeschool and believe slightly in the patriarchy, however it doesn't appear to be nearly as severe as other quiverful families. They do homeschool for control reasons however. they acurately point out that no education is without bias, which as a former teacher, I can say is definitely true. On their website, the books they use are not hardcore Christian. That said, their science is still very Christian, and it makes me wonder how their kids in Dental College and Medical School manage. Thoughts? Flanders Family Website
  23. I fell down a rabbit hole while I was reading the comments on the S'Morton blog and found myself at: http://simplyfarmhouse.blogspot.com.au/ Does anyone know anything about her? She seems like she has the gift of bitchy judgementalism and a less than stellar grasp of the English language. Her posts about how and why she homeschools are pretty damn snark-worthy. It looks like she spends a hell of a lot of time making her blog look picture-perfect and a justifying her lifestyle, and seems to equate educamacation with a handful of (Christian) worksheets.
  24. Continues from Part 3: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24836-erika-shupe-grim-rictus-large-families-on-purpose-part-3/
  25. Erika *shudder* has not posted much new content lately. She's been mostly reposting old entries. *smug grin* The Shupes have 9 homeschooled kids. All of the children, from the teens down to the toddlers, go to bed at the same time. But the teens are allowed to get up as early as they want! *middle finger* Their days are blocked out in 15 minute increments, and everything is superduper organized. Most of the time the kids aren't allowed to play in the yard because it's too muddy, so Erika makes them run laps on the deck for a few minutes for exercise. Mealtime at the Shupe residence is very regimented. Every day they have green smoothies for breakfast, and every day they have salads for lunch. There are no snacks. Sometimes Erika makes the kids have popcorn and energy bars for dinner while she and Bob chow down on take out from Olive Garden. *grrr* All of the girls are crammed into one tiny bedroom, and the boys are crammed into another. *cry* Thanks to the interference of CPS, they recently installed triple bunks so that the windows are actually usable as a means of escape in case of a fire. Erika has this incredibly annoying way of writing out emoticons. *smile* <-- like this. And she overuses the everlovin' fuck out of them. *scream* Enjoy with us, won't you, the hyper-controlling Erika Shupe and her poor family. Previously: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24406-erika-shupe-fake-smile-large-families-on-purpose-part-2/ Erika archive: viewforum.php?f=207 Blog: largefamiliesonpurpose.com
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