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Found 40 results

  1. BlackberryGirl

    Craptastic week or so

    Adding to the stuff I said in the intro, I have had a migraine for almost 72 hours. Aleve didn’t help, I took tramodol, and that sort of helped a little. I can’t take anything with codiene, anaphylaxis...tramodol makes me nauseated and shakey. Since I can’t vomit, i have dry heaves throughout the day. I don’ get migraines much anymore, since menopause, but when I do ... fml. Also I am generally a positive upbeat person, not these last few days. AND I can’ t sleeep worth shit.
  2. I've been trying to make some exercise routine changes recently. Lately I've been checking out some of the walkways and trails around town to see how they are. I walked the one Mississippi River bridge as it has a pedestrian walkway (and I wish the other one had it too so I could walk that one too). This morning I walked a trail adjacent to one of the highways. Wound up being a four mile hike. I had 10,000 steps in for the day by 10:30am. I hope Mr. Scale rewards me tomorrow morning for my efforts.
  3. So two weeks ago my OBGYN recommended the Paleo diet as my insulin levels are high and I'm having a hard time with getting pregnant and have gained a lot of weight in my stomach. I'm reading some books and articles and it all feels so overwhelming. I lost 5 pounds the first week but haven't weighed myself since then. I feel better and less bloated, but it is not an easy diet to follow. Any other comisserators out there? Any success or failure stories? I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot or a repeat topic. I didn't see anything about theis posted anywhere.
  4. I am in the throes of Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, aka "agità," aka sour freaking stomach all the damn time. I'm taking meds (never on an empty stomach), eating dinner hours before bedtime, sleeping with my upper body elevated, eating bland dull foods, you name it. No coffee, no tea, no alcohol, and I don't smoke. I'm slavishly following my doctor's advice. Any tips or tricks I don't know about?
  5. halcionne

    What to eliminate, and why

    This year I mentioned some minor GI complaints to my doctor, who suggested trying a low FODMAP diet which is all scientific, and stuff. Cool, but I have a fair bit of experience with low carb diets, and have considered going Paleo many times. As such, I'm comfortable being grain-free for the most part. I do cheat. A lot. ANYWAY. I discovered the paleo Autoimmune Protocol, which looked like a fun tough interesting challenge, and I'm not really halfway there already, as a low carber. In addition to grain, I have cut out a lot of dairy as I'm not big on cheese, and milk products tend to disagree with me. That doesn't stop me from eating ice cream by the pint (and usually regretting it later, but still doing it again and again ). I mentioned all of this in passing to my therapist, who suggested GAPS. Said therapist was a big believer in the hypothesis that there is a gut-brain connection and that I could possibly improve my mental health and IBS-type symptoms at the same time. Looking more closely at the GAPS diet, I'm not convinced that the author is someone whose advice I want to completely follow. It seems pretty woo to me on one level, but on another level hey it's just food. I have to eat either way, so it won't hurt to try eating soup and homemade yogurt... and sauerkraut juice. This is where she starts to lose me. Homemade everything. Nothing in cans, not even sardines, which are really really good for you imo and pretty much only come in cans. And don't get me started on the fermenting. At home. Home-fermented yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, beet kvass. The list goes on and I can't help but think about Emily and Dna, and of course Therese, which gives me a chuckle. So I'm going to do all three diets at the same time, which leaves a very short list of acceptable foods. Low FODMAP rules out most dairy, some grains, onions and garlic, honey, apples, many many other fruits and vegetables. Once you've eliminated everything as prescribed, you start adding things back in and watching for reactions and proceed accordingly. AIP rules out eggs, nuts and seeds (which covers most spices), refined sugars, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant). GAPS disallows dairy & eggs to start, but they're reintroduced fairly quickly. No sweetener except honey.* Also grain and "starchy" vedge. The author is a bit vague and contradictory about that one, allowing and disallowing some unexpected foods. I want to look into it a bit more, but I've decided not to buy her book because her advice is precisely so confusing that I don't think her book will provide much clarity. But I'm going to accentuate the positive! I can have all of the chicken, beef, seafood I want. Preferably grass-fed, free-range, etc, but I can't afford that. I will definitely look more closely at labels and avoid additives. GAPS and AIP seem to frown on pork, but I love it and it's affordable right now, so I will be eating a lot of it. Between the three diets, pretty much the only produce I will have in the beginning are carrots and leafy greens. I studied the food lists with one eye on my low carb habits, so there may be more that I can have but that hasn't registered with me because of the carb content. Also, the more gelatin and bone broth, the better. Here is where I roll my eyes for Sparkling Lauren, because she once put out a request for bone broth on social media when one of the kids was sick. This is my new years resolution. I'm stocking my pantry and pinning lots of recipes in preparation for January 1. I have a collection of mason jars and a freezer full of bones. Found a cheap source for lard made inhouse at a local supermarket, although it's not grass-fed. Mason jar fermenting accessories are on their way. I'm also thinking about how to replace my current favorites with allowed substitutions, so I don't feel like I'm suffering. Nothing is worse than quitting ice cream and soda and not having anything to fill that void. I think it will be a fun challenge, and I give myself permission to adapt as needed or even to quit if I feel like it's not working out. Now I'm off to try water kefir for the very first time! Here is a very timely slideshow about food trends for 2017. Half of those items are from one or another of these diets. *I will be using maple syrup and evaporated cane juice (aka azucar morena at my latino market--and it's cheeeeeep) as my sweeteners, because they're low in FODMAPs and minimally processed, so mostly paleo-approved. I'm interested to try piloncillo from the latino market, too, (which is the same as jaggery if I'm not mistaken), but I really shouldn't have much sugar at all, and I'm not quite sure how to work with sugar in solid form.
  6. Hail science! smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/your-vagina-biological-miracle-and-researchers-are-trying-recreate-it-180960304/?no-ist
  7. I dont do links or screen shots well . I cannot for the ever fucking life of me say anything thats actually floating in my brain. Good bye folks. Im done with trying to keep up with the nog shit and because my health is getting worse and worse I kinda dont give a fuck about the rest. I want to but I can't/ Goodbye. Mods....thank you for letting me stay here and puttin up with my shit. loves for not kicking me out!! Booom.....hope your 'stuff' works out for you, stay positive. I know you can do this. And thanks to my new friend who taught me a whole new world. Love you all, but I cannot do this any more. Thank you for the journey you taught me well. ~~~~Legion Of all the plaaces I have have visted or lurked on, this one is the best. Tyoto.....I was hacked thru my g mail....my son's actuallly and thats where it started. An all in one account is just that and if someone can hack the one, they get to it all [seemingly] I dont have time anymore and this dying shit is bothering me....there is so much I want to do and finish and honestly, as much as I want to see the nog kids get some sanity in their lives, i cant. I sent a message ti nogs one time trying to get nikki to understand that she will not live forever.That you cannot fight a sysytem, but only influence and change whats around you. I got my son and hubby to think about now fullo time cause thats all I got left. Good luck to everyone and I hope those kids turn our ok and the parents do good by them at some point soon. ThaNk you. How do I start athread to discuss my own shit instead of just leaving.....I do not want to sidetrack to nog threads. Thank you Pms and I need some help here....you guys are awesome!!!
  8. I have two dogs, Sadie and Jack. I adopted Sadie about 2.5 years ago. Sadie had terrible separation anxiety and I always thought a companion dog would help, but I had to wait a while until I lived in a place with more room (was in a 1br apt at the time). About a year ago, I had moved to a townhouse and felt I could add to the household. Sadie and I met Jack and we were both smitten! He is delightful and Sadie's anxiety is long gone. Yay! But despite seeming to be potty trained, I have been finding accidents everywhere. At first I thought it was just from adjusting to a new home, then I thought it was because of an irregular schedule (my sister lived with us shortly after I adopted him and she worked waitress hours while I work regular 9-5). It seems to ebb and flow, but I can't discern a reason why. I have only actually caught him in the act once and I took him outside as quick as I could but I haven't caught him since. Most of the accidents seem to happen while I'm at work or overnight. But occasionally I'll come across as fresh one when he's been out within the last couple hours. I know a lot of FJers have pets and I'm hoping some of you might have some advice on this? A few notes: - He went to the vet about a month ago and everything looked fine. I asked the vet about the issue and he thought maybe Jack just gets bored? He did say that Jack should be able to hold it for a full work day (he's about 2-3 years old and 19 pounds). - I'm hesitant to crate him just because it would end up being so much time in there during the week. And Sadie is not cool with crates so I don't know if it's bad to have one dog in a crate and one out? However if I know it's temporary I'm totally down. I just don't want the poor guy to be permanently relegated to a crate for 18 hours a day! - I live in a townhouse with no yard in Minnesota so going out is a bit of a production (boots, coat, hat, harnesses, etc.) - getting out quick is a challenge! - I really want to be on a set schedule. Right now, we walk a mile first thing in the morning (7am weekdays, 8-ish on weekends), a mile right when I get home from work (around 5:30), then a quick potty before bed (around 9:30-10). On weekends or days I work from home we do another mile-long walk early afternoon. By the end of our walks he has emptied his bladder. Anyway, would love help with troubleshooting!! Honestly, I have adopted older dogs because I didn't want to deal with potty training. But here I am. Am I asking him to hold it for too long? Could it really be boredom? Do I just need to go into puppy potty training mode? I'm about to get the carpets cleaned so I want to have a plan in place so they don't get peed on again! Holy crap that got long. Ha! Also, here's a pic of my two buds, as a reward for anyone who is able to slog through all that.
  9. gustava

    NYT on Scamaritan

    Very good article. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/26/us/fo ... odayspaper
  10. Here's an interesting one, not quite huge, so I'm not sure if they're quiverful (or just young and starting out, and not quite as fertile as the rest), but here's the basics. Family of four, oldest son with a chronic disease (Eosinophilic Esophagitis), in which they have shunned traditional medical care and decided to treat with the Gerson method. Homeschooling of course (though mom apparently was a teacher for some time). What's more, dad quit his stable job as a firefighter, and the whole family moved to South Africa to minister to the people there (teaching them farming and hygiene apparently). This doesn't exactly sound like a fabulous idea to me when your kid has a super-rare genetic disease. Of course, they need donations to fund their ministry. http://www.nomuck.com and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NoMuck1/
  11. Anonymousguest

    Life giving linen

    Nancy from above rubies posted something today about a woman named Melanie Ellison who has a doula business, as well as a website called life giving linen http://www.lifegivinglinen.com/ She said that linen gives of healing energy, where cotton, rayon and silk do not. Such a strange point of view. The woman claims to follow the Torah, but is Christian. From her about us page: As a 25-year-old single young woman, I am happy to be able to improve the quality of people's lives, and thus redeem the time until my future (Bible-believing, homeschool-advocating, classical-music-appreciating) husband comes along. She also wrote a book a few years ago called Chucking College: Achieving success without corruption. Interview here: http://www.homeschooledauthors.com/2013/07/interview-with-melanie-ellison.html?m=1 I couldn't find anything else about her or her family. (Posting from my phone, sorry about typos and formatting issues!)
  12. GenerationCedarchip

    Quiverfull and Women's Health

    I know we have had discussions before about how many women have had health issues related to having too many children too close together. However, I was visiting family this weekend and an encounter I had at my aunt's house with a bunch of folks from my old fundie church brought up something I hadn't considered before. This was a "women's night out" dinner, and most of the people there were either friends of my mom and aunts, or women I'd grown up with. There were a few that had joined the church after I left as well. There was one young women among the newer group who just looked sickly. Her skin color was off, and she just seemed to be very uncomfortable physically. During a time of prayer requests, she and several others brought up "fertility concerns" and I noticed her facial expression then, kind of an odd "I know something you don't" smile. Afterward, one of my cousins told me that she and several other young wives ate little and exercised like crazy to keep their cycle dormant so that they wouldn't have too many babies too soon. That just seemed so sad to me. I do to a certain extent understand the folks who just want to leave it up to God and NFP, but the mentality that makes women feel like they either have to have a baby each year or make themselves physically ill preventing it while pretending to aggressively try for a baby just bothers me.
  13. The post here about the woman who prayed away a tornado that then went on to kill other people reminded me of recently seeing this gem from an old copy of Jehovahs Witness literature. In trying to convince their followers that they are actually better off refusing blood transfusions for themselves and their own children, I think they come across as outrageously insensitive to the families of children who unfortunately contracted HIV through blood transfusions in the days before HIV screening. But oh well, screw those "worldly" people. Jehovah was going to kill them in Armageddon anyway.
  14. I recently ran across this very brave blog post from a mom blogger/craft blogger who has chosen to leave the Jehovah's Witness faith. I know a lot of us have been affected by the tragic stories of JW moms who have died from refusing blood transfusions after bleeding heavily during childbirth, so I thought this story was especially interesting because this particular woman DID come very close to losing her life because she refused blood. She now feels that it was wrong that her religion almost cause her to lose her life over the issue: The full story is here if you want to read it. She goes into great detail about why she stopped believing and how her family reacted: sweetpotatopeachtree.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-truth-is.html The reason I say her post is brave is because, once you have been baptized into the JW religion, there is NO way to leave on good terms. You either have to keep pretending you believe in it, or you are at risk of being shunned by any JW family or friends you have. For many ex-JWs, this means they can't even talk to their own parents or children.
  15. I think most know Jehovah's Witnesses aren't supposed to take blood transfusions or celebrate holidays, but I thought some of you might find this video summarizing all the other "worldly" or Satanic things that the Dubs aren't supposed to do amusing: (link not broken because it is from a Youtube account that is meant to poke fun at the Dubs) The ending part might seem weird if you've never actually gotten to know Dubs before, but a BIG part of their worldview is the idea that Armageddon is coming "soon" and then everyone who isn't a 100% faithful JW will be brutally slaughtered. They believe the good Dubs will of course be protected from God's wrath and will just kind of step over the dead bodies after it's over.
  16. http://www.inquisitr.com/2097904/accuse ... ansfusion/
  17. http://theage.com.au/nsw/pregnant-jehov ... mf570.html Tragedy for the mother, child and her family, but my heart feels most for the staff. How harrowing and pointless this would have been, especially knowing the high rate of success in the standard treatment....
  18. So I was reading a few threads here about recent fundie pregnancy announcements, and the speculation about how many children certain families may end up with, and how some of the mothers are suffering severe health issues due to back-to-back pregnancies. I got to thinking about the first vs. second generation of quiverfulls (no-birth control, wanting large families). I'm a second generation (well, I'm not quiverfull, but some of my siblings and friends are). I realize that my parents, and many other couples in the first generation had a different scenario than many of the young quiverfull couples today. The first generation, many couples started out with the intention of having 2 or 3 children (often with a few years of married life before conceiving). The first couple kids were spaced reasonably. A few years after their birth, the parents were convicted of becoming quiverfull. Many of these couples have 2-5 or more years between their first "planned" kids, and the next several "quiverfull" kids. Additionally, many of these couples, by the time they became quiverfull, were already well into their fertile years, and therefore either weren't fertile enough to pump our a baby every year, or the mom's fertility ended before they could have a ridiculous number of children. These parents look back and say (and taught their children), "Having lots of kids was wonderful! We wish we never had the space between them, and had even more kids! Mom was happy and healthy!". The second generation, many couples are marrying young. They are starting their families right away. There are no breaks like their parents had. The mom's health declines rapidly, and in some cases causes her pregnancies to be very dangerous, prone to premature birth, or even permanently no be able to have children. Many of the children may have health issues caused by troubled pregnancies, or less-than-ideal nutrition when the mom is quickly pregnant again and not able to breastfeed or have the energy (or money) to feed the baby/child an ideal diet. Is my impression of the generational differences correct? What else do you think is effecting the sad state of quiverfull family's childbearing? Or is there a good percentage of these couple who are successful, happy, and healthy, and pumping our a baby every year? When will the second generation wake up and realize that the "cursed" and "sinful" child spacing that their parents used, was probably the saving grace of them being able to have a large family?
  19. SamuraiKatz

    Quiverfull Megafertility Question

    I found this bit of info on cnn Exactly how much modern medicine intervention have Michelle Duggar and Kelly Bates received to achieve their "19 Kids and Counting" full quivers? http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/22/living/pr ... regnancy3p
  20. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/amish-girl ... d=20168395 "A 10-year-old Amish girl will not be forced to undergo chemotherapy, an Ohio judge has ruled, siding with the girl's parents, who say previous chemotherapy made her sick." I guess she got one year of treatment and then they stopped it because of chemo side effects. I guess the parents are claiming that they weren't informed about the side effects. I'd like to know the whole story... they said she had multiple tumors when it was discovered so that makes me think it is metastatic and maybe she would have had a smaller chance of surviving and it would make sense to stop in that case, although the hospital says the chemo is 85% effective so maybe not. I'm not super familiar with different stages of lymphoma. In general though parents denying their kids modern medical care just angers me. You are putting your child in danger and I think it should be considered child abuse/neglect. Also, the judge ruled that "Even if the treatments are successful, there is a very good chance Sarah will become infertile and have other serious health risks for the rest of her life." I don't think this is a reason not to give a child life-saving treatment. I think surviving is better than not surviving and a child is not old enough to weigh the impact of long-term quality of life issues. Therefore, especially in decently cut-and-dry cases where it's get treatment and live vs. don't get treatment and die, we should ALWAYS save a child's life. It's not like this is an experimental last-ditch treatment or she is in a coma or something like that, there is a clear, effective treatment option. I also find it offensive that the judge/family seem to think it's not worth living if you're infertile or have health risks (wtf?). I think we're treading dangerously close to euthanasia if we can use that as justification for not giving a child treatment. Plenty of people have increased risks for diseases and/or are infertile and live happy, full lives. I imagine infertility would be complicated if you are Amish, but that's not justification to let your child die. ETA: I hope the hospital continues to appeal. ETA2: The judge also justified the decision by saying chemo is not a "surefire cure". I would say that nothing in medicine is 100% effective and this is BS. 85% is pretty darn good and worth a shot.
  21. Zsu's latest blog post is about some other blogger she follows who posted an article on using herbs for natural birth control. In her post, Zsu, talks about infertility not being natural and in essence meaning you are unhealthy because healthy people are fertile. I'm 29, otherwise healthy person who was diagnosed with infertility when I was in my early 20's. No known cause. Zsu calling me an unhealthy person kinda stung. I guess I just took it too personally. Seriously though, it's like fundies have no compassion for something that may have happened to you through no fault of your own. I'd like to ask her what she thinks I should do to get "healthier" ie "fertile."
  22. stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.co.uk/ Yes I realise she is joking about her kids managing their own surgery. But Zsu manages to turn even her kids playing kid games into a political statement. Here's the thing though. Having read so much recently on this board about healthcare and costs in the US. It strikes me if anybody in your country needs Obamacare should one of their blessings ever encounter a long term illness or emergency requiring prolonged care. It would be our dear ant-establishment mob. Kelly Scamaritan chicken breast. Zsu organic and gay hate will protect my kids from everything. Erica *puke* *smile* etc. I can kind of wrap my head around (just) the concept of those with good health insurance who work hard for that benefit possibly resenting a socialised healthcare. (Actually I can't, But I'm trying.) But I seriously do not understand those with no healthcare at all.
  23. PP new thing is training to run 5K three times a day, he has reposted the training schedule that Partners in Motion uses. By the way if you stick to it, it does work I did it to train for a half marathon before I broke my foot tripping over the dog. Then he has posted Psalms to listen to while you are running, now I did not do that part I listened to music. It is his take on multitasking. He is also into running barefoot, this is an ER visit waiting to happen, also a Podiatrist visit. So I want all of you to start this tomorrow, download his Bible reading tonight so you will be ready to go early tomorrow morning. sanderson1611.blogspot.com/ Reason that Zsu has been quiet is because they all have been sick, her organic food theory has just been disproved. I am waiting to hear all about it.
  24. stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.nl/2013/02/a-world-without-cancer.html Of course read a few obscure websites and personal testimonials and there you have it!! Apricot kernels!! Cancer is a collective noun for numerous types of uncontrolled growth of tissues by continued cell division diseases. There is no general or easy answer or cure. Don't you think if this was the cure, this would have long been known in the medical world? Or is it because of a conspiracy to control overpopulation or the income of medical specialists? While doing your research, take the trouble to read this http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRel ... trile.html Incomprehensible and that applies to all fundies, is the desire to be dumber. Fortunately Zsu has a disclaimer not to follow her medical advice and I am proud to say, that at least is the result of a FB conversation I had with her in which I urged her not to give medical advice. And in all fairness, from that moment, she stopped doing that. Though, unfortunately we are well aware of the blind adoration and the average IQ of her vassals.
  25. This I found on PP's facebook page. Of course vaccins are part of the gouvernemental/pharmaceutical industry conspiracy. Not hindered by any knowledge: @ Andrew, you are right that on the whole, it seems we used to deal more with infectious diseases than we do now. One hundred years ago, the #1 killers were things like flu, bacterial pneumonia, etc. Acute, infectious diseases. In our times, these killers have been replaced by chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancer. But as a whole, the overall life expectancy has gone DOWN, not up. Vaccines, pesticides and other toxins, as well as a lack of proper nutrients are to blame for these chronic conditions. The proper way to combat infection is NOT by poisoning yourself in a different, more politically correct way (i.e. vaccines), but to rather improve sanitation and nutrition, so both acute infections, as well as chronic killers, can be avoided as much as possible. The old polio vaccine is an admitted carcinogen. http://www.facebook.com/sanderson1611