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  1. I am going to dip my toe in the political forum. I beg all of you (in the US) if you value public education, please, please tell your senator to vote NO on Betsy DeVos. She and her extended family are all about Christian (the right kind, not Catholic) education, all about conversion therapy (LGBT) , for profit charter schools. Plus her family owns or invested in K-12 on-line education- and the family is profiting from the program. She is on c-span (www.c-span.org) right now. Like with all Trump's nominees they are rushing the hearing. UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH IF you haven't been watching, she was answering Sen Whitehouse about charter schools and the fact many in Michigan are failing – she just said she will support the parents and students. She didn’t say one thing about supporting EDUCATION and helping EDUCATORS and EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS in her possible job as education secretary. The Connecticut senator asked about the role in guns in school and she could not say that she thinks that guns should be banned. She referenced Wyoming needing a gun because of bears. OMG. That is a VERY special reason, not one that Detroit, Chicago, Forest Hills School district (where her family lives in the Grand Rapids, MI. UGHHHH Sen Warren is taking names and kicking ass!
  2. formergothardite

    NC School Voucher Program

    A study was done on what sort of schools are receiving tax payer money in NC through the school voucher program. Surprising absolutely no one, three out of four of the schools receiving the money are fundamental Christian schools who provide a shit education. It appears there is virtually no oversight when handing out this money, which is almost certainly how the republicans set it up. http://www.newsobserver.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/ned-barnett/article212352824.html
  3. HideousGreenShirt

    Sex Ed

    I have questions regarding sex ed. We know the older girls know how babies are made (Jill and Jana's midwife/doula "education", the steady stream of new blessings and the bizarro tracking of Michelle's cycle). There was the infamous, horrifying lego talk between Smuggar and JB. And those who watch BUB will remember the girls teased Michael before her wedding saying she looked up sex in the dictionary. I want to believe that JinJer may have been preventing based on Jeremy's "worldliness", the comments they have made on the show and Jinger's horrified reactions whilst present at (Jessa/Jill's - which was it?) home births. We know they hate abortion. But what, if any, sex ed are they given? Do they get told about the ways the heathens prevent pregnancy or do they just assume that a) god isn't blessing our wombs because we're not good Christians or b ) we all run out and get abortions constantly? Are there instructional ILBP pamphlets they are handed before marriage and told to figure it out? Ftr, my private, all-girls sex ed was very thorough; we watched a video of a live birth from the business end when I was around 9. To this day I still don't want kids. (Mods please move if this belongs elsewhere!)
  4. dairyfreelife

    WV Teachers Strike

    My home state and it's made national news. All teachers in the state of WV have gone on strike for better pay and benefits. WV ranks last in teacher pay. http://time.com/5176094/west-virginia-teacher-strike/
  5. 16strong

    A seven sister goes to college

    Susannah of Seven Farmgirl Sisters is heading off to college for midwifery. She hasn't said where yet. I also didn't know that she's worked at a post office for three years. And, if any of you remember, Jessica has taken up flying and recently passed her flight exam, and Cassia is working on becoming an EMT. I really do have a soft spot for these girls, and wish the best for them.
  6. I love this story. A group of high school newspaper editors/reporters fact-checked the newly hired principal. And found a few issues. That the adults running the school district missed. http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article142989509.html
  7. Vex

    SO Blessed To Share This...

    In the spirit of fundie oversharing about deeply personal matters, I just want to announce that I can now righteously fulfill my desires. That means I can bone my husband.
  8. crazyforkate


    Maybe we should have a forum for book learnin' (app learnin'?), but in the meantime I'll post here. Anyone else really into learning languages? Whenever I'm bored I generally pick up a book and teach myself the basics - Hebrew and Swedish were recent, rather unsuccessful projects, mostly because I was teaching myself through ancient workbooks and movie subtitles. That, and I have the motivation of a snail with a tequila hangover. Anyway, I really like this app Duolingo, which is free and currently offers French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. I'm stumbling through the basics of German and Portuguese and some of the more advanced French. They treat it kind of like a game, which I guess is an excuse to keep going. It's a lot of fun! Anyone else using it?
  9. Spotted this. Sounds like not only were the staff at the schools encouraged to spank the kids but most of the staff weren't even qualified. The students got a SOTDRT type education with a healthy dose of prejudice thrown in there for good measure. It's crazy to think that stuff like this has been going on for almost 3 decades without anyone asking any questions. I think this is the reason I'm not a big fan of the idea of faith schools. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/accelerated-christian-education-europe-ofsted-dfe-inspection-report-a7502616.html
  10. Shawnee Mission School District is forbidding the wearing of safety pins by teachers. http://www.smsd.org/news.aspx?id=4897 http://www.pitch.com/news/blog/20844364/shawnee-mission-school-district-forbids-teachers-from-wearing-safety-pins This dandy hit my newsfeed on Facebook courtesy of my youngest first cousin. I woman I am proud to say was pulled from a school board meeting on one occasion (I got the pleasure of seeing this on video) for standing up for the bilingual charter school her kids attend(ed). She lives on the left coast but this sort of thing is always on her radar screen. Spread the news on this one.
  11. PsyD2013

    Abuse at Christian Boarding School

    Another case of abuse at a "Christian school" in the name of saving souls. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/06/12/rapes-daily-beatings-and-no-escape-christian-school-was-hell-for-these-boys.html
  12. FloraKitty35

    Sarah Maxwell Report Card Advocate

    http://articles.titus2.com/seven-important-reasons-why-homeschoolers-should-give-report-cards/?utm_source=155&utm_medium=288&utm_campaign=423 I understand that this was Mom's Corner last month, but Sarah reposted it, today. 7. HELPS CHILDREN ADAPT TO THE REAL WORLD Sarah (Anna & Mary) would need a licensed therapist to help with that, not a report card from the Maxhell Academy, Dining Room Table Campus.
  13. Recently, I took a vacation to Hawaii. One of the last things we did was look at a "Living History Coffee Farm." This was not something we had planned, this was something to do between check-out time and flight time. This turned out to be one of the memorable moments of the trip. As I drove to the farm, which was very conveniently located, I noticed the landscape changing from the almost-desert of North Kona into the green South Kona. The farm was a tiny remnant of 1913. There was a donkey, a proper sized donkey, unlike the tiny wild desert donkeys I'd seen just about every day. This donkey, according to the shopkeeper, is 20 years old, named Charlie, and his job was to look pretty and take pictures with people. However, a sign alerted me to the fact that Charlie's earlier farm relatives were not so lucky. A donkey his size would have carried four bags of coffee! And probably worked to death. :-( Beyond the donkey, there were both macadamia trees and coffee trees, and working equipment from the early 1900s. The work the people must have put into this farm was more that most Americans today would bother with. Picking, pruning, drying, packaging, on top of daily simple living. They dried the coffee in the sun, but they had to move it if there was even the slightest chance of rain, because rain would ruin it. But the part I really wanted to mention was the farm house. The very small farm house that housed 8-12 children. The people who worked the coffee land were Japanese, so this was a very Japanese style home. They had straw mats on the floor, a rice cooker, and the women in charge showed us how the mother (who would have been sent to marry the man, sight unseen) would make meals and clothing for 8-12 children. It was eye-opening. They also showed us a typewriter. Every Japanese family had one for the children, as they prioritized education over so many other things. There were lots of things that we talked about - how nice and simple life must have been. How much work. How how it was. We were left with one unanswered question, purposely avoided, and that was of Japanese Internment during WWII. This came up when we saw that the tenant cabin was turned into a required bomb shelter during the war. But I keep going back to that typewriter and the prioritization of education. These were people who made clothing from old rice bags. People who worked 12 to 16 hours a day, and they wanted their children to be educated. What the hell is wrong with Americans and this culture of anti-intellectualism? We didn't have a revolution (like China) where we collectively looked down on the intellectuals as being part of the elite. But for some reason we are still equating that who has the most money with intelligence. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a revolution. People crowding the streets of their capitals (well, not mine, they put mine on an island (essentially, not technically) and a flight from the biggest city is still $400ish for a last minute flight). I'd love to see people shunning the rich and powerful bourgeoisie. I'd like to see things like the Oscars, where rich people give other rich people awards and wear overpriced clothing get cancelled. I want the masses to come together and forget about which Kardashian is getting married and who is having a baby and instead talk about what they are willing to do to fight climate change. To change the minds of the millions of very terrible people who seem to think that no one is owed anything, including an education. I want to find a way to get everyone working for spending power, shorter work weeks, better work/life separation & balance. I understand that people can care about both the K family and Climate Change. The K family aren't the problem, but the lack of interest in education is.I want women and men to be recognized for what they can do, not their instagram feed. To find value in being smart and friendly and changing the world for the better, not for having two phones. (Seriously the dumbest song I've heard in a month or so. In another month there will be another terrible pop song.)
  14. well at least we have to have something funny from Texas. http://bigstory.ap.org/urn:publicid:ap.org:456416e5f40d4627a04d2f4ee40926e9 HOUSTON (AP) — A 7-year-old Houston girl managed to get out of an after-school program with a fake excuse note that she wrote herself, in large print with misspellings. The girl's father, Charlie Dahu (DAY'-hoo), told KTRK-TV (http://abc13.co/1YauiwA ) that his daughter was wrong to write the note, but that it's obvious it was written by a child. The note says, "I want Rosabella to go too dus 131 today." With the note, Rosabella was able to take a bus home, rather than participating in an after-school program. But the girl couldn't get into her house. She spent part of the afternoon outside, until asking a neighbor to let her use the bathroom. The neighbor kept Rosabella until her father was located. The Sheldon Independent School District says the incident is under investigation.
  15. OnceUponATime

    Oh but you've overlooked just one item

    Sometimes I overwork myself. Like that time I failed to read my course guide until today, and just found out I didn't even need to do half the 120 exercises that I did. In fact I don't even need to know over half the stuff I rediscovered. The sad part is: the really interesting stuff that is useful is the stuff not needed - what is up with that? How to change your text color from black to red? yeah - that is what I apparently needed to learn , oops, I learned that years ago. At least I should nail that exam though! If people don't, it is a worry. Not joking here! If only all the rest of my upcoming exams were like that. Wait maybe they are, I should probably read their course guides (I hate doing that.) Why write shit in your own textbook if you don't want to teach it to your students for whom you authored that textbook? Seriously, why?!? I'm pretty sure I'm overlooking other stuff at the moment too... I'm just going to start digging my hole that I won't want to come out of after I discover what though.
  16. Every now and then I do have to admit my mother did one good thing in my life. She did not home school me. OK, she really really wanted to with the ACE-curriculum but it cost too much and we had no money to afford it. Thankfully she couldn't get it all second hand from any church buddies so that idea was dropped and off to public school I went. I hated school for a long time. I'm not sure I ever enjoyed it but I'm forever thankful for some of the teachers I had: The one who even though I freaked out every day, still sent me to do reading in the grade above me. Learning the alphabet when I already knew it at 5 wasn't fun, reading cool books was. So thank you. The one who taught me when I was 7 and was the sub when I was 17. He expressed his surprise at how well I'd turned out (I was a social oddity when he taught me). The look on his face when I put up my hand to answer a question was really amusing. Yeah, that was something he hadn't seen before. The librarian/teacher who let me help out older students who couldn't work a computer in the early 90's. Because somehow I could even though I wasn't allowed to touch the computer at school. The three teachers who made it part of their teaching to teach us how to organize and structure our work. The one's who broke it down into little steps, then trusted us enough to be able to, and supported us along the way. Without these teachers I don't think I would ever have managed to graduate from university. The teacher who when finding out that most of our class failed all the practice exams decided instead of reviewing material to teach us how to study. And not just study for her subject, but how to make an effective study schema for all our classes. She really went above and beyond. The cool librarian who recognized that I was a rule follower. She utilized that to help me break out of my 'only good christian books allowed' reading. "You have to read xxx" I always took as command. Most books nestled well into my Bible so it looked like I was reading that, instead of those Tamora Pierce books. The teacher who pushed for me to skip a grade, which ultimately didn't happen (apparently I wasn't socially ready. Amusingly all my friends for the next two years came from the grade higher). That same teacher insisted that if I couldn't skip a grade I should be allowed to skip a grade in some classes, and get extra work to keep me interested. The teacher who spent half a year teaching me to look people in the eye. I was 11 The teacher who taught me that violence is never OK. The teacher who put me in charge of the orchestra (even if she gave someone else all the credit). The teachers who challenged me, but never forced me to look at things outside the very small worldview I had acquired from home. The teachers who knew I was forging my parents signature but never did anything about it because they (and me) believed that it was healthier for my development to be allowed to do certain things The teachers who apparently enjoyed teaching me with all my quirks. They were the teachers who encouraged me to utilize my quirkiness and that it didn't have to be a hassle. The teacher who let me teach myself, who guided me instead of nagging, and then sent struggling students to get tutored by me because I was going through my work too fast. I learnt a lot more by tutoring people than I did doing all that other work. All the teachers who encouraged me, believed in me and let me know I could do stuff. And that I could achieve more than I had dreamed up until then. It was hard to believe in myself when all I ever heard at home was that I was a failure and never good enough and couldn't be trusted. Not even 100% could get me a pass on being good enough :/ Of course not all teachers were cool, or should have been in that profession: The sports teacher who got up into my face (and thus also personal space) to tell me that if I could score in the top % of my country in science I should be able to apply the physics knowledge to doing gymnastics. And spent the next 20 minutes berating me because I couldn't. The same sports teacher who when I got concussion doing gymnastics yelled at me because I got hurt, then yelled at me because I wasn't back attempting the same dangerous ass thing that got me hurt in the first place and then yelled at me because I was hurt worse than he realized (even though I had tried to explain that) The teacher who, when someone strangled me to the point my vision faded away, blamed me and told me I should just keep away from said perpetrator, and if I hadn't have been near her in the first place it wouldn't have happened. The teacher who yelled at me in front of the whole class for getting 19/20 for an assignment. The class average was 8/20. Sure it was a careless mistake (I wrote something like 198 instead of 189), but I had actually tripled checked everything. Sometimes that shit just slips through. The teacher who tried to fail me for a maths test one time because I used shorter 'working' than he taught. The same maths teacher who wanted me to 1) buy a new maths book and 2)send me to detention because I had finished my homework book in a week. It was meant to last all year. It was maths I had done 3 years earlier - even though some parts weren't meant to be taught that year. I won that one too The school counselor who, when I entered his office for the first time, instead of asking me why I was there said I should keep an eye out for student X because she was struggling and he knew I had a good home life and was happy. There was no way I could then explain that the reason I turned up is because I was because I wanted help for suicidal behaviors. The teacher who told me I was going to fail because I couldn't write essays her way. When I asked for extra help/guidance on what she meant, she told me I should have been taught it previously and she wasn't going to help me The teacher who went nuts when I helped fellow students. Apparently it was better that people didn't understand, than that students helped each other understand hard concepts. The teacher who accused me of lying a whole year long because he didn't believe any student could read more than 20 novels in a year. I was reading that much a month. Even though school was crappy at times I'm so glad and thankful that I got to go. I had outside influences, secular education (it really isn't that evil), and people who encouraged me to be more than a wife with a million kids. There I was told I could aim higher, I had the ability to achieve great things, and that life was more than the world that my parents tried to paint for me. I'm glad I had that experience when I decided to leave home to get a degree in an area my parents didn't agree with. I really hate to image what I would have turned out like if I had been home schooled. I'm pretty sure I dodged a fatal bullet with that one. Once upon a time there was a class of students. All the students were taught to exceed all expectations that people had of them. They dreamed big, they focused their energy into improving the world. The teachers loved their jobs with a passion and everyone had a jolly time at school and all lived happily ever after. The END
  17. The reasons are murky, but a longtime professor of religion and history at William Carey University in Mississippi was fired in spite of holding tenure. The murkiness is hard to penetrate because he was notified by letter his contract would not be renewed, with no explanation given. He has a lot of fans among current and former students, who have started a petition on his behalf. Because we wouldn't want a university that includes a medical school to have anything to do with modern science. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/05/09/students-and-alumni-william-carey-demand-answers-dismissal-tenured-faculty-member I can't find much about this on the interwebs, and I don't have many contacts in Mississippi these days, so I don't know what the local gossip is.
  18. More at link https://www.rawstory.com/2016/04/calif-school-district-bans-atheist-scholarships-but-allows-them-from-scientology/
  19. A New Zealand school changes dress code to 'save' females from lecherous teachers. http://thestir.cafemom.com/parenting_news/197339/school_changes_girls_dress_code
  20. http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health/sc-mustache-women-leaders-health-0420-20160413-story.html
  21. A couple of weeks ago a teacher was forced to resign over a student finding porn on her phone intended for her DH. I think responsibility falls on both ides, but it's kind of like reading a diary-none of your business. Just because someone leaves it on their desk does not entitle you to look. http://www.salon.com/2016/03/02/school_slut_shames_teacher_forced_to_resign_after_student_leaks_private _photos_off_her_phone/ The teen has been charged http://www.cnet.com/news/teen-charged-for-allegedly-stealing-nude-pics-from-teachers-phone/
  22. a 12 yr old in Florida and her two buddies decided to put red pepper in her teachers drink. The 12 yr old was angry over discipline and decided to seek revenge. I wonder if Fundies would call it a stupid child prank like they call a boy touching his sisters teen curiosity. There are some things you can't pray away. These girls need serious help. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/girls-charged-putting-red-pepper-teachers-soda-37242552
  23. Here we go again: never mind girls You don't need college.All I can say is note the first sentence. http://www.chuckingcollege.com/Home.html
  24. Obama is seeking to have abstinence–only funding struck from the 2017 budget. As a Bustle article on the matter says: Honestly, I'd like to see it happen. You know, since it works so well.
  25. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/harvard-world-religions-online-class_us_56c76b55e4b041136f16dd0a?8a935wmi This is going to be a great class, I have signed up and I am going to suggest it to all my nursing students. Now do you think if we can get Missionary John, PP and all the fundie homeschoolers to take it? I don't think so but they might learn something which would make their little pea brains explode.