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Found 54 results

  1. I am guessing they are fairly close to the Duggars as one blog post on the first page states that they were invited to Dimbulb's birthday party. timandfranicia.com/blog Also, wtf with their daughter being named Heistheway.
  2. Is it me or are the fans on 19K FB more delusional? It is one thing being a fan and another defending them on everything. Even fans of the show don't like how behind the shows are from real life or have concerns about the car seats get attacked. A couple or so have caught on to who the Duggars really are.
  3. socuteyoullpuke

    Jill's openly gay IG friend

    So just being a normal duggar stalker, and looking at The people Jill duggar follows on Instagram and one of the girls she follows has a picture where she wishes her apparent girlfriend a happy one year anniversary. It's one of 16 people she follows so it found it kinda interesting. Thoughts?
  4. Addicting Info had an article about how religious conservatives jumped into action to defend the Duggars after a petition to cancel the show gained traction (after the whole *kissing* debacle where they removed gay couples who sent in pictures kissing). Unfortunately (for them), their attempts to defend the Duggars has backfired in a big way and drawn a lot more negative attention than they anticipated! "So the religious right jumped on the bandwagon. The American Family Association posted their own viciously anti-gay petition, as did other swindlers and exploiters on the right. "The religious right website Lifesite News also posted a petition, which quickly got over 140,000 signatures. Lifesite also began a #DefendtheDuggars social media campaign on Twitter, hoping to draw attention to the story. LifeSiteNews.com's managing editor John Jalsevac also created a #DefendtheDuggars Tweetfest! on Facebook, complete with "sample tweets," like: - I stand with the Duggars against liberal bullies! #DefendtheDuggars http://bit.ly/1yZW6Xz - I support traditional marriage, and I support the Duggars! #DefendtheDuggars http://bit.ly/1yZW6Xz Meanwhile, their hashtag, #DefendTheDuggars, was quickly co-opted by some of Twitter's best LGBT activists. At the core of the issue is not whether or not the Duggars should have their TV show, which reportedly has netted them millions of dollars. At the core of the issue is that TLC and the show's producers aren't being honest with the Duggar family's practices and beliefs. Also at issue is the outrageous hypocrisy that conservatives are claiming liberals have no right to boycott or petition a company about their beliefs, but conservatives claim they do. So Twitter made sure that those lapses in transparency are being corrected. Take a look, and feel free to join in at #DefendTheDuggars. Mrs. Betty Bowers @BettyBowers Boycott a pro-gay brand? Freedom! Boycott an anti-gay brand? Bullying! Persecution! A step towards Sharia law! #DefendTheDuggars #hypocrisy 1:02 PM - 22 Nov 2014 Lee Orion @LOrionII #DefendtheDuggars because Josh #Duggar works for a #Christian group that wants #LGBT Americans thrown in prison pic.twitter.com/ASYTQXcGkS @TLC Queer Dalek @Queer_Dalek #DefendtheDuggars, because calling trans people pedophiles is apparently a religious belief now, somehow.6:53 PM - 21 Nov 2014 JoeMyGod @JoeMyGod The same #Christian group behind #DefendtheDuggars has called for boycotting 17 pro-gay corporations because of their beliefs. #HYPOCRISY " http://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.co ... _backfires
  5. I know this is a couple of months old but what another diatribe and she claims not to be a fan. I think she misses the whole point of Libby Anne's "Letter to Duggar Defenders"post. She is in no way saying to let your kids do what they want. blog.rinamarie.com/2014/09/in-defense-of-the-duggar-defenders/
  6. People are sarting petitions to try and cancel and save The Duggars show after they expressed negetive views about who should be able to use what bathroom. The question is who will win the fight? http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2014/11/20 ... l-bullies/ http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post ... e-duggars/
  7. Jill follows her on instagram. Considering how selective she is with her follows, it is weird. This woman appears to be Jewish, wears short and tight skirts, has a picture of herself in a hot tub with her NIKE shoulders showing, and has a photo with another woman whom she calls "the love of her life." So who is she?? http://instagram.com/shoshanacoh
  8. I have been without internet for awhile and getting caught up on all things Duggar. I couldnt even read half this article without gagging. Mods break link if needed. http://www.chicagonow.com/unemployment- ... e-duggars/
  9. Was trying to figure out this tour Josh is on... Found this.... http://www.duggarfamilyblog.com/p/appearances.html and in the comments, which are from 2011, as I'm seeing them... "Anonymous said... 21 Hi, i am a homeschool mom of four from Arkansas. My five year old girl is very influenced by Jana on the show. She even tries to wear long skirts and pretends she is taking care of babies.We are going to surprise her by going to see the Duggars in Little Rock on Sunday. I just hope Jana is there! Blessings to you all!" So sad. Jana was 21 at the time. A little girl who wants to be like Jana pretends she is taking care of babies but these are not Jana's babies, they are her mother's babies. Just.So.Wrong.
  10. I got a pm from a Duggar humper on 19KFB saying I was sick and twisted and should keep my opinions to my self have responded to them before, but only if they are nice. Otherwise, I ignore.
  11. Jesse911

    Duggars Tumblr

    Anyone else see that the girl who runs the Duggar Tumbler is talking to the second guy in two weeks who has posted on her blog asking about courting her. Oh and documenting it for all of her followers to keep up. I think it's a little random but I say get it girl, with all the work she puts into running that blog she deserves to find a good man through it lol.
  12. Anyone else see/read this? How do you feel about this one? Personally, I'm speechless at the moment and can't find words for my opinion. http://www.examiner.com/article/jill-du ... nouncement
  13. Has this been discussed yet? She sums it up VERY well. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfem ... nders.html
  14. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4513598375368&id=1752950116&set=o.174015830520&source=46. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I came across this very old pic on the public FB page, and they seem to have gained a daughter in the bunch. On the right I can see Jana and Jill, in the middle I believe is Joy hidden behind a howler, then Jessa and Jinger on the left but there is one extra girl between them! Anyone have a clue who this bonus Duggar is?!
  15. Article in the Washington Post today about the Duggars. Ooh boy, their defenders make me so itchy, or something. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/sty ... eality-tv/ Please Free Jingers, with words so much better than mine, say something to this poor leghumper... ARazorback You should be ashamed of yourself for making such slanderous comments...It's painfully obvious that You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. I happen to personally know Michelle, Jim Bob, and Deanna Duggar (the mother of Amy). I grew up with the Duggars and went to the same church (FIRST BAPTIST in Springdale, Arkansas) and I went to school with Jim Bob and Michelle and they are the finest people that anyone could meet and they don't want their children subjected to ungodly teachings and the immorality that is rampant in our schools and society is just one of the many reasons they choose to home school their children. The popularity of their show is a testament that there are many people that subscribe to a Godly household and I praise them for remaining true to their values and the teachings within God's Word. There are many parents that can't even raise ONE child let alone 19! They have done a great job and they have a show that proves how much America loves them! THE DUGGAR'S---6 years and counting!!!! I really . Really. Want to just say 'the ungodly teachings and immorality that is rampant' in...Gothardism?!? AND! That infuriating old stand by about the many parents who can't even raise one child, let alone 19 of the very best and most godly. But my tablet won't let me sign on to comment. Argh!!!
  16. actuallyjessica

    Who's That Fundie?

    It just occured to me that we may not have a topic where people are able to post a picture of an unidentified fundie, hoping that someone else knows their name/knows their story. Think of it as Shazam, for fundies pictures! I have no idea who these two girls with the Duggars are: <> They're very pretty, and a Duggar guy would be lucky to snag one!
  17. Here are mine"They are debt-free and not on welfare,"Kid are not in jail" "I wish I had parents like them","and "I wish this had been around when I was raising my kids".
  18. I thought this needed its own thread. This is the second article seen in which the writer thinks the Duggars are being accused of the wrong. The article on Daily Beast never accused the Duggars of anything. It just pointed out the Duggars associated with Phillips and still associate with Gothard. They still promote this lifestyle. And ,of course, it ends with the tiresome the Duggar kids are not in jail and running the streets. If Obama got accused of associating with such people, conservative Christian GOP would call for his impeachment. http://spectator.org/blog/58798/leave-duggars-alone ETA oops link added
  19. I thought it deserved its own thread. It is from the Duggars Blog FB page.
  20. This women is trying too hard to be like the Duggars and the Bates. She sure posts often about their lives: raisingservantsofchrist.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-duggars-politics-bill-gothard-and-josh-duggars-job-offer-in-washington-d-c/ raisingservantsofchrist.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/gil-and-kelly-bates-daughter-is-courting-chad-paine-and-erin-bates/
  21. I didnt know where to put this so I figured I'd start a new thread. A search of "Duggar" or "Dugger" produces thousands of pictures. This one caught my eye: This one ALMOST beats the "just buried my lil sis" comment made by smuggums. You go to a memorial service and snap a shot of the family smiling (because no one thought this would be public) and your response is how cute one of the kids is? These people are so fucked in the head its amazing. Whoever "loveissemperfi" is, she has access to the home and family. Even the leghumpers have leghumpers...
  22. I started this thread to discuss some of the leghumping dumb comments from the FB page. Feel free to add ones that you see. Legumper comment on college The world doesn't need more ministers in this world and I'm not saying that because I'm an atheist. People go to college in hopes that an education will give them a comfortable life. Many people with college educations aren't wealthy, they have steady salaries that provide for their families. Catie The Duggars weren't completely well when the show first started, they received donations in the years prior to the show and they still receive donations. Also the books had decent sales numbers, but nothing huge, the Duggars will never make mega money off their books. The speaking engagement offers will dry up at some point. The Duggars live a pretty luxurious life compared to other QF families. No, America doesn't need anymore families like the Duggars. There is nothing inspirational about them. People like Susan Tom or Jim and Ann Silcock are a bit more inspirational than the Duggars. This leghumper is pulling shit out of her ass. The Duggars might donate a small percentage of their show salary to charity, but they likely don't donate all the money from the show to charity.
  23. it is so funny a modest fundie that seems to have learned to spell at sortit. I sure hope she does not home school. She is a real dugger leg humper. I will be her friend and see if she is entertaining. here is a sample of her writing she may have a problem so I won't make fun of her but it is pretty bad. it is really hard to read. AND SORRY I FOR GOT TO PUT THIS IN THE OST BOUT REACTION AND "THIS FOR YALL POEPLE WHO ARE HIGHY ALLIGE TO PEUNUTS LIE ME I GOT CHIP AHOY CHCO CHIP CHEWY COOKIE WHEN I WHEN CVS I EAT SOME AN I FEEL FUNNY BUT I THOUT I WAS NM BUT
  24. blisterine

    We Are Lie #5

    This is old, but gotta love #5! getalonghome.com/2011/12/world-hate-duggars/