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  1. (of the flu vaccine) Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day, as they say. So too is it hard even for folks like the Dillards to be wrong about absolutely everything. Derick is openly encouraging vaccination! So that's not the worst! Jill, also, is discussing stepping away to cool down when your kids get on your nerves by being kids. Which is good. But she sounds overwhelmed. Unfortunately, the general pattern is for the Dillards to compensate for their agreeable stances and posts by promoting something terrible when we've been lulled into a false sense of "Maybe they're learning". Continued from:
  2. Sweet rainbow fellowship, just in time for Pride month! So take a shower, put on some lotion, and get ready to see what really gets the Dillards going! Continued from:
  3. Jill "Smoochie darling sweetie sweet muffin baby doll with cinnamon on top" Dillard is giving unhealthy marriage advice straight from 1950! Because the Dillard marriage appears to be such a paragon of marital bliss from the outside that we all want in on that. Some really insightful nuggets include bullet points like "Your husband is not your dad", "Always do a Stepford greeting at the door when he gets home", and "Have lots of sex, possibly even more than either of you want". Hope your husband has a high libido, or you're gonna feel like a failure! Continued from:
  4. She's done it. The mad lass has actually done it. Jill has posted not one, but several cute instagram posts that include pictures of food people might actually WANT to put in their mouths! Don't worry, it's not the end times. Derick is still posting confusing nonsense videos. But Jill! Jill is getting better, learning new skills, and using new tools. Sure the bar is so low that it's a trip hazard, but it's nice to see them no longer digging under it. Preserved for posterity: Continuing from:
  5. Carry on from here: We left the last thread in the middle of a discussion about hate symbols and the imagery of discrimination - the swastika and iron cross, the confederate flag, etc. How do we acknowledge and teach the atrocities of the past to ensure that our mistakes are not repeated? How do we protect people from the fear associated with being on the receiving end of such hatred and discrimination? Deep questions for a Monday morning on the Dillard thread...
  6. Thanks to @HarleyQuinn for the thread title. Carry on from here: Basically, Jill and Derick might be miserable, but we don’t know.
  7. Continue from here There were a lot of great suggestions, but @Chickenbutt made me choke on my coffee with this one.
  8. FJ discusses what is appropriate where, especially when it comes to dogs and service animals. Meanwhile, Jill Dillard was introduced to the novel idea that she should take her kids out to play. Wowee. Continued from:
  9. So many bad choices were required to produce this monstrosity, and I'm sort of impressed that Jill managed to make all of them. At least there's a "theme"? I just wish the theme wasn't "why would you do this". Continuing from:
  10. Derick is in law school. Jill’s only a few emojis away from going full hun*. Izzy and Sam are still bored, probably. Continued from: *”Hun” is a slang term for women who push MLMs through social media, taken from their cut and paste sales pitches, which often begin with “Hey hun!”
  11. Carry on from here: Is Derick really going to UofA law school in the fall? Could he find some expression when reading to the kids?
  12. Do clothes make the fundie? Or is it something more? FJ discusses the nature of fundie-dom and how it is defined. Also probably the Dillards will eventually do something stupid, and we'll talk about them here too. Continued from: Also the naming convention of the title is taken from my Catholic school family directory that listed all families by the father, and then put the mother's first name in parentheses. Even as a 5th grader I was deeply offended and wanted to lodge a complaint. But everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason is that you learn an offensive and marginalizing way to list families so you can offend and marginalize Derick Dillard.
  13. Carry on from here: Credit to @HarleyQuinn for the updated thread title
  14. Previous thread here: Derick is still being hateful on social media, and is still Jill’s favourite husband. Jill is still trying to create a nice, shiny social media presence for all of them, in the least socially-aware way possible. Skinny jeans and chai tea can’t cover the dangerous ‘life hacks’ or the kind of intolerance that Jill mistakes for cute mommy prayers. #NeedsToImproveHerHashtagGame
  15. Carry on from here: Jill and Derick have updated their website and are promoting their brand, with recipes, blog, and photos like this Easter one (thanks @Ivycoveredtower):
  16. Continued from here: Traipsing around Guadalajara with the attached barnacle pretending to do the Lord's work.
  17. Carry on from here: Last post by @Bad Wolf: Cathy bought at least one Tuttle Twins book for the kids (who are thankfully not old enough for the indoctrinating messages within the books) and we are making lots of assumptions about Derick presenting these messages via PowerPoint to his bemused toddlers. Thanks to @mizandryfor this glorious and totally assumed image of the Dillard’s enjoying a PowerPoint presentation of these books: Thanks to @Ivycoveredtower for sharing Jill’s Instagram of the book from Cathy: Thanks to @cptbaileyfor this charming image from one of the Tuttle Twins books: Derick insists he needs to write a book. @luv2laughcame up with this amazing mock-up of the book cover:
  18. Carry on from here: Last post by @AlwaysExcited: Apart from considerations of Santa’s true nationality and whether Finland really exists (thanks @Rachel333), Derick has been shooting his mouth on Twitter. Apparently he has been ‘volunteering’ for TLC and even People magazine for years. What a guy. Also, please bear this in mind when considering your responses: ETA: Credit to @marmaladefor the thread title and @HarleyQuinnfor the gorgeous meme
  19. Continue from here: Last post by @HarryPotterFan: Catching up.... One of my coworkers said her 4-year-old calls his dad by his first name since he hears her do it. He also seems like a mini extra sassy version of her and is very dramatic. Like he apparently told his grandpa they needed to have a serious conversation over coffee, and sat his grandpa down to have a serious chat about playtime. I guess he can’t ask his wife for advise on how to interact with kids because she’s a woman? What a wanker. Derdick: Hey Jill, is this power point and suit appropriate for small children? Jill: *stares at him* Are you fucking with me? Hell no, you idiot. Here, bring our Christian-themed puppets. And look for some short cartoons on YouTube or Veggie Tales to replace that power point crap. (ok she’d never say that but a girl can dream) It’s just so weird a father with so many little kid in-laws wouldn’t know how to interact with children. He clearly doesn’t think it’s worth bothering to try or learn. A freaking power point presentation in a suit from a wedding? Get some puppets or something. This is like when I was a pre-school summer camp counselor when I was 18, and the lead teacher (she was probably in her 50s) wore platform shoes everyday. To a classroom full of kids ages 2-3. And she kept insisting she “doesn’t know what to do with this age” because she normally taught 4-year-olds. YOU HAVE GROWN CHILDREN. They were little once!! And you never took a child development course? She had more experience with tiny children than me and the other junior counselor (who was 16ish and an asshole). I know Nathan’s mom filed for emergency custody but she dropped it. When is Jenelle going to finally lose custody of that kid? “I see you Jenelle, havin’ a la-di-da time with your BOOYYYYYYYFRIEND!!” That woman puts up with too much shit. I wish she could take in Kaiser and Ensley, but I get that a woman in her 60s might not have the energy and finances to raise two tiny children and any other babies on drugs Jenelle pops out. I’m glad MTV fired David, but fans are pissed it took this long. He’s shown lots of violent, scary, abusive behavior on the show, who knows how he acts behind closed doors. And now the production crew doesn’t want to go out to “the Land” to film Jenelle. And it’s like okay if you’re scared for your life what about the kids?? I will lose my shit if they do this. We know Jill has no problem appropriating Jewish culture. No Jill and Dwreck, Moses would throw the Ten Commandments at you in a fit of rage. Noah wouldn’t let you on the ark. Jesus thinks you’re an asshole.

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