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Found 39 results

  1. https://homeschoolsummits.com/parenting/ Including Geoff and Victoria Botkin of "Western Conservatory" (wow, they're sticking their heads out of their burrow), Kevin Swanson, Norm Wakefield, Emeal Zwayne (aka EZ, son-in-law of Banana Man Ray Comfort), Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies, and several others. The Botkins' topic is "Raising Kids to Stand on Your Shoulders" (meanwhile the actual PM of New Zealand is back at work from maternity leave)
  2. I noticed it when I was reading Teri's Moms Corner article. BTW the newest Moms corner is a pip. When they go to CO and go hike a 14er, they get up at 1:30 am for their bible time.
  3. Talitha Cumi

    A Saturday With the Moodys (Maxwells)

    Last Saturday I attended the Energize! conference. Teri, Anna, and Sarah were met. Copious notes were taken. Steve was determined to be off his rocker. I'm going to write each session as a separate post, as I have the energy, because I will tell you that conference wore me the hell out. I got home, fell asleep, and slept most of Sunday. It takes a lot of effort to be undercover for six hours when you disagree with the entire premise of everything. Everything I do, I do for FJ. At least I didn't lie. I talked about my kids, about how the oldest is in school, and that I work part-time as a librarian. Anna and Teri seemed very interested in my family, and they really were sweet. My main issues were with Steve, which I'll get to in the next few posts. Summary: It's good that the world hates us, children, DEATH, no fun ever. You probably know all this already. {L_MESSAGE_HIDDEN}: I totally lied to everyone. I have no children; I used my nieces and nephews as my kids, I took 10 years off my age so I could say I got married young, and I'm a full-time law librarian who supervises men. I'm hiding it because I don't want Anna to feel bad that I lied to her so much. She really was sweet.
  4. WonderingInWA

    Maxwell's Georgia Conference

    Latest post is up and talks about what a great time they had at the Georgia conference. Is it just me or does this sound extraordinarily better than most conferences? My radar is up on this Mr. M. (the guy who bought pizza) and the happy photos of Sarah outside the church next to the cross and also of Teri with some other woman who seems to maybe would have a son Sarah's age? I know I'm maybe reading too much into it, but does anyone else get the feeling maybe this is leading to another surprise, that maybe Sarah is entering into a courtship? Okay, wishful thinking, I know...but I'm curious to hear others' thoughts.
  5. Well blessed be Uriah made it to Tenn without breaking down! They tried something new this time Sadly poor Sarah can not even comprehend that families may not be able to make the 5PM sessions due to Mom's work schedule or the children's extra-circular activities schedule. No, the only possible reason has to be Dad's work schedule. PS: Steve, there is a typo in last sentence, should read "There are".
  6. Yep Maxwell and fam are packing up for Loveland CO for their conference. Riveting!
  7. His latest Seriously article is up. He talks about how his dad didn't spend enough time with his family. I'm assuming he is talking about his biological dad Paul as this is the bible verse justifying his comments-But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof†(Romans 13:14).
  8. So I wondered if the Duggars would go or if they would try to separate themselves from ATI. Well I guess they are going. http://ati.iblp.org/ati/events/regional ... ?show=true
  9. love2scrap

    ENERGIZE! new conferences by the Maxhells

    blog.titus2.com/2014/02/10/titus2-planning-day/ They had a special time of planning!! Eight opinions!! A whiteboard and projector!! Snacks and then a late lunch!!
  10. Justme

    The Inspire Conference! (Maxwell's)

    They are on the road again.... September 27-28th Louisville, Kentucky Weekend Conference September 29, 30, October 2, and 3 Available Available to give single-evening conferences or concerts anywhere on our way to Virginia. Please contact us if you're interested. New! October 1st Waynesburg, PA (south of Pittsburgh) Single Evening Conference October 4-5th Roanoke, Virginia Weekend Conference View the detailed information What a busy fall tour!! Do'nch love how they are now naming their "tours"?!?! And look, their posters now have QR tags! That 1tonramp has really been paying off!!
  11. Or is it just a continuation of their "spring" which turned into a "summer" tour. Any Jingers in the area(s)??? September 20-21st St. Louis, Missouri Weekend Conference More details to come. September 23, 24, 26 Available Available to give single-evening conferences. September 27-28th Louisville, Kentucky Weekend Conference View the detailed information. September 30, October 1, 3 Available Available to give single-evening conferences. October 4-5th Roanoke, Virginia Weekend Conference View the detailed information. The Rest of October Available to give conferences.
  12. WonderingInWA

    The Maxwells heading west

    Am I the only person who lives in the West who is offended by Sarah's references to our part of the country as "out there", "rugged West", and "spacious West"? I guess she's trying to put a positive spin on the West, but her generalizations are crazy. I have lived in "the West" my entire life, and have traveled a lot of the country in my life, and not once have I felt it accurate to call the West "rugged". Or "spacious". It's such a stereotype. And she should know, since her early years were spent in the Seattle area, which is about as "West" as you can get without falling into the Pacific Ocean. Am I being overly sensitive here? Their first conference is this weekend in Eagle, ID (which is a suburb of Boise) and Eagle is about as congested with huge homes and people and cars as can possibly be (hope they find a place to park that big ole bus). The "West" has had electricity for a number of years now, and indoor plumbing has become fashionable, too. Oh, and traffic signals are popping up all over the place! I noticed they just added a Coeur d'Alene conference. They ought to have a good time driving to northern Idaho with that big-assed bus. I'm sure we'll get lots of adventurous reports. And I'm not sure if they know, but there are a lot of heathens in Coeur d'Alene because it's a resort town. There will be bathing suits and short shorts and all sorts of sinful-looking people. Hope they packed their tracts!
  13. Justme

    On the road again..... (Maxwells)

    They are leaving today for a 10 day trip with 2 stops. Boy, do they drink/use a lot of milk. They have 3 gallon jugs, plus 2 1/2 gallon of what looks to be soy or almond milk. Not sure what the picture of the pot on the stove means. Maybe they made a big batch of burritos for the road??? They are going to Canada, then Indiana. They'll be home for a few weeks before heading to CT. Remember a few years ago when they could have filled all the dates in between?!
  14. kpmom

    The blessed Expo

    Sarah Maxwell posted today about the homeschool expo her family spoke (and sold their crap) at. If you played a Maxwell drinking game using the words "blessed" or "blessing", you'd be drunk before finishing the post. Uriah is a blessing, talking to other families is a blessing, and her parent's sessions are a blessing. I think blessing is giving sweet a run for its' money. I don't know if Steve's suit is not fitting him well, or if he needs to fill up on more animal crackers, but he looks very thin in the picture with Teri. In the first picture, Anna's hair is straight, but it looks like she crimped it for the expo. Very fashionable. And finally, they signed off with this scripture verse. It could be aimed at FJ possibly; “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.†Isaiah 54:17 titus2.com/blog/
  15. I was considering going to a Maxwell event. I noticed that a few of them have the itineraries available, click on Simi Valley, and realize that I have no place at a Maxwell conference. The groups are segregated as: Moms, Dads, Young Ladies, Young Men. titus2.com/inspire-conference/simi-valley-ca.html Inasmuch as I am a cis female, I don't fit into the two male categories. I have no children, nor do I plan to have children (and I'm well into the age of high risk pregnancy), so the Mom category is out. I'd like to fancy myself a "young lady", but I can tell from the topic titles that I am fooling myself with that moniker. So, I guess the Maxwells just don't have a place in their message for someone like me. Or, incidentally, someone like Sarah.
  16. OkToBeTakei

    Maxwell's pray away credit card issues

    Helpie folk please merge if this is off. Did not see any recent Maxwell road trip snark. Not posting a link, cos you know. Hello? Highlights. Ladies love Teri. The 'Lord' gives his holiness Steve the words. Always good to blame a third party when you are liable for twattery. Declaring Jesus. I declare excess baggage or duty free. Never Jesus though. Will try that next time. May save me. (money) Fellowshipping. Fellowshipped. Fellowship. Shipping to me is probably very different. Fanfic makes me think naughty things every time a fundie uses that term. Chick Fil A is a Christian chicken restaurant. Who knew? I thought there was a Simon and Garfunkel reference. Silly me. Uriah likes to plug in. He is quite ok who he plugs into. Free seems to excite him. The miracle... Love it. Way to make we were crapping ourselves that we would make no money but that would be really crass to say. So we made up this wee story instead. Steve can hopefully pray away third world debt the same way. OH wait he won't make anything out of that.
  17. MamaJunebug

    White bus o'gloom

    Ok....my laptop's eaten the first two versions of this post and smirked at me for doing it. Thus I'm gonna post it in dribs and drabs. Laptop may have gone to the dark side ..... LAPTOP! Are you a Maxhellion??? Also: This topic may well be mergeable with an existing topic, I didn't find one.Sister-mods, feel free to merge it. Every time I see an apparently unmarked, white rv/bus, I tense up. Why? Because it reminds me of what could be inside. Poor Sarah writes with wonder about a line of unusual cars that they passed, and passed twice! Wow, what do you suppose about that???!!! Well, PS, I suppose it could be members of a classic car ... here comes the four-letter "C"word ... club. Yes. A group of people who gather around a shared interest in vintage vehicles, and travel in the vehicles to meet other such vehicle owners, and talk about their rides, and share beers and tacos. The idolizers. Idolizers!!!!! Along the same lines: PS remarks how they often will pass -- wait for it -- the same vehicles! On the same roads!.... I've typed this 3 times, now, I'm just going to let the crickets say it all. "Someone" in the bus will occasionally say, "I remember seeing that!" or, "We passed that, before!" Yes.....PS.....other outsize "children"....that's because things like mountains, and buildings, and billboards do not move. Unless of course they are hit by a tornado.... an earthquake.... the end of days..... It gets very warm in the bunk part of the bus, so when they're saving the batteries, they'll use fans, not a/c. Those bunks. Occupied by 4 adults, 2 late-adolescents. Why not let 3 or 4 of them crash on the bus sofas, or the floor? Air flow, people!!! Hey ... also .... you never know what can go on in those cloistered little bunks. Stevovah, did you not think of that, man???? Finally....I think....not related precisely to the bus, but the photo of those poseurs sitting elevated on a stage in front of a couple dozen seekers after truth? How dare they! What have any of the Maxwells done to make themselves experts, worthy of our ears and minds? The Outsize "children" have simply complied with rules for which they had absolutely no alternatives. The parents have restricted their children to that degree. There is no expertise in that: remove all outside influences, offer no opportunity to disagree, let alone act on any point of contention, and voila!, you have 8 automatons telling others how to be automatons. So sad that some people reach for that ring, thinking it's the way to go. Gloom.
  18. MamaJunebug

    Maxwells got some well-off acolytes :(

    I was counting the numbers of people shown in Poor Sarah's most recent posting and feeling fairly satisfied that the crowds are thinner than ever ... then came to a photo taken from the 2nd (or 3rd?) floor of yet another "sweet family's" home stairwell. Egads. Crikey. And omg, that house is ostentatiously .... expensive, I'm guessing. It's a very educated guess. So folks with plenty of money support Stevehovah and Terifying. That last word says it all.
  19. marywrathers

    Attended a Maxwell Conference yesterday

    I am a new user of this forum. I have been interested in the Duggars and the Maxwells recently. I caught a glimpse of the Duggars while Netflix surfing in 2010. I bought a couple of their books, and they've been really helpful. The Duggars referenced The Maxwells. So, I bought a few books by the Maxwells - Managers of their Homes, Managers of their Chores, Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit, and Managers of their Schools. I have read all of those books, except for the Schools book (1/5 of the way through?). All of these books have been helpful. Then, I attended, for my first time, a conference of theirs yesterday. There was a lot of helpful information, as well. But, he did make two comments that stuck out as condescending or arrogant or proud. I think pride is not a good thing to have in the Bible. He said, "I bet my daughter knows more about the computer than 90-95% of you in here." At a later discussion he said, "I bet my daughter is healthier than 99% of you in here." I was really mad when he said those things. It was presumptious, arrogant, bold, etc. But, I told myself to get over it (maybe I was being too sensitive), and kept listening. While I did learn a lot of helpful and useful information there, at the same time I felt kind of scared. I feel more confused now than when I went in there (about what I am doing wrong, what I should be doing, what I should not be doing, how to guide my children for the future, whether or not to let them go to church youth groups, should we continue watching movies as a family on Friday night?, TV watching, etc.) I felt like rebelling. I wanted to go and watch a movie at a theater really badly, but I rented one at the Redbox instead. I felt confused. Like, is this okay? But, I have to remember that Steve Maxwell is not God/Jesus. Is he a certified preacher? I don't know. Well, I bought another book while at the conference - Keeping Our Children's Hearts and an anger poison CD. I didn't know much about the book, but just flipping through the pages - noticing how much sheltering is talked about. Don't do this, don't do that, etc. Now, I am even more afraid to read the book! So, I just don't know what to do. The conference also made me feel more paranoid about my role. Is it okay to talk to men as an equal? What can I or can I not say? Is it wrong to wear tight jeans? Probably. Can I wear heels? So, while googling the Duggars I came across this site. May I ask, why was this site formed? I didn't know that The Maxwells belong to a cult. Is it called Fundamental Christianity or extremisim? I haven't perused this forum much, but I am sure that might answer most of my questions. What does make me a little more scared is I have read/seen pictures on the internet about physical abuse in these types of extreme homes. I think I saw a picture of a young male's back with slash marks like from a whip or something. How sad is that! This is terrible!!! So, is this like the LDS families in Utah country or Amish families to where it goes on but it is all that the child knows? This is terribly heartbreaking. It makes me worry about having books written by the Maxwells and the Duggars in my home because I don't want my kids to see these books and then become curious and delve into that world when they are older. However, I highly doubt the Duggars or Maxwells physically abuse their children. The kids seem happy, confident, sincerely and geniunely good/nice kids. And, I know physical abuse can happen even in homes that do not adhere to the fundamental extremist views. Sadly, a lot of that happens in lower income neighborhoods, correct? Or anywhere for that matter. I guess I am getting off topic. So, can someone please shed some light for me. Please tell me why the Maxwells belong to a cult, so I will not feel so terrible about my parenting if, once done reading their next book, I do not follow their suggestions on the extreme sheltering. I am interested in homeschooling my children (they are not of school age, yet), but if I do, I would want to enroll them in a lof of extracurricular activities for the extra socialization that everyone is concerned about. Thank you for your time and help.
  20. Their big "tour" is to kick off on Friday. I wonder how this big storm will affect their travels. It's a pretty big storm. I would think they'd be leaving tomorrow. I'm suprised there haven't been any "getting Uriah ready" or "Costco" posts. Maybe the store shelves are bare... But, hey, they are "The Maxwells", so I'm sure they will have NO problems...
  21. They say they are scheduling dates for the west and Canada. Last time I looked, CT was on the East Coast. March 8-9th Scottsdale, Arizona Weekend Conference March 23-25th Simi Valley, California Weekend plus an Evening Conference May 17-18th Ft. Wayne, Indiana Homeschool Expo June 8th Southington, Connecticut TEACH Conference
  22. Justme

    Maxwell Conferences

    The trip starts just after Labor Day, which isn't that far away. Compared to season's past, this one is sparse. They have a 2 week gap in the middle with nothing happening.
  23. So my mom has been going through old pictures that she never put in albums and it ends up we have tons of these pictures from Knoxville, so I took some to show FJ. I don't think these are all from the same year. With the sea of navy blue and white it is really hard to tell. Reversal babies of the year. If you had a reversal baby that year you went and stood up front to show off your baby. This was the Pre-EXCEL choir. I think it was ages like 8-12 or something like that. It was all girls. The youth choir. There is also an orchestra made up of ATI students in the front. I am pretty sure this is a choir of reversal kids. Could be wrong, though. But my mom thought it was a reversal kid choir too. Reversal kids were like god's special snowflakes that must be shown off as much as possible.
  24. Anyone know anything about these? I was just driving along the main road in my new town and lo and behold the "Safeguard Your Heart!" convention was being advertised at our auditorium/arena. All I can find online is that they are being held nation-wide and are expected to draw a lot of business to our area from surrounding states (kind-of doubting it will be as successful as promised though considering the crazy storms we had). The title sounded like it would be a good thing to snark on if I could find out anything about it. I've been getting the vibe that I moved to fundyville from some of the churches and people around here... it's just southern OH and I didn't think that was far enough south to be in fundy territory, don't know whether to be excited or scared! So while I don't think I am brave enough to attend (the JWs I have encountered have been vicious about converting you) I want to know more about this lovely conference that is now invading my town, if anyone has any info! My guess is it is about keeping sweet and/or courtship - either safeguarding from negative thoughts or from pieces of your heart being stolen.
  25. They've several posts with only a handfull of comments. They've been updating them, too, one or two at a time. Guess their "fan club" finds their trip boring.... It would be nice for the new Daddies to post a brief "thanks for the thoughts and prayers for our new babies". A lot of people took time out of their busy lives to remember them. A brief "thank you" would be nice.